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11-03-2001, 11:00 PM
Now that the B-Wings have been mostly sold out due to the clearance sales, I've seen the 12" Luke Speederbike has replaced them on the pegs (shelves). It doesn't look like these things are moving after all or maybe a lot of collectors are waiting for it to be on sale before buying? I know I am and I like the scout trooper better than Luke on the speederbike anyway. :)

11-04-2001, 12:38 AM
We have about 4 of them on the ground cause there aint enough room on the shelves cause other Star Wars pegwarmers are taking up the space :( (I call them Groundwarmers ;)) Then again who wnts to pay !149.95? anyway?

11-04-2001, 02:51 AM
Honestly, these things are going to be around targets for a while. No one is going to pay that much. Similar to the Captain Tarpals (although they got discounted and disappeared quite quickly) and the 12" dewback and sandtrooper, I still find dozens of these in TRU everywhere. (mostly because they haven't been discounted)

11-04-2001, 06:28 AM
They have them around here for 50.00 at Target, but i still passed on it for a couple of reasons :

1. Still too much money
2. Biker scout was just that much cooler
3. Its a big item, running out of room.

11-04-2001, 12:17 PM
Come on guys stop your *****ing. Hasbro has been producing great product. The 12" luke and speeder is a dream come true and it has the best 12" head sculpt yet. You guys cry about the cost and its too big, (that crack me up) It was hard to find 12" Scout with speeder at Target, but I did. Thanks to you whiners I was able to find four 12" Lukes with speeder. Of corse I only bought one because it cost soooo much:) 50 bones is not a lot to ask for such a detailed toy. If you cry about that, try collecting POTF 12 backs. Collecting Star Wars shouldn't be about money, besides I don't think any of us are poor if we are collecting toys. Collecting is a feeling, a feeling of being a child again. If you don't buy they wont produce. It's a simple fact of supply and demand. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH THE U.S.A.

11-04-2001, 12:22 PM
This was a reply to peg warmer 12" Luke and Speeder

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11-04-2001, 12:38 PM
The biggest problem with SWAF collectors nowadays, is we've become spoiled. Hasbro has put out so much great product that all we want is more and we whine and complain that Hasbro hasn't made our favorite figures. Then when Hasbro does make our favorite figures, we whine and complain because they are not perfect.

Anybody remember the vintage days when one sculpt was all you got? If it sucked (Darth Vader) too bad, you just learn to live with it?

11-04-2001, 04:43 PM
I'm sorry, but at the price for these 12" 'things' they should be a damn sight more detailed and better quality than the pieces of crap put out so far. I would never stoop so low as to buy a 12" figure because they look like cheap rip off. The quality of those things is appalingly bad and they most certainly aren't worth the money. And yes for most of us it is about the money. Most collectors are just your ordinary guys who save up so they can afford to get a few pieces here and there if they are available. We aren't all spoilt rich brats with a platinum credit card who can just dial up a store and order the entire inventory if we so choose to.
Hasbro are putting out better sculpts in the 4" line but the production valiues at factory level have dropped. The paint jobs are poor at best and the plastic used is a cheaper softer variety that only serves to make the figures look cheap and nasty. I realise that part of this is to comply with new toy safety regulations but it still makes them look cheap and nasty.
The range is extensive but only on a seasonal basis. Once a wave has done the retail shelves it dies. hasbro killl that wave. Artificially boosting demand. hasbro don't control the retail price but by charging retailers so much per case they bump up the eventual cost to consumers. Us.
Maybe whinging about wanting our favourite characters is a pain to you, but whinging has got some characters made who wouldn't normally have made it. Hasbro do take notice of the loudest voices. They read these forums and others across the net.
Why the hell shouldn't we voice our dissatisfactions with product anyway? If you went to a restaurant and ordered a meal that arrived cold or overcooked, wouldn't you complain loudly? this is the same thing. If we don't let Hasbro know what we like and don't like they will just kill the line or continue to churn out crappy Darth Maul resculpts for ever.
Product is very hard to find in certain states of America. In Mexico and in the UK. Not every part of the world has bloody great Wal*mart stores or even toy stores. We aren't all fortunate in the respect of having toy stores close by that we can just 'nip' out to to see what's in stock.
You're post was very arrogant and aggresive and ill thought out. You managed to find what you wanted and didn't mind parting with your surplus loose change for it. Well bully for you that you can just pop a few notes on the cash registrars hand and not worry about feeding the kids that week. Some of us have clearer realities to live in. Perhaps you should smell a little coffee......

