View Full Version : Just got some disturbing news...

11-14-2002, 08:34 PM
I realized ealier today that Entertainment Earth changed the arrival date on the action fleet asst. 4
It used to say that it would be available in January 2003, now it says August!!!:eek: I seriously hope I don't have to wait almost a full year to get a new action fleet...rehashed don't count! Is anyone else surprised or angered by this news? Or is this old news and I'm falling behind?

Jangu Fett
11-16-2002, 06:58 PM
Maybe they are delaying the release to add the mini-figs.?.? Remember, Hasbro said they were going to release AF sets with mini-figs in 2003. Lets hope.

11-16-2002, 08:10 PM
Right, Hasbro also delayed the 3,3/4" Imperial Shuttle (new release date : after january 10)...

Now one thing. It appears that Hasbro (one more time) have a very curious commercial behavior. Everybody knows the end of the year and especially the few weeks before Christmas is the best sales period ever... Maybe this is a new kind of company wich didn't need to earn money (maybe they just need air and fresh water ;-))
Second thing the big H communication is a disaster, they have a website (yes ! it is a website) but they never use it to keep the fans aware of the news, sketches, prototypes and availability of the different toy lines. To my opinion, it is a pity.
They only post very few infos with small and bad quality pics three or four times a year.

If they have delayed the toys to improve them : good thing !
But... it would be interesting to be informed.

I didn't know the persons who works on the big H website but maybe they are not the right persons at the right place.
Look at the Art Asylum website : built with FlashMX technology, often updated and a very own forum wich inform the fans 24 hours a day. Useless to say the sales results on the StarTrek first waves of toys are excellent !

By the moment I've never seen anything terrific in the Saga asst. except fot the AT-TE.

Santa Claus is sadly sitting alone in the snow of the grand north Finland.
A young elf came beside him and asks :
-"Is it true ol' Santa?...we will not have our AFs for the end of the year?"
-"I fear it's true... Unfortunately."
-"Nothing to do with Al Quaida ?"
-"...Hell no ;
bring me a bottle of Vodka."
-"Yes master".
-"There's nothing else to do for the moment... (sigh)"