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10-20-2002, 03:19 PM
GalacticHunter is reporting what figures will likely make up Unleashed Wave 4. Though, I think it should be Wave 5 actually. Because wasn't Slave Leia and Yoda supposed to be out in Wave 4? :)

Unleashed Wave 4
Reported by Mike

The next wave of Star Wars Unleashed figures are revealed to be Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Sidious. The figures, showing our favorite Star Wars heroes and villains in a more dynamic and extreme style, are planned for an early 2003 release. We'll make sure to pass on more details as we learn more.


Jar Jar Binks

Lord Tenebrous
10-20-2002, 04:33 PM
I can see an Unleashed Emperor, but not an Unleashed Sidious. Certainly Lucasfilm didn't authorize an interpretation with a lightsaber, and other threads have highly favored a Sith Lightning pose.

10-20-2002, 04:37 PM
Yeah, I can't really visualize what they could do if they base it on Sidious from E1/E2. Maybe they slapped the name "Darth Sidious" on it, and it's going to be "Emperor Palpatine." I guess time will tell on this one. :)


Jar Jar Binks

10-20-2002, 06:19 PM
Will Hasbro ever get it right? Maybe at the end.

10-20-2002, 06:34 PM
How can you even say Hasbro got it wrong? We don't have confirming pictures, much less any info outside of the names right now. :p

I was thinking that it's very possible that the Slave Leia and Yoda may be a wave 5 release. As Hasbro seems to be wanting to stagger the releases out.

Wave 1: Darth Maul and Jango Fett w/ Boba Fett
Wave 2: Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Padme Amidala
Wave 3: Count Dooku, and Mace Windu

So wave 4 would likely be 3 figures, just like wave 2 was. Hopefully someone will have more info on the assortment later this week. :)


Jar Jar Binks

10-20-2002, 06:38 PM
JJB, do you work for Hasbro or know someone that does, becauce you defend them like you do. Hasbro s c r e w s stuff up all the time. ;)

10-20-2002, 06:51 PM
Hasbro doesn't screw anything up, any more then any other company does. It's just noticed more and complained about more, because Star Wars fans seem to be a very very picky and hard to please fan base. I just think it's a tad early to start moaning and complaining about somthing that you haven't even seen yet. :)


Jar Jar Binks

10-20-2002, 07:00 PM
Come on JJB, for the amount of money they make on us and all the kids in the world, they need to clean up their act. Give us what we want and they will make ever more $$$$. I'm not trying to fight with you, I just think they could do better, don't get me wrong they do well with many things, but there's always room for improvement.;) With this I'm sure the names will be switched and we will get a PAPY, but why mess up at the get go? That's just me.

10-20-2002, 07:10 PM
Well, it could be worse. They could be pulling a Mattel, and repainting main charecters and inserting them as chase figures into the line. Or they could pull a Playmates, and make limited edition figures that were limited to only 1138. So when it comes to intelligent business practices, I'll take Hasbro any day. :)

As for the Sidious thing, thats only coming thru GalacticHunter's sources. Maybe the guy that delivered the information saw Emperor Palpatine, and just called it Darth Sidious because they don't know any better. With E2 fresh in everyones mind, and the fact that EP and DS look exactly the same, it could be a simple mix-up. :)


Jar Jar Binks

Sith Lord 0498
10-20-2002, 08:08 PM
Or this just may be LucasFilm's way of finally officially confirming that Darth Sidious and Palpatine are one and the same person. Granted, it's a strange place to confirm such a thing. But check the thread over in the Classic Trilogy forum about the Stormtroopers being ID'd as clones on the new Decipher cards. That was an unlikely place to possibly confirm new information as well too, but it's there on the cards.

hango fett
10-20-2002, 08:17 PM
i hope it is not just sidious standing there.....that would sell like a lead balloon....obi-wan and luke sound good though...good thing we are only 2 months from 2003!

10-20-2002, 10:37 PM
Wow, only 2 months! Time goes by soooo fast! When I was a kid, time moved sooooooooo slow and I was in such a hurry to grow up. Now I want it to slow down and be a kid again. Life is funny!;)

10-20-2002, 11:25 PM
You people never Listen!!!!
I told you so many months ago, that sidious and emporer Were the same guy.... BUT No..... Sidious is some other dude. I hate being called wrong, and being called a liar, when i am truely Right.

Anyways, Series 2 shipped with series 3 for meijers.

10-20-2002, 11:29 PM
Dude we know that, and when did you tell us this great news on your 1st post a few months ago? Oh wait you just reg this month, silly me. Get you story straight

10-20-2002, 11:32 PM
The upcoming Unleashed wave w/ Luke, Obi-Wan and Sidious sounds fantastic! I can't wait!

