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01-13-2003, 07:53 PM
To follow up on last week's poll asking how much interest there was in playsets, big and small, this week we're asking what settings do you have in mind for another playset?

The Death Star describes everything you'd need in both the Death Star I and the Death Star II - basically yes, it could have an Emperor's Throne Room. Trash compactors, light bridge, turret cannons, control room, detention cell block, conference room, tractor beam control station, and turbolifts are a given. Maybe an off-scale trench and exhaust port could be added. While it's silly to assume this playset won't win this poll easily and outright, let's see what else we might want, and what is "second to most popular," too.

The Endor Shield Generator would include a generator dish, a landing platform that supports the shuttle and has an access path to the AT-AT, perhaps an "Expanded Universe" main complex set up, the reactor room seen in the film, and the secret rear bunker door. This poll was going to let you vote for a re-release of the Ewok Village from vintage days, but I opted for something that might be more popular. Speak up with a reply post in the thread below if you want to see the Ewok Village again. I do. It was perfect back then, and it's all we'd need now - save for more Ewoks. Hasbro is just cautious about the little furball stuff and their accessories because they think we hate them since those who do, tend to be the loudest bandwagon of any complainers regarding the Classic Trilogy. But your vote here is for the Imperial Base on Endor.

Theed Palace could be like the MicroMachine's playset that I have in the attached picture. It could be sold in sections or all inclusive. I'd prefer it gave us a new flight hanger and a more extensive reactor core. Of course there'd be a throne room and a blast-through window on an upper-level you get to with ascension guns.

Tipocca City, Kamino refers to everything the Kaminoans had where Obi-Wan landed: clone incubators, computer education interfaces, combat training grounds, equipment carriges like where the Clone Troopers got their helmets from, Jango Fett's apartment, Lama Su's conference room, and landing platforms with interior access doors that the Jedi Starfighter and Slave-One can land on, and perhaps with those little service ships that floated around the incubation labs.

Dagobah is self-explanatory, and would include ways to re-create what you saw in the movie. However, a swamp that can "envelope" (raise and lower at least one size of our X-wing fighter toys) and a tree-cave that is separate from Yoda's house might take this idea well beyond the vintage playset - though a swamp part that swallows R2 (or a monster in the swamp) is a must!

Vote for your first choice, or if you think it will make a difference in this poll, vote for your second choice instead - but you only get one vote. Then let's discuss this.

01-13-2003, 08:45 PM
Go Death Star!! Preferably a location inside the death star that doesn't require excessive troop building, like the emperor's throne room, or maybe the Tarkin's meeting room would be cool too. A docking bay would be nice for any Falcon's or the shuttle.

Bacta Man
01-13-2003, 08:49 PM
Once again I voted for something other than my first choice,(the Death Star), as Im sure it won't have a difficult time seeing it to production anyway. On the other hand, It will take the voice of as many fans as possible to get the Theed Palace, or Endor Bunker!

Yes, Yes, Yes, Why wouldn't I want a re-released Ewok Village! I would only ask that they make "a few modifications" to make it worth it for the fans that have the original.

01-13-2003, 09:33 PM
:greedy: :greedy: :greedy: :greedy: :greedy:
I Want Them all. It's bad enough that Hasbro has not listened to it's fans in the past about playsets but now, with five movies to play with and dozens of possibilites to choose from Hasbro should start the process of listening to us.
Problems in the past.
1.) Playsets to big and way to expensive ie Royal Starship.
2.) No exclusive figures
3.) Cheesy Cardboard Cutouts.
4.) Playsets Do Not Connect.

The fans are the buyers, not the major chain stores or the greedy collector at the local comic shop, ie the guy from the simpsons, so you would think that Hasbro would value the opinions of it's fans and make the playsets small simple and interlocking. The Genosis Battle arena was a great idea to start with but it could have been done alot diffently then just one set.
Hasbro read this thread. If for nothing else then to save stores and the countless number of fans everywhere. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES TWICE.

Rogue II
01-13-2003, 09:55 PM
The Death Star is the best choice. Endor would be too big and expensive the way you described it. I would get Dagobah if it was ever released. I would have also voted for Jabba's Palace, Echo base, or a full cantina.

01-13-2003, 10:08 PM
Why not a Sarlacc Pit playset?? It could be elevated with the sarlacc in the middle and plastic sand surrounding if, with a place to put the skiff over top and bendable plastic tentacles. I guess it would be more of a diorama than a playset, but would be cool none the less. I'd gladly settle for this small request, because the chances of getting a Jabba's Sail Barge playset seems slim.

01-13-2003, 10:22 PM
I, of course, voted for the Death Star. I would hope that it would have the area where luke and leia swung across, a place for the millenium falcon, and a "duel" spot where vader and obi-wan fought, as well as the place where R2 and 3PO were in ANH.

01-13-2003, 10:33 PM
I voted for Dagobah because Hasbro has made attempts at the Death Star, Theed, and Endor. Kamino would be a lame playset. On the other hand Dagobah would be a new and exiting ground for Hasbro to break and ruin.
I'd like to see of them done and would buy them. But I don't have high hopes for any new playsets by Hasbro.

