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12-18-2002, 03:16 AM
I must have one, no question about that. R2Dtoys have reduced their pre-order price to between 60 and 75 pounds, to be confirmed exactly later, with their fixed price no pre-order at 79.
So should I pre-order?

12-18-2002, 05:07 AM
Although you pre-order the money goes out of your account on shipping day. With the Gunship they only took what the final price was, not the original pre-order price (about £4 more). So even if you pre-order it at £79 you'll only pay whatever it settles to.

That's how I think it works. John, are you about? Can you confimr for me please?

12-18-2002, 08:33 AM
Originally posted by gibbspaulus
Although you pre-order the money goes out of your account on shipping day. With the Gunship they only took what the final price was, not the original pre-order price (about £4 more). So even if you pre-order it at £79 you'll only pay whatever it settles to.

That's how I think it works. John, are you about? Can you confimr for me please?

Gibbspaulus :

That extra £4 that was taken out !! wasn't that for the postage costs ??

12-18-2002, 02:18 PM
I could have sworn I left a post in here somewhere. What I said was if you pre-order rather than wait for it to hit as an in stock item before you order, then you benefit from John's low pricing more. If you wait you'll end up paying more.
Sort of like Jesus bestowing gifts on the faithful and repenters really... okay not like that at all really. :rolleyes: Ignore the last part and pay attention to the first bit which makes sense. 'Buy' now pay less. :D

12-18-2002, 02:34 PM
And although the postage was about £4 the actual pre-postage price was dropped by £4. I know the amounts are scarily similar but there was a saving there.... I'm convinced.

PS: £60 for the Arena from The Entertainer / Toyshop.com - are they having a larf?

12-18-2002, 03:11 PM
That's what I just said to the other half. £60 for a big brown lump of poo. Not on your Nelly mate! And why has the Entertainer got this before TRU? Xmas is looming and it's exactly the sort of thing that's perfect to get for the kiddies and the only place you can find them is at the Entertainer at a scandalous price.

I think it's overpriced at John's current price, for what it is. Chocoshell playset. Not a lot of play in it is there? "It's got doors! it's got a balcony! it's got... it's got... a thing with arm things on it and stuff...!!! it's got...... masses of pooey brown plastic and looks like a melted down Barbie dreamhouse..... and stuff.......!!!!!!" :(

I bet these things are still there next Christmas.

12-19-2002, 04:33 AM
I agree with both your posts. Will pre-order awsome looking shuttle.
Arena looks crappy. Will buy one when stores realise no one wants it and sell for 1/2 price.

12-19-2002, 01:27 PM
Speaking of R2DTOYS. Is this me just being paranoid or is there a postal snarl up going on i should know about apart from the xmas thing slowing deliveries down. The gunship was shipping out last week so just from London to here it should have been here in a maximum of four days. And that's when it's slow. I'm just gonna be so ticked off if i don't get one before xmas and have no new toys to play with. I'm gonna be even more ticked off if john sold them all and I got forgotten. Oh don't mind me, I know I'm being melodramatic but the gunship is one of the few items this year I was really looking forward to having and I don't want it to be shadowed by the shuttle in January if it doesn't come 'til then. I wanted time to enjoy it on its own.
So have you got yours then? And is just Merseyside that's getting really lousy treatment from the postal services? We've had no mail here for days, ordinary mail that is. Not one xmas card from people we know have sent them. Damn annoying. this country is going to the dogs. They should just dissolve the royal mail service and put it out to the private sector completely. Be more competitive. Why the hell should we be paying more for postage when it's royal mail's bad management that got them into debt? Our mail comes from London say, it travels to manchester, then to Warrington and then to Chester, then it goes to our local sorting office out in the middle of nowhere, then the postman decides whether he can be arsed to deliver that day or whether he'll stash the mail for later. Then we get some dog eared rags that used to be letters and postcards and parcels. I caught my postman trying to shove a parcel through the letterbox. Total wanker.

