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12-30-2002, 10:36 AM
This thread's kind of an annual thing. Last year it was about the Power of the Jedi collection. (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2609) This year we saw that end - with some exclusive and cool new ships like the TIE Bomber and figures like Teebo, R4-M9 *with a Mouse Droid, and Bo Shek.

Then we got everything that exists for Episode 2! Sneak Preview figures to the coolest darn vehicles like Jango's Slave One and the Republic Gunship! (actually we got like 9 - 10 vehicles!) For the first time in a long time, we got a huge hulking playset! - actually the biggest playset the line has ever gotten since Hasbro took over - The Geonosis Execution Arena!

And we got those *cough* deluxe figures, as well as Dexter Jettster and Ephont Mon, plus Mail-Away 12" Jedi Masters and the Ultimate 12" Jango Fett.

I've been busy reviewing all of this for our 5th annual SSG staff wrap-up you'll be seeing shortly, and my final thoughts I'll post there.

So how did you like Star Wars in 2002?

12-30-2002, 11:05 AM
All in all, I really happy with collecting in 2002. There has been a really good selection of toys put out by Hasbro this year and I haven't had much trouble finding anything. I also really appreciated the price break. If the figures had stayed at $6 or more each I think I would have quit collecting.

12-30-2002, 11:16 AM
This year was OK~~ I believe we could sum this year up as "The Year of the Gimmick" Hasbro really outdid themselves on "force-effects, quick draw action, spin kick action, and the like" I hope if Hasbro learned anything from this past year is that we don't like all of the added CRAP! -- I believe everyone wish for next year is to just produce a quality, movable, accurate figure. PERIOD!

The SHIPS this year were OUTSTANDING!! Thanks for the GUNSHIP and the redone X-WING FIGHTER!!

Thanks also for the new PLAYSET -- WOW!

Lets hope this next year is even better...

12-30-2002, 11:34 AM
It was ok for me, but some stuff took a long time to get. I still have yet to find the Acklay. The TIE bomber I had to order online, along with the Bo-Shek series. The recently released Clone Pilot, Yoda Jedi Council and Destroyer Droid, I just found while on vacation in Minnesota (I live in Illinois). Ephant Mon has been hard to find as well down here.

Some of the easier things to find have been the newer Jedi Lightsabers and as far as figures go, I'm tired of seeing the Padme Pilot, Jango Pilot and Han Solo Endor Raid on the shelves.

The other ships - Luke's X-Wing, Luke's Landspeeder, Republic Gunship and Geonosis Arena were around briefly down here. The Arena and Gunship still turn up but the Landspeeder and Xwing came and went. Actually, the X-Wing I had to order as well.

I'm still looking for the deluxe Geonosian Warrior with Hive and the Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike. Probably have to order those as well...

Rogue II
12-30-2002, 12:18 PM
I chose "It was OK, but the products offered really didn't excite me" because I don't collect prequel toys.

2002 Pro & Con list:

- Better Distribution --I noticed they started repacking Yoda and Dooku in more recent cases
- Cost: Most figures were between $3-5, not to mention clearace sales (WOTC had figures for $.99, and KB's 4 packs were $10)
- Army Builders: Stormtrooper 4-pack (and with the prices so low, you could build armys of Royal Guards, Endor Troopers, etc.)
- The concept of Accessory Packs and Cantina Bar Sets
- Ephant Mon and R3-T7 ('nuf said)
- Cool accessores: i.e. Bespin Luke/Vader
- Metal Hilts

- Action Features: do I need to explain?
- Weapons were too "bendy"
- Quality Control (I won't get into the paint errors): Some figures had loose joints...my Endor troop's arm fell off while I was taking it out of the package.
- How many Jango Fett's do we really need?

- I want to knock the "Force effects" but they are removeable, so I won't (I used the effects from R3-T7 on R2 to re-enact his capture by the Jawas AND I also used them on Luke to re-create his discovery of the Emperor's Force Lightining)

The pros definalely outweigh the cons.

12-30-2002, 12:19 PM
I've enjoyed what has come out this year, but it's been SO hard to find. They really need to work on distribution. And NO MORE LUKE, LEIA, HAN, or BEN figures, please -- we have ENOUGH of them already, for crying out loud.

12-30-2002, 12:34 PM
2002, what a year, we laughed, we sang, we cried...mostly we cried.

"The year of the gimmick" or "The year of "Experimenting" with new ideas"?!?!

Some ideas were good, unfortunatly, most ideas were bad.

First of all, let me say that I hate gimmicks that muck up a good figure; buttons, wheels or anything else that protrudes from my figure is unacceptable to me. I also hate action features.:mad:

Hasbro's best figures this years were all gimmick free. Highlights include:

Royal Guard (THANK YOU!!!)
Ephant Mon (HUGE!!!)
Clonetrooper (Preview, Red and Pilot)
Lott Dodd (IT'S ABOUT TIME...I mean that with LOVE;) )
Watto (the clear stand wasn't really a new idea...Senate Cam EP1;) )

Low points include:

Padme' Amidala-Croft arm-poping Arena Escape:rolleyes:
Unleased Amidominatrix
Vader "Luke-I-have-a-button-stickin'-out-of-my-back"
Luke "NOooooo, that's impossible-so-do-I"

The Saga line has managed to do what POTF2, SOTE, Expanded Universe and EP1 could not...

brake me of my completist ways.

