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11-27-2002, 03:41 PM
Well, I got Luminara today, and she's a great figure, it's just that in her pose, she's SOOOO short compared to the other figures. I'm glad to hear that they're making a Barriss figure since her and Luminara are one of my favorite Master/Apprentice combos but I was wondering if they would be making another Luminara. Maybe from Palpatine's office when she's standing up straight? Thanks for any info :)

11-27-2002, 03:53 PM
I'm sure that we'll see a new version of Luminara, though it may not happen in 2003. Hasbro finally has some strong female charecters, that don't need to flaunt it to be popular. I do like the pose of the figure, because is based on when she ignites her lightsaber in the arena. But a basic stance is needed. :)

Hopefully Bariss Offee is a bit more neutral posed. Atleast when she ignited her saber, she wasn't crouched down like Luminara was. So even if they base her on the same scene, she shouldn't be so strange looking. If they do her like the upcoming Aayla Secura, and make her super poseable, it will be nice. :)

Atleast the pose fits Luminara. I still am sickened by what they did with Senator Jar Jar. I can't even pose him with Chancellor Palpy, Lott Dod, or Orn Free Taa. He looks like he's ready to beat the hell out of them. So we need a re-sculpt of him as well. Not to mention his Apartment Outfit with the sparkly eppaulets. :)


Jar Jar Binks

11-27-2002, 05:04 PM
Alright, thanks for your help :)

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't JarJar's apartment outfit the same one he wears in the senate? :confused:

11-27-2002, 05:12 PM
Nope, the current figure is what he wears when he makes his speech to the senate. The one that is pictured on the card, with the sparkly beaded robe and eppelauts is what he wears in Padme's Apartment and when they meet with Palpatine. I'll see if I can dig up decent pictures of both. :)

By the way, check out Palpatine's outfit in the Senate scene as well. This was pointed out to me by Tycho. He's wearing a red colored outfit, instead of the black one that he wears during the rest of the film. So Padme isn't the only one with costume changes. Though most people don't notice theirs. :)


Jar Jar Binks

11-27-2002, 05:18 PM
I'd welcome a new Luminara. The one we've seen so far is quite an impressive statue - but a statue nevertheless, and not an action figure IMHO.

Same goes for Shaak Ti & Eeth Koth.

Nikto Jedi (another pre-posed figure) looks best when you remove his cloak, pop his arms & head off and put them on the torso & legs of a POTF2 Weequay. Hey presto - a new skiff guard! The head & limbs fit perfectly & the figure can hold a force pike under its right arm and a rifle in its left hand!

Anyway, back on topic... I think that if the Bariss figure turns out to be fairly neutrally-poised it may give a clue as to the likelihood of another Luminara.

11-27-2002, 06:38 PM
I've loaded up the image of him with his Apartment outfit before, so I need to link to that one. I still am having trouble finding a decent picture of his senate address outfit. I did locate one of Ahmed Best in the physical costume. :)

Jar Jar Binks: Apartment Outfit (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/attachment.php?s=&postid=80930)
Jar Jar Binks: Senate Outfit (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/attachment.php?s=&postid=200673)


Jar Jar Binks

11-27-2002, 06:39 PM
Hopefully we'll get a Luminara with a real removeable cloak.

11-28-2002, 03:48 AM
Personally I hope that we can get the other Jedis first before they start re-making the present ones.

11-28-2002, 10:42 AM

Aayla Secura (Twi'lek female)
Bariss Offee (human female)
Coleman Trebdor (E2 Council Member)

Jedi Council 3-pack (hopefully including: Even Piel, Yarael Poof, Oppo Rancisis, Yaddle, or Depa Billaba)

Jedi Army Builder Set: Wookiee Jedi, Rodian Jedi, Human Jedi, Twi'lek Jedi.

Jedi Youngling (with Yoda)
Jedi Youngling 2-pack (possibly alien children)

Clone Wars Figures: Possibly anime style though :( :

Kit Fisto

Maybe more.... (while I might collect these since I like Playskool SW, they will not 'cut it' for the general collection if they are animated style - that is if Obi-Wan does not look like Ewan - not that figures which attempt to succeed at that do so anyway, but...)


Luminara Undulli (Palpatine's Office)
Bariss Offee (Palpatine's Office)
Kit Fisto (Palpatine's Office)
Eeth Koth (Jedi Council - or standing neutral like the others at least)

SITTING POSES: (of course both the entire E1 and E2 High Councils - however, these should not be done until we have at least ALL the Jedi Council that match the rest of the collection - though some like Yaddle and Oppo Rancisis, probably Yarael Poof, only need one pose and a chair. Depa and Even Piel could succeed if given bending knees, but there's a problem with their Jedi Cloaks: soft goods so they can sit down or not?

Those wanting to recreate comic book adventures or a scene from the upcoming novel "Shatterpoint" will want Even Piel and especially Depa Billaba to be able to fight! Sure they can with soft-goods, but they won't match the other 'standing-fighting Jedi' we have, like Eeth Koth or SaeSee Tiin.