11-04-2001, 04:54 PM
Turbowars is right about the negativity in the collecting community. Many times I b*tch myself: another #$#@!! Darth Maul figure is a good reason!

But as the "sport" of collecting evolved, first came the checklist. Remember baseball cards? You had to have the whole hometown team, etc. So you compared product to batting order. They usually made everyone's starters, and their relief.

With Star Wars it goes beyond that:

Sure we have the Max Rebo Band, and (from the SE) several characters are still missing. So we have a check list for the band from Jedi.

Then we have the Jedi Council, Pod Racers, Cantina Aliens. It gets to be the same thing.

The internet and the type of collectibles we're into has made a big difference though. Before, with baseball cards, you traded with friends, then at dealer shops etc. until you got the whole team (or whoever's rookie card you were after). I don't think you wrote Topps or Fleer and petitioned them to make your little league team. (uh, my team had a professional photographer do that, and we even did it for varisty, but nevermind.....)

With Star Wars, especially with the web online, we want that obscure little league team (to use the analogy) and we can set up polls, petitions, and e-mail campaigns to get it.

Star Wars is about the vast imagination put into creating the vast diversity of characters, aliens, and droids we've seen. We're it run like baseball cards, we'd only have Han, Luke, Leia, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and everyone would be trying to get rid of their Plo-Koon (common figures). Not to mention, Han's 1995 'on steroids' and Monkey Leia would be worth a fortune (as rookies).

But Star Wars collecting is the complete opposite: our checklists are not for product that is finished (unless like me you still are tyring to get an Eopiee), but for die-hard 12 Backers or even these past 6+ year veterans, the checklists are about what HAS NEVER BEEN MADE.

So from that standing, you can see why I'd b*tch about another Darth Maul figure, when I want a Yuuzhan Vong Warrior (that was never in any movie) to be made.

You see Ephont Mon USED TO BE on my checklist, but his Largeness won a fan poll, and in less than 12 months I know I'll be able to purchase him. For me (aside from the fact that Hasbro can now do really neat things with this character, and I can't wait to see), but for me, the thrill and drive to continue is to see confirmation of General Reikeen, or the Tonnika Sisters. When they're confirmed (regardless of it being months before they see release, I might go back and concentrate on the Yuuzhan Vong again, as its less than mainstream.

Going to Target or wherever I get Ephont Mon eventually, has already lost the character's deepest reason for being: to be made despite obscurity, in the first place. That part of the war won, buying him will be just going through the motions for me.

It's like I said I'd buy Captain Antilles. Make him, and I promise to go down to TRU and acquire him. With the internet, that's the least greatest part of the deal for me: first the excitement: "We're getting FX-7 finally!!!"; 2nd the online sneak peaks - "he's got 19 points of articulation (or something)!"; and finally it's shipping, and one week or the next, I'll have a paid receipt.

Do you hear anyone screaming about wanting a TIE Bomber anymore? Maybe the frustrated cries of the those who can't find it the first day its released. But now I think we'll hear more about the Sandcrawler, Sailbarge, or especially a shuttle. Once that Tyderium ship is confirmed, the fan community will argue about who the pack-in (s) should be. When it's a boxed deal, they'll move on to the Cloud Car or something, seriously.

Now "Joe Blow" is a benchwarmer for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He is the alternate, for the alternate bat boy. Sadly he does not have a trading card. Who is with me for starting a petition?


How about Moff Jerjerrod from Return of the Jedi?

Thought so...

In conclusion, when people get FX-7, he will either be shiny or not shiny, and somebody will want what they didn't get for the paint job or something. Buying a stupid toy won't (or shouldn't) make or break your whole day. When you rely on it to do so, you're forgetting that for many of you, the realization of this figure's dream was back in June or July or something, when we first got confirmation of this wave (if I'm right about the timing).