It wasn't really all that bad, we saw some great new/re-issued stuff. I finally got my AT-ST and Dagobah Swamp X-Wing (with removable R2-D2)...EXCELLENT! Even better I got a free Silver R2-D2 when I bought my X-Wing;) .

Most figures were easy to find, and I feel confident that these later figures, Ephant Mon, Yoda (#2), Destroyer Droid, etc. will show-up soon.

12-30-2002, 12:35 PM
Everything came and went so fast. No excitement left at all. Lots of product, easy to get to everything and high prices. The quality was by far the best Hasbro has done to date except for the gimmicks that some of the figures had. 2003 WILL be better because all the EP 2 stuff will be going on clearance and deals will be plentiful. I'll be getting most of my stuff in 2003. I didn't get very much this year. I think I spent under $300!

12-30-2002, 01:05 PM
Overall, I thought it was a good year. The exclusives were plentiful in my area. I got all the figures I wanted in a timely fashion.

12-30-2002, 01:44 PM
It was definately a good year. I was able to find 90% of the stuff I wanted in the stores than having to buy online. We were givin awesome vehicles like the Republic Gunship and Saga ESB X-Wing. Of all it was a good year. Alot better than 1998 when Episode 1 was out.

12-30-2002, 02:17 PM
I really can't complain about the distribution. I was able to find everything this year. I had to make a few trips along the way but that's half the fun of it.
Prices we're low and sales were plentiful.
The vehicles we're awesome as was the playset, more please!
We got a new creature from both the Cantina and Jabba's palace, and we got a darn good start on E2 figures, overall a great year.

12-30-2002, 03:15 PM
I think it was a pretty decent year - I'm getting a bit tired of exclusives. It is Dec. 30 2002 at 3:00 PM where I sit at work taking a break and I just bought an Imperial Shuttle off of eBay. Good Move? I don't know....:rolleyes: But....I sold the original that I had from 1983 so...

I did apreciate the lower figure prices and the sculpts on some of the figures are outstanding. One thing I didn't care for is the "action poses" that some of them have/had and they don't go into the vehicles real well. Zam Wessel is a prime example!:mad:

Anyway - I love the error bloody Luke figure and the Target Accessory kits were nice. Most of the exclusives were hard to come by except for the KB ones - one of our malls has about 20 of them STILL!!!

Darth Cruel
12-30-2002, 03:28 PM

I can finally vote!

12-30-2002, 04:13 PM
Overall, '02 was pretty damned good! Tons o' fig's!

Distribution was sometimes slow, but I learned to not order online unless that was the only way it would be available (in the last year and a half, the 2 times I ordered online I found the items the next week in a store:rolleyes: ). The only 2 things I can think of that I don't yet have are Ephant Mon and the Deluxe Trooper w/ Bike.

With regard to the Shuttle... I visited the FAO.com site and found my order hadn't gone thru, so I called the number provided online and was able to complete an order. This was last week, around the 23rd.

I'm thankful for the lower prices, b/c w/out them I don't think I would've been able to afford 52 of the 53 Saga fig's, plus the fianl POTJ fig's that were relaesed in the 1st quarter.

Do any of you know how many fig's were relaesed this year? (Not counting Deluxe) 57? More...?

Like most of you, I didn't like the gimmicks. just give me good articulation, like the legs on the Rebel Fleet Trooper, even the knees on Coruscant Attack Padme; and also on the Stormie from the Troop Builder set.

Add to all this the really cool LEGO's, replicas...

Last but not least, I started posting here back in Feb, and I get to read a ton of hilarious posts!

Yeah, I think it's been a good year:) .

Happy New Year to you all!

12-30-2002, 05:19 PM
Between reissues and figures that were just crap (most of the deluxe line), Hasbro saved me alot of money and made sure that I was not a completist anymore! Good job Hasbro! There was alot of selection, but 53 figures since may is hard to keep up with when your area sucks at getting new stuff in a timely fashion. 2003 looks to be another big money saving year because I'll buy less then I did this year.

plo koon 200
12-30-2002, 05:20 PM
Too many gimmicks. Decent but not great toys with the exception of the Ephant Mon and Gunship. I still can't find the Holiday Edition. I've only had problems finding Wal-Mart exclusives this year. I've seen 20 or so Epahnt Mon's where I live and bought 5. They are no longer showing up but up to right before Christmas they were indeed plentiful where I live. And I also bought 6 Destroyers and there is still 4 left at my Kay Bee's as of yesterday.

