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10-01-2002, 10:06 PM
This is a continuation of the Rate the Figure thread from the POTJ section, since we ran out of figures there, we are starting on these.

We will start with the first 9 POTF2 figures from 1995, the rating scale is 0-10 (0=lowest; 10=highest):

Luke Skywalker - 1 terrible

Han Solo - 5 he was alright for the time

Chewbacca - 6 my favorite of the initial figures

Artoo-Detoo - 5 it was nice to have a third leg, but he had too many inaccuracies that have been fixed in more recent figures

Darth Vader - 3 hated him

Ben Kenobi - 4 I really can't stand those side cut cloaks, but he was a passable likeness

Stormtrooper - 3 too short, too bulky, no neck, inaccurate armor, I could go on all day

See-Threepio - 5 I never thought a droid could be too muscular

Princess Leia - 0 total crap!

Rogue II
10-02-2002, 07:19 AM
Thanks for starting the thread, Bigbarada. I'll keep score for this one too. I'll try do post an update every week.

Luke Skywalker: 2 "HE-MAN! And the Masters of the Universe! By the Power of Greyskull!"

Han Solo: 5

Chewbacca: 5 Looks like a monkey

Artoo-Detoo: 6.5 My first figure in the new collection. He was cool at the time. I still don't think he is all that bad,

Darth Vader: 3 Goes well with the Luke:rolleyes:

Ben Kenobi: 5 No worse that Chewbacca or Han

Stormtrooper: 4.5

See-Threepio: 5 he was ok. and really really shiney.

Princess Leia: 1 Who let the dogs out? It was Hasbro. Took me a long time to find this piece of junk.

10-02-2002, 06:43 PM
Hey guys, I know that the POTF2 line was kind of bad, but you guys are grading very harshly. It's seems you are comparing them to what we have today. Back in 95 we had nothing to go off from, but the vintage line, and I must say the Vintage line sucks. So with that said I'm going to grade the figures like I did in 95. That's just how I feel, so grade as you see fit. Thanks for readig my 2 cents. ;)

Luke Skywalker -6

Han Solo - 6

Chewbacca - 8

Artoo-Detoo - 10 like I said before all Astro droids get a perfect 10 ;)

Darth Vader -8

Ben Kenobi -6

Stormtrooper -7

See-Threepio -7

Princess Leia -4

10-02-2002, 11:39 PM
I was overall very disappointed in the first waves of figures, I didn't like them even then. I didn't seriously start collecting the line until mid 1997.

Next batch:

Boba Fett - 6 excellent detail and, at the time, an almost unprecedented amount of paint application.

Luke X-Wing - 7 I really liked this figure at the time, really cool and another figure with an awesome amount of paint detail.

Lando Calrissian - 4 he was cool, but I really don't like that cape, or the skin tight shirt.

Overall, though, I believed that this wave showed some improvment, even though I thought it would be the last wave for some reason.

Rogue II
10-03-2002, 06:42 AM
Boba Fett: 7.5 My 2nd POTF2 figure. I still like him

Luke X-Wing: 6.5 Not bad. Not great.

Lando: 5 It would have been nice if his cape actually stayed on...and not so buff....and...

10-03-2002, 08:45 PM
Boba Fett: 8

Luke X-Wing: 7

Lando: 6

10-04-2002, 12:50 AM
Next batch:

Luke Dagobah - 4 he's alright, the first all new figure for the POTF2 line

Yoda - 8 still a pretty cool figure

Han Hoth - 5 a lot of inaccuracies, but I still like him for some reason

TIE Fighter Pilot - 9 the best figure in the line back then, still awesome now

Han Stormtrooper - 7 I collected the POPs off of the Fruit Loops boxes and sent them in and I still never got this figure. I had to pay $25 to a scalper for one back in 1996.:mad: Pretty cool figure nonetheless.

Rogue II
10-04-2002, 06:56 AM
Luke Dagobah: 5

Yoda: 8.5 -I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah, where it bubbles all the time like a carbonated soda, yo-yo-yo-Yoda. The best Yoda figure I own.

Han Solo (Hoth): 5 I can't wait for the Saga version (also the best Hoth Han I own :rolleyes:)

TIE Fighter Pilot: 9 Not much room for improvement.

Han Solo (Stormtrooper): 6 Same thing happened to me, BigB, except I got lucky and found him at a flea market for $2. He was a little worn, but I patched him up. Why do all of the POTF2 Han Solos have their legs in some sort of lunging positon?

10-05-2002, 11:40 AM
Luke Dagobah -7

Yoda -8

Han Hoth -6

TIE Fighter Pilot -9

Han Stormtrooper -8

10-06-2002, 02:04 AM
Next batch:

Han Carbonite - 8 most of this score has to do with the super cool carbonite block he came with, the figure actually sucked

Luke Jedi - 6 he was awesome until I opened him up and saw his high heels

Prince Xizor (SOTE)- 0 never bothered with this figure, lame-o alien design

Chewbacca Snoova (SOTE)- 4 ehh, interesting but ultimately pretty stupid

Luke Imperial Guard Disguise (SOTE)- 6 any figure with a removable helmet is cool with me

Dash Rendar (SOTE)- 3 he was useful for a spare X-Wing Pilot head

10-06-2002, 04:27 AM
Im way behind. Ill rank them in the order purchased:

Luke 7 - for accessories
Vader 10 - loved him, still do
Stormtrooper 10 - ditto
R2 - 8
Han - 7
Obi Wan - 8
Chewie - 8
C3P0 - 7
Leia - 6 - ugly, but I got one free in the mail from the Bay company when it was wicked hard to get. They advertised one in their flyer, and couldn't deliver. I called the head office, and told someone of my frustration - they said they'd get me one for free! The best part is they did!!!!! I also got a call on this figure later, a month later maybe, and drove an hour to get my 2nd one. Sick even then. :Pirate:

Boba Fett - 10 first super great figure of POTF2
TIE Pilot - 10 tied for first.
Lando - 7 - same as luke and han. Way better than vintage.

This wave was my first order from the US, I got them through the fan club with Dagobah Luke, Yoda, and Hoth Han in duplicate, and scalped off the doubles to pay for mine. :Pirate:


Han Hoth - 9
Luke Dagobah - 9
Yoda - 9
Great figures.

SOTE Leia Boush - 8 great fig, still stupid monkey face.
Han Carbonite - 9 because I never had the old one and was so jazzed to get this one
Luke Jedi - one of my favorite vintage turns out to be an 8 - I missed the soft goods BAD on this figure.
Chewie Snoova - 6. Not mean looking enough.
Luke - Imperial guard or whatever - 9. Pretty cool.
Dash - 6 - same cheese as Snoova, not cool enough.
Xizor - 8 good accessories, detail and size.

Am I caught up now? Great. Who's next (Jawas, Momaw Nadon, Greedo, Death Star Gunner, Sandtrooper - something like that)?

Rogue II
10-06-2002, 07:44 AM
Han Solo (Carbonite): 7.5 -I keep the figure hidden in the carbonite.