Sorry, bad day at the office..... And to cap it all there's all these deals around that are perfect for army building and guess who has no money because he's had to buy the relatives all these bloody expensive xmas gifts they all want. Bloody christmas gets in the frickinfrackin way of everything BAH HUMBUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:

12-20-2002, 03:14 AM
Don't forget R2Dtoys have offshore warehouseing etc now so it may take longer than ordinary.
We have had mail of other kinds though.
I'll be getting my gunship from TrUs after Xmas probably.
Me and my better half are going for a massive January spend, we've been skint the last three months as we've been doing the kitchen.
I'm currently torn between new shelving/more toys and a PS2.

12-20-2002, 01:29 PM
Hi guys !

Merry Xmas to all of you.....there is good news !

ALL orders are clear and will arrive before xmas...if not, it is the courier backed-up causing the problems. I made sure it was 100% completed before today so that as many of you had their delivery before the big day....

I just came back from the shiping dept. and it is CLEAR, and thats after mailing almost 500 packages in 2 weeks for us alone...that is very busy for us indeed !

There are a good 20 people whose card details were incorrect at time of placing their order and as a result are held-up. We simply had no time to chase them due to mass shipping volumes, we were more concerned about shipping the 'paid-for' orders opposed to those that were declined. So if you are one of the unlucky ones we are STILL trying to sort this out over the weekend and will mail any postal dregs on Monday, so you still may get them before Xmas.

Arena Playset is £40 NOW and in stock while stocks last.

Republic Gunship is £35 NOW and in stock.

Shipping both items is just £6 (or singly also £6, that is the rate we are charged by the courier). Sending together saves you money and most boxes are mint too...

See you all in 2003...we have some good deals in January, like Slave I for £13, Jedi Starfighter for £11, Zam and Anakin Speeders at £6 and many figures from just £3.:D

12-20-2002, 02:20 PM
Well, quite a day. I have to say a big thank you to John for perfect gunship parcel which finally arrived this morning after we spoke and John chased it up with the couriers. The courier firm actually brought in from manchester extra staff to deliver to my area in Merseyside. But let's just say that after speaking with john at 10 this morning my gunship arrived at 12.30 on the nose. It's an amazing piece of toy I must say. But thank you John & team. Hope you have a good christmas break after all the work we've put you to. :)

Conversely, I recieved a shipment from the States today also. Stuff i've not seen anywhere in the UK that was too good a price to resist....... so i thought. First of all the shipment has been split because parts of the order were in a seperate warehouse or some such blather. That means two lots of shipping and handling charges. Then to add injury to insult, i got slapped for £20 exise duties at the door before the postman would hand over the parcel. Apparently that's a hit and miss thing as to whether you get charged or not but just my luck to get a bum order and a bum deal from customs. In future I'm sticking with R2DTOYS. I know where I am with them. No flannel just a good buying experience and excellent service and fantastic quality goods. Sound like a commercial don't I? Not so really just a happy customer. The other place I've had two bad experiences with so far so they can go boil their heads as far as I'm concerned. Yay for R2DTOYS!! :p

12-24-2002, 06:57 PM
Thereís this new little shop that opened in Newcastle just recently, and it sells mostly Star Wars, itís a little specialty shop, which at first I thought would be great, we donít get much like that up here aside from FP, anyway in I went, and hey the guys got some good stuff in, Tie Bombers, Interceptors, and B-wings, a good supply of figures and some nice 12-onch stuff, we got to talking and he said he would be getting the shuttle in Jan. I thought oh great, that will save me on shipping, Iíll just get it here, so I asked him what his price would beÖ £150.00Ö. I looked at him and realized he wasnít taking the ****Ö then I started to look at the prices on his other stock.. Ep I common figures (you know the stuff from the pound shops..) £6.00 a shot.. Saga figures for 6 and 7 pounds each, which I can just about live with until I had a closer look..