12-30-2002, 06:59 PM
even with all the complaints about distribution, action features, etc..... I dont know how you can say anything except that 2002 was one of the best years--if not the best year--EVER.

what other year can compare?

end of POTJ--best line ever
tie bomber
HUGE numbers of Ep 2 figures
GREAT ships (ie Gunship, Saga x-wing, slave 1)
fantastic sculpts
troop buuilders
great accessory sets
cool exclusives (jorge sacul, solver R2)
metal hilts
etc etc etc

and though we all had hard to find figures, generally, most of what any of us wanted was all over the place

I cannot think of any year that has come close to variety and wide-spread distribution

I mean come on.... its really easy to gripe and moan about what we dont like and couldnt find, etc etc... but when has it EVER been better for a collector... the sheer volume of figures, even with the stupid action figures, is worth huge points for me.... and there were some GREAT ones mixed in with the padme arenas

I agree that action features are stupid, certain figures have had BAD distribution.... but what else is new.... generally, distribution was GREAT

and I go back to my first point.... what other year had been better on any level?!? REALLY.... for every one griping... tell me when it has ever been better? I dont think it has. I really dont

Hasbro still has lots of room for improvement... but it did a great job this year

hope 2003 is 1/4 as good!!

-Rash Flembar-

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12-30-2002, 07:52 PM
Distribution was great from my end. lots of stuff all year round in plenty of places. Prices sucked and need to be reduced for the UK on a more permanent level. Product hampered by gimicky stuff was too bad. I spent most of my money on buying multiples of the better stuff like basic clonetrooper and royal guard and the smashing geo warrior with nifty little wings (note that the ball joints weren't a gimmick but added articulation) Vehicles were the cream of the years crop, republic gunship was just a phenomenol surprise to me, how good is immeasurable. jango's slave-1 could have done without a couple of the gimmicks but the basic ship was a vast improvement on the previous incarnation. Beasts wewre cool but the Acklay disappointed in the lack of play it held and the fact that it couldn't take it's own weight. The Nexu is a truly great beast and there should be more smaller sized beasts made at pocket money level so the kids can freely buy them for themselves.
More accessories with figures was pretty cool. The accessory sets were iffy though. Nice idea but they just didn't cut it for me with a lack of anything really worthwhile in them. The cantina sets were okay up to a point but again they could have been better and the biggest let down is the lack of the curved end of the bar and the center section. My feelings are that this should have been a playset in full not a paltry section repeating endlessly through two waves of the sets.
Biggest let down was the arena playset, big lump of kaka colored melted crud in a box. What a joke of a piece of junk.

A good year for the amount of stuff churned out but i think there was far too much churned out and the quality suffered. A lot of the products seemed rushed and half finished with the gimmicks jack booted into them to try and make up for the something they might have had if they'd been finished properly.

Next year looks crammed too and i hope Hasbro learns from this year and pulls back a little so the stuff we do get is of a higher quality. Less is more so they say and hasbro should take it to heart and concentrate on making good things better not ruining good things by gilding the lily.

12-30-2002, 08:27 PM
My feelings fall somewhere between:
"It was OK, but the products offered really didn't excite me"
"I was very disappointed with the product mix and / or distribution Hasbro offered"

I guess "very disappointed" isn't exactly how I feel, but that's the one I ended up voting for because I really didn't like most of the products this year and the distribution was very hit-or-miss. In the past 10 years I've been collecting modern Star Wars product (that's since '93 when SW Micro Machines first came out), this year has actually been the biggest let-down for me breaking me of my figure-completist habit... and the most disappointing part of that is so far, what Hasbro's putting out doesn't make me feel BAD about that.

12-30-2002, 08:56 PM
Tie Bomber!!!!
Tie Bomber!!!!
Tie Bomber!!!!:crazed:

12-30-2002, 09:32 PM
Very poor year for the toy mix in my area. Not only did we not see alot of the exclusives but also alot of figures. I live in Missouri and I have yet to see the Luke and Landspeeder or even the Empire X-wing at my local Toys r Us. I was lucky enough to go to Phoenix for X-mas and was able to find alot of figures and some Kaybee 4 packs. Over all with all the ordering I had to do and shipping on items I ahve paid I wish Hasbro would pay me to but their items. Don't get me wrong I love Star Wars, all lines and items, but without proper distribution I will never have the current items out there. I have seen the clone trooper with speeder bike and the Ephant Mon on auctions sites but not in my area. Attention Hasbro do away with gimmicks and save your money and put it into a better distribution system. We all have as many Hans, Lukes, and Jango Fetts we need, give us characters we want. I will stop my raving but I wish you all a very Happy New Year and better luck in 2003. :crazed:

12-30-2002, 10:31 PM

That's the best word I can use to describe this year for figures. I'm pretty much with everyone else here. The gimmicks sucked, and I steered clear of many figures because of it. The deluxe line was disappointing at best with only 2 or 3 figures worth buying. The vehicles were surprisingly good though, definately the highlight of the line this year.

There were some great figures, but many more lackluster figures and many disappointments. A small peg sticking out of a 7'' figure really doesn't bother me, but a half inch peg sticking out of a 3'' figure really ruins the figure.

My interest in the Star Wars line is waning quickly. And with so many other exceptional figure lines that emerged in 2002, my money went more to Toybiz and Mattel than Hasbro this year. And from what I've seen from the previews for 2003, Hasbro might not get a single cent from me next year.