01-13-2003, 11:19 PM
I vote Death Star all the way...

... but I also support the idea Ive seen put forth on these boards that it should come via SMALLER playsets that gradually connect into a MAMMOTH playset... maybe not fully completed until after several years!!

Hasbro has already started this approach with the factory assemby line included with the arena and padme and 3PO figures.... great idea.... I would love to see it applied to playsets in the future

theyd be more affordable... and it would increase the fun of collecting... and would spur purchases of other stuff you might not otehrwise want

"Got to have next piece of playset!!!"

and on a related note.... if hasbro were to do this, I would love to see them retro fit the various playset sections to make room for the earlier Death Star playsets... both the POTF2 cellbay escape and maybe even the old vintage death star!!

ah well....

-Rash Flembar-

:crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed:

01-13-2003, 11:56 PM
I posted that idea for the Sarlaac Pit a while back. I thought it should have an arm that holds the skiff in the air and the Sarlaac monster should be made into a glove similar to the monster from the Masters of the Universe Fright Zone playset. I'm glad more people would be interested in a Sarlaac Pit playset.

01-14-2003, 12:56 AM
Are you guys crazy?!!?!?!? Death Star Express Bar. We need Kamino. It could be a landing platform area with enough room for Slave One. On the other side could be a bunch of clones and Jangos room. That would be the coolest playset ever. Did I mention Kamino has to be the place of my dreams! If they ever find such a planet I'm totally moving there!

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01-14-2003, 01:13 AM
Oh come on, you know a death star just wouldn't work and all you guys would do is b*tch about it!

An Endor Imperial Base however would be fab for dioramas etc whereas the others would all be a bit lame. Just think we can put scout walkers, AT-ATs, ewoks, stormtroopers, rebel soldiers, our new shuttles etc

I'd be hapy with just the shield bunker and a reasonable sized dish.

01-14-2003, 01:39 AM
Well, obviously an all-in-one Death Star would sell far better to the casual consumer better than something that's piecemeal without assurance of getting the whole thing. That's my first vote...

But, because it's a gimme, I threw my support towards one of the other choices. Kamino I think I voted for. Or maybe it was Endor gantry. Can't remember. In any case, the Endor gantry area would be pretty cool, especially if it was high enough to park the AT AT next to, as well as having a large enough landing pad for the Shuttle.

Kamino would be cool only if the landing pad was large enough for Slave I and to stage a fight. Maybe an interior with some semblance of a cloning facility. The problem with this one is that it could never really be satisfactory due to size.

A new Dagobah would be pretty cool. Maybe with some vegetation made from that silk flower material. Give it a real sense of jungle, instead of just lots of hard molded plastic.

Theed? Well, didn't they already sort of give us pieces of this? Really, how much better can it get?

01-14-2003, 02:14 AM
A difficult choice this one...I do like the sound of the Endor Imperial Base as there has never been any attempt at this sort of thing.Death Star has a couple of sets now,although they aren't amazing.It seems as though Hasbro are going to bring out the star of death in small batches.Ideally,this would be a good set but I just can't see it happening in the near future.

Dagobah would be cool as long as it had a cave for Dagobah Darth.The Sarlacc set would also be cool,that goes without saying
but alas the beast with a 1000 year digestive tract is not the focus of this forum,nor is the Echo Base set I so desparately want!Underpants Luke and FX-7 would so like a home...

So for me Endor is the go.AT-AT would look rad, along with the shuttle(although I wonder how the Shutttle scales up against the AT-AT? Anyone?)the bunker,AT-ST's,Ewoks,Biker Scouts,Speeder Bikes,Endor soldiers,it all looks so good in my head.
It may be big,but this one I would fork out for.

01-14-2003, 06:07 AM
Since there was supposed to be a Death Star made for the 3-1/3" figures several years ago (not the original on in the 1970's - this is new) - I still want them to make it.

01-14-2003, 07:00 AM
Well, let's see.... the biggest turn-off I've encountered with previous playsets made by Hasbro is the lack of accuracy in terms of scale so the best bet (in my humble opinion) would be to make several smaller (yet true-to-scale), affordable, and interconnectable sets.

The current Trash Compactor sets are a major improvement over the old (vintage) trash compactor form the original Death Star playset. I like the Death Star all right but when I come to think of it, which scenes would make a nice playset?

Maybe a detention block (playset 1) with turbolift door, light-up automatic guns (the ones on the walls), exploding console with sound effects, and hexagonal frame wich could connect to the hexagonal hallway (playset 2) that leads to Leia's cell door and could feature and exploding wall side that would lead to the garbage chute (possible playset 3).

However, the playset I really, REALLY miss is Cloud City. I would love to see a playset of the dining room where Vader and Boba Fett capture Solo and company complete with the steps where the stormtroopers take position, the dining room door and the table and chairs.

Another Cloud City playset could be the torture chamber where Solo is buzzed, which would have a door leading to a short hallway that connected to the prison cell where Chewie, Han and Leia are held captive.