Luke Skywalker (Jedi): 7.5 -I keep his cloak on so I dont have to look at the figure.

I skipped the SOTE figures except for Boussh Leia.

I started the spreadsheet to keep score. So far, TIE Pilot is the best and Princess Leia is by far the worst.

BTW - jjreason - you missed Han (Stormtrooper) and Luke (Pilot)

10-06-2002, 10:01 AM
Han Carbonite - 9 Luke Jedi - 8 I didn't know he has high heels!!! LOL

Prince Xizor (SOTE)-1, I hate EU crap!

Chewbacca Snoova (SOTE)- 1

Luke Imperial Guard Disguise (SOTE)- 1

Dash Rendar (SOTE)-1

10-06-2002, 11:56 AM
Ahhh yes, you are correct sir!

Luke X-Wing - 9 (freaked out big time when I found it because I'd been hunting new figures for what seemed like months at that point)

Han Stormtrooper promo - 10 (because I was SO happy they made it!) I never had vintage Luke Stormtrooper until much later, so this Han was exactly what the doctor ordered. It took me awhile, probably over a year after it came out, to get one - and I remember being so angry looking at the box for the Death Star Detention Block playset because they used that figure on the box!!!!

Aside: Makes me wish they'd have another set to link the other 2 old Death Star Playsets with the new Trash Compactor ones. I might have to try my hand at building something when I see how it all tentatively fits together. The Death Star was so cool......

10-06-2002, 01:09 PM
jj kind of jumped ahead to Leia Boushh, but she was next anyway:

Leia Boushh - 9 the only SOTE figure I thought worth a purchase, and a much improved face sculpt.

Boba Fett vs. IG-88 - 8 very cool set, I was just surprised we didn't get a bulked up IG-88:)

Darth Vader vs. Xizor - 0 pointless resculpted crap

Sandtrooper - 9 great figure

Greedo - 7 he was alright, but his head was too small

Death Star Gunner - 9 very cool

Luke Stormtrooper - 8 I actually used him for Stormtroopers in all of my Imperial dioramas

Tusken Raider - 7 pretty nice although I still hate those side cut cloaks

Hammerhead - 9 awesome!!

Jawas - 8 I was totally stoked to get two Jawas at once, their uni-legs keep them from scoring higher though

R5-D4 - 0 do I even need to explain?

10-06-2002, 01:31 PM
Leia Boushh - 9 the only SOTE figure I thought worth a purchase (I agree with BB)

Boba Fett vs. IG-88 - 10

Darth Vader vs. Xizor - 1

Sandtrooper - perfect 10

Greedo - 7 he was alright, but his head was too small(I totally agree with BB)

Death Star Gunner - 10 they alway do masked figures well

Luke Stormtrooper - 9

Tusken Raider - 8

Hammerhead - 10 well done Kenner

Jawas - 9 very cool, love the guns!

R5-D4 - 4 I guess my perfect 10 rule doesn't work on this guy! Whats with the added arms?????

Rogue II
10-06-2002, 04:17 PM
Leia Boushh: 8 - Good sculpt, but that lousy cape won't stay on.
IG-88 vs. Boba Fett: 9 IG-88 is just impossible to screw up.
Darth Vader vs. Xizor : pass
Sandtrooper: 9
Greedo: 6 not all that great
Death Star Gunner: 9
Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper): 7.5
Tusken Raider: 8 I can't wait for the 2003 Saga version
Hammerhead: 8 that's one big gun
Jawas: 8
R5-D4: 5 I used to hate this figure, but I customed a couple. Not bad once you cut off the extra stuff and glue him shut.

10-06-2002, 05:38 PM
Okay (man this is a full time job, this thread is :) Oh, and BigB, up here I got all 7 of the SOTE/HanCarb,Luke Jedi out of one sealed case. They all came to Canada together - probably later than you guys got them).

Boba Vs. IG88 - 8, not bad, colouring on Boba not spot on.
Darth Vs. Xizor - 8 (I like Xizor and the whole SOTE thing. Read the book and comics, played the vid like a crack junkie).

Jawas - 9
Luke Stormie - 10 (same as Han Stormie, I was totally chuffed to get this figure)
Tusken - 9 (I bought lots of these, too)
R5D4 - 6 (Droids are almost always great, this one just passable....to much diversion from the movie)
Greedo - 7
Sandtrooper - 10
Death Star Gunner - 10
Momaw Nadon - 9 (Im taking one off for the ridiculous gun, the figure was soooo good though).

Hasbro totally hitting their stride by now, these figures were starting to meet the potential. At least with R5D4 they were TRYING something. It failed from a collector standpoint, but maybe kids loved it? Good effort realized badly. I remember not having to wait as long for these ones to hit, and an even shorter time passed between these and......Luke Hoth, 21B, Hoth Rebel Trooper (if Im correct, and I think I am LOL).

10-07-2002, 08:54 AM
ok I'm way behind but I didn't manage to get online the last couple of days
I'll only vote the ones I think are mentionable or I want to vote (if that's ok)

Stormtrooper: 7, liked the fig (and still like it) but of course bothing compared to new version
Han Carbonite: 7, love the carbonite and han solo is ok too
Luke Jedi: 8, love the sculpt and cloak, still a very good luke since not that much new good ones are released IMO (hate the "duh" face)
Chewbacca Snoova (SOTE): 8, I really love the concept of the fig, although of cousre the height and everything is totally wrong, I still love this fig
Luke Imperial Guard Disguise (SOTE): 8, same as chewie, I love the design and removable helmet is a plus too
Leia Boushh: 8 like the sculpt, but still looking for her (my bro' has her)
IG-88 vs. Boba Fett: 7, like IG (although you can't do much wrong on him)
Sandtrooper: 8, great figure, still love him but again as stormie, new version is much improved
Greedo: 7, was cool at that time but CT version is a lot better
Death Star Gunner: 8, still like him
Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper): 7, like him, especially the neck, and remov. helmet is a plus
Tusken Raider: 7, looks cool
Hammerhead: 9, still like him more then new saga version

10-07-2002, 06:34 PM
Getting up to date on mailaways, Cinema Scenes and deluxe figures:

Cantina Band Member - 8 always liked these guys

Spirit of Obi-Wan - 2 zero points of articulation, you'd think they were practicing for AOTC.

B'omarr Monk - 9 what a cool figure!

DX Luke w/ Desert Sport Skiff - 1

DX Han w/ Smuggler Flight Pack - 0 at least the other three Wave 1 deluxe figures could pass for normal when out of their contraptions

DX Crowd Control Stormtrooper - 2

DX Boba Fett w/ Wing Blast Rocket Pack - 1

Probe Droid - 8 loved it, although his head would pop off for no reason whatsoever

DX Snowtrooper with E-Web Cannon - 10 awesome!

DX Hoth Rebel Soldier with Radar Cannon - 8 pretty nice

Death Star Escape Cinema Scene (Han & Luke Stormtrooper and shackled Chewie) - 8 very nice set, although Han actually looked shorter than Luke

Cantina Showdown (Ben, Ponda Baba, Evazan) - 4 it was nice to get Evazan even though he wasn't sculpted too well.

