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good shot jansen
10-17-2002, 11:18 AM
this morning i was able to track down the wave II action fleet at a super targets in deerfield beach florida.

i was thrilled that i had found them, as this wave includes the 1st truely new action fleet toys in three years. not mearly rehashed, re-paints of previously released toys.

the three ships in the new wave are the at-te, solar sailor, and a re-paint of the naboo fighter.

the at-te is a fine looking addition to the action fleet line. unfortunately, the way they packed it into the package with all the different twist ties and such, it's nearly impossible to extract, and keep the box pristine. (word to the wise, try and get two if you wanna open it up, and keep the box for future display purposes)

the biggest drag, is that it was not scaled to action fleet figures (sheesh, it ain't even in scale to the mm figures). the cockpit does open up, (tilting to the front to do so). and inside there is a tiny (i'm tawkin small here)molded plastic drivers seat which will never fit anything, let alone a seated figure . there is also another ridiculously small gunners seat for the main gun on top.

this is a damned if they do and damned if they don't situation. if they had made the gun the appropriate size to accommodate an action fleet figure to sit in the gunners seat, we'd be trashing this thing along the lines of either the skyhoppers gun, the gian speeders double whammy's, and the flash speeders ridiculous appendage. but now that they've made the gun and the seat to scale with the vehicle, i'm upset that i canít put a figure there in which to man the darn thang. sheeeesh (maybe i'm just like my mother, she's never satisfied......... )

the body of the at-te does not open up anywhere, so as to place troops withinside the beast. oh well.

all the guns rotate within their turrets, (and boy are there a lot of em, 6 in all) and the main gun swivels a full 360 degrees. it however does not move vertically up and down. (take off a few brownie points for that gaffe)

each of the legs do move about at the top joint, so that they can be positioned up and down. what is the most stand out feature is that the foot pads are all connected to the legs by means of a ball joint, so that they can also move freely allowing full positioning of the feet.

the front and back sections are fully articulated which allows the vehicle to slither, another way cool design feature.

on a scale of 5 i give it a four, i'm forced to take off a full point due to it not being sized to accommodate af figures. (i don't mind so much about the gunners seat, but the cockpit drives me crazy)

the solar sailor is bizarre. it's really the size of a die-cast. the whole sail attachment assembly is silly. it really is a strange choice for the re-introduction of new action fleet. it doesn't even display properly so that it's nice to look at. the hole for connecting it to the stand is located within the sails plastic mast assembly. when it sits on the stand, the vehicle portion is behind the vertical post, with it's open wings straddling it. if they had made the hole in the body of the vehicle, it would have allowed the whole ship and sail assembly to be displayed in a forward thrust away from the stand, it would have looked much better that way imho.

the vehicle section is really way to small. the detail is horrible, nothing stands out as being attractive or interesting at all. i get more of a thrill from my cloud car than i do this thing.

most annoying is the joint which wraps around the side of the vehicle separating the top portion from the bottom. it's freakin huge when compared to the overall scale of the vehicle as a whole. it really gives this thing a shoddy, terribly built appearance. not at all well thought out and executed. (back to the drawing board boyz..........please!)

when the sails attached it can swivel from side to side (which is probably the best thing that i can find to say about this toy). when the sail assembly is disconnected, the flaps on the vehicle can then close. (when in the closed position, the thing looks like some kind of cheap lighter)

on a scale of 5, this thing gets a one, only cause the sail can swivel, other than that, blech.

another annoying issue, are the vehicle flaps (wings), they don't snap into the open position, they just kinda stay there loosely. i can already tell, that after only a few days of playing with this thing, the top flaps will prolly not stay in the open position convincingly. really a cheap toy all around. this thing truly feels like it was meant as a design prototype for the development of a really cool toy down the road. oy

the naboo fighter is a rehash in every way of the original version. this one has been spruced up with tons of scorching and battle marks.

the droid pops up and down, just like on the 1st release. the landing gear feels chintzier than the original release.

the only reason why i'm happy to have this guy, as it will make a nice variation with which to place into the naboo hanger/final conflict playset. just for that alone, it's well worth getting.

if you collect and enjoy action fleet toys, then you will wnat to get all three of them, simply cause they are action fleet.

if you don't collect, or particularly like the action fleet line, you will still want to pick up the at-te, as this is a cool toy in it's own right, and is well worth owning in any star wars collection.

