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10-07-2002, 12:59 AM
What vehicle do you want to see made next?

The choices you're being offered are:

0 - representative of every movie
0 - representative of every estimated price point
0 - representative of the estimated most popular favorites from each film

Well, what do you want?

10-07-2002, 01:12 AM
I was thinking about picking the imperial landing craft but I dont know what that is. If your referring to the Republic landing craft, then that would be cool, but Im not quite sure about what an Imperial landing craft looks like.

10-07-2002, 01:20 AM
Originally posted by Amanamike
I was thinking about picking the imperial landing craft but I dont know what that is. If your referring to the Republic landing craft, then that would be cool, but Im not quite sure about what an Imperial landing craft looks like.

I voted for Darth Mauls Sith Infiltrator, but I still would like to see
the Imperial Landing Craft as well.

The Landing craft looks like this, It appeared in ANH. It's similar to the Shuttle, but this one is used for troop deployment, I think.:D

10-07-2002, 01:21 AM
It was added to ANH's Special Edition in the new dewback scene.

You can see it taking off for arial recon after dropping off the troops tracking the droids from the Tantive IV's escape pod.

It would be a very big ship at a high price point. Similar to the Imperial Shuttle, it's the last large vehicle from ANH left, before we start talking about the capital ships (blockade runner or star destroyer).

Amongst smaller vehicles, I still wanted the Lars' family landspeeder, but I didn't offer it as a choice here, as it's more of an obscure item than anything else on the list.

I did wind up voting for Jabba's sailbarge which did very well in our previous poll, next to the sandcrawler and the Imperial Shuttle - both now being produced for release in the upcoming months.

Jabba's craft's merits include the wide variety of characters and aliens you can display with it, as well as the Hutt himself - and the AT-TE from "AOTC" is highly likely to be made anyway, I hope!

10-07-2002, 01:59 AM
I voted for the AT-TE Walker. I'm not much into the vehicles, but I know my girls would love it.:)

10-07-2002, 02:04 AM
Yep. ATTE as well. I love the Republic Army's equipment, and support the production of as many units as possible (with unique pilots/drivers of course). It would look great with a couple of Gunships flanking it.

I would vote for the sail barge, but I don't think it would be fairly represented in (Hasbro) toy form. If they did it large with a removable roof like the Royal Starship it could work - for high price though.

10-07-2002, 03:09 AM
The ship I REALLY want is the ESCAPE POD! This is a much more important ship than any mentioned in this silly poll. C'mon Tycho, how can you forget the frigging Escape Pod?! It so NEEDS to be done. Oh, well. That aside, I voted for the Twin Pod Cloud Car. This is a toy I somehow never got as a kid and alway thought was wicked cool.

Still, the Escape Pos is crying out to be done. I LOVE the new Micro-machine version. Just blow that up and include a decenty threepio and I'd be more than stoked . . .

10-07-2002, 07:17 AM
I voted for Darth Maul's Infiltrator just because it was cool. There aren't enough big vehicles out there. I would have voted for the Dooku's Sail Ship had it been on there.

10-07-2002, 08:16 AM
The subject asks what ship or vehicle we want yet the choices are so few.....

I voted Imperial landing craft. The AT-TE is most likely going to be made in some shape or form, underscaled but made all the same.
Maul's Sith infiltrator would be nice but I'm in no hurry to own it. The cloud car will probably already be planned for release as a store exclusive. been talked about so long it's bound to happen.
Jabba's sail barge is highly unlikely to hapen given the size. Which leaves the landing craft, a versatile shuttle and deployment vessel capable of ferrying troops and equipment to far flung places beyond the reach of regular transports such as the AT-AT. The robust shape of the vessel with cockpit growing straight out of the main hull rather than on a slender 'neck like the more flimsy Lamda class shuttle makes it a sturdy work horse with few vulnerabilities.
As a toy I can see myself having tons of fun with this. The main hull could quite literally be a troop 'bus' with space for a platoon of troopers. The rear end like the republic gunship could have space for a speeder bike or two. The smaller wingspan makes more room for the main hull to spread out so it wouldn't really have to suffer the scale down of the shuttle main hull. The cockpit has space for four pilots I reckon. This baby could be bristling with hidden weapons and storage compartments. Plenty of space for all those stormtrooper rifles and sandtrooper backpacks. The other vehicles don't really grab my attention. Perhaps if Darth Maul had lasted more than two minutes and been a speaking role rather than a guy in clown make-up I might have thought his ship worth buyiong to carry on being bad across the galaxy. Maul wasn't bad though just lame. The imperials may be lousy shots but they are bad. So bad they controlled a whole galaxy for a time. I like that. Make's them interesting I'd like to enact my own imperial coups de gras and storm a planet. How will i deploy my troops directly without a landing craft?

