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11-05-2002, 01:54 PM
Well I know this post is problaly very late, however I figured I would give it a try..

During May of 2000 Walt Disney/MGM studios held a "convension" of sort of Star Wars Weekends where in each weekend in May they would have Star Wars actors signing autographs and exclusive merchandise... well out of all the things I wanted.. was something I couldnt buy.. Each of the "disney cast memebers" working the star tours ride had on a Star Wars weekends Polo shirt.. it was basicly the same as the t-shirt but instead of the logo being in the front it was in the back.. and the frond left chest section had "Star Wars Weekends" imprinted in white..

Now I have been through every possible connection looking to purchase one of these.. I was told by disney that the shirts where returned to lucas.. I spoke with the head of Lucas Merchandising some months back (really I got a call back from lucas ranch and it was on the caller id.. shame a power failer lost it) and according to marketing the shirts where left for disney and where a 1 time production.. and did not have (or at least would not give me) a figure on how many of these where actully made..

My questioin is.. does anyone have on of these polos for sale in an XL size.. or any idea on how many of them have been created.. I have checked ebay.. yahoo.. and every search engine on the internet.. no one no where has information on these.. no production figures.. and no known exsistance of them on the secondary market.. Please email me with any information: