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10-29-2001, 01:58 AM
Who has all the pack-ins? And which ones do you have.

I am talking loose sets here. So far this is what has been put out:

Kenner Vintage POTF line:
62 coins including mail away offer

Hasbro POTF line:
58 freeze frame slide including mail away offer

Hasbro EP1 line:
64 CommTech chips

Hasbro POTJ line:
47 Jedi Force Files

I am saying 47 because Hasbro in all their infinite wisdumb (hehehe play on words:D ) has decided to discontinue the JFF with less than 10 figures left in the line. I don't mind them getting rid of the JFF's! But doing it so close to the end of the line feels so arbitrary.

It's like they just sat down and said:

"Hey, Episode II is coming up and we will be ending the POTJ line. Let's change the current the cards and do away with the JFF's."

Maybe Hasbro did it to justify the fact that they aren't shipping any new figs 'til January. Who knows? But it kind of annoys me. I just like to have a little symetry with my collection. Now for the first time I can't really do that.

It's like I have several collections:

Orange Card
Green Card without holo
Green Card with holo
Freeze Frames
Expanded Universe
Shadows of the Empire
Green Card CommTech

Each line had at least 9 figures to it. Now we are down to the last 6 for POTJ and BAM...new cards!

10-29-2001, 07:33 AM
Well, I have all the Commtechs, FlashBacks, and force files. I am missing one Freeze frame, Sandtrooper, and one POTF coin, Leia Boussh.