Next to the landing craft the vehicles I want that aren't mentioned are the Tatooine speeders from outside the cantina. The swoop that spooks the Ronto, The rickshaw speeder, the V-35 landspeeder in either the dark colors from the Lars' garage or the yellow and white colors as seen in Mos Eisley. The small yellow skyhopper craft seen in the Lars' garage in AOTC and the red and grey dragster style speeder seen in the same scenes. The red and black flash speeder seen in the first Mos Espa scene of TPM, more pod racer craft.
Those are the vehicles I would like to see next.

10-07-2002, 08:37 AM
I picked Darth Maul's Ship. But I would like to see the other vehicles made. Jabba's Sail Barge, AT-TE, and the Twin Pod Cloud Car. These three said also be made. To me they were cool looking. If the Twin Pod Cloud Car is made in the saga line, hopfully it will come with a Cloud Car Pilot. If it does I will definary buy it.

10-07-2002, 08:51 AM
I would also like to see the Escape Pod, C-3PO and R2 landed on Tatooine with as well.

10-07-2002, 08:56 AM
Jabbs Sailbarge would be awsome! -- Here are a few reasons.

1. We could have a GREAT place to put Jabba for display -- assuming the sides would open for "internal playtime"

2. We could adapt "leia Sail Barge Gun" into the playset. Frankly, mine doesn't look all that cool just sitting on the table -- I have to explain what it is all the time -- if it were attached to where it should go, people might just go " OH YEA -- THATS COOL"

3. They could make little panals open on the sides so luke can pull out skiff guards and plunge them to their death. (Might even make the doors metal and relaese a new Jedi Luke with magnets in his hands so he could hold onto the side of the ship.

4. The set could come with the exclusive "bartender R2-D2" that I have seen so many of you wish for.

5. The sail barge could come with those clear stands the 12" speeder bikes came with so it could be displayed and "leaned" to simulate damage"

6. There could be trap doors on deck that guards could pop out of, and include pegs so figures could be positioned on the deck.

I could go on and on -- but I think you get the point. Sailbarge would be a better value toy to be offered.

Sith Infiltration did not get much "airtime" so what could you "imagine" that it would do? What Accessories would it have?
It would be just another Darth Vader Tie Fighter with a BIG NOSE!

The AT-TE would be cool -- but lets get something great for the ROTJ before we go into EPII -- Besides, the chances of us seeing the AT-TE in EPIII might be good.

The Twin Pod Car would be a great second choice -- but I need a bigger ship to add to my collection.

And the Imperial landing craft can stay a micromachine collectible -- no play value in my opinion. We are getting the shuttle -- thats enough -- they look ALOT ALIKE !!

Thanks for letting me ramble :)

10-07-2002, 09:52 AM

sith infiltrator

10-07-2002, 10:03 AM
sail barge would be cool but i think it would just be too big and too expensive. I cant even bring my self to buy the Republic Gunship. Sail barge would be at least double that size. Rather have the skiff than the barge. We need another Maul related item like we need a stick up the butt. He's dead- he's gone - never gonna reapear- get over it- I could say the same about a certain bounty hunter family..... I voted for the cloud car- very cool design- not seen in forever- and affordable.

10-07-2002, 10:09 AM
It's a toss up between the sail barge, which would have to be huge, and the sith infiltrator, which would have to have some nice features. I'm really surprised the infiltrator hasn't been made yet. They've released everything else that's Maul-related, so why not his ship? It could have a deployment ramp, some electronic lights and sounds, a place to keep the tragically named "Sith Speeder", fold-up wings, a holding pen for future initiates (or you could use it as a closet to keep all of Maul's different outfits), and an exclusive Hologram Darth Sideous (for all of us who never managed to find one at a decent price).

The sail barge could have removable top or side panels for interior play or battle damage, firing cannons on top, a sound chip, guard stations, a brig, plenty of places to put all those Tatooine creature figures they keep releasing, and at least 2 pack-in figures (Absolut R2, and maybe a new Jedi Luke, a 3PO with gouged-out eye, a posable Salacious Crumb, a Jabba that can turn his head to the side, or a new skiff guard).

I voted for the infiltator, because it would probably be closest to my price range.

10-07-2002, 10:23 AM
I voted for the Cloud Car. I really would like Hasbro to finish off with remaking the vintage stuff. I would also really like to see a re-made Rebel Transport. (I owned the vintage when I was a kid, and loved it. It was the biggest ship I ever got!)