Basically, Hasbro made the same mistakes in 2002 as they did in 1999. Figures sat on the shelves until they were sent back to Hasbro. Many worthless items that will never sell still clog the pegs. Overpriced exclusives were hard to come by, or will sit around until they are discounted.

The strange thing is, I don't feel bad about any of this either. Collecting Star Wars is no longer fun and enjoyable, but bothersome and disappointing. When they put the Marvel Legends and MOTU figures right next to the Star Wars figures, its a lot harder choosing between MOTU and Legends, and I don't give Star Wars even a second glance anymore.

Bacta Man
12-30-2002, 11:16 PM
Just wanna say that I think the sculpts and detailing have come a long way. But.... I sick of these action poses that make the figures little more than mini statues. The inability of ships to accomodate their intended drivers. And, the limited availability of some exclusives,(it's really bad in my area). I hate that FAO got the shuttle! I really, really want that piece, but c'mon, $100!!! No figures!!!? No electronics!!!? Everyone knows darn well if it was at Wal-Mart or Target it would have been under $50!!

12-30-2002, 11:48 PM
Well, the figures over-all were good. But the biggest SNAFU was the white Battle droid. I found very few of the red droids. Found only one in the later released Mace with Droid deluxe pack, and the Target exclusive Red Battle Droid with rocket pack (Cool) So it's imposible to make a really good scene with the Arena Playset. Also to build a good Clone Army, (if you thought ahead) maybe you got enough of the preview Clone Troopers with the fixed legs. You can't build an army or load your Gunship with just officers (the red and yellow Clone Troopers) Think about it: Hasbro could have sold many more, if not double the amount of figures if they would have done these 2 figures properly and in abundance, when the collecting fever was high. Which I'm sure they are going to do in 2003. We want our Armys now!

12-30-2002, 11:53 PM
Overall, it was ok. I mean, sure, the gimmicks were really bad, but the sculpts were pretty good. And with the release of Ephant Mon, the figure that dragged me back into collecting, you gotta admit some things were done right. Here are some highlights:

1. Late POTJ assortments - BoShek, Eeth Koth, Rebel Trooper, and Imperial Officer, just to name a few, were all collector minded figures that sure caught my interest.

2. Vehicles - anything POTJ and after were superb. Seems like Hasbro finally realized that these meant something to fans. The Tie Bomber was truly amazing. Even the Tydirium, although FAO, looks great, and it is fan-minded.

3. Saga - it's been long since hasbro came out with a huge line of SW figures, and they finally did. Although this marked the birth of action-features, they still do want to please the collectors, proven by the release of characters like Ephant Mon, Djas Puhr, ESB Luke, and Vader. This proves they still value the classic trilogy like the old fans.

I forsee that 2003 will be an even better year, and if Hasbro has been listening, you should see the gimmicks slowly disappearing.

12-31-2002, 02:01 AM
ROTFL :p Some collector's will never be happy.

I voted best year. For the first time in a long time I have been tempted to break my 12" figure only buying and go for other stuff for my collection. Action Fleet, Vehicles, Lightsabers, Lego's, and one my favorite addition Unleashed.

I stuck to my guns though and bought the other stuff for the kids. I collect 12" figures only, and this was a great year for 12" collector's. Mace, Plo, Ki-Adi, Dooku, Jango, Luke & Tauntaun and all the rest I'm very happy with. Sure there are little things that could have been done better(cough cough, CLOAKS:D), but if all I could do is *****!!!! about it I'd move on to collecting something I was happy with.

Hasbro is improving, slowly, but they are and I feel 2003 will be even better. Good work Hasbro, keep it up.:D

Bryan Segal
12-31-2002, 03:16 AM
No more gimmicks!!!!!

I fell in love with Star Wars toys from the begining because of the fact that they were not gimmick orientated. On the other hand I did like the wide range of new figures and resculpts of old. I have no problem buying a new chewbacca if it beats out the other 18 I all ready have.

I've tried walking away many times but I always get drawn back in to it. I just want my damn Death star playset so I may be done with all this!!!!

Anakin Palpatine, You know it's coming!!

Quite-Gone Jim
12-31-2002, 08:54 AM
Overall, I think it was a pretty good year. The 3 3/4" line was well done (the gimmicks stink, but there were lots of nice figures).

My only complaint it there was too much stuff (yeah, I just can't be made happy). At $4.99 a figure times 50 figures is almost $250 (I know there were more figures, but I'm keeping my math simple). Add the really cool ships, the terrible deluxe figures, neat accessory sets, cantina sets, and I think I probably spent over $600. I can't afford to keep that up every year.

I think it be easier on me, as a collector, to keep it to 40 figures a year (10 new ones each quarter).

As a high point, the crap that came out for deluxe figures has broken my completist ways.

12-31-2002, 01:02 PM
2002 had some great products to offer like the Gunship, Ephant, 12" Zuckuss, and not to ignore Dexter, and Dodd. However were were bathed in too many copies of copies and sculpts that really were too extreme. Take the Croft Padme, and even many of the arena Jedi were more like statues than figures. The excitement for me is not as potent for this year as it was for the other stable lines. During 1998 the slide assortments were very consistant both in quality and in freshness. This was the same for the POTJ line. This year there was very little consistancy. One month was good, one month was dissapointing. Hasbro should invest on focusing on the collector base this year and from the look of it they are. Next year seems much more exciting than this one.
Thanks sir steve for those lists.

