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11-04-2002, 09:02 AM
Have to Trade:

25th Anniversary R2D2 X4
Bloody Bespin Luke X 2
Luminara Unduli W/Removable Cloak Text X2
Djas Puhr W/Missing Blast Effect
Bespin Vader Curled Hand
Kit Fisto BGC W/Missing saber Blade
Super Battle Droid W/BGC and Error Back
Clone Trooper Pilot X2
Watto X2
Jango Fett pilot X2

Ephant mon
Padme Coruscant Attack W/ Error Card
Padme Coruscant Attack W/ Sticker
Count Dooku Unleashed
Padme Unleashed
Mace Windu Unleashed
All the Star Tour figures
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11-18-2002, 06:43 PM

25th Anniversary R2D2 Tru Exclusive X6
Bloody Bespin Luke X2
Luminara Unduli W/Removable Cloak Text X2
Dexter Jettster W/BGC and Pipe Text x2
Deluxe C3P0 W/Battle Droid Head Loose in Package
Deluxe Clone Trooper W/ Speeder Bike X2
Deluxe Anakin W/Flip Action


Ephant mon
Unleashed Padme
Padme Coruscant W/Error Card
All Star Tours Figures
and an other Variation Figures
Stars props
Star Wars Helmets
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