10-17-2002, 04:52 PM
Thanks for the review GSJ, I'm sorry to hear there's so little going on with the Solar Sailer - even less than I expected. I've spotted these once but was too broke to get 'em, I'm sorta glad I went that road now.

10-18-2002, 01:55 PM
Thanks GSJ. I already planned on getting the Naboo Fighter and AT-TE, I think I may wait for the Solar Sailor to see if it gets clearanced, if not I'm sure I'll be able to find it cheap on ebay.

I think they need to redo the box design, I've only seen the DV TIE in person (all smashed up though as if some kid had a fit) and from that encounter plus pics that I've seen it looks more like they made the box to fit the size of the DV TIE, X-wing and Falcon rather than a box that would fit several different sizes big and small which may be why the AT-TE and Solar Sailor are the way they are. :rolleyes: At least I hope it's something like that, instead of just Hasbro being cheap.

11-03-2002, 07:57 PM
I wanted the silver R2 TRU exclusive bad enough that I finally got these 2 new Ep II Action Fleet vehicles.

How I'd add to or change GSJ's initial review of the AT-TE:
- The 6 ball-joint guns and the 2 midsection points of articulation are all seriously loose. A few of the rubbery ball-joint guns weren't at first, but quickly got there. It's not the end of the world, but it's a something that should have been considered since this is a pose-only toy that flops around for posing.
- The stand is cute, reminds me of the AT-AT and AT-ST stands.
- The main gun seems a wee bit too long to me.
- The cockpit doesn't close in a nice way, it stays closed fine but it doesn't lock into place so it's never nicely closed. This is more minor than it probably sounds, but it was the first thing I noticed.
- Some of the smaller sculpted details weren't as crisp as they should have been.

I'd give it a B- in a generous mood but not having any way to hold figures seems like a real crime so a C if my mood turns sour - there's definitely no solid grade from me though. If the main gun had elevation capability, I'd be more forgiving.


As for the Solar Sailer:
- The sail section is not only too small, but also too close to the ship. There's nothing elegant about the way it is attached to the clear central mast piece.
- The stand is a retooled generic AF stand and you can see where the figure holes were in the tooling, cheeeeap! The vehicle doesn't line up with the stand properly at the actual ship if you have it sitting forward, so you have to turn it to the side to get it to clear the stand.
- The opening sail holds neither open nor close with any real quality, they just exist in their own realm of quality. Closing them looks ok for a sec, then they open on their own slightly by a millimeter or so and look bad again. They don't open far enough either.

Because of its lack of elegant lines, quality design, and cool features (most of the keystones of the Action Fleet name), I'm going to give it a solid F for failing to be an Action Fleet vehicle at all. This thing is a failure on every level except for being the only toy of this vessel, it's not even half the quality the worst Action Fleet vehicles were.

11-04-2002, 12:11 AM
I don't collect the Action Fleet stuff, but I bought the AT-TE a couple of weeks ago. I really love this vehicle design (even cooler than the AT-AT in my book and much more practical) and I think it is a really cool toy. I'm not bothered by the lack of mini-figures at all.

The inability of the main gun to elevate is kind of crappy, cuz I am sure that the "real" AT-TE can elevate it's main gun (otherwise it would be pretty useless - "This cannon is an extremely effective weapon against the enemy, as long as the enemy hovers exactly 5.02 meters off the ground.";) ). But it is not really a big deal to me.

Considering this is the only toy of the AT-TE made and I still think it is done amazingly well (especially compared to that crappy Dooku's Ship), I give this toy an A.

11-04-2002, 09:56 PM
Glad you like the AF version. :) The Lego AT-TE is coming out this December and it looks pretty cool.

11-05-2002, 12:32 AM
The Lego versions should be pretty cool. I am a little apprehensive about a 3 3/4" version though. I don't know how Hasbro can make this thing without distorting it to crappy proportions to fit the figures and stay under $50. If they make it to scale it would easily cost over $100. Most likely this AF toy will be the only version of this vehicle that I buy.