01-01-2003, 01:31 AM
I forgot to add into my post about the TIE Bomber (a definite plus), as well as the Crashed Luke's Snowspeeder (w/ Dack!)(another plus!!). And don't forget FX-7! One of the most-true-to-screen likenesses ever!

I'm not sure if the Deluxe Luke in Bacta fell into this year or last, but I'm pretty sure I got it this year.

This has been a really good year, and if your having problems where your at, consider asking someone to pick something up for you. I've traded w/ a couple of different people here at SSG and it went pretty well.

01-01-2003, 07:20 PM
I voted for "2002 was a vast improvement for product selection and / or distribution" since first, being a movieyear, all the mayot stores here in france had starwars figures again so I could buy some clonetroopers here
although the product selection wasn't a VAST improvement, it was still very good since we saw some cool OT characteres (Chewie Bespin, Luke Bespin, Ephant Mon to name a few) who were all great (except for a few like han solo endor IMO), we saw some cool E1 figs (Teemto, Darth Maul ST) and of course the Episode 2 figs who, of course had some gimmicks but they didn't ruin the figures IMO (at least most didn't), and I don really mind a little button sticking out of a back of a fig (although it of course would've been better without)
overall it's been a very good year, maybe even one of the best yet

01-01-2003, 11:23 PM
....and that was great considering we had a new film to accompany the new line. I'm still reeling on how FAST it all was...from AOTC's theatrical release to it sitting on my shelf was shockingly fast! Not that I'm complaining, but it's going to make the wait for EpIII feel EXTRA long...

As for the toys....I'm in the camp with those who could live WITHOUT the "action" features...as for the extreme posing...well, on some it looked great (Luminara Unduli springs to mind) but on most it was pretty bad (the WORST figure of the year was the Arena Padme...but at least Hasbro is taking another shot at that version in '03 that looks WAY improved).

While we had an amazing array of characters from the latest film, I was still surprised how many prominate ones were left out (Poggle the Lessor, Lama Su, Wat Tambor, Aalya Secura, Bail Organa to name a few)..but from the news I've been reading here & at Hasbro's site most of 'em are on the slate for this year.

The only thing figure-wise I think could have been different is giving the classic characters a longer break wouldn't have been a bad thing. We were spared Luke but had to contend with yet ANOTHER peg-warming Han Solo and Chewbacca! And I've read another two are on the way!! Granted, the Chewie was pretty decent & didn't warm the pegs QUITE as much but...I just think that giving the classic core characters a rest for a couple of years wouldn't be a bad idea...and would make them really sought after when they did re-appear....

It was really nice not to have to really scramble for any figures this time around....yeah, there were a few that gave me a start (Ephant Mon springs to mind) but as the year ended, all of them were around enough to make hunting easy.

Looking ahead to this year....I like the scene-specific stands idea. And I hope they get the core characters out of their system early in the year so we can start seeing some great secondary & background characters like we did during the POTJ period. Also, I hope they get over the gimmicks....

Play safe & see you in the aisles.....

01-02-2003, 06:24 AM
a good year for background figures that fill in the gaps. BoShek,r4-m9,Djas Puhr,Amanaman,ephant,imp officer,rebel trooper,bacta luke,endor soldier,teebo&paploo,Zutton plus the vehicles made ok collecting for the classic trilogy.still need more... who is the faytonni cantina alien?was he in the cantina poll?ithink he/she was...

01-02-2003, 11:49 AM
I voted for "disappointed." While there were quite a few ships, many items just never showed up here. I haven't seen a single 3&3/4" clone trooper of any kind, no Ephant Mon, and no destroyer droids. Also, figures have been overly expensive at about $9-10 per (I should mention I'm in Canada; the cost would be about $6-7 US).

Collecting used to be fun but since E1 toys were waaay over stocked, the distribution and availability has been lousy, making collecting no longer fun. In Wal-Mart, there is about 1/10th of a shelf that has Star Wars toys. I collected the first three 12" bounty hunters from Toys R Us but then when the other two were released they weren't stocked here because of the 100s of Mace Windus and Obi-Wans that weren't selling!

In one store, they have figures with accessories (hoth soldier, scout trooper and death ster trooper) which is awesome until the price of $15 jumps out. No army building to be had there.

I doubt I'll ever see a TIE bomber up here since I never saw the Skiff or 12" Dewback and Stormtrooper to mention just a few.

Maybe I'll wait for a sale and buy out the over-stocked Senator Jar-Jar "Oops I'm responsible for helping Palpatine become Emperor" Binks figures to free up some room on the shelves.

A couple questions: why would they release the Republic Gunship with no clone troopers and then not release any clone trooper figures? Who's supposed to fly the ship? Also, now that I think of it, why would they not release that figure when there are MILLIONS of them in the movie? Finally, why are the blasters for the 12'' clone and battle droid silver/grey instead of black?