We're lucky to get him, but we've been trained to complain about that droid to this day. When it's Gen. Dadonna we're after, and FX-7 is gathering dust in our displays, the droid will be long forgotten.

So if the "New Deluxe General Jan Dadonna" doesn't come with a light up tactical display that says 'Death Star Approaching,' I'll try to remember the best news 'was that they're making that at least' (in my dreams right now) so the big thrill was the confirmation. And I'm lucky if the designers and marketing guys at Hasbro shared anything close to my vision for him.

-And I'll try not to get on the internet and b*tch about it.

Darth Maul #16 is another thing.

11-04-2001, 07:12 PM
Perhaps you should smell the coffee Jargo! If you are worried about feeding the kids you shouldn't be buying Star Wars Toys. If it was arrogant, so be it, but it is the truth. I'm not saying you should not voice your opnion to Hasbro, but if you wait until the toys are marked down to near pennies Target and other stores aren't going to buy as much product from Hasbro. That spells doom for the Star Wars line and our pocket book. If you WHINE about $50 for 12" luke and speeder,(which is fair) how about $250 at a collector store, how about them apples. Remember when Han and Taun Taun came out. No one could find it at Toys R US. The collector stores where selling them for $150-$225. I know Jargo doesn't want that to happen, He might starve the whole family. Now one-bay I have seen them sells them for 35-50. We really shouldn't get so worked up about this Jargo, thier only toys. By by the way I'm a middle class 26 year old carpenter and do NOT have a platinum card.<:)

11-04-2001, 07:15 PM
Well said Tycho!!!

11-04-2001, 07:33 PM
I think we should all try to be civil here, turbowars, this place isn't like all the other SW forums on the net. Jumping on and throwing insults at everybody right off the bat is somewhat childish and rude. Like I said before, for the most part I agree with you; however, attacking people is not the way to get your point across.

11-04-2001, 07:37 PM
Y'know....I personally don't like coffee. Nasty bitter stuff.

Anyhow, what be the problem now children? Ah the old "There only toys" debate. Well, I stand firm on the fact that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". And I believe that it has worked for the most part. As Jargo has stated the sculpts have improved, but the plastic has gotten a bit cheaper for some reason.

And be it for safety concerns I say poo poo to that anyhow. Kids have to learn not to put things in their eyes somehow ;)

Me personally? I like the toys. Thats why I buy the little plastic devils. And it really gets me for some reason when someone uses the line "they're only toys". Yes they are, but I also see them as an art form of sorts. Some have been made that are just flat out lovely. So I reiterate, we need to gripe and complain. Hasbro wouldn't be doing what we like now if we didn't complain. But I also think we need to counter balance that with some compliments where it is due. The Starfig has spoken, and is sleepy.

11-04-2001, 07:58 PM
Read all of the replies and then speak. No one seems to be getting the point. I love these toys. They are a part of my life in some ways. If you bash a good toy for the cost that's fine, but target won't buy them in large amounts and there will no longer be cool 12" stuff to buy. All I did was voice my thoughts about keeping the line alive and Jargo jumps on the band wagon about people being spoiled brats and I have the right to defend myself. Guys listen, I only want the toys to keep on coming. If you don't buy they won't produce them. Please forgive me!!!! I love this stuff. No hard feelings Jargo.

11-04-2001, 08:48 PM
None taken. Despite the fact that the middle classes are my sworn enemy and must perish in fields of fire and brimstone!!!!!! :p