01-14-2003, 07:19 AM
Of course, we'd got to have a real Carbon Freezing chamber. The one Hasbro made was way too small.

I managed to design a true to scale Carbon Freezing Chamber in Adobe Illustrator. The only thing that's held me back is that I need to find someone who'll laser-cut the pieces 'cause there are no laser-cutting service providers in my area. I found a couple over the internet but they had trouble with the file format (they can't handle EPS files) so I'm sort of stuck. If I ever get it completed I'll be sure to post some pics.

The CFC could have a connecting door to the hallway section in which Luke encounters Leia and Chewie and exchanges laser fire with the Stormtroopers (just before he crosses the door that separates him from R2 and leads him to the CFC).

I think Cloud City is the place that provided most action scenes in the original trilogy (other than Tatooine, of course). There was (I) the landing platform 327 where Han meets Lando (which could double as the East platform where the Slave I takes off but would make too big a playset), (II) the junkyard where Chewie finds 3PO in pieces, (III) the room where Han and Leia are invited to take "a little refreshment" by Lando, (IV) the generator room from which Luke crashes out of the window, (V) the "other" room in which Luke clashes with Vader the 3rd and last time that leads to the catwalk in which Luke loses his hand (this'd be nice!), and (VI) the underbelly of the city where Luke is spit-out of the air vent and hangs helplessly.

01-14-2003, 07:26 AM
A true-to-scale Mos Eisley Cantina with light-up table lamps, an exploding wall section with electronic sound effects (recreating Greedo's misfired shot and demise), enough space to place the band members and additional sound effects with playback of the band's tunes would be way cool.

A true-to-scale Jabba's courtroom would also be nice.

Chancellor Palpatine's office would be nice as well.

The Jedi Council Chamber at the Jedi Temple (DUUHHH!!!), OF COURSE!!!! How'd we miss THAT???

Anyways... I've been dreaming and rambling long enough. See ya'!

01-14-2003, 07:50 AM
If Hasbro decides to go with a big playset like the Death Star, I think it should come in sections that are reasonably priced and can connect together.

A generic Rebel command post for a Yavin or Hoth setting would be good, too.

And I do agree with others: No cardboard backgrounds. Make it durable plastic.

Rogue II
01-14-2003, 09:26 AM
Tycho, this poll may have been better if it was done like the battle of the machines. Have playoffs to let the users choose what scene represents each movie. There have been plenty of ideas for playsets in the other forums (I posted links to a lot of them in the "Do you want more playsets?" poll).

01-14-2003, 09:44 AM
While the Death Star would be the best choice, I voted for Kamino. I still have my old Death Star playset and I think that Kamino would be cool because its something never before released.

I agree with mahondo that the Endor Base would look cool, but we need the radar dish and landing platform and that would cost a small fortune.

Again, knowing Hasbro, they'd probably rehash the 1977 Death Star set. I want to see something new.

We had two playsets from Episode I, albeit kinda crappy ones, but hey, they were new and not done before.

01-14-2003, 10:00 AM

01-14-2003, 10:59 AM
Well. . . the ULTIMATE playset would be the Death Star. If it was made correctly, it would have a large amount of playability. The Death Star was in two of the movies, and housed many of the integral parts of the trilogy. Of course. . . it would have to be made in parts, but that is fine. So I guess the Death Star is more of a group of playsets, than just one.

Dagobah would be cool also. . . and it is a reasonable idea that could be given to us in a decent sized playset. it could have the hut. . . some trees w/rope swings. . . a dark-side cave. . . a lot of playability available. Plus it is something I think we all had when we were young. We all seem to love it when they redo something from the vintage line. . . I'm still surprised that this hasn't happened already. With the popularity of Yoda I think this is something we will definitely see in the future.

As far as the other choices go. . . they would be cool. . . but they didn't have the attraction for me as The Death Star, and Dagobah playsets do. Would I buy them. . . absolutely. . .but my vote came down to these two. I ultimately chose Dagobah over the Death Star simply because it can be done in one playset, whereas the Death Star would have to be a multiple playset deal.

01-14-2003, 11:09 AM
Originally posted by bobafett07728
whereas the Death Star would have to be a multiple playset deal.

Why does everybody keep saying that? It's entirely possible to do this as an all-in-one and there have been several design ideas thus far that illustrate this as well as the marketing advantages to doing so...


I'll still campaign for my all-in-one Death Star playset.

Roughly, the same height as the vintage Death Star playset. When closed up, it's a globe with detailing that makes it a fine display Death Star like has never before been created. It opens into 4 wedges, each with interconnected play areas.

With a playset this size, all of the attributes of the ANH battlestation as well as the ROTJ additions could easily be included adding tremendous value, both for play and economy.

It would be slightly more expensive than than the typical cardboard cutout playsets that we've been offered, but the cache and originality of it would attract young and old alike.

While the above ideas of having Hasbro release separate interlocking pieces isn't a bad idea, I don't think that they would be nearly as marketable as one giant kick-*** looking Death Star sitting on a toy shelf. If you build it, they will come.


