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The 'Xir
12-17-2002, 08:20 AM
I was just thinking of Lucas's little ole repeating themes habit and wondering if there will be Grand Entrance of a character and who it will be, like Vader's in RotJ? I was thinking it would probably be either Anakin or possibly Yoda!
Seeing as the start of the movie will open with the last battle of the Clone Wars and Ben would be a General I thought it would play out perfectly..:
{Yodas theme}{exterior:space} A small cargo shuttle hovers over the lush green planet of Kashyyyk with two new single man fighters waiting in escort.{Interior:shuttle} The pilot sits waiting, thumbing the controls now with a sudden objective!

Pilot: "The Ambassador is through waiting, what should I tell him?"

Voice over intercom: "We have confirmation of your code clearence the sheild will be down, tell the Ambassador he may start his entry and we will be happy for his assistance."

{Exterior:landing platform} As the shuttle slowly comes to rest, General Kenobi approaches walking sternly and stops in anticipation, just close enough to allow the landing ramp to lower. Kenobi start as the diminutive figure slowly makes his way down the ramp.

General Kenobi: "It's a great pleasure to see you again my master!""Everyone is anxiously expecting you!"

Master Yoda: "Have time for pleasantries, we do not, Master Kenobi." "Take me to forward command you must."

General Kenobi: "The wookies are a formidable ally Master, although some have been taken into camps, we have just regained the sheild generator as you know, so we can keep out any more of the seperatist forces; and retook control of the wookies armoury."Unfortunately Master, the Mandalores are also quite formidable, and there has been reports that some of the captives are being scalped if they don't provide information."

Master Yoda:{shaking head} "Terrible and disturbing this news is." "Fail we must not!" "Depend on this, everything does."

General Kenobi: "Yes, Master" "Cheif Lokkie has four battalions of clones and 6 Wookie tribes at your disposale."

Mater Yoda: "Excellent General, may the Force be with all of us." "This Cheif Lokkie I will now meet."

{nearing entrance Kenobi waves his hand to open the door with the Force}
Geberal Kenobi: "Yes Master, right this way!"


Yeah I think that could work! :D
Who do you guys think the entrance character might be, if it happenes?

Jedi Clint
12-17-2002, 06:31 PM

I'm thinking an entrance somewhere in between Vader's entrance into the Tantive in ANH, and Luke's entrance into Jabba's Palace in ROTJ.

He could enter into Dooku's Palace/HQ/Fortress and end the Clone Wars. He would also be opening up a spot in a very exclusive club.

Darth Sidious
12-17-2002, 06:31 PM
I agree with your decision, Obi/ Yoda. And that was a very good script! You ought to post it in Misc. or whatever, and we could all continue it. Sounds pretty official!