View Full Version : The Hasbro line - primarily for collectors or kids???

11-30-2002, 07:14 PM
Do you think the Hasbro SW line is PRIMARILY marketed towards kids or collectors?

I'm of the opinion that it is primarily aimed at kids. These are, after all, toys.

But besides that, the constant number of resculpts of primary characters, in addition to the fact that most of the exclusives (which ARE aimed at collectors) are background characters, leads me to conclude that Hasbro aims PRIMARILY for the children, and tosses us collectors the occasional bone.

11-30-2002, 08:25 PM
I would agree with EricG's assertations of who Hasbro is aiming the line towards.

I would stop there and say that in actuality, collectors make up 50% of their consumer market. Different years this varies.

1995 - 1996: Adult Collectors, limited product until gluts of Boba Fett, Dagobah Luke, and Han Hoth warmed the pegs. SOTE received a luke-warm reception, no kid support, and found its campaign cut short as everything shifted focus to hail the special editions.

1997 - 1998: Adults, with Kids into it until Summer 1998 with the AT-AT walker's long-awaited release. The Classic Trilogy Special Editions spurred interest that reached its peak in the spring-summer of 1997, but stayed strong for a full 'nother year through the AT-AT's shipping.

1999-2000: Collectors and mostly those tolerant of Episode One. A large base group might've dropped out here. Good vehicle toys like the AAT tank were delayed when they might've gone over good with sales of the N-1 fighter. Pod Racing as a toy line was not supported by Hasbro, so it failed to catch on with kids into the game.

2001: Collectors only. POTJ's hey-day! Some of the best-crafted figures made for their most appreciating market!

2002: Kids come out strong; Adult Collectors continue, some old ones return. AOTC's hit popularity and quick DVD release a strong factor. Probably Star Wars' strongest year.

12-01-2002, 02:37 PM
They want both, but currently they want the kiddie market back very badly after losing a lot of it from Ep 1. If I told you the numbers I heard, your heads would spin, but I'm not allowed to. However, I will say that before Ep 1 the line was more kids than collectors while after Ep 1 collectors outnumbered kids in a significant number - this sadly wasn't because the number of collectors grew either.

12-01-2002, 04:31 PM
i think hasbro mainly is concerned with the childrens market. the action features on the small figures, constant re-sculpts of core characters kids know and the use of "doll" bodies in their 12 inch line lead me to believe this.

of course they are happy to pay lip service to collectors and take our money, but if they were truley interested in a collectors market, it would be obvious. i think the "unleased" line of figures is hasbro's sad attempt at apeasing collectors.

bottom line is that children(or their moms) make up the large majority of the toy buying public. just look at hasbro or matell's sales vs. those of sideshow or blue box.

collectors may keep the line "a-float" in non movie years, but if hasbro could latch onto that kid market they'd give us the finger in a heartbeat.:)

personally, i would be happy if hasbro would continue making star wars toys for children and let other companies cater to collectors. it amazes me what sideshow toys is doing with the "monty python" line of 12 inch figures. i have never even seen that movie, but am planning on buying some of those figures. if hasbro would let marmit release their figures to collectors at a modest price, and let a company like sideshow or blue box make 12 inch figures, but just sell them in speciality stores, it wouldn't disrupt hasbro's toy sales at wal-mart.