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Lord Malakite
11-19-2002, 04:17 PM
Earlier today Nintendo officially announced the Game Boy Player. This peripheral, when attached to the bottom of a GameCube console, enables a gamer to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games (Star Wars included) on a T.V. screen.

The device enables these games to be played through a GameCube controller without the need of a Game Boy Advavance unit. However, using a Game Boy Advance cable, gamers can additionally connect a Game Boy Advance and use it as a controller to play. The cable can likewise be used for multiplayer games and data trading so that, for instance, if one player doesn't have a Game Boy Advance, but another does, they can still trade data back and forth between the handheld and the Game Boy Player.

The device will be made available in four different colors in line with the current colors of GameCube available in Japan.

A price of 5,000 yen ($41 US) has been tentatively set for the Game Boy Player, which is set to release in Japan in March 2003 and in the U.S. May 2003.


Name: GameCube Game Boy Player
Price: 5,000 Yen (tentative) (=$41)
Size: 150 mm x 57.3 mm x 155.1 mm
Attaches to the Hi Speed Port on the underside of the GameCube system
Weight: 370g
Available in four colors
Uses GameCube power. 0.8 W power consumption
Comes with a GameCube Player disk

James Boba Fettfield
11-19-2002, 05:37 PM
If it worked for Super Gameboy, then I guess it shall work here.

11-19-2002, 05:49 PM
Well, it's about time!

11-19-2002, 06:51 PM
Hmm, I wonder if someone will be able to mod it to accept SNES games since the basic design of the GBA is from that wonderful old console.

I also wonder if this thing will have that crazy color selection system that the Super Game Boy had. :D

This is the first doodad that really made me think twice about the absence of a GC in my life.

11-22-2002, 08:19 AM
I am not much of a handheld gamer, but I would like to get in on the games that they have. I can't stand for my screen to move as I am moving.

11-24-2002, 09:20 PM
Finally I can play my GBC games on a TV.

Lord Malakite
02-04-2003, 09:49 PM
According to several retail sources, Nintendo of America will release the Game Boy Player in only one color this May: Jet Black.

When the Game Boy Player is released in Japan on March 21, it will be available in all four GameCube colors that ship in that territory: Indigo, Spice, Jet Black, and Platinum. To show that the Game Boy Player's Jet Black color will not clash with the three available GameCube colors in the United States, Nintendo released images of the Jet Black Game Boy Player connected to all three colors.

02-05-2003, 11:16 AM
Yeah, that doesn't look bad at all. Though I did pick up the black Gamecube anyway.