View Full Version : 2003 Action Fleet??

Jangu Fett
10-15-2002, 06:36 PM
OK, next year we all can expect to see the Rebel Snowspeeder and Imperial AT-AT. Right? Thats only the 1st wave (3rd Wave)for the new year, and only 2 rehashed ships. Wave 4 also do out next year will be Jango's Slave-1, the Republic Gunship, and the Acclamator Assault Ship. Great, but, will Hasbro go through with their idea of adding Mini-Figs?

Hasbro has said that the Mini-Figs will make a comeback in 2003. Where is the proof? There are pictures of the new Snowspeeder and AT-AT at the SW websight. But there are no figures pictured with the ships. Will we see the Mini-Figs? And what about the mini-fig multi packs? Anybody?

Sicqnus, A question for you. Where did you find out about the Jedi Starfighter, Spider Droid, Hailfire tank, and the rest??

10-15-2002, 07:36 PM
Hi Jangu Fett, I sent ya a private message...

And for the ones who knows... I would be really pleased to see the Hyperdrive ring in a future Battle Pack... Time (and sales) will tell...

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