A final note and all criticism aside: the sculpts of the latest figures are incredible.

01-02-2003, 12:52 PM
The year as a whole I think was better for me, but it has had its pit falls. The POTJ figures were some of the best ever done. But I have always had trouble find stuff at the end of a line. The Sage figures started out being easy to find and plentiful, except for Count Dooku. But as time went on newer items have failed to materialize. As for the gimmicks, some are kind of cool, some detract and degrade and the rest I'm indifferent on. Now as for the vehicles, 2002 has seen some the best since the end of the vintage lines. While the Arena playset is not the best, its the best I've seen for a long time. So a good year, not great.

01-02-2003, 12:55 PM
Faytooni is a play on re-aranging some letters in AnThONi Daniels who played him out of his 3PO costume during the bar scene in Club Outlander, Entertainment District, Coruscant - obviously in Episode 2 when Obi-Wan and Anakin are hunting Zam Wessel in the bar.

Faytooni is not a real Republic Officer. He's a con-man posing as one - and somehow he has a real uniform.

There were plenty of Clone Troopers here, RichD.

You may have stumbled upon other Star Wars collectors in your area of Canada - there are as many Canadian fans as there are fans proportionate to anywhere else.

Stores mostly stock overnight, and scalpers and toy hunters go out to the stores at 6:45 am (before Walmart opens at the 7am opening stores like we have here), and they hit Target right after that, etc., etc.

I bought 25 SneakPreview CloneTroopers right away, back in March.

Then when the RedStripes hit, I only think I needed 8 of them, but while I'm sure I left a lot on the racks, people there at the store the same time I was, bought the rest of them. This was April 23, but the Red Clones continued showing up for months after that, here. And they would be on the pegs even at 4pm when I'd go back to a store for other shopping, or some household item I forgot.

The Gunship pilots are harder to find. I got mine from a Toys R Us stock manager who recognized me as a customer of over 7 years, and he let me into the back, and I cleaned out 6 cases (though they'd gotten 80 cases for Christmas). In 6 cases, I got 18 pilots of course - and with 4 Gunships, I needed 16 figures at least. Later I bought 2 more so I have 4 extra pilots reserved for things like an AT-TE or wherever else I want to use them.

But 2 things may have happened:

They did ship to your area - and the early birds got them and left you with Padme Pilots galore...

They did NOT ship to your area for lots of possible reasons, including your stores ordering too many of another case assort. and computer inventory showing the pegs full (people that hide figures so stores will restock are wasting their time: if the store has no more figures, they will not reorder because they think its a shop-lifter risk if they can't provide sales receipts for missing items. And if they have too many of one case, they'll just keep putting that out - but definitely not reodering from Hasbro).

New collectors are always learning these kinds of things.

I hope your problem is simply that you need to get out to the stores first, and you'll get your figures. January is just a tough month (due to inventory) to really achieve any measure of success though.

01-02-2003, 07:53 PM
The most exciting things for me were OT background characters like Ephant Mon, Djas Puhr, Bo Shek, R4-M9, etc. and the beasts like Reek, Nexu, and Acklay. I've always liked beasts since the vintage Rancor and dewback. I was also pleased with the vehicles. I was patient enough to wait for the Jedi Starfighter and Slave One vehicles to go on clearance before I bought them and once I did I was very pleased. I was glad the arena was released because I make major dioramas of every scene that I liked and it makes a great background. I also love the gunship and the yellow pilots that were released for it.
I am going to get that interactive R2 eventually but I haven't yet. I don't have many complaints except that sometimes we would go months without getting anything new. And some cool figures like Luke and Vader Bespin look like they have daggers in their backs.

Jedi Master Silas
01-02-2003, 08:05 PM
It was ok i quess. I loved the last of the POTJ figures but I hate most of the EP2 figs because of the stupid poses. I loved Ephant Mon and the Gunship so it kind of redeemed itself slightly towards the end.

01-03-2003, 08:26 AM
I still have not found my Ephant Mon fig at Wal Mart. I might just have to break down and get them somewhere else.

01-03-2003, 01:02 PM
2002 was the best year in collectiong. In my home town I couldn't find much of what I wanted. I was recently station to a military base in Texas so i went to a store there and it was Star Wars heaven. I found just about everything I wanted except the clone gunship pilots and Imperial Officers. If anyone is willing to sell them to me contact me I need four plus a deluxe clone trooper.
One them that would please me is have a scale size AT-TE and a AT-XT that would be outstanding. Have a great new year. Always Forward!!!

If you can sell me what I need email me at:


01-03-2003, 03:56 PM

Thank you for serving our country.

Next, have you tried Target? About 3 hours ago I was there at my local store and they had just gotten a ton of Clone Trooper Pilots (Republic Gunship dudes). They had the new Destroyer Droid (it's not that great) and Yoda (rehased from E1). All I needed was an extra Yoda, so that was all I purchased. I heard my Toys R Us got them in big quantities too. I went to a different TRU this morning however.

