View Full Version : Force Link coruscant speeders

10-21-2002, 10:25 PM
I finally found the Force Link ships at TRU for $5 each and bought the speeders since I doubt they'll ever get released in AF, MM, or DC form. Immediately cut the strings off upon releasing them from their plastic prisons and they weren't half bad. Colors were fairly basic, only 6 or 7 paint apps, most were applied ok though the colors aren't quite as potent as they should be (that doesn't mean they aren't strong, just not the right message they could be sending I guess). The light up and sound gimmicks are ignorable except for the off switch and translucent engines on the Anakin speeder which aren't terrible, but do detract a bit. There's a magnetic gimmick that sets off 1 of 2 noise schemes, both are fairly obnoxious, Anakin's actually speaks 2 different lines that aren't movie lines.

Anakin's speeder clearly could be modified to be an Action Fleet vehicle, the shape and size would work fine for AF (except for the bulge at the back of the speeder which would have to be removed), the seats are even the right width for an AF figure. No legroom for the driver though, so modifications are a must.

Zam's speeder is a bit misshapen and a little small for AF scale, but neither are drastic. However, since Zam's speeder had an actual cockpit, bigger modifications would have to be made to make an AF figure sit inside (much less 2, since Zam's speeder is a 2-seater).

All in all, with a different kind of paint job and some modifications, these could be Action Fleet vehicles. As is, I'll consider them red-headed stepchildren of the line. :D