10-07-2002, 06:48 PM
Cantina Band Member - 10

Spirit of Obi-Wan - I liked this guy, only for what he was, so I give him a 7

B'omarr Monk - 10 all the way!!!!!!!

DX Luke w/ Desert Sport Skiff - 0 CRAP

DX Han w/ Smuggler Flight Pack - 0 CRAP

DX Crowd Control Stormtrooper - 0 CRAP

DX Boba Fett w/ Wing Blast Rocket Pack - 0 CRAP

Probe Droid - 10 I would love to see a 12"

DX Snowtrooper with E-Web Cannon - 10 Bad @SS

DX Hoth Rebel Soldier with Radar Cannon - 9

Death Star Escape Cinema Scene (Han & Luke Stormtrooper and shackled Chewie) -10

Cantina Showdown (Ben, Ponda Baba, Evazan) -5

Rogue II
10-07-2002, 06:54 PM
Cantina Band Members: 8 too bad they don't hold their instruments right.
Spirit of Obi Wan: 4
B'omarr Monk: 10
Deluxe Luke: Pass
Deluxe Han: Pass
Deluxe Stormtrooper: 3 One point for every dollar I spent on him on clearance. I open almost all of my figures. For some reason, I've never had the urge to open this one.
Deluxe Boba Fett: Pass
Probe Droid: 8
Deluxe Snowtrooper: 9.5
Deluxe Hoth Trooper: 9
Death Star Escape: Pass. I've only seen it twice in hobby shops for $40+....To me, it wasn't $40 nice.
Cantina Showdown: 5 Good Idea, bad execution.

10-08-2002, 09:11 PM
Back to basic figures:

Bossk - 10!!!! One of the greatest figures in the entire line and about one-million times better than his vintage equivalent.

Luke Hoth - 8 I thought he was great

2-1B - 9 awesome!

AT-ST Driver - 6 Pretty nice, just a dull character to begin with

Hoth Rebel Soldier - 5 too big and bulky

Han Endor - 2 hate that coat

Lando Skiff - 8 pretty good

Emperor Palpatine - 8 he's nice, wish he had legs though

Bib Fortuna - 1 the vintage version was much better

Rogue II
10-08-2002, 09:44 PM
Bossk: 10, can't argue with that
Luke Hoth: 7.5
2-1B: 9
AT-ST Driver: 6
Hoth Rebel Soldier: 6
Han Solo (Endor): 5
Lando (Skiff): 8.5
Emperor Palpatine: 7 Decent for the POTF2 line, but we really need a Saga version
Bib Fortuna: 4

10-09-2002, 11:05 AM
ok lets see:

Probe Droid: 9, still a great figure
DX Snowtrooper with E-Web Cannon: 9, I love the trooper and cannon
Bossk: 9, nearly perfect, really nice
Luke Hoth: 7, looks pretty good
2-1B: 7, kinda boring but looks like in movie
Hoth Rebel Soldier: 6
Han Solo (Endor): 5, too buff han...
Lando (Skiff): 9, great fig
Bib Fortuna: 6, looks ok but we could REALLY need a Saga update, would've been better in POTJ style though

10-09-2002, 06:45 PM
Bossk - 10++++!!!! One of the greatest figures in the entire line!!! .( I totaly agree)

Luke Hoth - 8

2-1B - 10 awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks great with FX-7 and the baca? tank
AT-ST Driver -6

Hoth Rebel Soldier - 5 too big and bulky (I agree)

Han Endor - 6

Lando Skiff - 7

Emperor Palpatine - 5 sucks

Bib Fortuna - 6

10-09-2002, 11:31 PM
Next batch:

Grand Moff Tarkin - 9 great figure, although he is just slightly too tall

Rebel Fleet Trooper - 2 crappy even back then

Weequay - 6 pretty good, not as accurate as the vintage version though

ASP-7 Droid - 4 ugly droid design

Dengar - 8 really nice, although we need a new version with a backback

Ponda Baba - 10 I love this figure!

4-LOM - 8

Garindan - 7

Admiral Ackbar - 9 awesome figure! stupid blaster

Rogue II
10-10-2002, 12:43 PM
Grand Mott Tarkin: 9
Rebel Fleet Trooper: 5
Weequay: 6.5 Could use a Saga Line resculpt on this one.
ASP-7: 4 Why was this added to the Special Edition?
Dengar: 7
Ponda Baba: 7
4-LOM: 8
Garindan: 8
Admiral Ackbar: 8

I've been keeping track of the ratings. I will post them tomorrow.

10-10-2002, 02:01 PM
Weequay: 7, cool pose and good face detail
ASP-7: 7, looks cool in a tatooine diorama and as a normal working droid
Dengar: 7, but doesn't really look like in movie
Ponda Baba: 7, like him more than the new Saga version
4-LOM: 8, cool fig
Garindan: 8, cool fig
Admiral Ackbar: 7, kinda boring but looks like in movie

10-10-2002, 05:39 PM
Grand Moff Tarkin - 6 good face crap body

Rebel Fleet Trooper - 6

Weequay - 7

ASP-7 Droid - 1 crap

Dengar - 4 crap

Ponda Baba - 10+++

4-LOM - 10+++++

Garindan - 9 love this guy

Admiral Ackbar - 6 Face is great, but his body is not.

10-10-2002, 07:19 PM
Here comes the last of the 1997 carded figures:

Slave Leia - 6 she was alright, a little boyish though

Han Bespin - 5 the last remnant of the bulked up figures when everyone else had slimmed down

Emperor's Royal Guard - 6 sure he was crappy, but he wasn't that crappy

Snowtrooper - 8 nice

Nien Nunb - 4

Rancor Keeper - 4

Yakface - 4

Gamorrean Guard - 5 we really need a new version

EV-9D9 - 7 really nice, I love that console

Luke Ceremonial - 6 my favorite Luke outfit, too bad it's such a crappy figure

All that is left from 1997 is the Power F/X figures and Beast pack-ins, anybody really care about those?

