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11-20-2002, 06:26 PM
I just got my autographed Princess Leia yesterday. It came in great condition and the writing it a bright green so it shows up really nice.

11-20-2002, 08:05 PM
isn't entertainment earth seling these?

11-20-2002, 08:26 PM
Yeah, I had to order it back in September.

Exhaust Port
11-20-2002, 10:18 PM
How much did they ask for that?

11-21-2002, 12:16 AM
That must have cost a kidney or an arm. I got a great 8x10 of Princess Leia signed by Carrie Fisher. It's a great piece.

11-21-2002, 08:08 AM
Carrie was in Dallas a few weeks ago. I got a signature on my comm-chip version. She signed it in silver and it looks great.
It only cost me $25 -- well worth the price.

11-21-2002, 10:01 AM
It was 58 bucks including the shipping. This is my first autographed piece so I am pretty psyched about it.

11-22-2002, 12:06 AM
The 1st autograph is a special piece for any Star Wars collector. I remember my first Star Wars autograph was a POTF Boba Fett figure signed by Jeremy Bulloch.

11-22-2002, 10:33 AM
Your right Jayspawn -- the first autograph is always the best. My first autographs happened to be Boba Fett, Chewbacca, and R2-D2, all in the same day. I spent over $100 -- but it was well worth it. To date, I have collected the following Autographs:

1) Boba Fett
2) Chewbacca
3) R2-D2
4) Darth Vader
5) Darth Maul
6) Jango Fett
7) Princess Leia
8) Aurra Sing
9) Mara Jade
10) Taun We
11) Admiral Motti
12) Biggs Darklighter
13) Admiral Ackbar
14) Ree Yees / Nien Numb
15) Greedo
16) Plo Koon
And still looking....

11-22-2002, 10:52 AM
I was wondering. . . how do you prefer to get your autographs? I honestly think the most ideal way is on an 8 x 10. These are ideal for framing, and can be easily stored in albums if you are not displaying them. However, when I got my first group of autographs (at Wizard World East), I had the actors autograph some of my carded figures. Being a collector of the figures I thought this would be neat. The figures look great, I have them all hanging up, but I am worried that it will be difficult to get a great deal more. If I continue to get figures autographed, I wiil run out of space for them quickly. In addition, there are some actors who still do not have figures available to be autographed. I would like to continue getting autographs, but do you think I should switch to 8 x 10's or continue with the figures?

Also. . . is there a good source to find out when Star Wars actors are making any appearances? There doesn't seem to be many appearances in my area (NJ.) If anyone knows of a website that provides this information, or a publication, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise. . . I will just save up my $$$ for Celebration III. . . that seems like it will be the best chance to get. . . just about EVERYONE!!!!!

11-22-2002, 02:55 PM
you guys are lucky with great prices
I always wanted bobafetts signeture, but everytime I try to get one that mofo takes off in his jet pack. better watch out next time fett.

cartman voice "I hate you guys"

11-22-2002, 03:46 PM
bobafett07728 -- I always get my figures signed -- then I put them in the Acrylic cases for display. These are nice and they look better than the regular star cases. At $8.00 apiece though- they are a little expensive -- but they are sturdy. If you get a chance to meet people that do not have figures yet (like Aayla Secura -- whos autograph I also have) then get them to sign a movie poster. The last time I went to a toy show, there was a gentlemen about 35 who came up to Peter Mayhew and ask if he would do him the honor of being the Last and Final signature for his 1977 Star Wars Movie Poster. Everyone on stage gasped as they all gathered around him. He had EVERYONES Signature !!
Alec Genius -- Peter Cushing -- George Lucas -- Mark Hamil -- Harrison Ford -- ALL OF THEM.

A poster that he received as a child $2.50 at the most -- was noe PRICELESS !! He was going to get it framed in an old Movie House with the lights and "NOW SHOWING" all lit up. What a piece!! Someone offered him $500.00 on the spot for it. Naturally, he turned it down flat.

After I saw this -- I started getting my EPII poster signed by all who are in the movie -- maybe one day -- I can have an equally nice piece.

As far as places to get signatures -- keep looking for local toy shows and sci-fi conventions. I look at www.scifiexpo.com -- but these are just usually for shows within the TX area.

Hope this helps -- Good Luck!!

11-27-2002, 01:56 PM
That is so cool about that guy's poster! I was there all weekend but did not hear about that. I used to try to get figures signed, but I just don't have the space to display them nor the money to keep up the hobby.

My first figure autograph was C-3PO when Anthony Daniels appeared at the Sci-Fi Expo many years ago. After that I got a few autographs (Biggs, Captain Piett, Oola, Greedo) but then stopped. At the last Expo in October, Rena (Taun We) Owen stopped by our table and asked if we had any "unique" Yoda items. For many years we have had a POTF2 Yoda figure that Mrs. JediCole had cast in a dome of clear acrylic with layers of blue in the back. It was always a real eye catcher and we had many people ask how much to buy him, prompting a sticker on the bottom that read "Good Luck Magic Yoda is Not For Sale". Well, we showed this piece to Ms. Owen and she fell in love with him! She called over her husband and showed him and just could not believe how cool this home-made variaton on a Yoda figure really was, so we decided to give it to her (since it was not for sale). Anyway, on the Sunday of the show she told me to drop by her autograph table and she gave me an 8x10 and a carded Taun We figure, both signed with a great thank you message! She was a really cool lady and really appreciated us letting her take Good Luck Magic Yoda off to New Zealand. Though she said she will not be home until after Christmas, she has promised to send us a picture of she and her husband in New Zealand holding GLMY! I will keep you posted.

And as for posters getting signed, my good friend and rare SSG poster SithWorm began drawing a poster-sized montage of Star Wars characters many years ago, then started taking it to shows to get signed. He has become great friends with Peter Mayhew (who now lives in Texas!) and keeps adding new characters to the drawing to get more signatures. To date he has (at the very least) Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Admiral Ackbar, Biggs, Porkins, Admiral Motti, R2-D2, Uncle Owen, Salacious Crumb, Greedo, General Veers, Nein Nunb, and a few others signed. What makes this so cool is that it is his work (which looks great on its own) and is now worth who knows how much as a one of a kind collectible. And like Good Luck Magic Yoda, it is not for sale!