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12-01-2002, 03:14 PM
Here is my list of all my Star Wars figures. Below that is a list of stuff I am trading for. I will also sell the figures for $3.00 each. Just Pm me or email me at jhamm4@yahoo.com ! Thanks

Star Wars Figures for Sale or Trade : (1995-2002) All mint on cards, unless stated

1. AOTC- Anakin Skywalker –C8.5+
2. Aotc- Clone Trooper (Red) NO Dots on Picture Insert Variation C8.5+
3. Saga- Chewbacca (Cloud City Escape) C8.5+
4. Saga- Darth Vader- Bespin Dual C8
5. AOTC- Boba Fett (First Release with Backdop card) C8.5+
6. Aotc- Sneak Preview-Jango fett C8.5+
7. Luke Skywalker0 Dagobah Fatigues ( Red card, Long saber) C8.5+
8. Han Solo in endor gear ( Blue Pants) with Hologram C8
9. Freee Frame-Endor Rebel Solider C8.5+
10. Princess Leia ( Red card) .00 C8.5+
11. Han Solo ( Red Card) .00 C8.5+
12. Bespin Han Solo (green card with hologam) C8.5+
13. Episode 1 – Obi-wan Kenobi, Jedi Dual C8
14. Commtech Darth Vader with droid C8.5+
15. Chewbacca (Prisoner) Freeze frame with price sticker C8
16. Green card- Snowtrooper, with hologram C8.5+
17. Red Card- Han Solo Hoth, with open hand C8.5+
18. Green Card with holo- 21b Medic Droid C8.5+
19. Red Card- Princess Leai with 2 bands on belt, C8.5+
20. Freeze Frame Luke with blaster helmet, has price sticker and ding in bubble
21. Red Card- Stormtrooper- .00. C8.5+
22. Red Card- Hans Solo in carbonite freezing chamber, C8.5+
23. Episode 1- Anakin Skywalker tatooine c8.5+
24. Red Card- Darth Vader Long saber C8.5+
25. Chewbacca SOTE in bounty hunter disguise, C7.5+
26. Episode 1 Jar Jar Binks C8.5+
27. Captain Tarpals- Episode 1 C8.5+
28. Ody Madrell- episode 1, c8.5+
29. Freeze Frame Lobot- C8.5+
30. Luke Skywalker ( Red card) Long Saber C8.5+
31. Gasgano- Episode 1, C8.5+
32. Bib Fortuna ( Tri LOGO Card) C8
33. Freeze Frame- Princess Leia in Ewok Celebration outfit C8.5+
34. Obi wan Kenobi- Naboo Episode 1- C8.5+
35. Episode 1- Ric Olie, Close hand Variation, C8.5+
36. Emperor Palpatine- green card with hologram- C8.5+
37. R5-D4 with price sticker and green card – card bent slightly C6.5+
38. Sandtrooper- Collection 1 Green Card (RARE) C8.5+
39. Rebel Fleet Trooper- Green card- Colelction 1 with hologram c8.5+
40. Green Card- Luke Skywalker- with hologram c8.5+
41. Green Card- Admiral Ackbar( with hologram) C8.5+
42. Bib Fortuna ( Green Card) With Hologram –Collection 1
43. Episode 1- Darth Maul Tatooine, C8+
44. Episode 1 Boss Nass- C8.5+
45. Episode 1, Qui Gon Jinn, Jedi Dual C8
46. Grand Moff Tarkin- Green Card with holo- Colelction 3 C8.5+
47. Red Card- Lando- C8.5+
48. Green Card- Jawas, C7.5+, with price sticker
49. Green Card with Hologram- Garindan (Long Snoot) C8.5+
50. Episode 1 Battle Droid- White Version, looks cream in color
51. Chewbacca- Canadian Verison red card C7- Has moderate shelf wear
52. Gand Moff Tarkin- Tri Logo, C8
53. Red Card- Obio Wan Kenobi- C8, has a sticker hicky ( price sticker residue)
54. Red Card- Chewbacca, C7.5+, Shelf Wear
55. Episode 1 Darth Maul, jedi dual C8.5+

Things I am looking for: Loose or Mint ON card

Jorg Sacul
Toy Fair vader
R2-d2 Super Deformed

Lord of the Rings:
Fellowship of the ring:


Two Towers:
Ugluk and Pippin
Gandalf The White

Sauron 10 Inch figure


All Japanese Reissues, loose or boxed



All Minicons

Sideways ( purple MotorCycle)

G1: loose, or broken, no accessories or complete

Omega Supreme

Fortress Maximus Parts:

1 Forearm Gun Cover
2 Hip Guns
Left Arm Ramp- red slider only needed
Long Rifle
Spikes Small green canopy


All new mint Plush figures with tags or loose used Puppets from the 70’s.

Palisades action figures:

Series 1 all
And Beakers Lab

Series 2 all

Animals Electric Mayhem Band Set (MOST WANTED)