Whole globe with a slightly flattened bottom. Imagine taking the vintage Death Star playset and adding a curved "shell" to it. That would be one of the wedges.

I think that it would work out best to have one half be one of the pieces then split the other half into two wedges. The side that is an entire half could have longer areas in it, like hallways with blastdoors or even a hangar bay. The wedges could have the Emperor's chamber at the top and the trash compactor at the bottom. Suffice it to say that there is a lot of room to integrate many of the favorite Death Star attributes. The vintage playset had a 21" tall elevator which could be used as a central "core" to connect the pieces together. The entire playset would likely top out around 2' tall (and around) once you put the curved shell on it.

That price tag you quoted is a bit high I think. Remember, they charge whatever they want to...whatever they think they can get. A 3" action figure doesn't cost anywhere near $7 bucks to design, manufacture, and distribute when they make a lot of them. They charge that money because they know they can get it. Look at the price drops in the Queen's ship, the 12" Dewback, the 12" "pegwarmers", pegwarmer's in general. Somebody is still making a little profit at those enormous price cuts. That's why they stop dropping the price tag at a certain point, otherwise they'd just give them away for free. So this playset might have a real cost of $50 to $75 to produce and distribute, which they would inflate to around $150 retail. That is a lot of money, but people are generally willing to accept the cost if they perceive the value in the product. I of course guessed at those costs, but I averaged out what I think is the real cost (lower) and what I think they'd ask for (higher). My honest opinion is that it would cost less per unit to make and distribute and a fair retail price would be around $100. I factored in the greed-profit motive.

I'd buy it and I believe that a lot of other people would too. The Queen's ship sits on clearance shelves as we speak (I believe) due to a poor lead-in (TPM wasn't as good as the classic trilogy). A really cool looking classic trilogy toy will get the parent's attention (late 20's to late 30's) (nearly everybody liked the classic trilogy) and no kid could resist a toy that huge. It would sell out. Almost guaranteed.


Just like an actual movie set, so much more could be done with independent playsets, so naturally there would some compromise within each "scene" for an all-in-one playset.

I haven't drawn plans up yet (but maybe soon!), but I'll try to give some written clues as to this hypothetical dream.

Docking Bay 327 (the big problem): This would be located on the lower portion of the complete "half." Like so many playsets before this, sadly because of size restrictions, the Falcon would have to be represented by a photo backdrop, but there really is no way to squeeze the Falcon Toy or the Shuttle Tyderium (sp?) into a hangar-type playset that isn't absolutely gargantuan. The good news is that the "room" could have blast doors off to one side for recreation of the duel. If Hasbro went all out, they could include a floor panel that slid out from the "half" to give more floor space to line up Stormtroopers on.

DB327 control room (the red room): Right above the Hangar space, in the mid-section of the "half."

The Elevator Bank: The central core of the entire playset, constructed in the same way as the vintage model. It integrates the elevator action as well as the tractor beam control walkway.

The Outer Detention area: Just above the Garbage Compactor.

The Detention Block hallway: In the next wedge over and on the same level as the Outer Detention Area.

Garbage Chute: In the wedge opposite and just above the one with the Compactor as part of the Outer Detention Area.

The Tractor Beam Controls: As above, integrated into the cental elevator column.

The Rope Swing: An abitrary placement of an extended bridge from one wedge to another or to the central column, ala vintage version.

The Vader/Ben Duel: Lower level of the "half," off to the side of the hangar bay area.

The Blast Doors: Integrated into hangar Bay.

Plus various hallways that Ben sneaks through or Han howls through: N/A

Add to that the Throne room, which from the post above is a giant playset unto itself: The entire upper level of all three pieces (one half, two wedges)

And finally, the nature of the design excludes 50% of the play space because it has to represent the "Outside" of the Death Star: Some of the "rooms" would need straight walls, so indeed some of that trapped curved space would be lost to outright play, however it could be utilized as storage and/or use breakaway panels for guntowers to pop out of or something.

I've been playing around with the vintage Death Star and trying to "connect" the playset pieces that we got a couple years ago with some success. It takes a little reconfiguration and some extra supports but I've managed to rig up the Detention Hallway so that the heroes can really fall into the bright orange compactor. The Rope Swing is a little tougher to integrate into the old design, but it can go just about anywhere so long as it gets supported so that it is on "level 2." I'm still trying to figure out the best way to remove the gun emplacement on the top level and replace it with the Emperor's throne. Doing all that stuff got me thinking about a well-designed playset like the one I'm suggesting. I think that it is possible and for a reasonable cost. But with the way Hasbro feels about releasing the Shuttle, I don't forsee any realistic hope of it ever happening from them. Looks like a custom job!

Addendum: Since I originally wrote this, the Shuttle is being released and from all appearances, people are willing to pay a premium for a long desired toy. There's no reason to suspect that if collectors and kids saw this design on a toy shelf, that they wouldn't be digging in their pockets for the cash on the spot.