I like you was voicing my opinion as I often do here. It's what an open forum is for. You'll find that I sound as if I'm speaking directly but rarely do. It's my way. I tend to voice my thoughts to no-one in particular but encompass many in the scope of my ramblings. generalising is an art I hope to master. I hear it takes years to perfect.
Anyway. I suppose I was saying something along the lines of how the quality is what matters and we shouldn't just buy them because they are there and at an inflated price. Personally, when the quality sinks to the level of those early heman figures I'll quit collecting period. I buy for quality of sculpt and accuracy of sculpt. I buy because I love the work that goes into each figure. I love finding fingerprints in jedi robes and Rancor feet etc. Nobody should pay more for a tiny figure than is reasonable. I'm not prepared to be ripped off by a large toy company or a large toy retailer the same as I'm not prepared to be ripped off by small comic stores who hyprinflate the prices and claim stuff is HTF when they have a small warehouse full of it that they refuse to sell when it's all available in order to cash in later when the demand reaches a peak and folk are willing to pay over the odds just to get what they want - read: EOPIE!
I'm a value hunter not a cheap reject hunter. I'll hunt out the cheaper figures because mostly the lower price is all they are worth. I'm prepared to wait so that I can buy more for my money. The same money I used to spend on less because I had to have it as soon as it was released. Not any more. I'll keep collecting this way until all those small retailers who artificially hike up the market see that no-one is biting anymore and start to sell at a reasonable level again. I'm laughing now at all the idiots lumbered with stockrooms full of expensive swimming Jar Jar. That'll teach 'em to hoarde! You can't move for bargain shedloads of them now.
I don't like the 12" line and never have. They're cheaply made and ugly. They have no detail and for what they are cost a small ransom. Quite unacceptable. They're no different from a Barbie or Ken doll which sell for a tiny portion of the asking on a star wars 12". Yet because of the brand name retailers seem to think it's justifiable selling the things for figres running into the hundreds. Good grief! I would expect a whole cantina full of figures for that much. I could understand large boxes like the Han and Tauntaun being more expensive but how much? It's just cheap plastic and badly sewn fabric and printed card. It isn't worth the money no not never!
At the end of the day though none of the star wars merchandise is what I'd call quality. It's all relatively cheap tattyy garbage. But that's just an opinion like everything else... :)

11-04-2001, 09:04 PM
Good point Jargo. I still can't beleive you don't like 12" Scout trooper and speeder. Honestly I really didn't think we would ever get 12" speeders. I bet if you bought one you would like it. Well maybe not:) If you really think about it, compared to McFarland toys Hasbro sucks at making toys, but I try not to think about that horriable fact. Another thing, everyone but Jargo was ****ed off at me about my thread. Gofigure:0)

11-04-2001, 09:20 PM
I should know better than to get in the middle of these things, but I'm not interpreting the "attacks" between EmperorJargo and Turbowars as being personal. They're just arguing points. Hopefully.

For one, we all love Star Wars, so we do have that in common to begin with. For that reason, as it pertains to this hobby, we all are more similar to one another than we think. So these forums should come along peacefully.

Starfig873 makes an awesome point when he says some of these things are like artwork. They are intricately detailed and done outright beautifully (Tessek is my favorite POTJ - and his design seriously pleased me. If something less alien and more regal is art, look at the Theed Queen! Dang. Neither R2-B1 or JarJar sticking his tongue out seems appropriate to put next to her on display.)

[Here is another addition of Tycho's Tangent: -in that scene where Indy is looking at Mr. Donovan's treasure collection...if he had miniatures for any reason, even in that posh place, Theed Queen and the new Black Travel could look welcome. Like little Chinese porcellin sculptures.]

"Tycho's Tangent" being complete, some characters need to be done, and no matter how they are sculpted, it'd be hard to see them as art in the Queen's quality. Take Malakali. If we didn't have a Rancor, especially after they made the beast, we'd all be screaming for him now. However, even if the same sculptor who did the Theed Queen took on Malakali, it could never compete.

My point is that all product can never be of the same quality (for the same reasons at least).

Now as to Emperor Jargo's comments, I'd guess by what he says, he's not into the 12" collection, and that's OK.

He's right, some of them are not worth their price for the quality of the pieces. The original Chewie 12" (furry) would be well worth $5 to me. I might buy an extra one to use to clean the sink. [Actually I have 3 furry Chewbaccas because I wanted him in my 12" scenes. I have 2 more to trade since I once found them at clearance at KayBee].

Obviously, Turbowars, like myself, love the 12" Collection.

Jargo then says:

Hasbro are putting out better sculpts in the 4" line but the production valiues at factory level have dropped. The paint jobs are poor at best and the plastic used is a cheaper softer variety that only serves to make the figures look cheap and nasty.

