View Full Version : Yoda Council and Destroyer Droid for trade

12-18-2002, 04:33 PM
I have some yoda high jedi councils and destroyer droids for trade. My want list comes from episode one::
all on good cards!! no crummy cards please!!!
Adi Gallia
Anakin Naboo
Anakin Pilot
Captain Panaka
Darth Sidious holograph priority
jar jar binks swimming
naboo royal guard
naboo royal security
obi wan kenobi jedi knight
pit droids 2 pack
queen amidala battle priority
qui gon jinn jedi master
TC-14 priority
sio bibble priority
R2-B1 priority
email me at untyl@aol.com if interested. I am in TX. Lets work out a deal !!! thanks-- Brian