01-14-2003, 11:23 AM
I agree that it can be done. . . but in all likelyhood, I think Hasbro would choose to do it in multiple pieces so that more stores would participate. They'd be lucky to get one store to take it as an exclusive if it were a complete set. Personally I would like to see it as an all-in-one. . . but I don't see it happening. You never know though. . . this is Hasbro.

01-14-2003, 11:25 AM
Originally posted by mahondo
So for me Endor is the go.AT-AT would look rad, along with the shuttle(although I wonder how the Shutttle scales up against the AT-AT? Anyone?)the bunker,AT-ST's,Ewoks,Biker Scouts,Speeder Bikes,Endor soldiers,it all looks so good in my head.
It may be big,but this one I would fork out for.

I could see them maybe making a gantry way...maybe. The scale it would have to be to a) accomodate 4" action figures inside the walkway, b) to be tall enough to enable the AT AT to be parked next to it, and c) have a large enough landing platform attached (not to mention working the radar dish in there somehow) equals a lot of plastic. While cool and entirely do-able, I don't see Hasbro realistically making this, or any other decent playset in the future (based on what we've been offered over the past few years). But, hey, we can dream! :)

01-14-2003, 11:26 AM
Originally posted by stillakid
I could see them maybe making a gantry way...maybe. The scale it would have to be to a) accomodate 4" action figures inside the walkway, b) to be tall enough to enable the AT AT to be parked next to it, and c) have a large enough landing platform attached (not to mention working the radar dish in there somehow) equals a lot of plastic. While cool and entirely do-able, I don't see Hasbro realistically making this, or any other decent playset in the future (based on what we've been offered over the past few years). But, hey, we can dream! :)

Dangit, forgot the attachment...

Here goes...

01-14-2003, 11:53 AM
Originally posted by Rogue II
Tycho, this poll may have been better if it was done like the battle of the machines. Have playoffs to let the users choose what scene represents each movie. There have been plenty of ideas for playsets in the other forums (I posted links to a lot of them in the "Do you want more playsets?" poll).

I like that idea, except that there are too many divergent ideas about what the playsets should look like. As with the Death Star, I'm not personally in favor of hacking it to pieces and selling it off like the family farm. So if the Death Star was one of the choices on the poll, how would it be represented? As an actual playset, as I've suggested, or as a series of random and sporadic pieces of scalper bait?

01-14-2003, 02:30 PM
When I do polls, I create a list of all my ideas, staff's, and your ideas from the poll suggestion thread and send them to Steve along with my recommendation. He makes the final choice.

I've been suggesting "The SSG War of the Worlds" for months now.

It would be like "Battle of the Machines" but be about speculative playsets. 5 polls would pick one winner from each movie, then have them square off in a championship.

Even with that being done, I've no doubt the Death Star would win by a large margin. It simply has the most play possibilities. However, we could arrive at a Top 5-6 list (giving ANH another consideration besides the Death Star).

So far Steve hasn't wanted to go that route. For my own part, I wanted to draw up some playset plans for each of the set choices, with action features to make things that occurred in the movies occur with our figures (as it's one thing to make walls, another thing to make a working compactor - the latter being more innovative and requiring more love and effort).

Anyway, my recommendations were as follows:

Here are the polls:

Which Playset would you want most from Episode IV: A New Hope?

1) The Death Star (perhaps with interlocking playsets building the station)
2) Yavin Base (with flight hanger, briefing room)
3) complete cantina (using or not using Wal*Mart sets)
4) Lars' Homestead (w. kitchen, garage for T-16)
5) Tantive IV Playset (escape pod, cannons, hiding space, bridge)
6) The Dune Sea (Ben's hut, E6 Sarlaac, E2 camp, Jawa canyon, action levers, escape pod)

Which Playset would you want most from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

1) Bespin redeaux (including better Freezing Chamber, dining room, torture rack)
2) Dagobah Jedi Training (Yoda's hut, tree cave, swamp)
3) Echo Base (hanger, wampa cave, trench, Ion cannon)
4) Star Destroyer Playset (probe launch, Vader's chamber, TIE bay (for 1), breaking bridge, cannons)
5) Med-ship Playset (bacta tank, surgery table, bridge, Falcon docking, guns)
6) New Millennium Falcon (scale size, not able to handle as a vehicle)

Which Playset would you want most from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi?

1) Jabba's Palace (feed the Rancor, unfreeze Han, stage the band)
2) Emperor's Throne Room (watch out for open pits! breaking rails)
3) Death Star II "world" (Throne room, and reactor, fire control, larger)
4) Endor Shield Generator (bunker, command station, AT-AT dock, landing platform)
5) Ewok Village (re-paint of vintage, OR larger set with AT-ST log swings added)
6) Mon Calamari Cruiser Playset (Falcon docking, briefing room, bridge, guns)

Which Playset would you want most from Episode I: The Phantom Menace?

