View Full Version : collection for trade !!!

paul mart125
10-24-2002, 10:05 AM
:) looking to clear some space in my house so i have alot of potf figures to trade also looking for lord of the rings toybiz figures
fotr and the new tt figures in particular here is a small list of items i have for trade please e mail with wants list thx

red carded canadian figures bi ling all square carded figures ben,luke,leia etc etc + all other red carded figures green carded figures only ones that only came on green and not red or ff
freeze frame u.s. includes boba,garindan,sandtrooper,tie pilot,piett(baton),marie errors, fan club 4, r2(imp), e.u. full collection comm tech`s full collection no ep1 figures though only luke,han,storm,motti,leia,wuher,r2(leia),greedo flash back full collection includes both r2`s potj all 1st editions i.e. .00 or .01 + lots and lots of lose complete figures rebo band,veers, etc please to much to mention all c-8+ upto c-9+ please e mail with wants list i will be posting again with all collection condition card ref thx