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01-03-2003, 12:08 AM
Do you make Expanded Universe scenes from the comics and books? List them and show them.

I have to start with a list. I'll get pictures later.


Jedi Aprentice: I made a Xanatos out of Kieth from Voltron and a Sith accessory cloak and I used the Snowbi-wan head on a small E2 Obi-Wan body to get a very small and young looking Obi-Wan next to the soft-goods Qui-Gon, which was by far the largest.

Jedi Council - Acts of War: With no Yinchorri Commando figures, this one's going to be hard to finish. However, before I head of AOTC's big fight scene, I loved the idea of having Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Mace, SaeSee Tiin, Adi Gallia, Eeth Koth, and Plo Koon all in this big battle. Perhaps if they make Shu Mai and can customize him into the little Jedi Master of his species, and use Coleman Trebdor as Padawan Theen Fida. Villie would be great to have as Adi Gallia's prisoner! Oh well.... maybe Hasbro will get on the ball someday.

Jedi Training: just Obi-Wan armor fighting Qui-Gon armor. They were nice figures so I had to do something with them...

Sith Training: to contrast the Jedi's methods, I have shirtless Maul (deluxe) vs his training droid and Colossus, the bad robot from the Cubix collection. It looks seriously right for this use...

Darth Maul: it's an excuse to have Maul killing some of my favorite alien sculpts like they're Black Sun thugs - the skiff guards, a Gamorrean, Amanaman, and this black-ops soldier figure that looks like he'd sort of resemble the type of rogue Lorn Pavon was.

Cloak of Deception: the Valorum assasination attempt - a human 21st Century dude is all decked out like a Star Wars mercenary, and he's joined by a Rodian wearing a mask, and a Bith with a Calamarian weapon - they're exchanging fire with 2 Senate Guards (to give these guys some action) while Qui-Gon and Adi Gallia protect Valorum. It's nice to see what that scene would've actually looked like.

Cloak of Deception 2: Here 4 securtity droids and OOM-9 try to kill the Bith partner in the Trade Federation (it never used to be Niemoidians only!) Obi-Wan, Ki-Adi Mundi, and SaeSee Tiin try to save him, only to get their first tast of fighting Geonosian battle droids - though they have no idea where they came from. I should have a regally dressed human figure, a nice looking Gran (not Ree-Yees), and a well-dressed Sollustan (not Nien Numb) to be the other partners that were killed when the Jedi were distracted by pirates. That ploy left the Niemoidians as the only surviving owners of the Trade Federation. Maybe some Duros or a stripped down Lott Dodd could be added to this scene. I have the figures, but haven't set it up. I should try it out and see what else it could use.


Outlander: this was so epic that I hunted down exclusive skiffs as best as I could during their limited release. After taking care of my movie scene needs, I got one extra skiff on which Ki-Adi Mundi and a POTF2 Tusken I gave a lightsaber to, are fighting off a Rodian, the skiff guard 3-pack team, and a Weequay. I have a Bantha with Tusken saved for this, and Aurra Sing who'll be taking sniper shots. I believe I'll be adding some Tusken figures, including females and set this up nice. It'll be a rather large EU scene, but wasn't Outlander worth it?

The Hunt for Aurra Sing: I can't wait to get her speederbike from the bounty hunters 4-pack. Of course I have Ki-Adi Mundi protecting Tessek, and Adi Gallia engaging the bounty hunter. I still wish they'd make A'sharad and The Dark Woman and this setup would be complete.

Rogue Planet 1: for not one of my favorite books, the garbage chute races was an irresistable scene. That and the chance to show a very young Anakin's adventures with his new Master. Jack in the Box restaraunts had these rocket wings that were perfect for the ones described in the story where Anakin leaps off buildings on Coruscant (not realizing he was practicing for E2) and Obi-Wan has to chase him before a Bloodcarver alien (wish they made that!) tries and kills Anakin during the illegal races.

Rogue Planet 2 : I just like the Naboo Anakin in his cloak - which he'd never be wearing in any of my movie scenes, so I have him with Coco-Wan and they are going to meet with a custom Wilhuff Tarkin that I make out of a 21st Century WWII toy's pefect young Tarkin head, and the Lt. Faytooni body once the Club Outlander con-artist comes out.

JediQuest: Obi-Wan cold weather takes Anakin (little padawan) to make his lightsaber in the ice caves of Illum. It seemed a way to use the ultra-cool Cold Weather Obi-Wan.


Boba Fett- Crossfire: Right now it just might be Aurra Sing delivering a young Fett as her prisoner to Count Dooku. Perhaps I can add Wat Tambler soon - maybe some other Separatists. I think Poggle resigned that game by then considering what he lost on Geonosis...unless he's coming back for revenge against the Republic?


Chewbacca: Han frees Chewie from slavery. I used a buch of Slave-Leia chains and things I had extra from customs, and have Chewie pretty much locked up, but Han (in an Imperial officer's uniform) is blasting through those bindings, while Chewie worns him that Imps and Stormtroopers are on their way to stop him! I want to add a grey uniformed Imp officer to take Cmdr. Nyklas' place once they make one.

Han Solo and the Lost Legacy: I had bought these adventure girls action figures to get some lady customs out of, and one of them was a red-head with a ball cap on, that fit the description of Hasti. I figured why not? With discounted Hans and Chewies available, I got them going after Xim's Treasure. Now what about Skyynx, Badure, and Gallandro? I have to watch other action figure lines until the right one comes along. I doubt Hasbro will ever do these.