1) Royal Palace (break back in and take down Nute!, flight hanger, generator)
2) Galactic Senate (2 levels, 10 detaching pods, chancellor's platform, secret passage)
3) Watto's shop (or more over, Mos Espa - chubba vendor, slave quarters)
4) Pod Race Arena (grandstand, hanger, skybox, VIP boxes, elevator, pit stop)
5) Otah Gunga (sub pen, Opee break-in EU- Boss' Boardroom, prisoner bubble)
6) Trade Federation Droid Control Ship (bridge, trap door, blast door w. damage, flight deck)

Which Playset would you want most from Episode II: Attack of the Clones?

1) Kamino (land Slave-One, clone Jango Fett, Lana Su's office, training ground)
2) Droid Factory (circuit cutters, assembly line, large service droid, molten crucibles)
3) Padme's Coruscant Apartment (break window, elevator, balcony, stickers for Palpatine's office substitution)
4) Dexter's Diner (waitress figure, server droid, alien kitchen w. accessories, 50's style)
5) Club Outlander (action levers, sports screens, exclusive figures, simulate the speeder crash & fire)
6) Jedi Temple (library, map room, High Council chambers, elevator, droid analysis, training rm)

A run-off poll between all the winners would be the last poll.

Bryan Segal
01-14-2003, 03:20 PM
Well you all ready are getting part of the Kamino landing platform next year with the new deluxe Obi Wan and Jango, all the ideas for playsets would be great as long as they came up with new molds and made them well. I would love to see a death star theme playset with a figure with each room kind of thing. Similar to the cantina playsets, only rooms instaed of pieces of a bar. The hangar for the millenium falcon would be the big price tag. I assume around the $50.00 mark and then all the other rooms A 20-25 range in price each with a NEW unique figure. All though a sail barge or sarlac pit would be awesome. I just know because of price that Hasbro would be cheap on it and we would all be very unhappy.

Rogue II
01-14-2003, 04:02 PM
That's exactly what I was talking about Tycho. But now that I've seen all of those choices, I don't know how to decide which one I would want the most.:D

01-14-2003, 05:01 PM
Hmmm. It's a tangent but if I voted on the larger poll I wanted to run, I'd pick:

The Death Star from ANH (duh!)

Probably a Star Destroyer from ESB (Bespin's hard to turn down though)

Maybe the Mon Cal Cruiser from ROTJ - it'd be the hardest to build myself on account of the organic, rounded shapes. NiubNiub does a very good Death Star II on his own, and the shield generator isn't that hard to figure out - you can even customize a garbage can lid as the projector dish. I'd build the shuttle platform around TV tables that you sacrafice - or something that supports the weight of the shuttle.

For TPM, I'd go with the Galactic Senate. That'd make a nice playset to display a lot of aliens.

From AOTC, I think I'm all for Kamino - those incubators and the helmet distribution racks, the little ships, all that would be hard to reproduce myself, too.

01-14-2003, 06:46 PM
I want Dagobah!

01-14-2003, 08:50 PM
I would buy a re-release of the original Death Star and Ewok village. These had a lot of play value and could display quite a few figures. I think kids/parents would buy them.

Dagobah would be cool, but it was nearly impossible to place figures inside the tree home of the original playset. The foam "swamp" on mine is dry-rotting too :cry:

A Dex's Diner would be cool if it was a large, detailed, and scaled accurately.

It's fun to dream about collector-quality playsets, and I'm sure Hasbro and it's retailers would love to sell them and make tons of money off of us. But unfortuately our segment of the market is small and that will keep them from producing what we want.

Old Fossil
01-14-2003, 10:09 PM
I like your idea for a Dune Sea playset, Tycho.:) A close second would be the Cantina, utilizing the bar pieces we already have with the Wal-Mart sets.

Upgrading the Falcon from "vehicle" to "playset" is a fantastic idea. Such a large ship warrants a playset, though I think Hasbro could make one that could still be lifted (by an adult) so as to simulate flight (like when the Falcon "blasted its way out of Most Eisley").

All the rest is, how you say, "yawn."

01-15-2003, 01:10 AM
A lot of very ambitious ideas in here but unfortunately only in our wildest dreams. For example, a Star Destroyer with a docking bay for a TIE Fighter? The TIE Fighters are already full-sized vehicles. How exactly is a TIE fighter supposed to fit inside another full sized vehicle? It'd have to be the size of a shopping cart for it to look even remotely reasonable. Also these ideas about toys for Kamino and Bespin with landing platforms and 5 or 6 different rooms (Bespin: dining room, junk pile, torture room, carbon freeze, catwalk, underbelly, hallways; Kamino: Jango's apartment, clone training room, embryo growth chambers, Lama Su's office) are totally unfeasible. These are action playsets, not dollhouses. Also, the movie sets that these toys were based off of had no set architectural plan so none of these things could be mapped out accurately enough in toy form to please most of the collectors on these boards.