10-20-2002, 11:53 PM
I think the Terms of use says that you can have 2 names, so i registered for a diffrent name.

Prince Xizor
10-21-2002, 12:43 AM
So what is your other name? (Just curious...)

I think a lot of people screw up the names Palpatine and Sidious. I mean how can you really blame anybody. They look exactly the same. (And you all know that they are going to turn out to to be the same ;) ).

I sure hope the Obi-Wan Unleashed is the Kamino version where he is all wet and looking up in the sky at Jango. That would be totally awesome.

10-21-2002, 03:55 AM
Actually, SSG only allows you to have 1 user account. As soon as Sir Steve finds out, your second account will be banned. :)

The Unleashed line is starting to tempt me lately with collecting. The only one that I don't really like is the Anime Darth Maul. :p


Jar Jar Binks

10-21-2002, 04:08 AM
Originally posted by JarJarBinks
The Unleashed line is starting to tempt me lately with collecting. The only one that I don't really like is the Anime Darth Maul. :p


Jar Jar Binks

I know what you mean JJB. I buy these for my 8 year old daughter, but I really would like to display these in my room. :)

Darth Evil
10-21-2002, 04:02 PM
I hope it is Palpatine with Force Lightning. Hasbro seriously neglect the guy!

10-21-2002, 04:28 PM
Hasbro neglected Palpatine? When did that happen? He's had atleast 5 action figures from the OT. Not to mention 2 12" figures. And if you consider Darth Sidious and Senator/Chancellor Palpatine different versions of the OT Emperor Palpatine, that pads him out to atleast 9+. Not bad for someone that barely changes clothes during the entire saga. :)


Jar Jar Binks

10-21-2002, 04:36 PM
I really can't believe the Unleashed Figures are continuing to get more and more announced waves. Granted that the price point ($14 at Wal-Mart) is not that bad for some big, nicely renderd plastic statues, but they don't really seem to sell in my area.

10-21-2002, 11:45 PM
Peg warmers they are...
If they articulated them more, i would buy a whole bunch more.

10-22-2002, 02:49 PM
hehehe its very exciting news that a new wave of unleashed is out! Can't wait to get my hands on them! hehehe I just hope that the standard remains the same or even better than the previous 3 waves.

JJB>>> I just think its not that fair calling Darth anime :) I think the Darth is cool in a certain way. I love him standing there in my glass case shelf. Looks intimidating and stylish at the same time :)


10-23-2002, 12:03 PM
JJB, I think what Darth Evil meant with "hasbro neglected Emp. Palparine" is, that hasbro hasn't realeased a new veriosn og him since, what was it 1999 ? that's 3 years, almost 4 now, so hasbro really should releasea new 3 3'4 inch version

oh and BTW, I love the Unleashed figs, I have maul but still want vader, dooku and would really want an emperor palpy and maybe a clonetrooper or so (I rather like the bad guys of the unleashed line as you can see)

11-06-2002, 08:31 PM
At first I thought these figures were ridiculous, but I finally caved and picked up Jango unleashed and I must say it is pretty cool. Boba Fett looks so stupid I threw him in a drawer. Now I want to get these things and display them. I don't think these will have a long run because they don't seem to sell well here in Michigan but if they can produce the main characters from the trilogies in at least one outfit or pose I would be pretty happy. They are a nice change from the miniature 4 inch figures. These little statues are pretty cool.

11-06-2002, 10:12 PM
I know that these are real popular in my area. I've ran into at least 6 people looking for either the latest Unleashed, or a specific one. They're great display pieces and at a good price. That's why they seem to be doing well. I've got two on my desk at home and a few in my office as well. They really do look great.

And for the record, Unleashed Maul is my favorite. I was never a Maul fan, but when I saw it in the store, I had to buy it. Its just too cool of a pose. (Then again, I like anime too.)

11-07-2002, 08:45 AM
I assume the Obi-Wan will be a "current" Ewen character Obi-Wan. I'd really like to se a "Classic" OT Obi-Wan. That figure would most likely be named Ben Kenobi anyhow. I'd like to see more OT stuff in the Unleashed lines. Since these really are not toys but more of statuettes, it seems like they appeal more to the collectors than kids, so why not give us more OT stuff (the Vader is awesome). I'm sure they are already on the horizion, or at least being though of, but I'd love an Unleashed Chewbacca, Han, Jedi Luke, Stormtrooper, and so on.


Darth Evil
11-07-2002, 02:24 PM
187-Maul is absolutely right about what I said, it's been a while since we got a new Emperor Palpatine. He's my favourite character, so I feel a lack of attention for him. *Sniff*, poor guy...