View Full Version : Anyone play Bounty Hunter on the GC?

Master ToNone
12-15-2002, 10:28 PM
I am debating GC v. PS2.

I've heard PS2 version has some glitches that have been worked out on GC, but have heard little else as far as difference.

Buying basically for BH and CLone Wars, as I have a PC for Outcast and when KOTRO comes out.

I hear the GC for these games has better graphics and well, the system is $50 cheaper

I have no need to play DVD's on a gaming system, I am all set and online games can run on my computer, via broadband, so those issues are not important to me.

Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated.:crazed:

James Boba Fettfield
01-14-2003, 12:45 AM
Wow, I'm a little late responding to this one. I don't know of any glitches with this game, except mine has done a lock up on me twice now (same as Metroid Prime, damn you Metroid Prime!) As for the GC being better than the PS2 when it comes to them having the same games, generally the GC is better than the PS2 when the games are compared. By this I mean, the graphics look better, a better frame rate, etc. But yeah, Bounty Hunter should be better on GC than PS2, but it is something I am not entirely sure of.

01-14-2003, 06:10 PM
It is better on GC than it is on PS2. If I were you, I'd definately buy a GC.