Darth Evil
10-07-2002, 03:03 PM
I voted for the Sith Infiltrator. We NEED this ship!

Battle Droid
10-07-2002, 03:11 PM
The MTT, but for the choices given the AT-TE, it's just as cool as the MTT.

10-07-2002, 03:40 PM
I'd like to see a Sail Barge, but agree w/ most of you that it wouldn't be big enough. Look what Kenner did to the Executor back in the '80's, and what Hasbro did to the Bomber. It would have to be at least as big as the Queen's ship.

My vote went for AT-TE even though it has a fairly good chance of being produced. I'd like a Sith Infiltrator, but can wait.

10-07-2002, 07:04 PM
Well I would vote for the cloud car, but it says my session is over??? I tried about 10 times, Oh well Hasbro doesn't care what we want anyways.;(

10-07-2002, 07:56 PM
Jabba's Sail Barge is the obvious choice for me, we haven't exactly been blessed with many Jabba playsets (except the cardboard throne room), and the whole Jabba scene is one of the coolest things about the Starwars universe.
The release of the SailBarge would also(hopefully) pave the way for more henchmen, skiff guards, bounty hunters as wellll as some new sculpts of the heroic characters ie;C-3PO with green glooop and dangling eye, bartender R2-D2, battle damage Chewbacca(ok so we don't really need him...) plus the long awited Jedi Luke resculpt.
Hey! We might actually get a Jabba the Hutt circa ROTJ!

But seriously, regardless of price, this would be the ultimate playset depicting one of the coolest batttles featuring the raddest aliens. Bossk could actually join in the battle this time!
Add to him Ephant Mon,ROTJ Boba Fett,new release Klaatu, the human guards(fluffy earmuff grey man,black cloth on face skiff man) Viggriev(Elom),Hermi Odle,Ishi Tib,J'Quille,Doallyn, half a dozen weequay and nikto guards, plus all the other scum and I'm in heaven!!

10-07-2002, 10:39 PM
I tried to vote but it wouldn't let me. I was trying to vote for the Twin Cloud Car. It was a hard choice between that and the Sith Infiltator. The reason I choosed the Twin Cloud Car is because it's a vintage classic that has not been done yet. The Escape Pod would be a good one too.

10-07-2002, 11:17 PM
Tycho, I circumvented the apostrophe problem by using an alternate version that wouldn't create those backslashes.

I almost didn't vote, nothing here really got me to say "that'd be a toy I'd want and be able to get", but I went with the Cloud Car... barely, because I already have the vint one.

The sail barge would have gotten my vote except I picture it being more difficult to buy than the Imp Shuttle.

10-07-2002, 11:36 PM
I voted to Jabba's sailbarge. It's always been a vehicle I've want and would love to see it tried. But until we get a ROTJ Jabba I don't have hopes for it. The Infiltrator is another I'd really love to see done. As for the others, I could live without a new cloud car and AT-TE. But a full hearted no the landing crap. I think the design is lame and doesn't fit well with other ANH vehicles.

10-08-2002, 01:27 AM
I voted for the Sith Infiltrator because:

a) the Sail Barge would probably be too expensive

b) the AT-TE will probably be made anyways

c) the Sith Infiltrator was supposed to happen

d) kids would probably buy the Sith Infiltrator over the Sail Barge because it looks cooler

Don't get me wrong, the Sail Barge would be very awesome and is definitely my second choice, but would be way too expensive, the SI would probably be like $30-$40 well the SB would probably be at least $80.

I think a Jabba's Palace playset could be cooler than the Sail Barge. It could be raised and have a trapdoor for figures to fall through (if the lower level was big enough for the Rancor, it would probably stand too high, so if it was at least raised a couple inches for a figure to fall into, I think that would be better than nothing), and you could set up Ephant Mon, Oola, Amanaman, Ree Yees, Jabba's Dancers, the Max Rebo Band in there and everyone else. It would probably also get more figures made just to fill it up with characters from that scene.

Just my two cents.

10-08-2002, 02:27 AM
This is way off the subject, but I should do a playset poll?

The choices? (let's start w. one from each movie):

ANH - Death Star (section builder sets?)
ESB - Cloud City redeaux (including better Freezing Chamber)
ROTJ - Jabba's Palace (feed the Rancor, unfreeze Han)
TPM - Royal Palace (break back in and take down Nute!)
AOTC - Kamino (land Slave-One, clone Jango Fett!)


