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12-10-2002, 03:37 PM
Hey friends, whats going on? This is my first post on these forums, and I am glad to be here. I want to know any and all rumors about this brand new Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker figure comming out for 2003. I have wanted a new one since about 1997, and now we may actually get one. Im so excited about it, so can you guys please help!! Thanks all!!

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12-10-2002, 03:48 PM
It's no rumor, the figure is confirmed by Hasbro coming sometime in the middle of 2003. There has been alot of discussion about the figure, so I'll cover the points that we know so far.

It's going to be a Collection 1 figure, so that means it may get an action feature. Now that doesn't mean the figure will be bad. It could still be as good as the Bespin Luke. Of course, the action features could also go the way of the dodo next year.

There is also a new ROTJ Vader rumored for next year, which is supposedly a better/ more movie accurate version of the Removable Helmet Vader. He'll be taller and have a 2-piece removable helmet. He's supposed to ship at the same time as the new Jedi Luke. So that means that the Luke should be the Final Duel/Death Star II version with the open flap on his tunic.

That's a good thing, because nearly all the Luke Jedi's that have been made, have had him in the vest from the start of the picture. Only the Final Jedi Duel Cinema Scene, the Speederbike Luke, and the TRU MM Coin Luke are the versions without the vest. And none of those are perfect. :)


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12-10-2002, 03:55 PM
Cool, I didn't realise it was confirmed, now I can't wait!

12-10-2002, 04:01 PM
Thank you so much, guys. For a first post, it went great. I PRAY they make it with the box shape tunic, or the flap, it would make my year, my next two years, hahaha. I cannot wait, its gonna be extremely cool. A vader to go with it too?! This is unbelievable, those are gonna be my favorites, probaly of all time, if done correctly. I hope the lukes action feature, if ones necissary,is like bespins, but thats it, I really actually hope he doesnt have one.
Thanks all!!:cool: :cool: