View Full Version : R2-B1 Availability and worth

01-08-2003, 08:41 AM
I'm in the UK and have been offered a mint R2-B1 and I just wondered what you guys thought it was worth. I'm not sure if it was ever available in the UK so I'm unsure at what level I should pitch my offer.

Thanks in advance

01-08-2003, 01:32 PM
I bought mine from Above and beyond 2yrs ago for 8 and now have it in a starcase, i have seen some go from 20 up to 38 on Ebay....its a nice figure and goes nice with R2 and the red one from Amidala's Starship, but i wonder why they didn't release the green R2 unit? Oh well, buy R2B1 and look after it ok, it is getting rarer... :p

01-09-2003, 05:44 AM
Cheers Lewis, I went back with an offer of 25 and it was accepted. Now, If only I could get my hands on TC-14.......

01-09-2003, 08:27 AM
No problem, As for the TC-14 i did get 2 for Xmas but one was badly wrapped by me dad and ruined the package, so now i display that one and keep the other in a starcase, try e-mailing John at R2dtoys.com they are really helpful and send their products in excellent packaging...not like me dad's LOL, best o luck ok