Rogue II
10-10-2002, 07:37 PM
Slave Leia: 6
Han Solo (Bespin): 5
Emperor's Royal Guard: 5 Somehow, I know exacltly what you mean, BigB
Snowtrooper: 7.5
Nein Nunb: 6
Rancor Keeper: 7 Yep, big fat guy. Can't really screw him up.
EV-9D9: 8 (I "modified" one, gave it some articulation....I give mine a 9 :D)
Luke Skywalker (Ceremonial): 6

I don't care about the F/X Figures. The only one I have is R2-D2. I got him as part of an auction lot. Of course, I didn't get the base to go with him

The Beast Pack-ins were basically the same as the carded, except for the added articulation in the Hoth Lukes. And I missed out on Han w/Tauntaun.:mad:

10-10-2002, 07:59 PM
Slave Leia - 8

Han Bespin - 6

Emperor's Royal Guard - 7

Snowtrooper - 10

Nien Nunb - 6

Rancor Keeper - 1

Yakface - 7

Gamorrean Guard - 9

EV-9D9 - 9

Luke Ceremonial -7

10-11-2002, 07:46 AM
Slave Leia: 7
Snowtrooper: 7
Nein Nunb: 6
EV-9D9: 8, love the console too

the onlt F/X fig I have and like is R2, who actually has some nice weathering
as for the beast pack-ins, were the special edition ones included in that line already? if so, I'll give the sandtrooper a 7.5, the jawa a 7 and the han a 4

10-11-2002, 10:51 PM
Alright on to 1998!:)

Luke Bespin - 5 never really liked him, too tall

Leia Ewok Celebration - 4 boooooring

Endor Rebel Soldier - 6 the camo pattern is pretty cool

Lando General - 5 too buff, too posed

Lak Sivrak - 7 pretty cool

Biggs Darklighter - 6

Ewoks - 7 Logray's cool, Wicket kind of sucks

Darth Vader Removable Helmet - 10! awesome, doesn't mean we couldn't use a new version

Ishi Tib - 5 I really wish he was the Jabba's Palace alien

Captain Piett - 7 pretty cool

Zuckuss - 9 really nice

10-12-2002, 03:14 AM
Jeez, you guys.....a fella leaves for a few days on training and NOBODY EXERCISES ANY PATIENCE WHATSOEVER!!!!! :rolleyes::D

Im back, and here are my ratings for the missed figures:
Luke Hoth 9
21B 7
Bossk 9 (again, I hate the guns so take one away)
Hoth Rebel trooper - 7
Rebel Fleet trooper - 7
Tarkin - 10 because they listened to what we wanted
Slave Leia - 10 as above, but not as good a figure. Still, the idea that they gave us one we griped about - wicked
ASP - 6 not great
Ackbar - 8
Emperor's guard - 5 I just missed the soft cloak too much
Weequay - 8
Nien Nunb - 5 no improvement over vintage
EV 9D9 - 10 any POTF1 remake gets 10. We need them all.
Snowtrooper - 10
YakFace - 10 see above
Rancor Keeper - 8 didn't have vintage, so again very happy
Bespin Han - 7
Gammorean Guard - 9 I bought a few of these babies on sale, super

I don't know how many Ive missed, but Ill lose all of that if I go "back" and "forward" to check. On to the next wave - and year!

Bespin Luke - 8 better face, but not perfect yet
Leia Ewok - 8 because it was totally new
Endor Rebel Soldier - 8
Lando General - 10 because it's a POTF1 remake, but 7 otherwise
Lak - 10
Biggs - 10 they listened to us again!
Ewoks - 9
Vader removable - 200,000,000 out of 10. My favorite new figure.
Ishi - 8
Piett - 9
Zuckuss - 10
Luke Ceremonial - 7
Mon Mothma - 8

Rogue II
10-12-2002, 06:39 AM
Luke Skywalker (Bespin): 6.5
Leia (Ewok Celebration): 5
Endor Rebel Soldier: 6.5 Not bad, I never understand why they sculpted the hands like they did
Lando (General) 6
Lak Sivrak: 7
Biggs Darklighter: 6
Ewoks (Logray and Wicket) 7
Darth Vader (Removable Helmet) 10
Ishi Tib: 5 I didn't realize he was in the Rebel Briefing scene until this figure came out, and I still have trouble finding him
Captain Piett: 8.5 Not bad
Zuckuss: 9.5

Rogue II
10-12-2002, 07:00 AM
Here's what we have so far and their average rating:

Luke Skywalker 4.0
Han Solo 5.8
Chewbacca 6.8
R2-D2 7.4
Darth Vader 6.0
Ben Kenobi 5.8
C-3PO 6.0
Stormtrooper 6.3
Princess Leia 2.8
Boba Fett 7.9
Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) 7.4
Lando Calrissian 5.5
Luke Skywalker (Dagobah) 6.3
Yoda 8.4
Han Solo (Hoth Gear) 6.3
TIE Fighter Pilot 9.3
Han Solo (Stormtrooper) 7.8
Han Solo (Carbonite) 7.9
Luke Skywalker (Jedi) 7.5
Prince Xizor 3.0
Chewbacca (Snoova) 4.8
Luke Skywalker (Imperial Guard Disguise) 6.0
Dash Rendar 3.3
Princess Leia (Boushh) 8.4
Boba Fett vs. IG-88 8.5
Darth Vader vs. Xizor 4.0
Sandtrooper 9.2
Greedo 6.8
Death Star Gunner 9.2
Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper) 8.3
Tusken Raider 7.8
Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead) 9.0
Jawas 8.5
R5-D4 3.8
Cantina Band Member 8.7
Spirit of Obi-Wan 4.3
B'omarr Monk 9.7
Deluxe Luke Skywalker with Desert Sport Skiff 0.5
Deluxe Han Solo with Smuggler Flight Pack 0.0
Deluxe Crowd Control Stormtrooper 1.7
Deluxe Boba Fett with Wing Blast Rocket Pack 0.5
Probe Droid (Deluxe) 8.8
Deluxe Snowtrooper 9.6
Deluxe Rebel Trooper 8.7
Death Star Escape Cinema Scene 9.0
Cantina Showdown Cinema Scene 4.7
Bossk 9.8
Luke Skywalker (Hoth) 7.9
2-1B 8.4
AT-ST Driver 6.0
Hoth Rebel Soldier 5.8
Han Solo (Endor) 4.5
Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard) 8.1
Emperor Palpatine 6.7
Bib Fortuna 4.3
Grand Moff Tarkin 8.5
Rebel Fleet Trooper 5.0
Weequay 6.9
ASP-7 4.4
Dengar 6.5
Ponda Baba 8.5
4-LOM 8.5
Garindan 8.0
Admiral Ackbar 7.6
Princes Leia (Jabba's Slave) 6.8
Han Solo (Bespin) 5.3
Emperor's Royal Guard 5.8
Snowtrooper 8.5
Nien Nunb 5.4
Rancor Keeper 4.0
Yackface 6.8
Gamorrean Guard 7.5
EV-9D9 8.4
Luke Skywalker (Ceremonial) 6.5
Luke Skywalker (Bespin) 6.5
Princess Leia (Ewok Celebration) 5.7
Endor Rebel Soldier 6.8
Lando Calrissian (General) 7.0
Lak Sivrak 8.0
Biggs Darklighter 7.3
Ewoks (Logray and Wicket) 7.7
Darth Vader (w/ removeable helmet) 10.0
Ishi Tibb 6.0
Captain Piett 8.2
Zuckuss 9.5

If you missed something or want to know what you missed, let me know.
If you want a copy of the spreadsheet, I can e-mail it to you.

10-12-2002, 11:20 AM
Luke Skywalker (Bespin): 7
Lak Sivrak: 7
Darth Vader (Removable Helmet): 9
Ishi Tib: 9, but still looking for him :(
Zuckuss: 10

10-12-2002, 03:17 PM
I was originally going to do this one figure at a time, but decided against it for a few reasons. One, I didn't want this thread closed down on some lame accusation of post-padding. Two, there are so many POTF2 figures that this would take months to do one at a time, and everyone would probably get bored of it and move one to something else.;)

Since, at this rate, we will have POTF2 done within a week, what do you guys want to do next? Vintage, Ep1 or Saga?

