View Full Version : 3 things

10-14-2002, 11:47 AM
Got 3 things;

1. A HUGE apology to c_richards again for being ~40 minutes late in meeting you! No excuses, just an apology. You are a very gracious individual who could have lopped off my head, but did not. Sorry for wasting your time on your birthday nonetheless!

2. Just came back from Emeryville TRU. They had the Republic Gunship for $40. I will pass.

3. JediBear and Grayhank, I am going to be optimistic (which is uncommon for me) and say I think you are incorrect. I don't think this last wave of figures will be like the Bibble wave. I think once this west coast shipping backlog gets cleared out and the stores get ready for Christmas, those figures, with Ephant Mon added, will hit strong. I do think that by the middle of next year, though, we will have a rare wave hit.