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11-26-2002, 10:47 PM
Well... just read the mail below. It speaks in itself.

From member "sicqnus" to Ebay's Fraud protection program :

A salesman member (user ID : "star_wars_1st_choice") is using pictures belonging to me for his advertisements on Ebay without any permission (auction # 1921297626 and 1921297622).
Now, these pics are mine and located on my own website "www.sicqnus.com" at the adresses :
http://www.sicqnus.com/swafcl8.htm (pic link : http://www.sicqnus.com/imagaf/ewing2.jpg).
http://www.sicqnus.com/swafcl25.htm (pic link : http://www.sicqnus.com/imagaf/tiedef2.jpg).

These pics are copyrighted with Digimark and I've kept the original films.

It seems this seller (who have lots of negative feedbacks from several buyers) is using pics that did not describe the actual items up for auction. I consider this is a fraudulent behavior. In this particular case, the box condition is an important part of the final price. These toys could be considered as collectibles and the state of limps can strongly influence the dimension of the toy.
Using pictures that shows boxes in good condition is not innocent. The fact that the pictures are not contractual was not specified in the advertisement and more serious : the salesman added a credit to itself, what is a worsening factor in a commercial ad.

I'm sure you will do your best to prevent him to change his behavior in the future.

Thank you by advance.

Best regards.
Cyril Chartier (Paris - France).
Webmaster - www.sicqnus.com

NOTE : useless to say I saw these kind of words in the seller's feedbacks : "Item not as described" : "received the item today, box in poor condition" ; etc...

I also send a copy of this mail to the Ebay user who bought the E-Wing with the "buy it now" function.
I hate to do that but even if I am not worried by the fact of using my photographs* on other fans sites (like the SSG forummers), to use them to make trade by misleading the customer is dishonest. And my friend BritCit3 knows what I mean, He had several times the same kind of problems.

*R2dee2 was kind enough to let me use the JCP AT-AT pics on my own website (thanks again).


11-27-2002, 10:12 AM
This is exactly why it's important to view a seller's feedback before placing a bid. Good luck. I hope you get this guy kicked off eBay or worse.

11-27-2002, 11:15 PM
Sicqnus, first off, best of luck to you.

Secondly, it's been my experience that digimarking (a registered, invisible watermark) your images is totally fruitless except to lessen the quality of your image and jack up the filesize. The only way to get creeps like this joker to back down even a little is to slap your URL up in the image in a subtle - yet difficult to remove - manner.

I hate ebay clowns like this, back in early '99, for several months literally every auction of 12" Maul had stolen the SSG picture instead of using one of their own. Some auctions were getting so many questions about it that several put in the auction description "box will not come with www.sirstevesguide.com on it".