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10-30-2001, 06:32 AM
Just found this at theprivateuniverse:

MaTTriX (Sub Editor) Tuesday, October 30th 2001 - 09:55:22 AM

Got my Weekly Previews update Emailer from DIAMOND UK last night and scanning through it I found

"Star Wars Episode 1 Figures
Rush released in time for Christmas - some brand new Star Wars figures. Choose from FX-7, Queen Amidala, Rebel Trooper, Imperial Officer, Snaggletooth, Eeth Koth, Teebo, Bo'shek and R4-M9. Available November."

Now most of this we knew about but the New is the R4-M9 ( I assume it is another R2 repaint ?) and I thought Teebo was coming with the AT-ST ??
Diamond will have only printed what Hasbro UK have offered them. Shows what great info Hasbro UK are given to work with.

Very interesting no? Are we getting the cone headed astromech after all? Has all the bleating in forums all over the net finally got through to hasbro? And where the heck is R5-D4 then? I want my resculpt R5 and then they can release the R4 droid :)

10-30-2001, 07:40 AM
Any new droid, repaint or not, is welcome in my book.

But...I was looking foreward to R5-D4. So in a way, I hope that this is wrong. OR even better, if we end up getting both! :D

10-30-2001, 11:25 AM
I agree with Starfig 873. I was really looking foward to a resculpt of R5-d4 ...that's not to say I don't want the R4 droid, heck, I hope Hasbro releases both. As far as I'm concerned, this news is seemingly coming out of nowhere. AND, we all know how reliable Diamond can be when reporting Star Wars news!

10-30-2001, 12:37 PM
This guy also thought Teebo was coming out with the AT-ST. So his sources may be a little screwy.

10-30-2001, 02:43 PM
I posted this report with bleary eyes this morning as I supped my first cup of tea of the day sitting sifting through the sites for early news.
Diamond are the people who whipped up a frenzy with the report about the preview figures, which turned out to be the rebel fleet trooper wave.
This, in my opinion, after mulling it over all day is most likely misinformation. there is heaps of official information that states how we're getting R5-D4 in that wave. I can't see Hasbro releasing a marginal droid before a resculpt of possibly the worst POTF2 figure ever released but still a droid who played an active role in the original movie and won his way into the hearts of many through his EU story too.
I'm going to discount this report and say it's complete bunkum. There - I've put my head on the block and called diamond out. Let's see what the guys at hasbro have to say about it over the next few days.

10-30-2001, 03:13 PM
To say that Diamond's toy listings are often replete with errors would be an understatement. I worked for many years for Diamond at one of the distribution centers that went by the wayside when Marvel Comics nearly destroyed the industry a few years back. All but my last couple of years were spent in one form or another in the customer service capacity. A good deal of my time was spent fielding questions about the many inaccuracies.
Given the volume of vendors/publishers/manufacturers that Diamond uses and the subsequent volume of information that must be provided well in advance of release (Diamond's catalog is published a minimum of two months in advance of the release of anything listed) it is a miracle that anything is accurate! However, toy companies seem to be the worst about providing the proper information in a way that Diamond's copy writers can understand and properly convey. I saw this happen far too often. R4-M9 seems a rather obscure (though accurate) call number to be mistaken for R5-D4, so perhaps this portends something down the line. We can only hope. This would not be the first time that Diamond had jumped the gun on a future release, mixing that name in with the names of others that were genuinely part of the release.

10-30-2001, 04:34 PM
Looks like we are getting R4-M9, this was posted over at "The Pirate Universe". Hasbro has confirmed R5-D4, so maybe we are getting both, all praise the great Hasbro if this be true.

R4-M9? Confirmed!
Pete [Editor] Tuesday, October 30th 2001 - 01:15:05 PM

I have been awaiting a green light to post news on this previously unmentioned Astromech droid... But as Diamond have beat me too it, I wanted to confirm it.

This is R4-M9.


It was actually suggested to me this figure wasn't going to be released until Feb/March of 2002. If it is November however that's fine with me. It could be an error on the part of Diamond, we wait and see.

On a customising note, I am delighted to see this Astromech being made, it's saves a lot of hard work trying to sculpt that cone shaped head.

10-30-2001, 04:41 PM
It would be really cool to get a cone head droid. And i think Paploo is coming with the At-St, and Teebo will be carded.