Next group of figures:

Leia New Likeness - 7 better but still not that great

Luke w/ blast shield helmet - 9 when I first saw him, dropped to about 5 after the 98-99 Tatooine Luke invasion. Final score of 7, cuz I still like that helmet.

R2-D2 with Datalink - 5 I prefer the third leg to utility arms

C-3P0 Removable Limbs - 9 one of my favorite Threepio figures

Ugnaughts - 3 crap

8D8 - 7 not that different from the vintage figure, nice torture rack though

Death Star Trooper - 7 good sculpt, dumb pose

Ree-Yees - 8 nice

Lobot - 2 stupid pose

Chewbacca Boushh's Bounty - 8 awesome new likeness!

Prune Face - 6 nice paint detail

Mon Mothma - 5 glad she was made, to bad she was a salt shaker

10-12-2002, 04:06 PM
I'm in for Episode 1 as next rating

Luke w/ blast shield helmet - 6
R2-D2 with Datalink - 6
C-3P0 Removable Limbs - 9, but still looking for him
8D8 - 7
Ree-Yees - 9, but also still looking for him
Chewbacca Boushh's Bounty - 6
Prune Face - 7

Rogue II
10-12-2002, 05:01 PM
Princess Leia (New Likeness): 7 Hasbro admits their first Leia blew.
Luke Skywalker w/ blast shield helmet: 8
R2-D2 with Datalink: 7 Its nice to have 1 R2 with all his goodies
C-3P0 Removable Limbs: 9
Ugnaughts: 7 They serve their purpose
8D8: 7 I wish they gave us the entire torture rack so we could strap a Gonk on there.
Death Star Trooper: 7 Srewed up legs, like most Han Solos in this line
Ree-Yees: 8 seemed a little bulky, but pretty nice.
Lobot: 5 Another one that needs a Saga resculpt.
Chewbacca (Boushh's Bounty): 9
Prune Face: 7 Like Ishi Tibb, I can barely see them in the briefing. Were they really on Endor too?
Mon Mothma: 5 Another Good Idea/Bad Idea. No need for a Saga resculpt. Serves her purpose.

It doesn't matter what we do next. I only bought 4 Episode 1 figures, and I've only bought a dozen or so basic Saga figures, the Cantina sets, 3 out of 4 Accessory packs, and the Deluxe 3PO.

I'm suprised the Mods haven't moved our Rate the Figure threads into the Review section.

10-12-2002, 06:50 PM
Luke Bespin - 6

Leia Ewok Celebration - 6

Endor Rebel Soldier - 6

Lando General - 5

Lak Sivrak - 9

Biggs Darklighter - 8

Ewoks -8

Darth Vader Removable Helmet - 10+++++ awesome

Ishi Tib - 8

Captain Piett - 8

Zuckuss - 10++ Bad @ss

10-12-2002, 07:00 PM
Hey, lets go with EP1 next, then Saga. I don't have any vintage, but a few carded, so` I wont be around for that one........... Leia New Likeness - 5

Luke w/ blast shield helmet - 8

R2-D2 with Datalink -10

C-3P0 Removable Limbs - 10

Ugnaughts - 7 love these little guys

8D8 - 9

Death Star Trooper - 8

Ree-Yees -9

Lobot - 3 reminds me of Star trek

Chewbacca Boushh's Bounty - 8 very nice

Prune Face - 7

Mon Mothma - 7 I was shocked that she was produced!

10-13-2002, 01:02 AM
Let's see here.....

Leia New Likeness - 8 big improvement
Luke blast shield - 8
Chewie Boussh bounty - 10
Ugnaughts - 7
R2 - 9
3PO - 8 too, too, too many 3PO's. HE'S THE EXACT SAME IN EVERY SCENE FOLKS!!!!! WE DON'T NEED 11 3PO's!!!!!!!! Sorry.
Mon Mothma - 7
Ori Maarko - 8 (never had the vintage one)
Lobot - 7
Ree Yees - 8 (some of these last 2 waves were impossible to get up here, this fig included).

10-13-2002, 02:03 PM
I guess we could do Ep1 next.

Leia Hoth - 9 looks great, too tall like all POTF2 Leias, though

AT-AT Driver - 9 never owned the carded version, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt since my AT-AT came with two drivers and no Commanders.

Death Star Droid - 9 love the shiny black finish

Pote Snitkin - 10!! love him!

Oola and Salacious Crumb - 8 looks pretty good, even though I never got one

Kabe and Muftak - 10 Muftak is huuuuuuge! I love the pearlescent sheen of his fur also

Droopy McCool & Barquin D'an - 5 alright, the vintage Droopy looks a million times better though

Sy Snootles and Joh Yowza - 3 vintage Sy is better, I hate Joh Yowza!:mad:

Max Rebo and Doda Bodonwieedo - 8 Max is awesome (even if he is the vintage figure with retooled arms), Doda is passable

Tomorrow we do the EU figures, then the last of the Cinema Scenes and Princess Leia collection, then move on to Flashbacks and Commtechs.:)

Rogue II
10-13-2002, 02:17 PM
PrincessLeia (Hoth):9

AT-AT Driver: 9

Death Star Droid: 9.5

Pote Snitkin: 10 Too bad he's too bulky to actually drive the Skiff.

Oola and Salacious Crumb: 9.5 Oola is good, Salacious Crumb is a piece of junk.
Kabe and Muftak: 10

Droopy McCool & Barquin D'an: 7.5
Sy Snootles and Joh Yowza: 6 I don't like Yowza either. Sy could have at least come with her microphone.
Max Rebo and Doda Bodonwieedo: 9

10-13-2002, 04:38 PM
Leia Hoth - 9

AT-AT Driver -10

Death Star Droid -10

Pote Snitkin - 8

Oola and Salacious Crumb - 9

Kabe and Muftak - 10+++

Max Rebo and Doda Bodonwieedo - 9

10-13-2002, 04:57 PM
Pote Snitkin - 9 (Not in the movie anywhere though, esp not during the skiff battle)
Leia Hoth - 8 Manga Leia.
Death Star Droid - 9 smell the mouse droid
ATAT Driver - 10
Kabe Muftak - 9
Oola - 10 detail detail detail! Salacious would get a 6

Cantina Band sets - 8 overall, each set with ups and downs.
Leia collection - same scores as original figs except Bespin gets 9 as it's nowhere else, oddly enough.