And at some levels, I think I agree with him: Darth Maul's deluxe figure might be assembled cheaply (I still haven't opened mine - I think I'm having an alergic reation to Maul figures or something).

Now on CollectStarWars.com, I saw Mike's detailed pictures of the Rebel Fleet Trooper, and I did not like the quality.

But Jargo, while I'd love it if you provided more specific examples of pooer paint jobs and cheaper plastic, but to counter that, there are figures like the Duro, Bespin Guard, etc. that I've been moderately impressed with. There are bones to pick with each of those actually: Duro's glossy paint to simulate "Michael Jackson vinyl" is sort of withering, and Bespin Guard, while having 4 accessories, finds all of them painted by the "Blues Fairy."

So it's not perfect (Tessek is close to it though), but they are only getting better from '95 Chewbacca and Vader, and vintage especially.

Meanwhile, Jargo says:

I realise that part of this is to comply with new toy safety regulations

and I'd like it clarrified if you know this for a fact or are just guessing. It's ok if you're guessing - that's an intelligent guess for a reason, if they ARE using cheaper plastic. But if it is a fact, we should know about it, or Hasbro should make some kind of official commentary. You'd think it could just as well be the opposite: OOM-9 was all gummy and I wished someone told me why - when they were only $1.98 I picked up some extras so I could eat a few of these. Not recommended.

[uh, I am kidding]

Next Jargo says:

Once a wave has done the retail shelves it dies. hasbro killl that wave. Artificially boosting demand. hasbro don't control the retail price but by charging retailers so much per case they bump up the eventual cost to consumers. Us.

And it doesn't make much sense (to me anyway).

Hasbro kills a wave after initial release? Hmmm. POTJ is still new (and going away shortly -so in the long run, Jargo may be right), but for now, distribution got better. Army builders that were not easy to get in the first POTJ releases, saw re-release in later cases: Blue Coruscant Guard, Gungan Warrior, Mas Amedda was even put back in a case. As of yet, they just haven't gotten to popular newer assortments like the Lando wave. If they shipped that case out again, in the quantities for you to fill your whole Death Star with R2-Q5, JarJar would be sitting in mass quantities, and Lando shortly thereafter. But maybe when Eeth Koth and Zutton come out, they'll be 4 per case with 1 Lando, 1 JarJar, 1 Tessek, and 1 R2-Q5 or something. That is the smart way to re-release, as I'm sure Hasbro has not sold out all their Lando quantities. The Bikerscout and Sandtrooper could benefit from similar distribution strategies.

Remember, let's simplify, 100 figures of each type have to be sold. The Theed Queen, a good figure, is in an initial case - with R2-Q5. There are 65 die-hard collectors, many who do scenes, and they buy up all the R2-Q5's. Hasbro could pack the droid in the next case, with say FX-7, and still avoid the astromech pegwarming. Now they get out 100 R2-Q5's. But what about 35 remaining Queens? They have 2 options. Don't make as much production in the first place (on this particular figure) - and if they can avoid taking a loss (for the cost of the mold, painting, etc.) -but they risk underestimating the demand like Darth Maul on May 5, 1999. Or send out the remaining Queens in every other Collection 2 assortment, maybe starting 2 or 3 cases down the line. That's a heck of a lot smarter to look at sales in the long run, and avoid pegwarming. Us 65 die-hards have got the Queen already, but when she shows up in later cases while we're looking for Bo Shek, maybe 15 new collectors have started buying the line... 15 more later, (and they get to b*tch about finding R2-Q5) So it's not a perfect system, but distribution has gotten away from the days when Hasbro would push all 100 Queen cases onto their buyers, at more than the demand the market could desire. Something to be thankful for.

[Tycho's Tangent: in the blue Senate Guards' case, movie spoilers have hurt that figures demand nowadays]

Meanwhile Jargo goes on to Turbowars' points:

Maybe whinging about wanting our favourite characters is a pain to you, but whinging has got some characters made who wouldn't normally have made it

And in Jargo's case, he's absolutely right!

The skiff even - a vehicle. Not to mention FX-7 and Bacta Luke, and take that back to the days when Slave Leia and Tarkin were never planned for production.

