View Full Version : South East Update

12-28-2002, 12:03 PM
Hi Guys, just a few pointers on bargains, and not-so-bargains..

Romford: There's a TJ Hughes there, who are doing a good range of cheap saga elsewhere. Not been to visit yet, but will update further on Monday.

Lakeside: TRU still looks like a bomb's hit it as usual. Suddenly they have a load of Bespin Luke and Endor Han but not a lot else. However, they've finally put up the POS advertising the free Artoos. Shame they didn't have 30 worth of stuff to buy...

Bluewater: The Entertainer branch there is apparently closing and having a 50% off marked price sale. Not a lot of stock but a few POTJ thingies, and many Barwuin D'ans for a fiver each!

FP London - still extortionate as ever. Jango Pilot 'reduced' to 8.99 anyone?

Transmission ends!