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12-31-2002, 01:04 AM
I was thinking about the vintage line, and what Kenner released (which was one version for each of the figures) and now wondering whether Hasbro has finally done the best definitive version of each of the characters. With that in mind....

SW: ANH (from the vintage lists)

Luke Tatooine: well overdone, I'm hardly sure which was the best. Maybe the Purchase of the Droids 3-pack one, or the Blast Shield Luke?

Han Solo: Cantina version rocks! Han's done!

Chewbacca: well overdone. I like the Mechanic figure myself (POTJ)

Stormtrooper: CommTech figure rocks! 4-pack keeps him available.

Darth Vader: I think the Flashback was darn good. Removeable helmet was incredible - but between these 2, Vader's well represented. Dagobah was nice, but it's not "really" Darth ;)

Ben Kenobi: I really like the 25th Anniversary 2-pack one. A really decent soft-goods one could be done because he needs to be able to sit in the vehicles, the landspeeder and Millennium Falcon especially. But the soft-goods materials need to be advanced beyond the junk that's been offered and if they need to make Old Ben a deluxe to get a difinitive version out there with soft-goods, than they should do it!

Princess Leia: the Leia Collection 2-pack with R2D2 really does it for me. She can sit in any vehicle, and her cloth material is perfect, minus just the fact that she lacks a 'real' hood. If they do any more Leia's from ANH, she should be a difinitive soft-goods.

C-3PO: the Minted Coin figure had a silver leg and was perfect. Maybe if he could grip a commlink in one hand, or if that version was also made dirty with a silver leg, that'd do it. I'd like Threepio in the Ewok throne with bending knees, and with "Jabba gunk" on his face and a pop-out eye, but it's not a big deal. Still, a good way to refresh classic Threepio.

R2D2: the serving tray one and a re-done Lightsaber launching one could be combined. The Holo-Leia one was the most superior by far, but the original was not bad either. An Endor "explosion" one would also be cool. I don't think R2 has been completely overdone - and he doesn't pegwarm, so another R2 is ok - just the flying one does not look so hot in preliminaries.

Death Star Trooper: he needs a less action-pre-pose sculpt, and a new head sculpt while they're at it. Maybe a gun and holster?

Sand Person (Tusken Raider): We have enough of him. The new one forthcoming looks like the best one yet. I can't wait for this figure!

Jawa: the CommTech one was superior with 2 real lets at last. I don't think a cloth cape is necessary, unless the sandcrawler has a sit-down cockpit, in which case that soft-goods Jawa should be a pack-in with the vehicle.

Greedo: The cantina CommTech and the Cantina Exclusive are fine. Didn't he have a holster for his gun though? That always seems to be over-looked. However, any new Greedo is not needed now, and when, if ever he is done, he should have not have less articulation than the present exclusive one does today.

Momaw Nadon: He's done. The Cantina Exclusive is pretty good!

Zutton: He's done, too. The character's head is supposed to be big.

Ponda Baba: the Exclusive covers it all - but a concealed weapon holster? Just don't cheat on the legs articulation... Still, we don't need that for a very long time!

R5-D4: he needs a resculpt for sure.

Gonk Droid: he's fine, but a different version with antennae like the Echo Base one would be cool - or a really rusted out one with nice paint detail would be alright.

RA-7: He's coming with the Sandcrawler supposedly, so we'll finally get our first figure of him (a repaint of the Death Star Droid) but the figure's going to be just fine, and that ends that.

Luke X-wing Pilot: This figure could still use a resculpt, though I don't necessarily want it. However, a gun that fits in the holster, a lightsaber that clips onto his belt, and a helmet that comes off a non-dorky face could go a long ways. Finally, he could have more artculation so he twists at the biceps, and bends at the elbows, and turns at the wrists. The air hose being external to the sculpt (like Biggs) should continue.

Boba Fett: Hopefully the new figure will suffice for him. Sadly I don't think it will. I'm not sure if the missle fires. He does not have the tangle cable used to trap Luke. His cloak is not cloth like the 300th Fett (which is too pre-posed in my opinion - though it is a good figure) - and the armor on the new one is too cartoony and brightly colored to look as worn and dinged up as it should. Unfortunately, a definitive Boba Fett has not yet been done, though the SOTE 2-pack one with the ESB paint sceme rocks (yet no weapons to speak of...) On that note, I'll add that I am against them doing a removeable helmet Boba Fett that's not an EU figure (post Sarlaac or something). We can reasonably expect Boba to look like Jango, but we never saw how he wears his hair as an adult, whether he has scars, etc. The post-ROTJ EU Fett would be all acid-corroded, so that can be approximated starting with Jango's look as a beginning. But the rest should not be revealed.

Blue Snaggletooth is kind of a thorn in this topic. He was a mistake made from a black-and-white picture of Zutton sitting down, so Kenner didn't have the correct color for him, nor know his actual shortness of height. Still, you could recreate that error with the current Zutton figure, or I'd support making a Cloud City Snivvian seen in some interior pictures from Bespin sets, of a Snivvian wearing blue - or another taller alien that's not Snivvian, but looks approximatley similar. I don't think the 102 figure count (I include Jabba since he's a character, and Salacious Crumb too) should be interrupted on the count of Blue Snaggletooth being an error. But that's just me - plus I like alien figures and Cloud City is under-represented anyway.

OK - I'll stop there and see if anyone wants to add anything about the original 22 ANH figures and how well they've been redone before we go on to Empire Strikes Back.

12-31-2002, 01:37 AM
A few comments, Tycho. Not going to address all of them, just the ones that I think need addressing. :)

Luke Skywalker: Tatooine - He's still never been done with his poncho, which should have been included with the latest Landspeeder one. I could stand one more, just so that we got a decent version with the poncho.

