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09-29-2002, 03:33 AM
Lott Dodd
Endor Soldier - no goatee!
Tusken w. Massif

Padme Pilot
Clone Trooper Gunner
Jango Pilot

KB Toys, San Diego, CA.

6 cases. I was not there to determine the actual case breakdown, but I bet it's on this site. Someone will post it.

All these figures are cool actually. I can even use the massifs.

This is the way to post information. I have no idea if I'm the first to find this stuff, but I have no intention about reading about every area.

I just want to see where specific stuff I'm looking for has been found.

Are these at any other stores? I still want more gunners!

And I hope someone who found them, will start a thread with the deluxe figures in the title! (and the location, too!)

Well, there you have it guys. I'm trying to lead by example.

Good luck and hope you find what you're hunting for!

Battle Droid
09-29-2002, 02:56 PM
How many points of articulation does the Clonetrooper Pilot have?

09-29-2002, 03:31 PM
1) Head -yes

2-3) shoulders - yes

4-5) elbows -side swivel - yes

- - ) elbows - bicep curls - NO

6-7) wrists - though maybe only one wrist. I have him posed, so I don't want to move him again right now to check.

8) Waist - yes

9-10) legs at hips -yes

- - ) knees - NO

- - ) ankles - swivel -NO

- - ) ankles - vertical pivot - NO

It looks like 9-10 points of articulation.

Battle Droid
09-29-2002, 03:51 PM
Ok, thanks. :)

Sean the Hutt
10-03-2002, 05:45 PM
which kb's? Iwent to north county ones and they did not have them!

10-04-2002, 01:32 PM
I sent you a private message, Sean the Hutt. The anonymous need not get away without sharing their information in this thread or a San Diego Collector Club thread (in the collector club section) and beat me to MY specific toy store locations.

The majority of the people on this site do not live in San Diego. So they only need to know to go to their KB Toy Stores!

They'll eventually find what they're looking for.

Sean the Hutt
10-06-2002, 03:56 AM
thanks Ill keep looking up here. I wish we had a club up here!

10-06-2002, 06:09 AM
My club resulted from meeting people in the stores.

I used to compete with Tony, James, and Darren.

Then I saw them at college besides in the toy stores.

I've been friends with Tony since 1996.

James used to get on my nerves, trying to beat him to the stores we both went to.

I became friends with Darren first, and James traded with him, as well as scalped some harder-to-find figures. After meeting Darren at my University on several occasions and kicking it, talking about SW, we started trading and I became friends with James through Darren. All 3 of us are strong fans of the comics and books, so we have a lot more to talk about than just collecting.

I made a peace treaty with James, and we agreed to shop at different stores and trade our findings, and cut out his scalping to a local dealer. James also goes to my university, and we've become good friends ever since. His girlfriend also loves Star Wars - mainly the books and the Playskool toys.

I met Dexter through Tony. He started trading with Tony, and we were all on top of this one Wal*Mart. Dexter's an architect for projects for the Navy, and has to be up early enough to hit a North County Wal*Mart that opens at 6. He calls to wake the rest of us up as stuff hits, to disperse us to our stores we each cover. There's no point in us double-covering a store unless we know they are getting a big shipment. If it's just several cases, we take e-mail newsgroup lists of everyone's updated "wants," and hit our stores, wiping them out and reporting by cell phone our finds immediatley.

In 1997, this group all met each other and went out to the Special Editions together.

Around that time, we all were getting to be pretty good customers at our respective stores. We became friends with the toy managers that would call us before they stocked. Through them, we've met managers that collect, and Jose, one of them, has joined our group. We get him other store exclusives, first and foremost, because he gets an employee discount on his own common purchases.

Finally, I met Mike, the webmaster from galaxyhunter.com when I tried to get all the 12" Darth Maul on Sith Speeder exclusives out from under his nose, beating him to the toys at Wal*mart by only seconds. Our own rules dictate that we share with others if they are there while we are there - unless we know that they are a scalper. Mike liked the way I handled that, and offered to trade in our group. He produced some VHTF goodies as the admission price (we paid for the toys, but we're just not going to share our catch with someone who's never done anything for us and who we don't know isn't a scalper) but this relationship proved fruitful.

Once there was 7 people, some members of our group resented that, especially the army builders. Not me particularly - I like having friends.

I also need 16 Republic Gunship Pilots minimum - as does another one of my pals. I've gotten 7 so far, 6 in one batch fresh out of a case witheld for me at one store.

But that means that I keep 1 and distribute 5 from that find. Some of the guys have ordered the cases online, so they told me to go ahead and keep all of the Clones and they will still find me more. They like my dioramas and helped me get 32 Gungan Warriors back in the days when that figure was 1 per case. We estimated I nearly had all the Gungans in the entire COUNTY because of our coverage: 7 Wal*Marts, 7 KB's, 5 Toys R Us, 9 Targets, etc.

But with 2 major army builders in our group, 2 sort of famous customizers, and the rest "one to open, one to keep carded," we really hit our limits as to who else we can trade with. Plus we have all the stores within reasonable driving distance covered.

We do group events, such as see the movies together now that the prequels are going, as well as lunches / dinners and other movies, etc.

I played baseball with Tony and me and my (ex)girlfriend used to hang out with him and his gal.

Through StarWars, I've made 6 friends for life - and we may also be the first 6 people to have Ephont Mon in THIS county!:D