ANH - finished cantina using Wal*Mart exclusive sets offered now.
ESB - Echo Base - like Micro Hoth World, wampa cave incl.
ROTJ - Emperor's Throne Room
TPM - Galactic Senate (think of all the aliens you could display!)
AOTC - Droid Factory (the full deal)

More alternates might include Yavin Base, Lars' homestead, Dagobah Jedi Training, Endor Shield Generator, Ewok Village, Pod Race arena, Watto's shop, Otah Gunga, Padme's Coruscant Apartment, Dexter's Diner, Club Outlander - ok...I'll stop.

Hmmmm. A poll with 10 choices would not be appreciated by the management here (most likely).

I might have to narrow the list down.

I think I will suggest a 6 poll series: 1 for each movie, and a run-off for the top set between the 5 film winners.

But there's no way that the Sailbarge and Jabba's Palace can one-up the other. They're both so necessary!

When you guys are voting "yes" for these, are you opening enough of your figures to justify buying these ships and playsets?

You do intend to open and display these playsets and VEHICLES, right?

10-08-2002, 02:34 AM
Hey Everyone,

I've submitted a few news articles but this is my first post in the forums.

I voted for the Cloud Car. Given the major cash out lay for recent items like the Gunship & X-wing, and with the Shuttle, Battle Arena & Sandcrawler still to come - it would be nice to have something that they haven't redone yet, is totally cool and would be easy on the wallet.

My opinions on the other choices: (all of which are good and I would definitely buy)

Sith Infiltrator: always thought it looked cool, true Maul is gone, but look at the actual screen time Boba Fett got, and he's an icon. I mean who doesn't love BF and wouldn't buy anything related? Maul falls into the same category if you ask me.

AT-TE: you can never go wrong with anything that starts with AT.

Imperial Landing Craft: my least favorite of the choices, it's always cool to see anything that hasn't been produced before but I agree with the opinion that it's too close to the Shuttle. let's wait a year until the happy new Shuttle glow wears off.

Sailbarge: a double edged sword, I like the idea of having a place to put a Jabba but if it was scaled to compliment the Skiff, it would cost a small fortune. if they make it any smaller then scaled to the Skiff, I think it will be a disappointment.

Of everyone else's non-choices - I don't think there's been a bad idea yet.

Hoth is my favorite so my non-choice would be a new Rebel Transport.

My non-choice for something that has never been done before would be a Rebel pilot transport. (think Luke jumping off before the battle of Hoth) I think it would display great sitting amongst all our rebel fighters. it could even come with a little ladder to hang off the X-wing and crane dealie for loading the droids. (ok, perhaps I've gone to far)

A bit off topic I know but, my opinions on some of the other recent vehicles:

Republic Gunship: Love it! it's still in the box but I can't stop looking at it.

TRU X-wing: $65 CDN I didn't really need to spend on muddy R2 and yet another X-wing.

TRU Landspeeder: still not convinced that we needed this either.

FAO Shuttle Tydirium: this is going to hurt me bad and I still can't wait. there aren't any FAO's in Canada so I'll have to drive to States or get one on eBay. at $120 USD retail, it's going to be about $300 CDN by the time you factor in all the extras.(gas/shipping, sales tax/higher than 120 winning bid, duty and the conversion rate on the dollar)

hope I haven't babbled on too long.


10-08-2002, 11:02 AM
I voted sith infiltrator
usualy I don't buy any vehicles but this one I would consider to buy (cause I'm a big maul fan)
it would be cool to have an exclusive darth maul pilot, maybe a rehash from the sith speeder...j/k

10-08-2002, 05:55 PM
Hey does anyone read what others post??? Two members want to vote, but the site will not let us. What's up Mod's? Is it something I'm doing wrong, I have voted in the past.

Bryan Segal
10-09-2002, 12:23 AM
The sail barge would be a nice piece to add to the collection, but we all know if they were to produce this bad boy it would either be really cheaply made or it would be limited to 1,138 pieces due to the cost. If we were lucky it would be scaled and not some jumbled piece of jabba poo, that we usually get from hasbro. The ideas of a escape pod, new dagobah playset, SARLAC PIT, even a jabbas palace would be cool. Well, I wouldn't get my hopes up for much of that folks, the days of cool scale ships and playsets is still a long ways away.

Bryan Segal
10-09-2002, 12:26 AM
oh yeah, how about a hoth rebel base or an actual trash compactor playset, the new wal-mart exclusives are nice and all, but what is the danger that is surrounding them and closing in on them? Is it dust forming on your collection? Idon't know just a thought. At least make a jedi council room for all the jedi's to sit at.

