View Full Version : walmart's "retro" hive of scum and villainy

10-03-2002, 10:39 PM
aka . . . "The Creature Cantina Strikes Back" or "Return of the Cantina Adventure."

For this set offers up a welcome update on the kenner toys of yesteryear. One that left this longtime collector hungering for more. The plastic bar and cardboard backdrop decidedly echo the classic 1970 playset. While the inclusion of the figures recalls Sears infamous blue snaggletooth exclusive. Nostolgia factor reaches an alltime high.

The "playset." Once assembled --- you've got yourself a remarkably spiffy bar for your figures to belly up to. And surprisingly sturdy, too. Mine fit together flawlessly. The coloring and stripe detail are outstanding and oh-so accurate. The stools --- as so many have pointed out --- are not. But a welcome addition none-the-less as they really add to your display options. It's just so much more interesting than having everybody just standing around. Furthur pushing the vintage envelope is the cardboard backdrops --- especially the inclusion of Wuhur on one of the panels. Very 70s. Yessirree, this is definitely a retro load of fun.

The "accessories." "No blasters! No blasters!" Oh, well. What of it? Instead, at long last, it's cocktails all around. Kudos to hasbro for both their accuracy in design and newfound generousity. With nine total --- there's more than enough to go around. --- A+

The "figures." Many have carped about the lack of "new" aliens. But the selection of these three old friends was clearly a deliberate move by hasbro to revisit kenner's former glory. To perhaps entice new collectors through the lure of nostalgia. And, in a sense, celebrate the 25th anniversary of ANH. What you have here are three of the original four cantina aliens. (add the excellent POTJ Zutton and the whole gang is back. "Snaggletooth" with his was clearly intended as a "preview" companion piece --- what with his bendable knees --- not to mention his very own glass.) They're old figures to be sure, but all have welcome updates.

"Greedo." Sure, its a commtech rehash --- but what paintjob! The pastel Greedo is no-more! And not just that vest! The green wash on the skin is breathtaking. Even the blast mark stands out better now. (Helpful Mark2d2 tip #1 --- his closed hand CAN hold a glass of Beru's Blue milk. Or . . . Helpful Mark2d2 hint #2 --- put this "glass" inside Zutton's and serve up a cup of blue to someone else.) --- A

"Hammerhead." Gone is that annoying split cape thing. His new ensemble is nifty and as far as I can tell --- movie accurate. The "hood" especially seems authentic. Like Greedo, his coloring is fantastic. Photos do this no justice, it truly has to be seen to appreciated. --- A+

"Walrus Man." (I just gotta go with the vintage names, here.) Despite a much needed removable arm, and the addition of "knees" -- he's the weakest of the three IMOP. His wash detail simply doesn't measure up to the other two. But not bad. Not bad at all. --- B

In conclusion, I highly recommend these sets. Especially if you don't have these characters or were like me a child of the 1970s. Already, I can't wait for the second bunch. And will soon be posting my ideas to finish out the series. Curved end section, Myo, Hem Dazum, and uh, booths top my list of ideas.)