I may have missed:
Bomarr Monk - 10
Spirit of Obi Wan - 7

Final Jedi Duel - 9
Cantina Showdown - 8

10-14-2002, 07:28 AM
Pote Snitkin: 10, but still don't own him, my brother does, though
Oola and Salacious Crumb: 9
Kabe and Muftak: 10, I;m getting the set for my birthday next week, finally :)

Droopy McCool & Barquin D'an: 9, the only set I have from these 3
Sy Snootles and Joh Yowza: 6, kinda boring
Max Rebo and Doda Bodonwieedo: 9, again, don't have it myself but my brother does

10-14-2002, 10:53 AM
Pote Snitkin is in the Skiff Battle, he's just really hard to spot. The only scene where he is clearly seen, he is a maquette. Otherwise he is just off screen throughout the battle. You can catch him slightly when Barada takes that swing at Luke on the second skiff, he is hanging out in the background.:)

Anyways, on to the EU figures (which I only bought one of):

Grand Admiral Thrawn - 6

Mara Jade - 1

Luke Dark Jedi - 5

Clone Emperor - 0 (that's for being one of the stupidest plot devices to make it into action figure form)

Kyle Katarn - 1

Darktrooper - 1

Imperial Sentinel - 2 (he gets an extra point for being a modern version of Kenner's old 1986 Atha Prime figure prototype)

Leia Organa Solo - 1

Spacetrooper - 1

Rogue II
10-14-2002, 11:52 AM
Pote Snitkin has about as much screen time as Djas Puhr and Kitik, who I never noticed in the films until recently. But the figures are nice anyway.

Grand Admiral Thrawn: 6 The only EU figure I own.

10-14-2002, 12:29 PM
I have no EU figures from that run. 9 of my 11 potf vacancies. Ill reserve judgement on those. I will take this opportunity to say that I don't look forward to paying nearly 100 dollars for those 9 loose figures. They never came to retail in Canada either.

Oh. Who else do I need you ask? Imp. Scanning crew trooper and Hoth Han with Tauntaun. Thanks for your concern......

10-14-2002, 01:00 PM
I guess you don't like the EU figs bigb ?:p

well the only one I have:

Darktrooper: 8, I really like the fig, but a new version would be cool too

Rogue II
10-14-2002, 02:48 PM
I wanted That Imperial Scanning Trooper for the longest time, and I finally got one as part of a figure lot from EBAY. (I got 2 cantina diorama Sandtroopers and the Frito-Lay Spirt of Obi-Wan. I needed all of those. I think there was an Admiral Ackbar and a Lobot in the lot as well.)

Turns out that the scanning trooper isn't all that great. It is just the AT-ST driver type body with a vintage imprial officer-like head. Lousy paint job on the head. The scanning accessory is cheesy as well.

10-14-2002, 06:03 PM
Grand Admiral Thrawn - 1 (the only one I ever found at retail, I passed on all the others, they just SUCK)

Mara Jade - 0

Luke Dark Jedi - 0

Clone Emperor - 0

Kyle Katarn - 0

Darktrooper - 0

Imperial Sentinel - 0

Leia Organa Solo - 0

Spacetrooper - 0

10-15-2002, 02:15 AM
Harsh ratings, Turbo (though you're none to gentle at the best of times!!! :D )

Originally posted by Rogue II
Turns out that the scanning trooper isn't all that great. It is just the AT-ST driver type body with a vintage imprial officer-like head. Lousy paint job on the head. The scanning accessory is cheesy as well.

Cool, Rogue II. You won't mind sending me yours then? :D

Rogue II
10-15-2002, 07:18 AM
Originally posted by jjreason

Cool, Rogue II. You won't mind sending me yours then? :D

NO! MINE! Or I will help you not. I'm glad I didn't spend the $20-$30 on the Falcon case just to get him. Considering the other figures I got in that lot, I only ended up paying $3-$4 for the scantrooper. He was even still in his little bubble, until I freed him.

Did you say you never got Ree-Yees or Wuher?

10-15-2002, 07:56 PM
I'm going to do the rest of the cinema scenes and the Princess Leia collection figures:

Mynock Hunt - 3 I got duped into paying $50 for this rehashed crap

Final Jedi Duel - 5 the Emperor's Throne is the best part of this set

Jabba's Dancers - 3

Purchase of the Droids - 7 nice to finally get Owen, Threepio is really nice too

Jedi Spirits - 6 I actually use the base more than the figures

Cantina Aliens - 9 very nice, Nabrun Leids is the highlight of this set

Skiff Guards - 6 not very good figures, but it's not like we have a lot of choices for Skiff Guards:frus:

Rebel Pilots - 10! awesome, except for misnaming that B-Wing Pilot as Arvel Crynyd but that is small potatoes

ANH Leia with Artoo - 7 probably the nicest of the ANH Leias

Bespin Leia with Han - 2 we need a new Bespin Leia, badly

Ceremony Leia with Ceremony Luke - 2

Ewok Celebration Leia with Wicket - 8 much better than the carded version of Ewok Leia

Scanning Crew Trooper - 3 I'm glad you guys reminded me about the carrying case figures

Wedge Antilles - 4 lame excuse for a Wedge figure

Rogue II
10-15-2002, 08:39 PM
Mynock Hunt: Pass

Final Jedi Duel: 8 Some people claim this is the best Jedi Luke
Jabba's Dancers: 6.5 We ask for background characters, we get these. Not bad overall, they go with the band pairs. I think GL must have forced Hasbro to make Special Edition characters.

Purchase of the Droids: 7
Jedi Spirits: 7.5
Cantina Aliens: 9.5 Now this is the kind of background aliens we want. Good job on all 3
Skiff Guards: 8

Rebel Pilots: 10 I bought 1 set and saw a 2nd pegwarming for a long time. I wish I bought a 2nd set for army builder/custom reasons. E-bay is asking too much for them.

Leia/R2-D2 (ANH): Pass
Leia/Han (Bespin): 3. I initally passed in the stores, but out of boredom this year, I bought the Bespin Leia paid for $3 on E-Bay(including shipping)

Leia/Luke: Pass
Leia/Wicket: Pass
Imperial Scanning Crew Trooper: 4
Wedge Antilles: 4

10-15-2002, 09:39 PM
RII - I did finally get Wuher through the fan club, along with the Pote wave. He was never at retail here, along with a select few others (which Ill name because I can!):

Darth Vader w Removable Helmet
Ishi Tibb
Captain Piett
Ree Yees

How frustrating is that? Look how great those figures are, on average, and that's the wave they don't ship us? Brutal. I should note that this was my experience, I don't know if everyone else in Canada had this occur. Usually London was great for getting the new figures on time, we never ever got these at the retailers.
In each case I wound up paying between 15 and 20 US bucks through ebay. Also brutal.

Anyway, for ratings I can finish up the Cinema Scenes I guess:

Mynock Hunt - 8
Purchase of Droids - 8
Dancers - 7
Pilots - 9
Aliens - 9

That's about it for me, folks, until Commtech. See you then!

10-16-2002, 12:07 AM
Mynock Hunt - 10 I love the O2 masks

Final Jedi Duel - 10 throne in AWESOME!

Jabba's Dancers - 7? Cool to see some chicks!