10-30-2001, 07:53 PM
If we are going to get an R4, what wave will he come with I wonder? Perhaps there is one more wave out there after the BoShek wave before AOTC? Maybe with Ephant Mon?

You never can tell with Hasbro though. And Paploo is coming with the AT-ST, Teebo will be carded with the Boshek wave.

10-30-2001, 11:28 PM
Originally posted by Amanamatt
I was really looking foward to a resculpt of R5-d4 ...that's not to say I don't want the R4 droid

I was also looking forward to the resculpt of R5-d4 as the 1st one really is cra*.

10-31-2001, 01:44 AM
Makes no difference to me as long as we get both.

10-31-2001, 08:34 AM
It doesn't matter to me. A droid -- new or resculpt -- is welcomed.

10-31-2001, 01:26 PM
I have to say I would sheel out the cash for a new droid... or two ??

10-31-2001, 04:29 PM
Does anybody know if you can see that droid anywhere else but in the Tantive 4? If it's the case, then it's pretty cool.

Any astromech is cool in my book! I just hope that it uses the standard Commtech Artoo design, like the black one, whatever its name is...

Now, I'd love to see more protocol droids done. Like that strange white droid you see all the time in Mos Eisley... and maybe even in Jabba's palace.

Wasn't the Scavenger doid confrmed at some point? I'd really love to see that guy done. The paintwork could be really amazing! It would look so great next to a R5-D4 resculpt! Aaahhh! We can always dream!

10-31-2001, 04:49 PM
Sadly it sounds as if R5-D4 the resculpt has been shelved in favor of R4-M9. If I am reading the news on the main page correctly, Hasbro decided to make this droid instead of the rerelease of R5-D4. Almost certainly they will realize how much we all want a remake of R5 (and of course that opens the door to paint variations, like the yellow one on Hoth) and will proceed with that plan in a future assortment. I had posted a thread in the Dear Hasbro section to that effect.

And it appears (in this case) that I misjudged Diamond. My apologies.

10-31-2001, 05:43 PM
Show me the prototype, show ME the prototype... SHOW me the prototype!

So hasbro have confirmed the news through rebelscum.com eh?
I want to see physical evidence but apparently we have to wait for a couple of weeks or so before they put an image out.
It will be fine for me if they do put R4-M9 out, as I collect all the droids regardless. but I'd prefer R5-D4. There are more things you can do with an R5 unit.

Call me a cynic but I reckon we're only getting this R4 cone headed droid because Hasbro already did the sculpt for the droid that sits in Obi-Wans starfighter in EP2 - 'R4-D17'. They just couldn't be bothered to do another sculpt and simply cobbled this droid together. *sighs* I was so looking forward to getting a new R5-D4..... *trails off in despair*

10-31-2001, 11:28 PM
. . . R4, no contest! i noticed & dug him even when i was 10 :cool:
then after r4, a clear-dome r2. and then maybe after That an r5 resculpt.
one Must have priorities, after all ;)

11-01-2001, 12:22 AM
Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
Show me the prototype, show ME the prototype... SHOW me the prototype!

So hasbro have confirmed the news through rebelscum.com eh?

We confirmed this (http://www.figures.com/databases/action.cgi?setup_file=ssnews2.setup&category=starwars&topic=26&show_article=534) much earlier than they did.... check our news.

11-01-2001, 12:38 AM
Originally posted by SirSteve

We confirmed this (http://www.figures.com/databases/action.cgi?setup_file=ssnews2.setup&category=starwars&topic=26&show_article=534) much earlier than they did.... check our news.

Does it really matter who has what news first? Cant we all get along?

11-01-2001, 08:28 AM
I think the R4 droid is also seen in the hanger before the Battle of Yavin but don't hold me to that.

11-01-2001, 09:52 AM
We confirmed this much earlier than they did.... check our news.

R comes before S in my bookmarked sites folder. So I saw the news there first. Sorry SirSteve, I should keep the faith really shouldn't I and remain true to this place.
Have you got any sneaked pics of this droid then SirSteve? A little scoop up your sleeve perhaps.... ;)

11-01-2001, 12:46 PM
Oh goody! A new droid to sit and "boop be boopity, bhwap" with R2-D2 and R2-B1. Hasbro always* does a nifty job with the droids.

*okay, not always :D

11-05-2001, 02:31 PM
I have been waiting since 1977 for this thing!!! It's about damn time!

I still want the resculpt of R5-D4, but this is aw-haw-haw-some!!!:D