11-28-2002, 10:46 AM
Thank you Chiesa!!!!!!! We don't need to do rehash crap until all unproduced figues are made. If we can just convince Hasbro to stop making Jangos and Mauls. The last figure we need made would be another JarJar figure. I'm so glad I held off on buying the Saga one because I got him for .49 at WOTC last week. I only did it to complete my collection;)

11-28-2002, 11:26 AM
Watch the blanket statements about "we" not needing somthing. Not everyone is you, and many people want every outfit that charecters wore in the movies. Just because "you" personally don't want it, doesn't mean that other people don't. :p :)


Jar Jar Binks

11-28-2002, 11:48 AM
I think the Barriss figure will be action posed line Luminara. So I don't think we'll get a Luminara figure for quite a while.

11-28-2002, 11:54 PM
I do think that the Barriss would be in a battle stance holding her lightsabre with 2 hands looking at the scene where she drew her lightsabre just like Luminara was when she drew her lightsabre and was in that stance that we all see in that figure today.

I kinda forgotten, is Coleman set to hit stores in 2003? Could anyone just enlighten me? :)

P.S.. Did Coleman die in the arena battle?


Darth Sidious
11-29-2002, 12:15 AM
Yes, Coleman was shot off of the balcony by Jango.

11-29-2002, 01:43 AM
And yep, Coleman Trebor is listed as a figure coming out in June of next year. Collection 2 as well, so even if the action features continue, Coleman won't be burdened by them. :)


Jar Jar Binks

11-29-2002, 01:49 AM
Darn! A lever in his back could make him spasm like he's in his death throes. All the other figures do this, but at least in Coleman's case it would be intentional, and the feature would actually do what it set out to do.

11-29-2002, 03:32 AM
I'll join the "we" statement by Spartacus, I mean Turbowars. This much of "we" could go through the rest of his existence without the following: 1. Ever hearing "My Name is Luca" again; and 2. Ever seeing another Jar Jar figure.

Time for new folks before "re"-making others - especially tertiary figures like Jar Jar. I would actually rather a more neutral Jar Jar figure, as the existing one is in a rather odd pose. But, in this case, I can live with the existing one if it will keep another Jar Jar from being made.


11-29-2002, 03:39 AM
"My Name is JarJar,

I live on the Senate Floor.

Sometimes when the vote won't pass,

up to me it falls the task.

So if you hear the Clones marching in the night,

and if you think everything is not all right,

You can blame me and then some more...

You can blame me and then some more!

My Name is JarJar,

and I am not all C-G-I.

I am what you call,


So if you hear the Clones marching in the night,

and you think everything is not alright,

You can blame me and then some more...

You can BLAME me and then some more!

They say that Palpatine will save us now,

Kill that frog and ya don't care how!

Keep on blaming JarJar and it can't be long...

Keep on BLAMING JarJar and it can't be long!

Yeah, keep on BLAMING JarJar - and it can't be long at all."

11-29-2002, 04:49 AM
We could definitely use a new Luminara, heck it'd be sweet if they could give her a removeable cloak (doubtful) and a removeable headwear. I know that wasn't in the movie but neither was Lott Dod's so it'd be a fun little feature. :)

11-29-2002, 07:11 AM
I wouldn't mind to see a new Luminara in neutral pose but I have to agree that at first the other jedis should be made, especially those from the high jedi council

Prince Xizor
11-29-2002, 07:31 AM
I know that it wasn't announced but maybe it's possible we are getting a new Luminara in this new Clone Wars set. We are getting a new Kit Fisto, so a new Luminara isn't that far fetched.

11-29-2002, 12:48 PM

You are truly a "lyrical gangsta"!!

I enjoyed that one :)


11-29-2002, 12:56 PM

11-29-2002, 01:02 PM
Originally posted by JarJarBinks
Watch the blanket statements about "we" not needing somthing. Not everyone is you, and many people want every outfit that charecters wore in the movies. Just because "you" personally don't want it, doesn't mean that other people don't. :p :)


Jar Jar Binks Try watching what you say JJB, maybe one day someone will show you some repect.;)

Old Fossil
11-29-2002, 02:48 PM
Tycho, you are DA MAN. You are Supa Dupa Fly, too.

I just like saying "Supa Dupa Fly." But you are Supa Dupa Fly, Tycho. Really.

11-29-2002, 07:09 PM
A new Luminara would be great.Made sense to me to put in her a neutral pose in the first place,but what do I know,I'm just a consumer;)

Bariss shouldnt be action posed because there really isnt any "action pose" in the movie.The only "action pose" that really stands out is when she twirls/holds her saber over her head.

Darth Sidious
11-29-2002, 08:21 PM
Tycho-That was the sh*t. Now I know who to blame! The damned clones keep waking me up. Time to kick some Gungan arse! :evil: :D