10-09-2002, 01:54 AM
Originally posted by turbowars
Hey does anyone read what others post??? Two members want to vote, but the site will not let us. What's up Mod's? Is it something I'm doing wrong, I have voted in the past.

I have no idea what is going on. I don't do the technical administration (programming) around here.

I will mention it to JediTricks and SirSteve. That's the next step.

Please tell me what message it gives you when you try to vote in the polls. Information always helps.

10-09-2002, 02:05 AM
I know it's off topic, but regarding a Hoth playset, how about a Wampa cave, it could have pegs on the ceiling for Luke to hang from and there could be a hole in the floor for his lightsaber, & there could be a second room with bones littered about. I think that could be cool.

10-09-2002, 10:40 AM
The sail barge would be way too big and way too expensive, at least $125 minimum. IT would be the equivalent of the gijoe aircraft carrier. Few people would have room for it anyway.

Infiltrator is cool but serves almost no real purpose in the movie, its not like he had a space battle in it or anything...

The at-te and cloud car should be < $25 and both should be done...

10-09-2002, 10:43 AM
And...I cant believe a blockade runner ship/playset hasnt been done.

Rogue II
10-09-2002, 02:05 PM
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with aikman. ;) The Sail Barge would be way too big. I voted for the Cloud Car. Its small, affordable, and orange. Of course, they would need to finally do the pilot to go with it.

*Figures not included, each sold seperately.

10-09-2002, 04:32 PM
Originally posted by turbowars
Hey does anyone read what others post??? Two members want to vote, but the site will not let us. What's up Mod's? Is it something I'm doing wrong, I have voted in the past. I heard about this, but was waiting for Steve to comment on it first. I just did a test on a clean, non-logged-in browser and the system took my poll vote, so this suggests a corrupted cookie in your browser. If you know how to clear your cookies, try that and then log back in and vote.

10-09-2002, 06:16 PM
Originally posted by JediTricks
I heard about this, but was waiting for Steve to comment on it first. I just did a test on a clean, non-logged-in browser and the system took my poll vote, so this suggests a corrupted cookie in your browser. If you know how to clear your cookies, try that and then log back in and vote. Thank you Sir, I'll eat my cookies as I'm clearing them;)

The Vintage Child
10-09-2002, 08:54 PM
Jabba's sail barge! I agree whole heartedly with Jedi Boulton he knows what's up! We have the skiff, We need the sail barge!!!!

10-10-2002, 03:25 AM
Has anyone mentioned a new resculpted and closer to scale (like Hasbro did with the Electronic X-Wing remake for the Power/FX X-Wing) Millennium Falcon? It'd be big, yeah! I'm guessing about 1/3 to 1/2 larger than the original Falcon but... hey... what does it cost to fantasize?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually sit Han and Chewie in the cockpit and have enough room for a standing Hoth Leia and Threepio behind them?

Pitch in a main gun shaft with twin cannons that can sit both figures! Yeah... if the new Imperial Shuttle is up at $100+ I'll bet the Falcon would be close to $200 or maybe even $250.

Expensive? Yes. Unaffordable to kids? Definitely. Would collectors pay for it? Well... if it were as cool as I dream about it, I would!


Okay... (singing) baaaack tooo liiiiife.... baaaack tooo re-aaaa-liiii-tyyyyy!

10-10-2002, 12:48 PM
I think this should be broken up into three polls: 1) the low price point vehicles (Cloud Cars, land speeders, etc) 2) the mid-range vehicles (AT-TE, Sith Infiltrator, etc) and 3) the large vehicles (Sail Barge, capital ships, etc). This way I wouldn't have to dismiss anything based on possible pricepoint alone. Plus that is the way Hasbro stated they would run Fan Choice vehicle polls.

The Sail Barge would be very nice, but I doubt I would ever buy one, too big and too expensive.

I never really liked the look of the Imperial Landing Craft, and it would be waaay too big if made into a toy, and waaaaay too expensive for a vehicle design I'm not all that crazy about.

The Cloud Car is cool, but you can still get a vintage one at a decent price, I paid $34 for mine. Plus the canopies have the annoying tendency to pop open and dump the pilots whenever you do barrel rolls.

Sith Infiltrator would be really nice and I never understood why Hasbro didn't make one, especially with how popular Darth Maul was in the early days of TPM. Just goes to prove that no matter how "sure thing" a vehicle seems to be, it doesn't mean that Hasbro will actually make it. Keeping that in mind......

I voted for the AT-TE! I believe this to be one of the coolest vehicle designs I have ever seen in a Star Wars film. If done right, it could be one of the highlights of the Star Wars toy line.:cool: