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Mace Windex
10-16-2002, 11:23 AM
Granted, I am not a daily visitor to the main page so in case this has been covered I apologize in advance.
Today I went to walmart and saw several new SW items. Although some have been mentioned here (Arena Battle set) others have not. I saw a brand new set of three micro machines ships, the Solar Sailer, Naboo fighter, and AT-TE (?). They also had a cool new interactive Anakin lightsaber. The neat thing about the saber is that it is CHROME, about the right scale, and has a cool interactive feature right in the box. The saber retails for just under $30 so it is more $$ than the normal ones. Still, it beats paying over $100 for a replica. It is a training saber and features the voices of Obiwan, Yoda and QUi gon. It has crash effects and vibrates. About the only thing that it doesn't have is a humm if you keep it still.
I also saw picture of a new YOda with a lightsaber in a magazine. It looks like the Furby Yoda but a different version. Anyone have details on this one?


Mr. JabbaJohnL
10-16-2002, 06:02 PM
I've seen the new Action Fleet crap for a few days now. The saber was on the main page a few days ago, but thanks for the info! :)

10-16-2002, 06:47 PM
Come on dude, read every single thread and post, and then post a new thread!;) LOL J/K