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10-30-2002, 11:03 PM
last but not least, i give you Zuckess, or is it 4-Lom???:crazed:
just joking.:)

since this character had almost zero screen time, and is a little funny looking, i never really paid him much attention, but hasbro has a winner of a figure in zuckess.

the first thing i noticed is how short he is. about an inch less than dengar. hasbro appears to have used a "H.O.F." body on this figure, with the much hated clicky bendy knees. on this figure though, it will get a pass. i don't plan on putting zuckess in any action poses. what i'm curious about is what did hasbro do to make this body shorter? the coat and belt appear to be glued on, so i'm not going to remove it out of fear of damaging the coat. i'm guessing the legs are shorter than normal.

the head is really well sculpted, along with an excellent paint job. this sculpt is miles above the lame 4-Lom, which needed a better paint job.:)

the coat is made out of a vinal/synthetic leather substance, and has a weathered effect painted on it. as i said above, the belt and chest harness are apparently glued to the figure.
like dengar, another well done figure. easily an "A" :)

now all we need is a new boba fett. come on hasbro, re-tool that jango fett figure!!!;)

10-30-2002, 11:11 PM
I'm glad to hear that Hasbro used a shorter body on Zuckess, then they did on Dengar. Zuckess is only 1.5 meters tall. And Dengar is 1.8 meters tall. Nice to see Hasbro made an intellgent choice, when it came to what body to use.

Thanks for the reviews, Derek. I plan to get Dengar and Zuckess, but I could care less about the Imperial Officer. I only buy figures that I like in the 12" line anymore. And he's not intresting enough to warrent a purchase.

By the way, Tarkin's uniform is supposed to be green/grey, not plain grey. Just wanted to toss that in there, since you commented about it in your I.O review. I didn't want to post pad by making the comment there. :)


Jar Jar Binks

11-09-2002, 06:28 PM
I just opened Zuckuss and I'm quite satisfied. Not impressed, but adequately pleased. I can't complain. I just always wanted the Bounty Hunters as 12" figures.

I really liked Bossk, but now I wonder if he could be a little taller.

4-LOM would be the least exciting design of any of them (for figures) anyway, but he is also satisfactory - and don't get me wrong, so is Bossk.

I think IG-88 is perfect. But now (and I have Dengar, but decided to post when I open him...which is right after I type this...) I have to say that the ELECTRONIC Boba Fett is perfect to me!

I like this figure. Firing rocket, correct blaster rifle, cape. What else can it have to match up to the Jango (which is better - but for reasons you can't touch with his son).

Jango has a removeable helmet because we know what he looks like. We don't know what Boba looks like (sure - a clone of Jango - but with scars? With teeth missing? Did he get an eye gouged out like Capt. Typho? - Wouldn't Fett in ROTJ (at 35 years old) still be younger than the age we see Jango at in AOTC? So he wouldn't look like he was in his mid-40's yet. Jango is probably 10 years older than Boba, at the ages we see them. I don't think the toy should go there.

Kamino Saberdart? We don't know that Boba still has these weapons. They may no longer be available when he's grown up.

Switchable hands, with different wrist armaments - OK - possibly doable - but the tangle-cable is the only one we saw him use really, other than a wrist blaster. Jango's tangle-cable hardly works or has a decent place to attach it to him. The 12" Electronic figures have better accessories in this regard. Obi-Wan, though his clear cable is supposed to be "The Force" working to grab objects telekenetically, is the best actually. They could do this with 12" Fett redeaux, but he'll have to have totally plastic arms (no cloth) for it to work.

Removeable armor - Fett only has knee and shoulder pads, plus his chest plate. Jango has a nicer chest plate piece, but this wouldn't be an improvement worth another 20 bucks to me.

I say re-release the 12" Electronic Fett as he is. Maybe with jet packs with both ESB and ROTJ paint schemes, but otherwise he's fine.

What gives?

11-10-2002, 12:03 PM
I say re-release the 12" Electronic Fett as he is. Maybe with jet packs with both ESB and ROTJ paint schemes, but otherwise he's fine.

as for the removable helmet, i don't care who's under it. they can put a jeremy bullock head in there, i won't mind.;) but the jango helmet and chest armor is far superior to the boba armor and helmet. the previous two 12 inch boab fett helmets are horrible compaired to the jango fett helmet. they can glue the helmet onto the head if they want, but it does need to be re-done.

all hasbro would have to do is repaint the helmet and armor, use a grey jumpsuit and put pouches on his belt and legs, and use the old boba fett shoes. no extra hands or back packs are necessary. just package it in a regular sized box and sell it for $20-$25 bucks.

since boba fett is a popular figure, i'm betting this re-work will happen.:) it would cost hasbro almost no R&D money.

What gives?

what gives what? i don't understand this.:)

11-10-2002, 01:19 PM
I just wanted to know "what gives with all the B. Fett fans that wanted another 12" of the orphan bounty hunter."

You answered my questions with a reason and a plan. Good reply.

Now I'll let others talk - about Zuckuss, Fett, or whatever bounty hunter comes to mind. I opened Dengar, and I like him a lot, but I'll post about it in Dengar's own thread.


11-16-2002, 04:55 PM
I thought the 12" Zuckuss figure was ok. He looks good just standing there, but there isn't much you can do with him. I like the look of the clothing, but do not like them material that was used. And the boots, whats up with those? Oh yeah, and only 3 twisties on this sucker.:D

12-03-2002, 02:48 PM
Personally, I think that Hasbro does a pretty lazy job on most of their 12"ers, and that is why I very rarely buy any. That being said, I picked up Zuckuess today, and feel that this is one of the best pieces in a long, long time. Acknowledgment of scale is really rare in this line, and this dude is short, perfectly so.

I'd give Zuckuss a solid: 'A'
Dengar: 'B-' (he was worth buying)
Officer: passed (better that I expected, though)

12-06-2002, 11:44 PM
It's great to have all of the classic bounty hunters in 12" scale at last.

Zuckuss is EXCELLENT. From the properly proportioned body to the great head-sculpt & detailing, this figure is one of the best entries in the Action Collection in a while.

Open up this guy and stand him alongside his counterparts....this figure really shines....

I'm just pleased that Hasbro went forward with completing this group....

Zuckuss rates: ***** or an "A"