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01-07-2003, 01:23 AM
I am in the midst of buying a POTF Zuckuss and Piett that will eventually cost me around $30 US on ebay. I don't really mind paying that ridiculous price for them. However, it is whenever I spend so much on one figure, that Hasbro foils it buy reissuing the same exact figures years later, making them more common, and more accessible to buyers. Rumor has it that Zuckuss my reappear in a bounty hunters 7-pack w/vader. Because the original Zuckuss sculpt was so perfect, chances are they will reissue it instead of creating a new sculpt. Then as always, I end up paying too much for something that will definitely decrease in value.

Other examples include Death Star Trooper, as it is now available in the accessory packs (that and the fanclub's mass qty), Imperial and Rebel Trooper (although new versions will have different heads, I still had to pay $25 US for both.

A similar example is with R2-D2 w/ Holographic Leia. That I spent $40 US in a specialty store only to find out TRU eventually had millions of them available.

It seems like our quest for rare figures is always doomed by Hasbro's doing. I feel that collectablilty is diminishing. Either make ALL the figures quantities the same, so that they are easily accessible to all and are worth the same price, OR stop reissuing rare figures that others invested a lot of money in only to find out they made a mistake. I'm not saying that I'm buying them hoping that some day I'll be able to sell them for a profit, but I'm really sick and tired of over-spending on rare figures, which happen to be the better-sculpted figures, only to find out I should have bought them for regular price if I had waited.

Maybe I need more patience... what do you think?

01-07-2003, 04:52 AM
First of all R2-D2 with holo Leia was never plentiful at TRU or anywhere else for that matter. I for one NEVER saw him at retail, yet I bought around 40 CT Stormtroopers which shipped in the same case.

It did take a long time for the cases to make it to retail, but Hasbro didn't re-issue this figure. The key to this figure was patients.

01-08-2003, 11:33 AM
Well...I've never seen R2D2 holo Leia at retail...only in a Specialty store...but hopefully I'll have him next weekend when I complete a transaction that will allow me to buy him along with two DS Troopers and 2 Clean Bikerscouts for a relatively good deal. I know what you mean about rare figures...it really ticks me off that Hasbro only shipped 1 Imperial Officer per case in the POTJ wave and again in the SAGA line. What's the deal...why short-pack army builders...why not short-pack the obscure figures...that only hard-core collectors want. I don't want to have to pay $20.00 US per figure for army builders...it really sucks when this is the case when I have to buy them online.

01-08-2003, 12:57 PM
There are many many many figures that I've never ever seen at retail that I had to pick up on the web. CT Trooper being one of them.

But, yeah, an annoying problem is when they reissue or rerelease or just plain ol' find some boxes in the back and then put them out.

I know it's Hasbro's policy to not comment on any of the forum boards, but some kind of acknowledgement of forthcoming product would be beneficial to both us and to them.

Take the Walmart Xmas Exclusive for instance. By all accounts, all the Walmarts in my area ran out of them at least 2 weeks before Christmas, that's if they ever got any at all. Many of them never hit the shelves. This "forced" me to buy online at TWICE the retail price. Won't I be seriously P.O.ed if and when a new truckload of these gets dumped into clearance bins in the next couple months. And a simple official statement from Hasbro stating that more are on their way or not would be invaluable.

I mean, I'm paying $30 bucks plus shipping for something that went for around $15 or so. Hasbro won't see any of that extra cash. They don't even get my $15 bucks. Somebody else (www.planetactionfigure.com) gets to profit off their scalped goods.

