View Full Version : looking to trade

12-27-2002, 04:45 AM
hello all i am looking to trade some 12 inch figures which were taken out of their boxes for display, the figures i have up for trade are
Luke and Wampa the Target Exclusive
Han and Taun Taun TRU Exclusive
and Chewwie in chains
now i am looking for Imperial army builders such as Fan Club Stormies, R2Q5, Death Star Droids, Generals, Imperial Officers, all loose preferably, i am also looking for Lego Sets to trade for. such as the Awing, Bwing Xwing, preferably loose complete with instructions. i am also looking for the Bwing POTF 2 Target Exclusive and the Ywing and Tie Interceptor all loose and complete also i am looking for an Acklay Loose and complete. so if anyone is interested in these figures or has any other offers LMK by emailing me at bobaboy@concentric.net or minoucruz@hotmail.com