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12-13-2002, 10:00 PM
Okeydey, It's time for another Jargo brainwave :D spurred on by my Sarlaacc pit playset idea i set to thinking about other sets and with so many jedi coming next year and related characters, i thought it was about time they had a home to live in... *coff* so i doodled this idea for a modular playset. The first section and most obvious is the council chamber. This would have only part of the wall and the wall would have thee columns and two windows. The doors would be included and would possibly be working because playsets with doors are cool. The whole council would probably not be given seats on the round base but the main ones would since they occupy the room the most, yoda mace Ki-Adi, Saesee and so on. The floor would be printed with the motifs of the jedi order as per the movie and it would be cool to have clear plastic windows but they aren't essential.

The next module is the Yoda's chamber/meditation chamber. This is smaller and clips onto the side of the council chamber. It too only has a part wall which is made up of one pillar and two windows with blinds shut. There would be two meditation pads and the small holo emitter with Obi-Wan hologram.

The third module is the Padawan learning chamber which again is smaller than the council chamber and again made up of a wall with two windows and one pillar. The windows here would be given blinds that could be raised or dropped at whim and vegetation molded onto the wall under the windows as per the movie. This set would have the holo emitter too but this one is basically just a stick so it might be wiser to leave that out or make it thicker than it is in the movie.

The fourth module is the Jedi analysis room to accomodate the two droids coming next year. This is slightly different in that it has two sides to it. The inside would be round again and one wall section with a window. Under the window would a tray that slides back and forth from side to side for moving specimens between. There would be a round analysis moniter on an arm from the wall on one side for JN-66 and a monitor fied via a pedestal on the other side of the room for SP-6.
The other side of the window there would be a desk where the tray slides out and on the desk a Jedi records console with decal applied showing a star map or something. There would be a chair for a jedi to recline in also and this part would have a base extending from the wall in an eliptical shape.

The main set would possibly have a figure with it of a nondescript jedi that would be exclusive to the set. The smaller sets would sell without figure but possibly have a small Jedi accessory packed in.

Here's my preliminary sketch that took me a few minutes to do. It's not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination but hopefully it'll allow you to see what i'm getting at. More pics will possibly follow.

12-13-2002, 10:03 PM
Oh, and i know i messed up and left that extra half a window on the council chamber. Ignore that please if you will. Ta. :stupid: :p

12-15-2002, 04:48 AM
Right, last piece to add, the top of the council chamber set. Just to make it more interesting since a room with chairs isn't that appealing, i thought the top could be the starfighter landing platform. These are all round pieces so the landing platform would fit perfectly. Gotta have somewhere to park your ship right? It gives the council chamber a ceiling and i guess the bit that sticks out could extend for a walkway.
Obviously with the council chamber having columns the walls have got the strength to hold the platform above. It would simply click into place but possibly have a removable aspect too if you wanted the platform elsewhere instead.
I was going to do a seperate module for Jedi knight saber training with some kind of training remote aparatus but that's a little too EU for me. I think these sets would be enough really.

I now turn this idea over to the apathy of others ;)

12-15-2002, 05:32 AM
Nice pics, Jargo. Each module could also have slots on the outside to set up a removeable Coruscant background against the windows too...

As for the Jedi Starfighter pad, it might be good to also have a column on the underside of it in the middle. While it could attach to the top and possibly hold, but once that Jedi Starfighter is on there it'll definitely start to tip backward due to all the weight hanging off the back edge of the set.

Another thing that could be added to it is small holes in the floor that wouldn't disrupt the figures if they were to stand on them, but thick enough to secure a peg that could have a Yoda in his floating seat.

12-15-2002, 05:57 AM
Now, that floating seat for Yoda would make a good pack-in for the padawan learner training set.

The column under the front of the pad is a good idea which i did think of but left off because i thought it got in the way. It all depends on how far round the council chamber walls come as to how much extra support is needed. The platform obviously need supporting but i don't think it'd tip back since it's main weight is directly over the centre of the chamber below.
Another way to do this set as modules would be to take the Ultarama idea and have the sets all be stackable. The bottom layer contains all three smallr sets rolled into one larger set with three rooms and then the other two stacked on top of that. You could do a seperate level like I mentioned for Jedi Knight training. This would make the Jedi temple tower. Neat ideas but too expensive to do as one which is why I thought modular would be better.