I found my Clone Trooper Speederbikers (deluxe) at K-mart (but back in November). I found 1 more at a Target maybe in early December, but they are not really shipping. I'd still like 2 more.

The fact is, stores seem to have tons of Anakin vs. Genosian and the Nexu warming the pegs. Other stores that got that biker wave still have the Geonosians or Flippy Anakin left over in good numbers. - and most still have the same Flippy Dooku and Flippy Wan Kenobi they got since April 23 - it's like a living time capsule ;)

So don't worry about the bikers. I think more will show up later.

As to the CloneTrooper Gunners, you'll be getting them at retail soon I think :)

01-03-2003, 10:11 PM
If the Faytooni cantina alien is from the Outlander Niteclub then I guess it would safe to assume that the 2nd cantina alien (scheduled for release in October 03 as part of wave 4) is also a Outlander patron. A little dissapointing as there doesn't seem to be many new classic trilogy figures on the cards for 2003.Most seem to be resculpts..which is cool,especially Luke ROTJ and HanHoth.
Hopefully we willl have a few more suprises in store.Fan Choice #5 should hopefullly bring us Jan Dodonna or at least Captain Antillles,but it would be nice if we had some more unreleased OT characters.

01-04-2003, 01:21 AM
As far as I've heard from my guy I know with inside connections, the Nite Club sets and the Cantina Sets are separate assortments.

If we get more cantina aliens (and Hasbro should be doing 3 per year along with 2 Jabba aliens per year), then they will include the curved sections of the bar (2 figures anyway), and a third might include Wuher's fancy 'on tap machine.'

The Cantina sets were largely done to make older figures available to new collectors who never got Dr. Evazan, Wuher, etc. No Ithorian (Hammerhead) has been on the shelves since 1997 and some new fans that collect now were not even born in 1997 -think about it. I collected when I was 5, too. I was just lucky enough to be born in time for the beginning. Anyway, while Ponda Baba hasn't been released again since 1997, Greedo certainly saw a few resculpts, but he still is selling.

The bar sections were put there as bait for those of us who have these figures - so we can make a playset.

They're updated and offered again, so some completists will groan but still pay Hasbro the money.

And they're cheap to produce because Hasbro can offer all the old figures with small changes.

Do not be surprised if Nabrum Leids (4 arms, gas mask), Takeel (other Snaggletooth-Snivvian), and Labrina (Devaronian) will be the next Cantina Aliens, - or if it would be Muftak and Kabe (separate or carded on blue together, without a bar section for the 3rd piece).

A Cantina Band Member (Bith) might appear, or 1998's Lak Sivrak (Wolfman).

Like I said, people born since 1997-'98 are fans now. They don't have them, and these are exclusives. Some people would have resented having to go only to Wal*Mart if that is the only place they could have gotten the Duro, Zutton, Bo Shek, and Djas Puhr figures.

I am somehow guessing that Kitik Keed Kak won't be much of a figure with a lot of effort going into the articulation. It will be more of a prop and it is ok for an exclusive, because less people can point her out in the movie next to other aliens like Myo, Hem Dazon, Bom Vimdim, Feltipern Trevagg, Dannik Jerikko, etc. etc. etc.

But the idea of some screen scenes, the return of cinema scenes for this year, will be 3-packs of all new figures (hopefully) and a carded figure or 2 that have accessories or furniture that link up with the screen scene so there's an incentive to buy all of it.

Lt. Faytooni will apparently be carded, as will another prominant Club Outlander patron - who my first guess would be Elan Sleezebagano with some death sticks for sale. Their accessories may include parts of that bar that connect with something in a 3-pack which might include Ahmed Best's Republic Officer (he too was a con-man who stole a uniform) - but simple since they can use Faytooni's body mold if they want to maximize profits, plus maybe one of the fine girls that frequent that establishment wearing "Fredericks of Alderaan," and perhaps one of the new aliens we saw on the street with the bulbous eyes below his mouth (almost Mon Calamarian looking - but definitely not).

Buying the 3-pack and then the 2 carded figures will put together a completed scene section.

I'm not against that at all and if it helps them market more obscure characters and creates an incentive for everyone to buy enough of them to make it profitable, they should extend this marketing plan to the Cantina with floor and private booth segments that also fit together with the bar stool flooring, and they should explore doing Jabba's Palace in this style.

The Senate would be trickier, because we need those Senate cars which really kind of qualify as a vehicle. But the Senate is another great source for alien figures that I'd like to see tapped.

The Separatists War Room will be done in this style.

It remains a possibilty that the Lars Moisture Farm (kitchen - dinning area?) is getting the same treatment, as it's nearly a fact that a 3 pack is coming - and that may include Owen, Beru, and Cliegg, or card one of them and put Anakin or Padme Tatooine in with the other 2. The Lars' garage is another possibility. That'd be great because you could also use the scene with Luke, R2 and Holo-Leia, older Owen and Beru could be improved and re-issued with the same set pieces (making us resculpts we might want, and making Hasbro more profits on the garage pieces from their screen scene). It all looks bright for our future.