The moral: keep whining. But let's just try to do it with some class. We are lucky to be in one of the few collector hobbies where the fans are determining the product. Within the same company, look at Batman. Did any of you start a petition for a Batman in Polka-dotted Fun House Disguise Kit? Wouldn't a realistic Harrier jet be nice for GI Joe fans? But WE wanted a TIE Bomber. Uh guys, here it comes!

Jargo is quite right.

Then he says:

Why the hell shouldn't we voice our dissatisfactions with product anyway? If you went to a restaurant and ordered a meal that arrived cold or overcooked, wouldn't you complain loudly? this is the same thing.

That makes sense. JediTricks asked why didn't Bacta Luke come with a bellows pump to simulate the bubbles, instead of the short straw accessory that doesn't let you see the effect. He's right. It may be too late, or Hasbro might correct this, dependent on current production levels, and sales performance.

Here we have Rebel Fleet Trooper with another molded on chin strap. We complained. Well, Hasbro might look at that if they decide to make new Naboo Royal Guards, or later pilot figures.

I distinctly recall Jen Donahoe (Hasbro's old PR rep - or intern at it) that they heard us say we wanted our pilots to have removeable helmets. After that we saw the Wedge 3-pack, Ric Olee, Jek Porkins. Did Porkins HAVE to have a removeable helmet? No. But it adds to his quality and shows they listened to us.

Jargo says:

If we don't let Hasbro know what we like and don't like they will just kill the line or continue to churn out crappy Darth Maul resculpts for ever.

Again, he has a valid point. I don't know who reports to Hasbro and forgets to mention that Darth Maul's over-availability seems to be a problem. But that even varies from store to store. In Target and Walmart, it's not a problem. In Toys R Us, and KayBee, more Maul will surely slow sales for the rest of the line.

Can Hasbro tailor their cases for the individual needs of Target versus KayBee? New blue card Maul for the former, and none in cases packed for the latter. If they nitpicked every which way to make a profit, well maybe they'd be a Fortune 500 company. But I don't see them doing that.

However, if we the fans tell them: "Hey DUMMIES (j/k) cancel the Maul product," it might influence them. Let kids who are new to the hobby find Maul where he is still shelf-warming, or get all excited about him, when he is "finally released" in 2005. Look, every mainstream figure does not have to be on a blue-card. Do we need another Chewbacca right now? We had 2 in the POTJ line.

But guess what? Hasbro listened to us: There was only one Luke Skywalker figure in the entire POTJ line. And there only ever will be one (X-wing). You know those guys stay up late dreaming of new ways to re-release Luke Tatooine. I hope we never see Him on a blue-card either!

Emperor Jargo's last point is about availability. I take it what he might've implied was that he doesn't have time to go toy hunting every day until something is released. And there might be limited sellers where he lives (in the UK?)

His point might be that he has to work and handle real life with his family, but enjoys his hobby. I don't know, but I don't think he's struggling financially, since he's collecting in the first place.

I think Jargo wants to complain about distribution, because things that aren't made satisfactorly are quickly consumed and then scalped on E-bay before he can respond to his desire to buy something at a fair price. E-bay is ridiculous, especially for poor quality (or I'd be hunting down and bidding for my Eopiees) but being frustrated with trying to find something, that may be made like crap, and not even retail priced justly? He has a right to complain and this forum is likely one of the only places where he can talk to other people trying to get a Luke Speederbike, or whatever, and have them understand him.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it is a support club for all of us, but on the flip side of the coin, it's great to hear that Turbowars found something and is quite pleased and excited about it.

I doubt all of you are big Tessek fans like I am. On another product, I love the Scout Trooper on Speederbike (12") and think it's one of the greatest products ever put out (right with you on that one Turbowars).

So here I am: Tycho, Star Wars Counselor.

And I am done typing!!!!

11-04-2001, 09:34 PM
12" Speeder Bike with Biker Scout was really nicely done, however, I would like to see Hasbro take the amount of care in their 12" figures as Marmit does. I saw the 12" Luke with Speeder Bike and decided to pass. The figure just doesn't interest me right now. Is it just me or is the 12" line losing steam?