Here are some of my observations/opinions about playsets:
1. No good Star Wars playset of an INDOOR area has ever been made other than the 1983 Jabba the Hutt Playset and the POTF2 Pop-up cardboard Cantina. I wouldn't mind seeing a Pop-up cardboard Dex's diner but I'd like it to be laminated so it would be more durable than the cardboard cantina. The Star Destroyer playset from the 80s is one of the dumbest looking playsets ever. So is the POTJ Carbon Freeze Chamber. I'm also not too fond of the droid factory from the 70s. I think Hasbro should stick to making playsets of OUTDOOR areas. That's why the Ewok Village, Turret & Probot playset, Geonosis Arena, and Dagobah swamp ideas all worked well (IMHO). This brings me to my next point.
2. No Star Wars toy with a landing pad or docking bay (indoor or outdoor) has ever been attempted and this is probably for a reason (although the Endor Imperial base is the best idea for a toy with a landing platform because the platform itself would probably encompass 90% of the playset, it is outdoor, and it could easily be about the size of a turntable and still be aesthetically appealing). In general, I don't think kids like having their vehicles parked on playsets. If kids were into that sort of thing they'd buy Hot Wheels cities. Star Wars vehicles are just too big to sit on playsets. It worked with GI Joe because many of those vehicles were smaller and could easily fit on a small helipad or garage. And I know there's the USS Flagg as the obvious exception but I don't think that was a very profitable toy for Hasbro and doubt they'd do anything that massive of a proportion ever again.

Sorry if I sounded negative at all. I'm not trying to be and normally I'm a very positive person. I'm just trying to bring a reality check back to the topic. :)

01-15-2003, 01:54 AM
What is reality today was the dreams of yesterday.

So I'm always the optimist. Piett's comments about the Star Destroyer are very true: the plans I drew up to build mine one day have it approximately 7 feet long! I won't be able to construct it until I have my own home that's large enough to make the room. Of course it will not be to scale! That's not going to stop me from enjoying a playset which services another vehicle, has detention cells, an elevator, bridge, probot launchers, trash compactors - whatever else I choose to create in it. As to fitting a TIE - I bought an extra Bomber because of both the sentimental value in a craft I've waited over 2 decades for, and the fact that its shorter wings will help it fit a lower profile docking slot than could be achieved with any other TIE, save for maybe Vader's.

I respectfully disagree with the rest of some well-thought-out comments if only because I don't want to say something's impossible, I want to overcome the difficulties in achieving the dreams. If the USS Flag was a failure, it was a glorious one!

But Piett's very right because look at my star destroyer I want to build - what kind of market can they cater to with that product were Hasbro to produce it? The single-male, large-home-owner category of which I don't even fit in yet. Jedi Master Points are not going to get us real estate, and people living with their parents' families, or their own wives and children are not going to all be able to selfishly use that kind of space, and single folks have other priorities like a bed or couch over a star destroyer if they have to choose what to fit. I think the USS Flag encountered similar difficulties, though it was certainly smaller than how I envision a Star Destroyer (width and height wise)

But some sets, like the Imperial Base on Endor will hardly need to be that massive to provide an accessway to an AT-AT, a stable flat-top for a shuttle, and an elevator to a control area the size of that GI Joe base that's out there right now, with a back to it that looks like the bunker door. You're talking something only as wide as the Royal Starship is long - when the AT-AT's docked with it. The projector dish can be a separate piece that store's away easily.

I'll try to find some time to do some drawings, scan them, and add them to this thread.

01-15-2003, 12:59 PM
Originally posted by Tycho
6) The Dune Sea (Ben's hut, E6 Sarlaac, E2 camp, Jawa canyon, action levers, escape pod)

I like this as well, except that I'd add the Sail Barge to it. I know that many people would like to see that piece as a separate vehicle, but seriously I don't think it will ever happen that way. But as part of slightly larger playset I think it would be marketable.

01-15-2003, 01:23 PM
Originally posted by AdmiralPiett
These are action playsets, not dollhouses.

Exactly. This might be the number one reason why I don't endorse the "multi-rooms-over-the-course-of-time" concept to sell an environment (ie, the Death Star).

As a kid, I really enjoyed PLAYSETS. Not single individual rooms sold over a matter of time. Even if there was a larger conceptual design that allowed connectability to create something that looks like a real playset, I'm not sure that if kids today have the kind of patience to wait a year or two to complete one playset. Shoot, I barely do. I mean, if they had the option of buying one single thing that looked like a ship or a Death Star or a jungle or something on the outside that then opened up to reveal a bunch of interconnected areas would be cool as heck! Just talking about it, I start feeling like a kid again.

And talk about cost, I just forked over nearly $20 bucks per box to make just one trash compactor "playset." If I could own a huge complete Death Star that actually looked like a Death Star on the outside that also housed the trash compactor as well as everything else in both DS's, for $100 bucks, it suddenly seems like a HUGE bargain.

I don't mean to keep harping on the Death Star, but it's just the best example to talk about.

Bryan Segal
01-15-2003, 02:00 PM
All these ideas are so fantastic, but what are we actaully ever going to see? You know if we get something really cool like a sail barge or a endor base, it will just be a very expensive store exclusive. Finding it and not having to pay up the butt for it will be hard and only 25% of the people who want it are going to get it. No instead we are going to get more of the same redone figures and ships with new actions that no one wants or needs and we'll all keep buying them for the lack of anything else good to buy. That's just how I see it, I could be wrong.

