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10-27-2002, 11:45 PM
this picks up on a tangent from another thread....read on!

I'm not sure they knew the car was blue before hand. Meanwhile, maybe they did and they only said they were looking for a white van so the killers would get sloppy.

When stuff about the investigation will really come out is when Chief Moose tries to make a political career out of this "black American hero thing."

No doubt he IS a hero - how smart of one has yet to be revealed.

But Moose will run for mayor, then, Assembly, State Senate, or Congress - unless there's an opportunity to run for Governor.

You don't waste opportunities that the media have given you!

Either it's that, or he has something to hide. If he is as virtuous as "the ideal American Hero" is made out to be, than he is deserving of the election in and of itself - depending upon his politics of course. If he does get there, than he must remain virtuous and not let high office corrupt him. America needs to preserve some modern-day heroes.

Then come the movies or the TV serial - The Adventures of Chief Moose and the Maryland Posse! (The A-Team theme is played out)

Moose, a cop played by Samuel L. Jackson in the likes of U.S. Marshall Sam Gerard ( Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive, U.S. Marshalls) must defeat a score of psychotic killers and learn (like Mouldar) to spot the real clues from the false ones that all the other cops are following. Expect guest stars like John Malkovich and Wesley Snipes to play the super-villains of the week. In the first episode, the DC Sniper (played by Dr. Miles Dyson from Terminator 2, Smallville) and his 17 year-old accomplice played by Cuba Gooding, Jr.) sow terrorism around the nation's capital when a Gulf War Veteran returns home and converts to a killing religion!

Future episodes that mirror current events will follow until the Season Finale Cliffhanger, where Chief Moose takes on Saddam Hussein when he's hired to find Osama Bin Laden!