Purchase of the Droids - 7 would have been nice to see only Droids in the 3 pack

Jedi Spirits - 9 Very cool, but useless LOL

Cantina Aliens - 10+++ BAD @SS

Skiff Guards - 8

Rebel Pilots - 10+++ Very under rated

ANH Leia with Artoo - 8

Bespin Leia with Han - 1

Ceremony Leia with Ceremony Luke - 1

Ewok Celebration Leia with Wicket -7
Scanning Crew Trooper - 6
Wedge Antilles - 3

10-16-2002, 08:10 AM
Final Jedi Duel: 9, nice throne, I love luke's pose, it would've been a 10 of vader had been better
Jabba's Dancers: 7
Cantina Aliens: 9
Skiff Guards: 8

I only have the final duel set but I'm still looking to find the other ones I rated for a good price

10-16-2002, 10:49 AM
Here are my favorite figures of the POTF2 line

Chewbacca Boushh - 9
Darth Vader w Removable Helmet - 9
Darth Vader Episode I: Flashback - 9
Leia Boushh - 9 (I know what you mean about the cape)
Tie Pilot - 8
DeathStar Gunner - 10
AT-AT Driver - 9 (even though I don't have him!)
Sandtrooper - 10 (Cantina Display)
Sandtrooper - 10 (Red Pauldron)

10-16-2002, 12:09 PM
Flashback figures:

Luke Floppy Hat - 7 this is still my favorite of the Tatooine Luke figures, even though he is still too tall

Leia Ceremonial - 7 she's pretty nice, although I would love to see a correctly scaled Saga version

Chewie Hoth - 5 should've called him "Whipped Cream Chewie," I hope the new version has a better looking snow effect

Darth Vader - 3 blah

Ben Kenobi hood up - 5 blah

Artoo with lightsaber - 0 even worse than R5-D4, Monkey Leia, and all the Saga Anakins all rolled together! Terrible!!

Yoda with hair - 8 pretty nice

Aunt Beru - 10 awesome

Anakin - 5 boring

Threepio Shopworn - 6 why call him "shopworn?" wouldn't "Tusken Attack" been more accurate?

Emperor with Lightning - 6 pretty cool, I wasn't too crazy about the lightning effects when they first came out, but I just accept them now

Tomorrow we do the Commtech figures and then I guess we can move on to Ep1 or Vintage. How about we just do both at the same time? This way people can participate in the line they collected and not feel left out.:)

10-16-2002, 01:40 PM
Luke Floppy Hat: 7
Chewie Hoth: 6, at least the sculpt is nice
Ben Kenobi hood up: 8, I love the pose he's in
Aunt Beru - 7
Threepio Shopworn - 6, I absolutly don't like his face, don't know why

10-16-2002, 03:34 PM
Flashback Luke: 8
FB Chewie: 10
FB Emperor: 8
FB Leia: 8
FB Anakin: 10 (only because of the remade POTF1 rule - 8 otherwise)
FB Obi Wan: 9
FB R2: 7
FB 3PO: 8
FB Aunt Beru: 10 (maybe the best accessories ever)
FB Yoda: 7 (no improvement except the bad hair, the others are better)
FB Darth: 8

I may have forgotten Complete Galaxy sets:
Luke 8
Yoda 8
Ewok 9
Darth 8

Creature sets:

Han/Tauntaun - don't have it
Luke/Tauntaun 10
Luke/Wampa 10
Han/Jabba 7
Jawa/Ronto 8
Stormie/Dewback 9

Speeder Bike w Biker Scout 7 (stupid prepose but good bike)
Swoop w Pilot - 5
A Wing w Pilot - 10 (remade POTF1)

Can't think of any more right now.

Rogue II
10-16-2002, 03:48 PM
Luke Floppy Hat: 7
Leia Ceremonial: 7
Chewie Hoth: 6 Mmmmmm, wookie cookies with vanilla frosting.
Darth Vader: 7 I don't know why. I don't remember anything special about this one.
Ben Kenobi hood up: 7
Artoo with lightsaber: 3
Yoda with hair: 7 Not bad, not great
Aunt Beru: 10 I even bought an extra one. I don't know why.
Anakin: 6 I'm sure there was a point to this figure, I just don't now what it is.
Shopworn C-3PO: 7 alright
Emperor: 6.5 Ended up fitting well with the POTJ EW Vader. I still want an articulated Emperor with cloth cape.

Were we going to do the Luke/Leia/Scout Speeder bikes, EU Cloud car and speeder, gunner stations, and the Minted coin figures?

10-16-2002, 04:10 PM
Yeah we can do all of those:

Speeder Bike figures:
Biker Scout 4
Luke 2
Leia 2
SOTE Swoop Pilot 0

EU concept figures:
Snowspeeder pilot 0
Swoop pilot 0
Cloud Car pilot 0

Complete Galaxy figures:
Vader 1
Luke Jedi 0
Yoda 1
Ewok 0

Gunner Stations:
Han 0
Luke 0
Vader 0

Other vehicle pack-ins:
A-Wing Pilot 8
AT-AT Commander 8
AT-AT Driver 9
Luke Jedi from Skiff 1
Y-Wing Pilot 6

Playset pack-ins:
Han Carbonite from pop-up Jabba's Palace 2
Sandtrooper from pop-up Cantina 6

Game pack-ins:
Han from CD-ROM Game cockpit 0
Luke from Escape from the Death Star game 0
Vader from Escape from the Death Star game 0

Beast Assortment figures:
Han with Jabba 0
Sandtrooper with Dewback 8
Jawa with Ronto 4
Luke with TaunTaun 8
Han with TaunTaun 8
Luke with Wampa 6
Luke with Rancor 6
Tusken Raider with Bantha 8

Power F/X:
Luke 0
Vader 2
Artoo 6
Ben 0
Emperor 0

Millenium Minted Coin figures:
Threepio 6
Chewie 3
Emperor 2
Han Bespin 3
Leia Endor 4
Luke Endor 4
Snowtrooper 6

Apart from the Commtechs, I think that should just about cover every single POTF2 figure. Let me know if I forgot anyone.:)

Rogue II
10-16-2002, 04:48 PM
Speeder Bike figures:
Biker Scout: 5 Bike good, driver bad
Luke: 6
Leia: 6
SOTE Swoop Pilot: pass

EU concept figures:

Complete Galaxy figures:
Ewok 7 I like the figure with the hang glider

Gunner Stations:

Other vehicle pack-ins:
A-Wing Pilot: 8 I love this ship
AT-AT Commander: 7.5
AT-AT Driver: 9
Luke Jedi from Skiff: 6.5
Y-Wing Pilot: 7 would have prefered a human

Playset pack-ins:
Han Carbonite from pop-up Jabba's Palace: 7
Sandtrooper from pop-up Cantina: 8

Game pack-ins:
Luke from Escape from the Death Star game: 6
Vader from Escape from the Death Star game: 6

Beast Assortment figures:
Han with Jabba: 5 Crappy all around
Sandtrooper with Dewback: 8
Jawa with Ronto: 6
Luke with TaunTaun: 8
Han with TaunTaun: still regreting that I didn't buy it the one time I saw it.:(
Luke with Wampa: 6
Luke with Rancor: 7.5 The Rancor is great, but I'm tired of the Lukes
Tusken Raider w/ Bantha: 9

Power F/X:
Artoo 6 Saga R2 look familiar?

