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01-17-2003, 03:32 PM
Hi all.

You may all be aware of collectors clubs around the globe, however for many years now the UK has been without a Collectors Club.

The time for change is now.

Over at gadders.com, a club is currently being set up.

The aim is to bring every UK collector of Vintage and/or Newer stuff together.

A forum site is currently underway. There will also be articles, chats, organsied conventions and hopefully the chance to arrange meet ups. A dealer section will also be set up soon, so if you know, or can reccommend a good dealer, list it.

A trading section is also underway. If you have anything to sell, trade or want, list it in the forums.

Head on over to have a look.

Cheers :D

01-17-2003, 04:19 PM
sounds really good

01-17-2003, 06:31 PM
Another? I'm perfectly happy with The Private Universe.

01-17-2003, 06:58 PM
I'm perfectly happy here. There's everything I need right here. And as I'm not the sort of person to go meeting strangers face to face there's no reason for me to join a collectors club. I buy everything online anyway.

Maybe it's the thing to do for some but not for me thanks. never was one for groups or organisations. Reminds of organised activities like the cub scouts that my mother used to inflict on me.

01-18-2003, 03:25 AM
I agree with you Jargo, This is a very satisfying site but i must admit the post's do seem a bit dry on this UK one at the mo......:p

01-18-2003, 04:45 AM
I think it's a cool idea. As the other guys say, it's down to choice.

There's already the Norwich club, but diversity is the spice of life. isn't it?

And I think it's quiet here as people are getting off on the novelty of the Rebelscum Europe forum..

01-18-2003, 09:45 AM
Jargo, why are you so cynical about everything?

01-18-2003, 06:13 PM
I wouldn't say I was cynical. I just don't jump around grinning like a fool at every tiny little thing. Optimism is a waste of energy.
If you'd prefer I'll stay out of the UK section in future. In fact I think I'll do just that. *shoots entry access panel on console* "Boring conversation anyway.."

01-19-2003, 09:32 AM
if i were you i wouldn't go
because little people like me would hear of no news in the UK

01-19-2003, 02:23 PM
"If you'd prefer I'll stay out of the UK section in future."
Do whatever you like. It was a simple enough question, there's no need to over-react.

01-19-2003, 03:26 PM
Whether you are interested in a UK Collectors Club or not, it is up to you.

The main aim is to help each other out collecting wise.

If there's a certain thing you are after, all you have to do is ask. Everyone is there to help out.

Not all shops/online stores have what you are after. Other collectors may have what you are looking for, or point you in a direction you have not been looking in.

Thats the main idea of a UK club.

To be really honest, this section has taken a dive lately, and quite frankly, there are other 'better' forums.

I only posted here to see if anyone was interested, not to cause a riot.

Maybe I also won't bother posting anymore too. Seems a total waste of good typing to me anyway.

01-20-2003, 01:32 AM
Nooooo please dont go Emperer Jargo and Jedi_uk73, This is the only forum that i visit and like to as many as possible on here!! I used to visit a site for the Sims and all they do is argue or the Administrator and his minions ganged up on everyone......:mad: I have seen so many people helping each other on here from all over, and it is really good to see this, we all have an opinion we all think we are never wrong but just let the dark side( ...corny i know) of you let other's have their say ok and dont take it too serious...now let's just get along please :p

01-21-2003, 03:31 AM
Bit harsh Jargo.
Thanks for the link, will bookmark and drop by occasionally.

01-21-2003, 04:47 AM
This forum was set up just after a mini civil war in another thread. I made a drippy comment elsewhere about this being somewhere new for us to fight.

Looks like I had it right.