11-04-2001, 09:42 PM
Rumor has it (from a source I can't reveal) that they are going to do a 12" Max Rebo Band to go with that old figure of Barquin Dan.
These'll be 12" Two-Pack exclusives similar to how the Modal Nodes sold at Walmart.

12" will soon see Dengar and Zuckuss, and now I've heard Leia Endor in the Legacy Assortment.

Epsiode 2's first wave 'should be' Jango, Obi-Wan, and Anakin. And I'd expect you might get Plo Koon and Ki-Adi Mundi, the Yoda from the Luke set repackaged (which I don't mind), and maybe even something like Zam Wessel on her Speederbike.

I think they're focused on this next movie. That's all. Not worried about those of us up late at night imagining our bounty hunters display complete. (Bossk rules, doesn't he?)

11-04-2001, 09:59 PM
I can't quantify my statement about safety standards with any facts and figures from an official report but I know for a fact that in the intervening time betwen the end of the POTF" line and the beginning of the POTJ line toy safety standards were altered resulting in a lack of sharp objects and objects that could harm by insertion into soft body tissue. this was mainly due to aspate of lawsuits brought against toy manufacturers by irate parents with eyeless children. hence the weak and bendy tail on the naboo fighter. Oom-9 and his bendy won't stand up legs. All the semi transluscent figures we've had, all the bendy accesories and weapons that are warped when you take them out of the package.
I know for a fact that we'll never see the sturdyness of the POTF" figures again. In britain we can't get a lot of POTJ because it doesn't pass toy safety standards. Amanaman may have to be resculpted for the European market as it doesn't pass safety standards. or we may not see it ever. Obviously toy safety standards are weak in the states if you've never heard of these changes in the law that included the small parts and choking hazard slogans being included on everything regardless.
Like I say, I don't have the facts at my disposal and nor do I intend to go scurrying off to find them like an anal retentive jerk. But if someone else wants to go looking and asking at Uncle hasbro's door....

11-04-2001, 10:16 PM
Another thing, everyone but Jargo was ****ed off at me about my thread.

Come now. I'm certain everyone wasn't ****ed off at you. Everyone was voicing themselves. Thats what we do, we're just a bunch of grumpy people sometimes ;). I'm a rather jovial character I feel, but I still stand by what I said. :p

We hafta, hafta gripe. I think its what Hasbro expects from us, if we don't gripe they get a little worried I think :D

11-04-2001, 10:30 PM
While that's interesting Jargo, I can't believe Hasbro would produce anything that's not for international release.

England's laws might've changed before Hasbro could adapt, but you're saying they made changes during the Episode One run. So why would they make ANYTHING they couldn't sell internationally for POTJ?

I think you sound frustrated trying to find something (a case or assortment maybe).

darth chuck
11-04-2001, 10:47 PM
I am personally very pleased with the amount and quality of product that we have seen from Hasbro in the past year. :D The vintage line was phenomenal back in the early eighties, and this line clearly has that beat in terms of detail and variety. I have read these forums for the last two years and as you can tell by my number of posts, don't complain too much.

If you notice though, it is not always the same people complaining about the same things. Someone may complain about articulation on the scout trooper, but not on Shmi, etc. The appearance may be that the group as a whole whines, but that is not the case.

As for those wanting more figures, why not? Hasbro has already made several figures that would not have been made without requests. And I, for one, would be very disappointd if Hasbro announced that they have completed their line of figures from, say Episode IV.

11-05-2001, 02:09 AM
Let's not forget also, that Hasbro is a company out to make money. They make toys. No matter how many statements and fan polls out there make it seem that Hasbro has shifted the focus towards collectors, they still want to sell as much of the product as possible.

The reason for another Maul, when a kid goes into a store and sees star wars figs, he's going to want ones he recognizes. I know a lot of kids 12 and under who've never even seen episodes 4-6. So obviously, he's going to get a Maul fig. Nevermind the fact that I haven't seen a person under the age of 15 buy a Star Wars figure in over 2 years.

Thats why it takes so long to get the new figs over another resculpt. You'll see 3 or 4 different resculpts of main characters in one line because if the toys do stay on the shelf for more than 2 days, they want noticable characters from the movies, not a Duro, for example.