The figure pegs would be standard I guess with fewer in the council chamber since there are seats, I guess a hole for the support to Yoda's hover chair could be in every set.
Getting back to the pack-in Jedi Knight, I was thinking maybe the guy from the visual dictionary. He's pictured with some woman but the guy is actually the make-up guy from AOTC. There's an article on the OS that profiles him and he's pictured adding finishing touches to Passel Argente and Saesee Tiin. Just a little factoid there. But i thought he'd make a good generic Jedi figure.

here's the visual dictionary pic anyway.

12-15-2002, 09:32 AM
Woops, sorry. Forget that whole column thing for the landing pad, from the drawings I thought the walk-way part was gonna connect to the upper wall of the council chamber and hang off kinda like:
That's why I suggest the column, but since it'd go on top fo the council chamber like a lid, it shouldn't need extra support, you'd just have to make sure the innerds of the platform were sturdy.

The guy would be a good pack-in, not only is it someone new and unique, but also a Padawan instead of a Master.

Have you thought of Kamino and Geonosis versions of these type of playsets as well?

Kamino could be,
Main Room: Helmet Retrieval, with a balcony that's a cut-away of the clear corridor they walk in.
Second Room: Lama Su's hangout
Third Room: Clone Kid learning center
Fourth Room: Jango's apartment
Then the Landing platform which can either be for Slave 1 or the Jedi Starfighter.

Geonosis could be an extension to the current Arena playset,
Main Room: Arena side with another huge door (like on the first)
Second Room: War Room
Third Room: Droid Factory
Fourth Room: Obi-Wan's Cell

12-15-2002, 10:20 AM
Good ideas. I like the sound of the Kamino one. I'm currently wrestling with the death star. Sounds easy it being layered already but in usual GL style he made some areas taller than others so getting them to fit with each other aint easy. Especially since some areas require double walls for sliding doors and some need split levels. I've whittled it down to a few areas rather than try to do everything but tried to keep significant and visually interesting stuff. So far I've got the throne room, central command bridge w/ viewport, cellblock with cell and escape chute into trash compactor below, hangar, hangar control room with viewport and closet to hide droids in, central chasm with tractor beam controls and extending bridsge walkway entrance points on two levels for Luke and Leia to swing from and to. I'm trying to fit in the board room used by Tarkin and the turbolift area that has the balcony where Han and Luke take Chewie. The hangar is proving difficult to fit in and might have to go west. But basically I'm using a half sphere as a basis and fitting everything into that. Kind of like using a satellite dish and putting shelves onto the inside curve. But this is a deeper dish tilted backwards so the bottom sticks out further than the top. The whole thing would have a support brace on the back to stop it moving around. It sounds a bit messy right now but as I say I'm working on it like a jigsaw puzzle and the first piece into place is the throne room at the top complete with window, DS trooper stations (top and bottom) and steps up to the throne. Everything else will just slot in underneath that level. I'm going to use the tractor beam column as a central strut to hold all the levels up along with walls to that section.

Obviously I'm being extravagant here and this would cost way too much to produce and would not sell at all at the high price it would command. But it is only an idea and intended to spark of other ideas.

The Geo playset idea is not something I can visualise right now, I haven't got into the designs of Geonosis enough to see how i could get it to work. One of the problems is strength and fitting things together and having them be strong enough to take the strain of play and many figures being placed on top. I'm also trying to look at the way hasbro has resolved certain problems of design and tailor my ideas to their way of thinking. Maybe I'm way off beam still but isn't it better to try to think stuff up that might work and then have Hasbro see it and go "nice idea, a little tinkering and something like that might work"? Hell nothing ventured nothing gained eh? So people will poopoo my ideas and say hasbro doesn't care why bother? But i know that hasbro digests all this stuff we write. Maybe they don't always respond but some of the things we've written have been acted on and i have faith. Despite the fact that they (the company not individuals) treat the UK like crap, I have faith. So I'll keep plugging away regardless.