01-08-2003, 01:18 PM
I agree with you on the Wal Mart Exclusive. I too, never saw one at the stores. This is actually the norm for Wal Mart exclusives around me. Holiday Set, Cantina Sets, Trach Compactors, 12" Luke & Yoda, TIE Bomber. . . the list goes on and on. But then there are other times they have an exclusive. I can't find it, and then after I had already paid a secondary price. . . they reappear at the store in mass quantities!!!! How long do I wait before I actually shell out the extra cash to get it on the secondary market? I wait too long. . . the price skyrockets. I don't wait. . . the item shows up at WalMart on clearance. It really sucks!! It happens at Target occasionally too, but ALWAYS at Wal Mart. I don't mind if I paid full retail price at Wal Mart. . . and a month or two later it is marked down. That's retail. . . that is going to happen. But I never get that chance. I always have to hunt around the local dealers, on line shops, and eBay. . . spend a premium, and pay for shipping! Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Oh as far as the actual topic of this thread. . . it only ticks me off if I payed a ton for the figure they rereleased, and the price drops dramatically. OR. . . if the rereleased figure clogs up the pegs and keeps my local store from getting the new figures I want. If they are going to release a figure everyone wants. . . cool. Otherwise. . . don't bother. I see that they are rereleasing Eeth Koth. . . uh. . . WHY???!?!?!?!!?!? He is still hanging all over the pegs at my local TRU's along with his trusty sidekick Zutton. At least they aren't rereleasing him. . . right?!?!? ( They aren't are they? Right? Please. . .no.) Army builders are understood. . . even better when they change the head sculpt or appearance. . . but they will sell regardless.

I've said this in previous posts, and I'll say it again. Hasbro isn't for collectors. They don't care how much a figure will be worth down the road, they want to sell now, and make big bucks at retail. That's cool. . . that is what they are supposed to want. So. . . in that regard. . . as long as they are going to produce figures that do sell at retail, I don't care who, or what they produce. Just as long as they continue to make money off the Star Wars license. . . I'm for whatever. They make money. . . they make us more of the figures we want. More Money = More Variety in our Star Wars toys. Just look at the stuff slated for next year! If thay hadn't made money off Episode II stuff. . . none of that stuff would even be considered. I would rather see NEW stuff released rather than previously released figures, but I'll take what I can get.

01-10-2003, 05:04 PM
I love it when they reissue rare figures. I wouldn't have been able to get enough CT stormtroopers any other way. Also, death star troopers are much easier to find now. I only wish they would reissue Admiral Motti in the same way. He's the best Imperial Officer they've issued and makes a great custom figure with a head swap. Unfortunately, at $20+ a pop I can't afford to get very many. I say bring on the reissues. Especially with generic figures that were hard to find.

01-10-2003, 05:31 PM
Originally posted by mtriv73
I love it when they reissue rare figures. I wouldn't have been able to get enough CT stormtroopers any other way. Also, death star troopers are much easier to find now. I only wish they would reissue Admiral Motti in the same way. He's the best Imperial Officer they've issued and makes a great custom figure with a head swap. Unfortunately, at $20+ a pop I can't afford to get very many. I say bring on the reissues. Especially with generic figures that were hard to find.

You bring up an interesting point there. The difference between "army builders" and what I'll call "individuals."

Who wouldn't be in favor of seeing a sort of steady stream of "army builders" released with every wave? Hasbro already has the molds. What's the big deal with just releasing troopers on a consistent basis?

When it comes to "individuals," I can see the case for not reissuing the same exact item. Unless it has improvements, the chances are that the majority of people who wanted them, got them the first time around. From an economic standpoint, a resissue like that wouldn't be very cost effective for the company.

01-10-2003, 08:06 PM
I wouldn't mind them re-releasing older, rarer figures.

I have gotten lucky and found every figure I needed at retail, except Zuckuss. I will get a Zuckuss for a decent price one day, i swear!

Anyway, I don't see the harm in it at all. They could even do it as fan-club exclusives.

There are many people who need Swimming Jar Jar, Sio Bibble, Holo Sidious, ZUckuss, Piett, R2/holo leia, Motti, etc. etc. and it would be a great way to get it to them.

01-11-2003, 11:01 PM
I think the should re-issue older figures that were hard to find. I for one live in a small town that hardly restocks shelves. The closest TRU to me is about an hour away and is hard to travel to. But I will be starting a new job in February and will be 10 minutes from that TRU. Oh happy day........

01-13-2003, 07:00 PM
I hate it cause the people who found them, it now makes them worthless and all the money they spent to get them, now makes that effort pointless. I don't have very many rare ones but i feel bad for those of u who spent alot of money on rare figures

01-13-2003, 07:15 PM
Even though I will pay more for a figure, I feel that it is worth it as long as Hasbro does NOT decide to make the figure again. So IMO, I believe Hasbro should not make the figures again...there are many reasons why I feel this way:
1 the worth of your figure will stay the same or go up
2 even if you pay more, you know it's worth it
3 you know Hasbro won't make it again (if they would stop)
4 it is more cherishable