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10-27-2001, 08:58 PM
these reviews are based on having seen these figures loose, up-close and personal; here we go!

1) Maul with Sith Attack Droid: of the four deluxe figs, this is one that was tied in my book for last place (with the upcoming Leia) for the deluxe fig I anticipated the least. That being said, this is a great Maul and probably my favorite to date (no more Hasbro). Now, those that know my posting style know that I am not big on comic book or off-screen versions of figures. Also, I have not been big on Maul lately - there are just way to many different versions of the same character. So then what makes this Maul different for me? It's called a little style and pizzaz. :D This version of maul has a very interesting look... the execution of the paint detail is flawless. The details on the face are great and the extra attention to detail is there: case in point, this maul has ten points of articulation (more on that in a minute) and the arms can be turned in a couple of ways, and every time I could match the tattoos up so that their pattern remained and looked totally natural...that to me is a nice touch.

The only slight downside to this figure is it's posability. Despite the fact that this figure has ten points of articulation: neck, waist, legs, shoulders, elbows (which can detach and reattach - I guess you can make Maul's battles with the droid as gross as you wish!) and forearms. Despite this, Maul does have a bit of a limiting pose. His head, neck and torso are all leaning and this figure looks his best when looking over his right shoulder.Not a huge deal. As far as the plastics goes, Mauls's skirt and legs are made with a softer plastic, but nothing like the Boomer B. Droid, and his being able to stand was not a problem at all for me.

Small mention should go to the accessories: Maul's blade is standard with once exception: it can detach and reattach in the middle. Cool, but nothing shocking. The droid is fairly faithful looking to the comic book on which it was based (the comic book had it looking more with a black and grey deco than anything, though, so some crative license was taken with the color scheme), the arms are made of a soft plastic and can kind of turn where the arm connects into the droid itself. There's a horn thingee on the top of the droid that turns as well and has a well made stand with a button that when pushed, will knock the droid over off onto it's side.

overall, this Deluxe Maul gets an: 'A -' and worthy of being in the deluxe series if only due to its aswome paint job, otherwise this could have probably been a standard carded fig.

2) Luke Skywalker in Echo Base Bacta Tank: (WARNING - this review is glowing and has nothing negative to say. If such high praise showered onto something Hasbro has created is bothersome or downright troubling to you, turn back now! For those that have the stomach, proceed).

With all seriousness, this is the best darn deluxe figure ever made for the Star Wars line. This is the line few (including myself) dreamed could one day be possible. Gone are the troubling days when Bob Fett with Rocket booster thingee proliferated and seemed to multiply on shelves. Mmm, where to start with this review?

The luke figure, itself is perfect. With only five points of articulation, nothing more was needed other than the awsome sculpt Hasbro created for this set. This Luke, with bruises and all, is a stunning approximation to Mark Hamill, himself. The paint deco is top notch and the way that the fig fits into the tank is well done. I still cannnot believe, that after all these years, we finally have a Luke in diaper. At this point, the wait was well worth it. Had Hasbro brought out a version of this set a couple of years earlier, I doubt the quality would have been as high.

The Bacta Tank is awsome. The look is dead on. The feel of the plastics used is seemingly very high quality, and I'm very happy to report that the tank is, indeed, waterproof! :D Another nice touch is the little tube that one can blow on to create bubbles coming out of Luke's breathing apparatus...with the only slight problem being the tube's length - it is not long enough to truly see the bubble effect. The idea is for us to see the bubbles, but with the tube at it's current lenght, I could only see the effect with one eye - seriously, I wonder if a 'short hose or long hose' variation can be too far off. For me, it could have been and extra inch or two.

The biggest question for those with this set, including myself, might be: to add water or not. My concern would be what possible effect water itself will have, not to mention all the crap tap has in it, to the Luke figure itself, as well as the acrylic paint used in the deco. As far as the fig, there are two holes in Luke's back to adjust for the water factor; as far as the paint, well, I will be buying distilled or purified bottled water for mine, to minimixe as much as possible the possible damage water will cause to this fig over time. All of this said, the Bacta set looks great when filled with water; I didn't think it would be that big of a deal, but really, with water, it looks really cool and we get that slightly distored, rounded look when filled with water that cannot be achieved any other way. As for the tint in the tank itself, when filled with water, it is not overly red or annoyingly 'odd' looking.

As far as the control panel accessory, I am really, really happy Hasbro didn't pull it out of this set to cut a corner. It is very detailed and looks awsome with 2-1B standing right in front of it. After having just seen the final carded image of Fx- 7, this set will look so unbelievable once that wave hits.

At a suggested retail price of $10 - $11, the new Luke in Bacta is a truly crowing achievement and a helluva way to start up the new Deluxe series. 'A +++'

10-30-2001, 03:27 AM
This is a really great review, Amanamatt!

I have the figures, too. Got them from a friend who ordered them from the Orient. I paid 26 bucks for both of them, which I think is a fair price, compared to after-tax retail. A buck or two at most overpaid. The figures are worth it - so far as I can tell. I just haven't opened them yet.

Maul - any day I guess. For Luke, I'm waiting to get FX-7 and then I'll open the whole bunch (Han Bespin, Leia Hoth, the extra 21-B I bought for this scene, etc).


I think you should post that in the regular POTJ Forums, as it is true that when I've used faucet water to clean dust off some of my figures, I've ended up having to wipe them off with a rag again, as just letting them air dry after tap water exposure, left a residue.

BOTTLED WATER is the WAY TO GO! It's 99 cents folks - and are you going to play doctor with Luke that often that this gets to be a serious expense?

