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11-01-2001, 01:18 AM
Just thought I'd start one, as this new show is awesome, and I thought there are a significant number of fans who can like both Star Wars and Trek's sci-fi.

We can discuss each week's new episode, like tonights battle with the Andorians - pretty cool stuff.

Or get into more important things like - did you see Jolene Blalock in this month's Maxim Magazine? Dang! She is hot! And she sure is no Vulcan with the ears off! So is that her real hair, or on the show, is she wearing a wig? Or in her interviews? StarTrek.com has some short interview clips you can download of them "live" - Jolene, the Doc, Malcolm the weapons guy, and Travis, the pilot.

(and since I brought that up, I like their shuttlecrafts - pretty cool ships, eh?)

Well, I don't know of any StarTrek forums sites, and I am a Jedi, so I belong at SirStevesGuide. But just to get my Trek background in - the best was DEEP SPACE NINE!

But if you've never watched Enterprise, you really should try it. It'll be really hard not to like!

Nice job with the Trek franchise!

11-01-2001, 02:11 AM
I'm an extreme SW/ST fan..and the show is ok..from a certain point of view. Enterprise, well... I don't really like the way it's going, Rick Berman isn't really keeping on any main story line and from a Trek technical point of view, it's very inconsistant and very, very, very continuity filled to the point to where it kinda starts to give the idea that Berman and Bragga don't want to go with Gene Roddenbary's Star Trek.

From an adverage fanboy point of view, it's lacking alot... Vulcans aren't really Vulcan anymore, they're more like Romulans.. They're illogical, and just everything Spock, Lt. Saavik, Sarek and Tuvok weren't... Personally I don't like Jolene Blalock being in Star Trek due to that magazine photoshoot, that's like putting Pamela Anderson on a Disney show. Rick Berman and Brannon Bragga are really warping Trek from the way TOS/TNG/DS9 was, Voyager was a start, it was ok, but it's wasn't as good as TNG and DS9. (even if the special f/x are awesome and the BORG are better looking now) If anything, I'd have to give Enterprise a 4 out of 10..mostly because I think Linda Park's character - Hoshi Sato - is what an early Trek show would need, not to mean Scott Bakula is pretty cool....and a dog on a Starfleet vessel? Hehe :D

Somewhat spoiler below for anyone who didn't see the show with the Andorians.
Did anyone else notice, on the last show with the andorians, the Vulcan guy points a phaser rifle at Archer's head when he could've easily neck-pinched them all in mere seconds and it couldn't be considered "violent"?

11-01-2001, 08:57 AM
There are a couple "Enterprise" threads here in MISC and also in the Micro Machines section.

As for last night's ep, while I won't say I loved it - I thought it was heavy handed and too soon to pull out the Weyoun card ;) - I think that it worked on some levels and if they are able to have that ending play out in later eps, I'll have some respect for this ep.

11-01-2001, 11:41 AM
Welp, the next episode of ENT shouldn't be too bad...I guess... the reason I think this is because the director worked on visual effects for Return of the Jedi. :D

11-01-2001, 03:18 PM
Yes JediTricks, as far as Jeffrey Combs' (Weyoun) casting in Enterprise as an Andorian...I agree it wasn't the best decision.

Combs was a great recurring actor on Deep Space Nine - and what some people don't know is that he played Brunt, Ferengi F.C.A. as well as Weyoun - and he was very good. You could barely tell it was him!

Brunt was chauvenistic and a great case for sexual harassment, while Weyoun could be placating, and threatening all the while his demeanor wasn't agitating. Weyoun was also fairly androgenous for a Vorta. The female and another one we saw representing The Dominion before were fairly sensual and hedonistic to set themselves up as being extremely different from the Jem Hadar they mastered.

But all this proves that Jeffrey Combs was actually the problem in last night's episode. He's a character actor, but did not seem to distinguish his voice for the Andorian from that of Weyoun's. Brunt sounds completely different of course.

I give him credit, the violent nature of the Andorian was distinctly different from Weyoun, but he should've 'acted' the voice. I saw an interview with Jeffrey Combs before and in real life he sounds like none of his characters - so why does the Andorian sound like Weyoun? He's gotta stop 'being cloned.'

Other than that, I like Jeff Combs as an actor, and I really dug last night's show.

master jedi
11-01-2001, 07:15 PM
Oh no!!! A STar Trek thread in a Star Wars message board!!! And an Enterprise thread at that!!!!
We're all doomed!!!!!

11-01-2001, 10:43 PM
Last night's ep with the Andorians was directed by Lt B'Elanna Torres of Voyager, aka Roxann Dawson. She did a surprisingly average job, whenever I see a former or current cast member as director, I expect gimmicky cornball directing, but she seemed to handle it very straight-laced.

11-01-2001, 10:46 PM
episode 11 will be direct by Robert McNiel (J/G Lt. Thomas Paris)

11-01-2001, 11:57 PM
I miss the Voyager crew. Though DS9's my favorite, I always thought that Tom Paris was the character to whom I could most relate.

I guess it's going to be Trip on the new show. I like him and think he's played great. But so far he's just average, his ideallic curiousity is the most notable characteristic. +

I think I relate to the Captain a little, too. Archer is like Trip in the basic ways, but he has way more responsibility on his shoulders and is always aware that he's the one who will or won't screw this up. (their mission, and any respect they'll take away from the Vulcans).

+ I was comparing Trip's early development (which isn't fair, I know) to Tom's criminal past, his rebelliousness, his Captain Proton adolescence, his womanizing to being (barely) domesticated by Torres, to his antics with Harry Kim, etc.

I think it's nice that Trek keeps the Voyager guys employed, but they must feel as strange directing it, as we do watching it. -Not knowing the characters too well, etc.

But Enterprise's casts' mediocrity (versus 'super-powers like TNG) is what makes the show the most realistic.

11-02-2001, 12:08 AM
Well it's not like we had known LeVar Burton or Jonathon Frakes that long when they were beginning to direct episodes. ;)

11-02-2001, 12:23 AM
Scary that I know this, but Frakes and Patrick Stewart, the first two TNG Trekkers to direct, didn't do so until their 3rd season.

I'm not sure which was Levar Burton's first episode, but he's really good. I think some of his Deep Space Nine shows were excellent - and he did one of the Hirogen Voyager shows if I'm not mistaken.

Frakes is my favorite of all of them though [First Contact] though his episodic directing was excellent (DS9 "The Search" which introduced us to the Dominion - split between pts. 1 and 2 with Kim Friedman - another one of their better directors).

But most of the time the quality of Trek initially comes from the writing. There are times like Gates McFadden's "Genesis" episode that it's strongly resting on the director's vision.

To that end, Leonard Nimoy did a great job with Star Trek 3!

Oh, but last but not least, these actors directed in at least a Trek timeline, or era, in which they were also starring.

Enterprise's neuances and everything are all virgin territory.