Millenium Minted Coin figures:

10-16-2002, 06:05 PM
Flashback figures:

Luke Floppy Hat - 9

Leia Ceremonial - 5

Chewie Hoth - 8
Darth Vader -8

Ben Kenobi hood up - 6

Artoo with lightsaber - 4 it wasn't tat bad.

Yoda with hair - 9+ I like his little pot

Aunt Beru - 10+++

Anakin - 7

Threepio Shopworn - 8

Emperor with Lightning - 7


10-17-2002, 01:38 AM
Millenium minted coin figs get the same rating as the original figure. I haven't rated a couple of these:

Endor Luke - 7
Endor Leia - 7

I did like the Stormie from that cantina fold out - 8
Han from the Jabba one - 7

Tusken from Bantha - 6
Luke from Rancor - 7

Luke from Skiff - 7
YWing Pilot - 7

EU Vehicle Pilots - 4 (these weren't done well at all)
ATAT Driver and Commander - 9, 7 (stupid big head Veers, too tall)
A Wing Pilot - 10 (Im sure I already rated him, it's remade POTF1 so 10, otherwise 7).

Power FX Luke - 7
R2 - 8
Darth - 6
Obi Wan - 6
Emperor - 7

That's it for me, until next post......

10-17-2002, 08:31 AM
Speeder Bike figures:
Luke: 6.5
SOTE Swoop Pilot: 9, I love that figure

Gunner Stations:
Han: 4
Luke: 6
Vader: 5

Playset pack-ins:
Han Carbonite from pop-up Jabba's Palace: 4
Sandtrooper from pop-up Cantina: 8, I like how he holds his rifle

Beast Assortment figures:
Han with Jabba: 3
Sandtrooper with Dewback: 8
Jawa with Ronto: 7
Luke with Rancor: 6

Power F/X:
Artoo: 7
Emperor: 6

10-17-2002, 06:17 PM
Speeder Bike figures:
Biker Scout 6
Luke 5
Leia 5
SOTE Swoop Pilot 0

EU concept figures: Total S H I T!!!!!!
Snowspeeder pilot 0
Swoop pilot 0
Cloud Car pilot 0

Complete Galaxy figures:
Vader 8
Luke Jedi 7
Yoda 7
Ewok 9

Gunner Stations:
Han 0 crap
Luke 0
Vader 0

Other vehicle pack-ins:
A-Wing Pilot 9
AT-AT Commander 7
AT-AT Driver 10
Luke Jedi from Skiff 4
Y-Wing Pilot 8

Playset pack-ins:
Han Carbonite from pop-up Jabba's Palace 4
Sandtrooper from pop-up Cantina 9

Game pack-ins:
Han from CD-ROM Game cockpit 0
Luke from Escape from the Death Star game 6
Vader from Escape from the Death Star game 8

Beast Assortment figures:
Han with Jabba (-5)
Sandtrooper with Dewback 10
Jawa with Ronto 7
Luke with TaunTaun 10
Han with TaunTaun 10
Luke with Wampa 9
Luke with Rancor 8
Tusken Raider with Bantha 10

Power F/X:
Luke 0
Vader 0
Artoo 9
Ben 0
Emperor 0

Millenium Minted Coin figures:
Threepio 10
Chewie 7
Emperor 7
Han Bespin 7
Leia Endor 7
Luke Endor 7
Snowtrooper 10

10-17-2002, 07:36 PM
Okay, last batch of POTF2 and we will start with:

Ep1 Preview figures:
Mace Windu - 7 still the best Mace Windu figure and that's pretty sad

STAP with Battle Droid - 8

Han Cantina - 8 big improvement, but there is something seriously wrong with his face sculpt, too angular I think

Luke with T-16 - 5 by now I was thoroughly sick of Tatooine Luke figures, and this was the second version we got without his lightsaber

Greedo - 8 excellent resculpt, vest is wrong color though

Jawa with Gonk Droid - 10 awesome!

Darth Vader - 10! the best Darth Vader figure made if you just want him to stand around, the double cloth capes push him way over the top, this one rivals my Removable Helmet Vader as my favorite Vader figure

Stormtrooper - 8 excellent, although Hasbro seems to have overcompensated for the 1995 version and actually made this one too thin in some areas (like his abdomen), lots of articulation, very little of it really useful

Artoo with Holo Leia - 10! still the best Artoo figure made, hands down

Leia with Hood - 6 she was alright, couldn't really put her in any good poses though

Admiral Motti - 6 would be better except Hasbro could never settle on one color for the Imperial Officer grey (he doesn't match Tarkin or Piett) plus he has a pinhead

Wuher - 8 he would have been a 10 if not for that cup molded into his hands, I'm glad they fixed it on the rerelease

10-17-2002, 08:16 PM
Ep1 Preview figures:
Mace Windu - 9

STAP with Battle Droid - 10

Han Cantina - 10
Luke with T-16 - 8
Greedo - 9
Jawa with Gonk Droid - 10++++
Darth Vader - 10++
Stormtrooper - 10
Artoo with Holo Leia - 10+++++
Leia with Hood - 8
Admiral Motti - 9
Wuher - 6 only because of the new one.

Rogue II
10-17-2002, 08:30 PM
Ep1 Preview figures:
Some of the few EP1 figures I have. I never had the urge to rip these open for some reason. And I open just about everything.
Mace Windu: 7.5
STAP with Battle Droid: 8

Han Cantina: 9
Luke with T-16: 7
Greedo: 8 8
Jawa with Gonk Droid: 10
Darth Vader: 10 I love this Vader
Stormtrooper: 9
Artoo with Holo Leia: 10
Leia with Hood: Pass, still working on buying this one.
Admiral Motti: 7.5 Bought him from Yestertoys.com a few months ago.
Wuher: 7.5

I'll start making the final tallies...

10-17-2002, 08:46 PM
Mace Windu preview - 8 (so excited to get a fig from a new movie!!!)

STAP w Battle Droid - 8

Commtech Luke - 6 (boring, should have been Jedi Luke)
Commtech Darth - 10 (I agree, tied for best Vader)
Jawa - 8
Greedo - 8
Stormie - 10
Wuher - 9
Motti - 9
Leia - 9 best likeness
R2 - 9
Han - 8

I was largely impressed with this wave of OT figures. Nice job.

10-18-2002, 06:52 AM
Ep1 Preview figures:
Mace Windu: 7
STAP with Battle Droid: 8

Han Cantina: 9, still the best one yet IMO
Luke with T-16: 7
Greedo: 9
Jawa with Gonk Droid: 10
Darth Vader: 9
Stormtrooper: 9
Artoo with Holo Leia: 10
Leia with Hood:7
Admiral Motti: 7
Wuher: 8

10-18-2002, 01:55 PM
Alright, I started up the Vintage and Ep1 Rate the Figures threads. Since not that many of us were around for the vintage figures and some of us don't collect Prequel figures, I decided the best option would be to run both at the same time.

So go check them out.:)

BTW, since we are also rating the pack-ins and multi-pack figures, then we actually have one last batch of POTJ figures to rate. So I will post that list momentarily.