Pay a psychiatrist instead. But I admit, like Amanamatt, I gotta at least try this once!

10-30-2001, 11:19 AM
glad you liked the reviews; the whole tap water warning on my part comes from the fact that the water in my area is a little funky tasting... could also be the old pipes, but hey, I'm just paranoid enough that I'm not taking any chances. A friend of mine and I got into a conversation about which would be safer: purified or distilled water. I went with purified and he seems to think that distilled is the way to go! Anyone? :D

10-30-2001, 04:03 PM
I'm afraid I'm ignorant of the difference between purified and distilled waters.

As I see you do, I live in California, where bottled water has always been recommended since as far back as I can remember.

Tap however, is supposed to have more germ control additives for drinking (again, not great for Luke Bacta figures).

Anyway, now anthrax in our water supply is a valid fear (I suppose) and just commented on that with my buddy I was working out with at the gym last night. I'm sure 24Hr Fitness' drinking fountains are tap supplied. Think about how thirsty you get as you work out at the gym (for your health). Man, you'd get a lethal dose of anthrax before you could find a Darth Maul figure on clearance!

(anthrax won't do anything great for Luke Bacta either -disclaimer)

10-31-2001, 01:09 AM
that is something we have to unfortuantely think about

11-01-2001, 12:16 PM
Good review! I got these in the mail just 20 minutes ago from New Force. I could find one thing and one thing only I didn't like out of these two. They short-bladed us on Maul's lightsaber again! With it's break-apart in the middle feature, this would have been the ultimate Maul lightsaber had the only made the blades the right lenghth! Oh, well, they are both still very cool!

11-11-2001, 07:09 PM
I finally ran across these figures a couple days ago, and I'm wondering what all the buzz is about? Of about a dozen Mauls I checked out, every one had a poor to very poor paint job. None of them looked anywhere near as good as the photos Hasbro posted a couple months back. The Luke set looked excellent, but it's just not my cup of tea. I don't care much for the larger display pieces, and Luke in a diaper? I think I'll pick them up when they get clearanced. There seems to be an abundance of them right now.

01-09-2002, 07:05 PM
I just got my bacta tank this morning from thetoyshop.com for just 10 which I think is just downright amazing considering what some retailers would ask for this.
It's big isn't it? Like seriously big blister pack. I opened the box and thought I'd got a big box of packing material and there it was just the biggest blister pack ever and hardly any packing in comparison...


The tank is very keenly molded and the little twist you have to give the base to get the right height had me foxed for a moment thinking it was a shortcut or something in the factory production, but then I remembered something I'd read somewhere and gave the clear tube a good twist to extend the height of the tank by about a whole inch. The details are spot on, even the way the side plinth for FX-7 is joined to the main tank.
What can I say about the sculpt on Luke? His hair is a concern and I might repaint it a slightly lighter shade in a less glossy paint because even though hair darkens when wet, Hamill is blond and this is dark brown, blond doesn't go brown under water - it goes dark blond....

My Luke doesn't suffer the problem of having his eyes halfway up his forehead like some I've seen and the paint is thankfully applied just right everywhere it should be with no splats or mis-paints. He does actually stand on his own if that's what you desire but he looks best when hanging in the tank obviously.
On close inspection it seems to me that his right arm should be posed slightly higher than his left to look right in the tank.
I initially thought the wrinkles in his skin on his back looked a little off but then I thought about what I look like after soaking in the bath and decided it looked okay with that in mind. The torso is great and well observed and I'm still amazed it's taken so long for regulations to get relaxed about putting nipples on action figures. (it wasn't allowed until just recently apparently) The legs are very well sculpted especially the ankles.

The console is my only complaint. The sculpt is great, the paint is great but the materials used to make it are not. All warped and bendy soft is mine. The base is all bent and wobbly and won't stand up.
I know that hasbro use this vinyl so they can get better and finer detail into items but it makes everything bendy and it gets warped in the blisters which aren't the best they could be.

*Just a little note to hasbro to think about relooking at the blisters themselves if they're going to use easily bendable plastics.*

Over all though I'm incredibly happy with this pack. I give it a full 10 which I guess works out at a big A+ :)

Darth Vellner
01-10-2002, 10:12 PM
Got 'em at K-mart......they say its something to see :eek:

01-10-2002, 10:29 PM
Sooo, exactly how does this twisty-extention thing on the Bacta Chamber work?:confused:

01-11-2002, 02:24 PM
once you twist the top of the Bacta tank off, you have already released the 'extension' feature; if you want to shrink it back, carefully turn (I believe) clockwise while applying light pressure

Darth Evil
01-12-2002, 05:20 PM
Can deluxe Maul hold his lightsaber with both hands?

01-31-2002, 04:46 PM
Is it me, or could EVERY SINGLE DARTH MAUL FIGURE EVER MADE be cunningly combined into one well-thought out figure? No foresight on Hasbro's part.

Darth Rage
02-24-2002, 04:06 AM
I think the darth maul shirtless is the best most vicious looking starwars figure yet!

He is pretty muscular looking figure, it was pathetic how the sculptors were trying to make the first potf luke look buff.

He is best made figure in my collection


02-24-2002, 04:15 AM
Originally posted by brentfett
Is it me, or could EVERY SINGLE DARTH MAUL FIGURE EVER MADE be cunningly combined into one well-thought out figure? No foresight on Hasbro's part.
Well I wouldn't say that they could be all combined into one well-thought out figure. There are a few unique ones since the first one, but not many. And it's not the fact there is no foresight on Hasbro's part, they are thinking ahead. Thinking ahead how they can get us to buy a re-sculpt just with a few improvments. :)


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