View Full Version : mandalorian warrior=stormtrooper

krade wassal
10-24-2002, 01:33 PM
many of us wish to see more mandalorian than the fetts.it could be for real this time.my theory is that:boba fett has been cloned,those clone are unaltered like the clonetrooper.that make them excatly like jango fett,mandalorian.they will be a elite strike force for palpatine.and see that they are superior to old clonetrooper,they will become the stormtrooper,with personality and thinking,like jango and boba.the mandalorian will be the link between clone and stormtrooper

10-24-2002, 03:33 PM
Boba Fett hates the clones, according the the EU Boba Fett novels that take place right after Episode II. They helped the Jedi's the killed his father. He would never allow anyone to clone him to make more clones for the republic.

There already is a link with the Mandalorian Commandos. In the E2 Visual Dictionary, it mentions that Jango Fett is the last member of that group. Though he is not actually a mandalorian, he was adopted and raised as one. The Jedi's exterminated the Mandalorians in battles that occured before the prequels. :)


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