Guess whatÖ. itís the import stuff, if you havenít seen it already itís in 3 or 4 different languages, none of which are English. (basically the tri-logo stuff without English) they also have a sticker on the front of the bubble, and in the top right corner where the warning normally is they have a white box with black bold text reading 4+. Iíll try and get a scan soon. Anyway thereís nothing wrong with this stock at all, except itís starting to show up in a lot of places for £2.99 meaning the wholesale price is closer to £1.50 a fig.. in fact they had the same assortment in a shop over the road for £2.99Ö but because this guy has the words Star Wars on his shop front he thinks he can try and take my balls off when I enterÖ

This guy will be out of business soon into the New Year I hope. Anyway r2dtoys seems to have the best rep I have seen and the best prices, instead of being screwed for 150 notes, I think Iíll pay £60ishÖ I want that shuttle, I guess Iíll get it from r2.

01-06-2003, 08:28 AM
Just been to R2DToys to collect a couple of eBay wins, and John was admiring the boxed preview-release Shuttle that he's bought as a treat for himself. This box is so BIG it could be used as a seat - it's about 2 feet in each direction!!!
I'm REALLY looking forward to when this thing ships now!!

01-06-2003, 08:53 AM
Mmmm... shuttle..... Isn't it shipping out this week from HAsblah? Anyone know when all our various suppliers will get them to us ??

01-06-2003, 08:55 AM
End o'the month for R2DToys, hopefully....

01-06-2003, 09:04 AM
But that's years away... *whine whine whine* I want my shuttle NOW!!!! :( Actually I'm cutting back this year, not buying half so many multiples and army builders. Fewer exclusives etc. I decided that a. i have no more room, b. it's too expensive for what little product you get and c. Lego is much more fun. So sorry John, although i'll still try to support you and buy from you throughout the year, Lego will be getting a large chunk of my disposable income this year. Jonny Thunder and the Orient adventure look so cool. Stuff the star wars Lego that's far too expensive and you can't use the bits for other things. Lego sparks your imagination in ways Hasbro can only screw up with gimmicks and accessory dropping actions. Had enough of the Hasbro way. I want to be able to play with these toys properly. Lego is more rewarding.

01-06-2003, 09:33 AM
I'll be buying one of everything...again....cos I'm a sucker. Apart from R2's. I'm not buying any more R2s.

01-06-2003, 11:46 AM
Well, I'm flat broke already, so I'm praying that the guy I'm getting my shuttle from doesn't get it till Payday!!!!

I really want some of the stuff coming out but am desperately holding on for this influx of cheaper figures to arrive to get some armies in.

Anymore ideas when TRU are kicking off?

01-06-2003, 04:33 PM
I checked the Liverpool TRU and they had completely removed their star wars stuff apart from the useless tat that kids buy. Guns and so forth, no figures at all. Chester had a plentiful supply in considering it's just after Christmas. Ephant and palpatine and some nice stuff but since I already bought everything i had no need to rummage through the pegs and couldn't say what else was hidden. They had the usual section of aisle and an end cap display still up loaded with figures. Haven't bothered with Warrington for a long time so can't comment on their store there. I'd say by the looks of Chester that some of this stuff is filtering through already. Is poundland and those cheapo stores getting stuff in? I heard tell of big bargains in those nasty cheapo stores. Perhaps the info was muddled unless it's just the dregs of the first waves clearanced out.

01-07-2003, 03:17 AM
B'ham Toys'r'Us have just put their Christmas stock out so they're pretty full right now. About 8 gunships and mounds of various figures, so many they have flowed off the shelves into bins. You would have thought they might have put all this stuff out previous to Christmas but noooo. That would require some inteligence. Still I suppose once they realise no one will buy it, they'll have to reduce it all and then I can scoop it up.
I still only have about 10 Saga figures so I'm poised to reap the benefits of sale prices.