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boss nass
10-16-2002, 11:26 PM
here is the list please email so we can negotiate:)

My Haves are:
Vintage ewok village missing 2 rails
Loose theed hanger playset
Loose legos
Vintage droid factory parts
Falcon Ramp struts and ramp
Dagobah Parts
Sandcrawler Ladder and battery Cover
Vintage white Tie fighter parts
Vintage snowspeeder
Vint 12in Boba Fett body parts
Vint 12in Chewy body parts
loose weapons
MOC figs:
Potj Bespin guard
Potj EethKoth
Potj Zutton
Potj FX-7
Potj Imperial officer
Potj gungan Warrior
Potj Shmi Skywalker
Potj Queen Decoy Black gown
Potj Duros
Potj Sabe
Potj Deluxe Amanaman
Potj Annaversary 2 pack Luke/Leia
Potj Annaversary 2 pack Chewy/Solo
Saga Landspeeder
Saga Bespin Luke Metel peg or plastic
Saga Bespin Vader
Saga Mace
Saga Jango finel Duel
Saga Taun We
Saga Lumanarii
Saga Palpatine
Saga Obi Wan Pilot
Saga Chewy
Saga Han
Saga Das Phur
Saga Endor rebel soldier
Saga Orn Free Taa
Saga Qui Gon
Saga R2 w/boxes from new x-wing
Deluxe Anakin and Geo warrior
Ponda Boba Cantina set
Hammerhead cantina set
Saga Yoda
Saga Anakin Hanger
Saga Dooku
Saga Ki-Mundi
Playschool Falcon
Playschool Stompin Wampa
Playschool fast thru the forest
Playschool Arena Attack
12in Watto
12in Saga Anakin
12in Mace
12in Emperor
12in Lando
12in Red Clone
12in Yellow Clone
12 Anakin w/book
12in C-3PO w/book
Potj Luke bacta tank
Potj Slave leia

POTF land speeder

OC Monkey leia
GC Tarkin
GC Ev 9D9
GC Lando Skiff
Ep 1 Mos espa 3 pack
Ep 1 Epic force Obi wan
Epic Force C-3PO
Ep 1 Kaadu and Jar
Destroyer Droid Room alarm
Ep 1 Deluxe Qui Gon
Ep 1 Mauls Lightsaber
Jabba Glob

Action fleet stuff MIB
Naboo Starfighter
Alpha snowspeeder
Hoth playset
Dagobah playset
Slave 1 transforming
Naboo temple ruins
Mos Espa Market
Jabbas palace
Loose micro mashine ships and figurines over 150
Micro heads MIB w/exclusive vader
Interactive Yoda

3PO pen MOC
Diecast Star Destroyer
Vintage diecast Landspeeder
3PO case no straps
Transformers Amadia collection
Tons of N64 games
guitar sheetmusic

FF Leia Ewok celebration outfit
FF Slave Leia
Commtech reader
loose deluxe snowtrooper tri pod rifle

Maul sith speeder no maul just speeder
MIB Falcon CD rom playset w/Han
loose gungan cannon
MOC preview R3-t7
MOC preview Zam Wessel
vintage snowspeeder gun and canopy
Death star parts
Action fleet line mini scene#3 gungan attack


-Ep 1-
Amadella Battle
BD shot,and dirty
Captin Panaka *
Maul (hologram)
Qui gon Holo

Leia coll.w/solo.

3 pack Jedi spirits *
3 pack Watto's Box

Ep 1 Trade fed Tank
Bantha and Tuskin raider *
Sy Snootles and Jon Yowza Rebo 2 pack
FF Slide Holder
Han w/Taun Taun
Luke w/Wampa
Millenium Figs
POTF2 Action Figure Case
Deluxe Snowtrooper
IG-88 2 pack
Obi wan epic force
Solo epic force
Chewy Epic Force
Toy Fare Vader
Exclusive Jorge Sacul
POTF Vaders Lightsaber
POTF Luke's Lightsaber
POTF Y-wing
POTF Falcon
SOTE Outrider

Making of SW to Jedi, video or DVD

Star Cases
Figure Stands
Most modern 12in

Carded vintage figs
Vintage cantina and Land of the jawas backdrop
Vintage 12in Obi wan
Vintage 12in Solo
Vintage 12in Leia
Vintage 12in Luke
Vintage 12in Ig-88
Vintage 12in weapons Fetts gun ,stoormtrooper gun,Chewies Bandolier and ammo, and boxes for all 12in figs
Dagobah R2 adapter
Taun taun reins
Mantience energizer boxed
All empty vintage boxes
Bespin freeze chamber die cast figs all
Vintage B-wing MIB
Vintage Dewback MIB
Vintage X-Wing MIB
Vintage battle damaged tie fighter
Vintage DV tie fighter MIB
At-At chin cover vintage
Vintage death star
Vintage cantina advenure set
Vintage taun taun open belly
Vintage Rebel Transport gun
Vintage rebel command center
Vintage cloud city playset
Vintage skiff
Vintage a-wing
Vintage jabbas dungen
Radar laser Cannon
Vintage tie Interceptor
Vintage Shuttle
Vintage ewok Glider
Vintage ewok Catapult
Vintage lightsabers
Plush ewoks(mookie,Gwig,Malani)
Blue snag
Luke stormtrooper
Luke endor
Yak Face
Imperial gunner
Solo carbonite
A-wing pilot
R2-D2 1977
Beanies Jar jar,and Padme
Gamecube Games

OK here is a FULL list of MOC figs i need

Freeze frames:
At-St driver
D vader
Emperor *
Ewoks *
Gammorean Guard
Solo Hoth
Ishi Tib
Luke Hoth
Nien Nunb *
Ree yees
Saelt Marae *
Tie Pilot

Flashback needed:
Emperor *

CTC needed:
Leia hooded *

Eu figs:
Clone Emperor
Grand Admirial Thawn
Imperial Sentinal
Kyle Kataran
Leia Organa Solo
Mara Jade

OC cards:
C3PO *
Death star gunner
Greedo *
Tie Pilot
Tuskin raider

GC needed:
Gammorean guard
Leia bouush *
Luke Jedi
Nien numb

#'s 45 46 48 52


boss nass
10-18-2002, 04:58 PM