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11-25-2002, 08:44 AM
Iíve got several Star Wars figures available for trade. Theyíre all carded, but cards may not be 100% mint. Also, they are on UK cards, so you might want to bear that in mind if youíre a US MOC collector.

1x Silver R2D2
1x Deluxe Flipping Anakin
2x Beardless Endor Troopers
1x Bespin Vader
1x Tusken w/Massif
1x Darth Maul Ė Sith Training

I also have a 2000AD Judge Death action figure on its card, but this isnít 100% mint either.
I can also probably get hold of UK WoS 4-packs in non-mint condition. Email me if interested.
And finally I have a WoS series 10 Resort Smithers. Heís on his card, but Iíve cut the corner off to get the UPC, so heís no good for MOC.

Iíd like to trade for some of the following:
Intellitronic Lisa
Intellitronic Mr. Burns
Intellitronic Krusty
Sunday Best Marge and Maggie
Hank Scorpio
Brad Goodman
Living Room
Treehouse of Horror 1
Treehouse of Horror 2
Family Christmas
Main Street
New Years Set
Bowling Set

Radioactive Homer
Principal Skinner
Mayor Quimby
Jimbo Jones
Indigestible Bulk

Please remember that Iím in the UK, so shipping costs could be a concern for US residents.
Also, if you have no prior SSG feedback Iíll have to ask that you send your item(s) before I send mine. I have about 60 feedback comments on eBay under the name "kadamontaga".

Thanks a lot