Han Solo - Need a version of him from the medal ceremony with the top button of his shirt done up. Other then that, not really anything left of ANH Han's that need done.

Chewbacca - Could use a removable bandolier, and I'll toss in a properly scaled Hoth version since the vintage Chewie was reissued for each movie.

Darth Vader - Other then a removable helmet Vader in the correct scale, Vader's pretty much done. Again, I mentioned him because the original Vintage Line just kept re-issuing the same Vader for each movie.

Obi-Wan - Agreed, we need one with a soft goods lower robes and cloak so he can actually sit in the landspeeder. But Ben is pretty much done.

Princess Leia - A more to scale Ceremonial Leia would be nice. But that was never a vintage figure. But since they re-issued Leia: White for all three movies. Leia in her white gown from ESB on the Medical Frigate needs to be done.

C-3PO - Still need a classic C-3PO that doesn't have such a wide leg stance as the first ones. Ones with his legs closer together, like TC-14's would be nice. Like you said, Ewok Diety and Jabba's Translator versions are pretty much all that's left to do. Or a Deluxe with Oil Bath.

R2-D2 - He has quite a few versions that still need to see the light of day. ANH - Death Star Battle Damage and ROTJ - Jabba's Bartender and Endor Bunker Battle Damage are about all thats left for original Trilogy stuff.

Death Star Trooper/ Death Squad Commander - Agreed, a new one that is better sculpted and not always running off somewhere would be nice. Not seriously needed, but wouldn't be a bad army builder set with re-sculpted legs.

Jawa - The big freaky Jawa from the sale would be nice. Also one of the really small ones. They could also do the Jawa from Jabba's Palace and include the fan that she's using to fan Jabba.

R5-D4 - Does he even need to be mentioned? One of the worst Star Wars figures of the modern age. Hasbro needs to get on the ball and give us a better version of poor R5.

Gonk Droid - Like you said, either the one that the original vintage blue one was based on. Or one from Hoth with the power connectors on top of it's head would be nice.

Luke X-Wing Pilot - The one we got in POTJ is perfect for an ANH Luke. But it doesn't match with the more bulked up ESB/ROTJ Luke. A new version wouldn't hurt. Or atleast one without his gear on, from when he's suiting up in the Hoth Medical Center.

Zutton - Leave the original blue one as what it was, an error. Unless they are going to produce the blue Snaggeltooth from Cloud City he's not necissary as he was a mistake.


Jar Jar Binks

12-31-2002, 06:55 AM
There will always be resculpts. It is just the easiest way for them to make money.

12-31-2002, 10:23 AM
I'll take as many droid resculpts as Hasbro will sell us. Maybe we'll get a redone death star trooper in 2004 with some different head sculpts. I'd also love to see luke X-wing a little less scrawny and maybe a new version with a few generic heads for army building and customizing.

12-31-2002, 10:46 AM
Originally posted by evenflow
There will always be resculpts. It is just the easiest way for them to make money.

What I think it is Evenflow, is yes it makes them money, but they aren't depending upon "completists" to make them that cash.

They are hoping to pick up new collectors every year, either (1) because "their latest products are so awesome, somebody new hops into the hobby" (this could be true - somebody in Wal*Mart that's 20 to 30 something, there to get motor oil, just happens to pass the toy display and NEVER knew that they've been making Star Wars figures again since 1995. Nostalgia kicks in - and whallah! A new adult customer)

or (2) A new child was born this year. Next year he will understand a little English. The following year he can perceive enough visual-depth information that he can watch television. He either sees Episode 2 on DVD / VHS, or the year after that he gets to go to see Episode 3 in the movie theater. He gets toys for presents, and wants to collect all the characters. He sees Eps. 1,2,4,5,6 on home video and wants more characters.

The year is 2005, 10 years after the first modern red card figures. His parents can scour comic book shops and pay $18 - $25 for an action figure of old Ben Kenobi, golden C-3PO, etc. or there the figure is, hanging in Wal*Mart (on the way to the motor oil section) for 5 bucks.

Hasbro knows retailers want fresh figures so they don't pegwarm....(how good would 1996's Luke Dagobah sell on a bluecard today if packed 3 per case?)

Hasbro's employees are fans (wouldn't Dagobah Luke look cool if the new sculptor there could make him a removeable, open, Bespin over-shirt?)

And they can get *some* additional money off the completists, though they have to take some crying and moaning about the resculpt issue (even from me - though I never worried about being a completist and hated figures like FB Ceremony Leia, and didn't even buy the new Bespin Luke) but some of you guys will buy it.

That leaves completists with only 2 choices:

suck it up


decide to enjoy SW collecting for figures like Ephont Mon and give up being a completist.

Hasbro does not care how many completists are out there. They are not making the resculpts for them. They will market resculpts based on esitimates of how many new collectors (kids especially) they think they can sell a Tatooine Luke to, and how many retailer buyers, who don't know Orm Free Taa from Plo Koon, will recognize that Luke Skywalker sells - and then go back to calculating profits from sales for toilet paper and motor oil as they do Target's or Wal*Mart's purchasing.

Consumers don't actually get an elevated voice in the matter over retail purchasers. I think Hasbro is fair about giving us an equal voice with Mr. Walton - we have Fan Choice Polls, they listen to our e-mails or we wouldn't even see characters like Major Derlin on the poll choice offerings, and they watch trends like Aayla Secura's popularity, AOTC's popularity in general, etc. But Luke's in there because Mr. Walton thinks he can sell it to a baby, and Mr. Walton buys about 500 million more action figures than you do. Sigh....

It can suck for us, can't it?