Underworld: - I needed an excuse to get Cantina Han, Bespin Escape Lando, Mechanic Chewbacca, Boba Fett 300 and all the rest of the bounty hunters into action - even some Jawas. It was a great comic, so this seemed like the best way to do it. These are some of the line's best figures of these characters! (and I'd already bought so many of each of the earlier sculpts of those dudes that I thought I'd need for film scenes, that I had no need for the resculpts - but these were irresistable craftsmanship!)

The Lost Scenes: I'm saving a Luke Floppy Hat just in case they finally make Biggs Tatooine! Geeze I hope!

Dark Forces: I just have Kyle Katarn fighting off the Dark Trooper. There's not much else to do here. The Dark Trooper was a good figure, so why not?


Xizor meets Palpatine: two Royal Guards flank the Emperor in his throne chair of his personal Skyhook as Xizor comes to offer his master a deal.

Battle of the Bounty Hunters - I built my own cantina so I didn't need that cardboard one. Nevertheless it was nice and I wanted to use it for something. So it became the bar on Gall that the other Hunters call Fett into to double-cross him and try to gain access to Slave-One so they can get one carbon-frozen Han and split the bounty. Besides Bossk, 4-LOM, and Zuckuss, and Fett, I got to use my favorite aliens in the bar - a Weequay, Gamorrean, and Ree-Yees, along with Ponda Baba with a droid arm, an Ithorian refugee, Nien Numb recruiting Lak Sivrak, 2 Bith mercenaries, a Rodian, and Kyle Katarn in the wrong place at the wrong time. A custom Mara Jade is the bartender, recreating her spying that tracked Han to Jabba's so she would know when she could make the attempt to kill Luke.

Beggar's Canyon - this is a big one, a six-footer. Slave-One flies in to Tatooine towards Jabba's. It should be fighting the IG-2000, but I don't have my hopes up. On one mesa, a Bantha and a group of Tuskens watch. On the other side, are Jawas and a Ronto. Below Dash Rendar on a swoop struggles to knock off 4 other swoopers who are pursuing Luke (I used the Dagobah figure) who is giving his green lightsaber its first test.

Coruscant: I haven't had the money or room to build this one yet - in a 7 foot high wall cabinet stripped of shelves, is a two-level cross-section of the city. Guri's stinger, a Titan, A.E. ship standing in, has just landed with its pilot, Leia as Boussh, and Chewie as Snoova. Meanwhile Xizor is meeting with none other than Darth Vader who's come to tell the Dark Prince that he WILL kill him if he doesn't leave Luke Skywalker alone! But Luke and Lando in guard disguises have been found out, and they are battling an elite group of Imperials to get past the defenses around the sewers that lead into Xizor's palace's lowest levels! They are using the distraction of a food riot (inspired by Arnold Schwarzeneggar's 'The Running Man' in which stormtroopers are cutting down aliens and mercenary soldiers from the GI Joe toy line) as a distraction before more backup can arrive and capture Skywalker and Calrissian. But they are about to be surprised by back-up on their side: Dash Rendar has come to assist them - so long as the money doesn't run out!

Xizor's Prisoner: a custom Leia in blue casuals is seduced by evil Prince Xizor as she tries to enlist him to eliminate whoever is trying to kill Luke - never realizing that HE is the one who wishes the young Jedi dead!

Coruscant Ultarama: on an Ultarama, Luke Ceremony, Leia Boussh, a custom Lando in Imperial Elite Guard disguise, Dash Randar, and Chewbacca in Snoova disguise take on Xizor, Guri (from Princess Alurra from Voltron figures with some slight customizing) and 3 Elite Imperial Guardsmen in blaster contest.

The Skyhook Battle: the Millennium Falcon and the Outrider race uner a big bulk transport to avoid Xizor's fighters (which aren't available to be in the scene) while Wedge zooms in aboard an X-wing to give them cover. If they hurry, they can catch Boba Fett in Slave-One who is getting away. But Darth Vader's TIE Fighter might spell trouble for them! (This was a scene inspired by SOTE, but hardly correct and authentic. I really wanted Xizor's Virago for this. I bought the Ertl model kit of the Prince's ship, and I plan to use its pieces to make larger ones so I can put together a ship that will hold a Xizor action figure. I have no idea when I'll find time and a sure-thing method to do that, though!)

I did more, including 10 scenes from Dark Empire, and 4 from Crimson Empire, but I'm tired of typing them all out right now.

I'll describe more of them later. Hopefully I'll get some pictures up.

Darth Sidious
01-03-2003, 09:16 AM
I am going to make a scene from SOTE (Well, the video game anyway). It will be Dash Rendar vs. IG-88 in the junkyard. I will probably try to use Legos and other random pieces of junk. :D I'll post it here when it's finished. By the way, do you know if the POTJ IG-88 has shoulder articulation? The arms on mine don't seem to move, although it looks like it has shoulder joints. I don't want to break it.

01-03-2003, 01:50 PM
Yes, he moves at the shoulders (not the elbows - just to be sure).

Sometimes platic melts together, or painting corrupts the joints.

I had an Acklay break on me. Fortunately Wal*Mart took it back and exchanged it while they still had them in the stores.

I'd be cautious with IG-88, but he should move.

Darth Sidious
01-03-2003, 05:05 PM
Ok, thanks. Since he was ordered online it would be a pain to return it. I'll just use a certain amount of force (No pun intended) and if that doesn't work, well...I guess it will suck.

01-04-2003, 07:41 PM
Hey Tycho,

A'sharad and Dark Woman/First Teacher are pretty easy to customize.