View Full Version : Vintage and POTF2 for trade

10-12-2002, 04:45 PM
All items are in very good condition. Please ask about a particular item if interested. I can send a picture.

Vintage Items:

Imperial Attack Base- loose
Turret Play set (no Probot)- loose
Ewok Catapult- loose
Ewok Glider- loose
Endor Forest Ranger- loose
INT-4 -loose
CAP-2- loose
AST-5- boxed
ISP-6- loose
MTV-7- loose
PDT-8- loose
MCL-3- loose
Radar Laser Cannon- loose
Tri-Pod Laser Cannon
Desert Sail Skiff- boxed
Maintenance Energizer- loose
B-Wing Fighter- loose
Imperial Troop Transport- loose
Twin Pod Cloud Car -loose
AT-AT Walker- loose

1995 and newer:

Speeder Bike- loose
Taun Taun POTF2- loose
AT-ST Walker for POTJ -loose
Loose 6 Yoda- loose
Loose 6 R2-D2- loose
Snow speeder- loose
Cantina Pop-Up Diorama (Mail-away)- loose

Desert Dweller
10-12-2002, 11:37 PM
Hi just wondering what your are looking for in trade? Thanks.