01-15-2003, 03:24 PM
I voted for the Death Star but would be happy with an Imperial Star Destroyer. I'm actually interested in any playset that is for the most part an accurate representation of what we see in the movies. They don't have to be perfect but if they feel the need to change the accuracy of the playset to incorporate more of an action feel (like gun turrets in an area that shouldn't have them) it would be nice to have them not be fixed pieces. This way you have the option of them looking more like the scenes in the movies for those of us who don't play with our figures and the kiddies can still have fun as well.

01-15-2003, 10:18 PM
I went with the Death Star but only if it would be a recreation of the room where the final duel was fought between Luke and Vader in Return of the Jedi. But then again a huge hangar bay would be pretty cool too, :D

01-16-2003, 09:34 PM
Tycho your idea of what constitutes a playset and mine are so different. The trapdoor thing makes it sound all cutesy like a crappy harry potter toy or something. And your ideas are positively humongous or you have no idea of scale to cram in all that you describe. Or you cram it all in and leave no room for any play. I want accuracy not silly gimmicks like breaklaway gantries where there should be none or missile firing cannons where there should be none or trapdoors or hiding places or any of that. Just an environment to place the figures in that looks like the movie sets. Doors where there should be doors. Walls where there should be walls. levels where there should be levels. And a playset needn't necessarily be attached to a solid plastic baseplate either. For example the yavin hangar could simply be a bunch of stone temple pillars and wall sections, stone steps and various accessories that were around the hangar like the vehicle maintenance energiser. Then you can either build the hangar as you see it in the movie or enlarge it to fit more ships in or rebuild it asd a second hangar level with all interchangeable pieces that have snap-lock connectors and re-connectors. It's an imagination thing but that makes more sense to give both options in play rather than dictate where play will take place by only having one wall and a trapdoor and a breakaway gantry thing that doesn't work. With my idea you get to build your playset yourself. same could be done for the death star corridors, just a big pack of wall sections and doorways and bridges and wotnot. Snap-lock connectors and re-connectors. Build your own death star. Recreate the movie sets or make up your own environments. It's a non gimmicky devise. It takes in the modular idea for the death star but gives more choice and you get all the pieces in one set. It too would have a couple of larger accessories like the tractor beam control station with light up panels. The death star trooper control station.

Personally I'd have voted for the cantina but it isn't an option so I decided to abstain from voting. Apart from the death star the other options are absolutely deathly boring to me. I hate naboos fairytale sugary coating look, dagobah could be a deluxe set if the deluxe sets were actually that. Just the hut with a bit of tree. I hate the idea of yoda having the dark side cave as an outhouse. The Endor staging gantry is something that would be too small to look right. You'd need a hell of a base support if you wanted to park a shuttle up top. I can't see that being safe enough for kids. Danger of toppling and heavy objects falling on small heads. Perhaps a reworking of the bunker with longer sides and part of the green hill it was built into and the insides and a few of the forest treetrunks with moss on and stuff. vegetation for Ewoks to hide behind. That would be more fun. Just don't have an exploding action on the bunker because that would mean you couldn't have the opening blast doors working the same as on the old POTF2 bunker set. Oh and have a flip down panel by the door so han can 'hotwire' the doors closed. Pack in a one piece R2-D2 with all his panels busted open and tools exposed and a generic Ewok or two. That might interest me.

But cantina first and foremost. Then Jabba's palace throne room.

01-16-2003, 09:56 PM
Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
Snap-lock connectors and re-connectors. Build your own death star. Recreate the movie sets or make up your own environments. It's a non gimmicky devise. It takes in the modular idea for the death star but gives more choice and you get all the pieces in one set.

As a second best option to the all-in-one playset, I could get into this. It borders on the variable concept that LEGO offers us...built it your way. In general, just handing us pre-determined plastic walls isn't so appealing to me. I like the idea of interconnecting the sets the way that works best for me. But all the existing pieces would have to be redone. For instance, the new Trash Compactor set(s) can't fit with anything that might be released in the future. Nor the Endor bunker doors. Or the Cloud City carbon freezing set. All were created to be independent sets. Without some ingenious engineering, all the previous junk would have to be redone.

01-16-2003, 10:50 PM
I liked Emperor Jargos ideas too. I especially like the way he described being able to make a hanger as big as you want by interlocking sets. Then you could have your favorite Rebel ship in a hanger on a wall-unit's shelf top, or you could set up an entire table with all of Rogue Squadron parked on it - in an environment that looked right!

For the record, I don't support gimmicks that weren't in the movies, but always did like lightsaber fight floor panels that moved figures by remote (so long as they are carefully hidden remotes - like use thumb wheels versus levers that stick out and would prevent another interlocking piece from joining with it).

Theed Hanger's collapsing bridge did not endear itself to me at all. I can't recall, but I think when I had it set up, I didn't even add the bridge to it.

The Death Star has more than enough turbolasers that kids can have something that fires missles without needing a rocket-mortar in the detention bay.

01-17-2003, 08:48 AM
I would like to see the Tipocca City on Kamino play set.