Like 2001 was a rip-roaring good year for POTJ figures, I'm looking forward to what Hasbro can do in 2003 when they settle on more detail and quality over quantity in a non-movie year.

Still, I did vote that 2002 was the best year ever - largely influenced by the vehicles, Arena Playset, Dexter and Ephant figures, 12" Jango, Dooku, and Ki, and the quantity made collecting a lot of fun and excitement!

01-10-2003, 04:22 PM
Thanks for the suggestions Tycho. I did a bit of searching around (like in the other forum areas on this site) and I've discovered that the items I said couldn't be found (e.g., Clone Troopers) actually weren't released here(yet?).

I think you were right about stores not ordering because of peg warmers. I really wish they'd release more popular figures in the first waves so the crappy ones didn't sit so long and make the others not get released because of poor sales.

I find it interesting that I've seen lots of Jango Fetts which were bought up fairly quickly. If they'd been smart, they'dve released Clone Troopers up here in large quantities (especially with the Gunship release).

Sometimes patience pays off but also sometimes items just never shows up (Skiff, Y-Wing, etc.). Collecting while living in Canada has been frustrating or expensive.

01-10-2003, 06:19 PM
It was okay:crazed: :cry:

01-12-2003, 04:25 AM
BTW, the current numbers show 48.85% of folks voting in the "something's wrong with 2002 collecting" categories.

01-13-2003, 06:48 PM
That's true JediTricks, but that means 2002 was good by approx. 52% of the fans.

Compared to the same poll last year:

13.55% said 2001 was the best year ever, but 15.88% thought this year was even better. Definitely an improvement! :)

30.79 thought 2001 was an improvement over 2000, but 35.27% thought this year was improved even further than 2001.

It seems that love for the products declined this year though:

9.85% didn't like 2001's selection, but 15.11% did not like this year's figures better than last year's. (translation: either people wanted more Classic figures, and this year was heavily concentrating on E2, or action features are REALLY loathed by most of us).

About 34% of our readers complained about distribution problems in 2001, but only 23% of you said this past year was a problem. -That's great!

Now only 8.3% of the folks just had a bad year with collecting in 2001, but now 10.23% of you thought last year sucked -an increase we can easily hypothesize was caused by a larger amount of people being dissatisfied with the products offered. I infer that from the differences in statistics above that said distribution improved, but product selection did not.

There are a portion of SSG readers who purchase only Classic product, and they are a significant number. That being said,

2001's Classic..................................2002's Classic

Chewie Mechanic............................R4M9 with Mouse Droid
Leia Bespin Escape.........................Bo Shek
Sandtrooper....................................Tee bo
Luke X-wing....................................R3-T7
Vader Emp's Wrath..........................R2-D2 (really E2 - but it beeps)
Han Stormtrooper belt....................Royal Guard
IG-88..............................................Va der Bespin Duel
K-3PO.............................................Lu ke Bespin Defeat
Mon Calamari................................. Han Shield Bunker
Tessek............................................ Chewie Bespin Escape
Lando Bespin Escape.....................Endor Rebel Soldier w. Goatee
R2-Q5.............................................End or Rebel Soldier clean face
Ketwol............................................ Djas Puhr
Duro.............................................. .Tusken Raider (recard Massif)
Bespin Security...............................Ephont Mon
Imp Officer
Rebel Trooper
Luke Bacta (Deluxe)
Leia Sailbarge (Deluxe)
Amanaman (Deluxe)

7 more classic figures in 2001 versus 2002, but some people would dispute what counts as Classic figures.

15 figures in 2001 gave us characters or heroes in uniforms never offered before (that's not counting Han Stormtrooper belt, Vader Emp's Wrath, for resculpt reasons)

7 figures in 2002 really qualify as different (not letting the Endor Soldier to count twice, nor the Royal Guard's resculpt as well as various Hans, Chewies, Lukes, Vaders etc. don't count either because they don't give us a totally new figure that we don't have in any form like Leia Bespin Escape, FX-7, Amanaman, Ephont Mon, Teebo, R4-M9, or Djas Puhr.

So in terms of what was good for Classic-Only collectors, I'd say 2001 was a much better year than this past one. That's to be expected during a movie year though - and AOTC proved to be a much bigger hit with SW fans than TPM did! Thus I'd expect Episode 2 figures to stay strong in the assortments offered for 2003.

As for action features being added to the figures, that's something else, and usually bad, in its entirety.

Now I loved AOTC and continue to collect all Star Wars, thus 2002 was a better year for me. But there was room for improvement on some of the E2 figures like Padme Arena Battle and Anakin Peasant Disguise - still Ephant Mon and R4-M9, Teebo, Bo Shek, R3-T7, Jango Kamino, Royal Guard, Dexter Jettster, Zam Wessel, Clone Trooper and Gunship Pilot, Orm Free Taa, Chancellor Palpatine, Padme Pilot, and many more "did it for me." Those are good figures (just maybe too many of them out there right now...)

But it was the vehicles, and many people here don't buy those, or don't enjoy opening their toys and putting figures in them, which can really turn the tide as to how much you enjoy your 2002 collection. The vehicles were incredible!!!

Anyway, that's my analysis.