View Full Version : Sabe in Black Travel Gown is Fantastic!

08-17-2001, 01:16 PM
This is another figure that has totally blown me away!

I think the detail: from the sculpt, including a much larger base of the gown (the train of the gown?), to the intricate paint detail, to the added articulation seems really nice. I almost like this one a little more than Amidala in Red Gown, but only because the base of the gown is more proportionate on this new figure!

A+ based on the prototype. Hasbro's on a roll!

08-17-2001, 01:23 PM
Definitely. I'm totally psyched that Hasbro is putting out so many of these great Amidala costume figures.

08-17-2001, 01:35 PM
She does look very regal, doesn't she? I think this is the best one yet. I hope they make all the outfits.

08-17-2001, 05:08 PM
As I stated earlier in my QUEENIES Thread, she still needs to be able to sit. I mean she did sit in most of the movie!:D

08-17-2001, 10:31 PM
This is a very good figure from the picture I've seen! Its another Must have!

And also gets a A+ at the present time!

08-18-2001, 05:57 AM
no way this fig could sit and look good. The only way to sit would be to use cloth and no offense to the cloth fans, but this would have made a bad soft goods figure.

08-19-2001, 01:10 AM
They could make the dress removable, but not to that extent.......eh hem, just the overcoat, and have a cloth accessory.

08-19-2001, 02:26 AM
I really like this figure as well. Really all the new ones look really good.

08-19-2001, 07:33 PM
As I stated in another thread, I think she looks like a stuffed Turkey. Having said that, the paint detail does look good and I like the Prince of Wales feather motif on the dress. (the bronze bits).
Her face sculpt is nice now that I've had a better look at it. The dress is a little over large IMo and the feathers are a bit over sculpted. If they had been slightly less pronounced and didn't stand out so much I think the effect would have worked better. But at least she has articulated arms which is a blessing after the Coruscant Amidala.
Maybe I'm just a little bitter because I really was hoping for the other oufir with the purple head-dress. far more colorful and more figure than sculpted frock. I give Amidala travel a B

08-19-2001, 07:51 PM
I give her 4 out of five s***-eating grins. :D :D :D :D

Excellent sculpt but articulation is a problem just from the nature of the figure. I really don't see how Hasbro could have done any better.