As for the less quality plastic, I've noticed this too. The POTF2 figs for the most part were tight and sturdy. But some of the older POTJ figs I've got loose are starting to get soft around the joints. They're a little more rubbery than the older ones, is what I'm saying. The reason I see for this, the composition of the plastic might have been changed around the time of the E1 figs to lower cost. With all the E1 figs they put out, they had to reduce cost and I think they just went with a lower grade plastic.

I think the 12'' line is losing a lot of its momentum it once had. Back when POTF2 started, there were a lot of collectors who got everything that came out it seemed. I know a lot of people who got out of collecting SW, or have dramastically decreased what they purchase. And since the 12'' is almost a collectors only market, Hasbro realizing this, has decreased the amount of 12'' stuff released, and lowered production. If you think of the 12'' stuff we've gotten in the POTJ line; 3 bounty hunters, Han/DS trooper/DS droid, sith lord 2-pack, 100th luke, and luke with speeder, that's it.

For the most part Hasbro I think has decreased there priority of the current POTJ line, and even the new "uber/AOTC" line. E1 figs were so overproduced its not even funny. To my knowledge, I've never seen any other toy line have the exact same product still on the shelves 2 years after it was released. They aren't going to make that same mistake twice, (although it is Hasbro, you never know.) I still hardly find POTJ figs on the shelves with the exception of the most common pegwarmers, even then they only take like one or two actual pegs.

I don't think we'll ever see the amount of quality and care handled with the line as we did in POTF2, pre-E1.

11-05-2001, 08:34 AM
I leave you guys for a day and all hell breaks loose! :D

Better check my new diorama to get that stress out of your system! ;)
Hoth Rebel Retreat (http://www.figures.com/databases/action.cgi?setup_file=ssnews2.setup&category=starwars&topic=29&show_article=32)

11-06-2001, 10:19 AM
Exceptional work ACPin, I especially like the snowspeeder. Top Notch.

11-06-2001, 10:44 AM
Where on earth are you guys finding the 12" Luke Speederbike? I have yet to see one in a store here in the LA area. This only goes to show you just how poor the distribution strategy is across the world. Some places apparently ended up with tons of discount 3 3/4" Commtech Stormtroopers, Sandtroopers, and Speedbike guys, while the rest of us have to order them from online scalpers. Same seems to be true for the 12" Luke.

11-06-2001, 10:49 AM
Honestly though, distribution is one of the major problems collecting now.

My local Target has about 6 of the new 12'' Lukes as well as the latest DS Droid 12'' line. We even have a few dusty beat up boxes of Captain Tarpals left.

If you read the pegwarming thread, its amazing how some places have some stuff, and other places across the country have completely different things pegwarming. I read somewhere that they have pegwarming Scout Troopers, what I wouldn't give for pegwarming scout troopers in my area.

Hasbro really needs to get more constant distrubtion.

01-10-2002, 12:25 PM
Now that it's dropped to $19.90, I gave in and bought a couple. This won't last long so now is the time to buy! :D

Sean the Hutt
01-12-2002, 06:47 PM
here in San Diego there are lots @ 19.99$ If you can't like it for 19.99 perhaps you are collecting the wrong stuff!

01-12-2002, 11:30 PM
Originally posted by Wolfwood319
Honestly though, distribution is one of the major problems collecting now.

My local Target has about 6 of the new 12'' Lukes as well as the latest DS Droid 12'' line. We even have a few dusty beat up boxes of Captain Tarpals left.

If you read the pegwarming thread, its amazing how some places have some stuff, and other places across the country have completely different things pegwarming. I read somewhere that they have pegwarming Scout Troopers, what I wouldn't give for pegwarming scout troopers in my area.

Hasbro really needs to get more constant distrubtion.

Hey Wolf, how much are they wanting for those dusty Tarpals/Kaadu? They are long gone down here and I'd love to buy a couple if you have them available in your area. I could send the money for them plus shipping if it is possible for you to get them for me. Let me know if you can at my email address, jedicole@yahoo.com. Thanks!

I just bought two of the Luke/Speeder at $19.90 the other night.