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01-20-2003, 06:21 PM
Grumble here.

So far I could have only saved 20 bucks... I can't wait for this to be discovered for lower though....


01-20-2003, 06:43 PM
Hey tycho, whadaya mean? Are they selling these at Disneyland now or something?

01-20-2003, 07:12 PM
The article is on GalacticHunter. Wow, I hope it's true that other places get these for cheaper.

Take that FAO, you burn and we win without your help! :happy:

01-20-2003, 09:58 PM
Yes, it's like how LtBasker explained it - though I haven't tried to confirm that. My FAO shuttle will arrive this week, most likely.

I don't want to cancel my order or risk not getting one.

At this point, it will cost me 20 bucks in gas to drive my SUV to Disneyland and back from here (about 1.5 hours - that is if we pretend Orange County - on the way to Los Angeles - never has any bad traffic....)

As I understand it, I was there last in around August 5th, you can get a 30 minute shopping pass to enter the park for free and buy what you want (I think they run your credit card number and if you're not back in at the most an hour, they charge you for general admission). It won't take that long to get a shuttle if they have them stocked there, but I'd rather enjoy Disneyland if I bother driving there, and furthermore, if all I'm saving is 20 bucks in price, I'd explore having Disney ship it to me (they sent me Star Tours figures (wave 2) by mail - as they'd just released Wave 1 when I was there last summer).

So, it remains to be seen how much savings can be gotten from other sources. I budgeted the $145 FAO charges after shipping costs, so I'm not going to mess with it.

Keep in mind though: I bought a mint, loose, vintage shuttle for $175 in 1997.

One or both of these deals are starting to become questionable in my mind.

01-20-2003, 10:13 PM
I believe this only applied to the Once Upon A Toy toystore in Walt Disney World's downtown disney shopping center. Once Upon A Toy is a Disney/Hasbro operation, so Hasbro is probably just selling off extras or something through their only outlet allowed by the license with Lucas. This is purely conjecture mind you, but that's what I believe is up.

Truth be told, I'd much rather give my money to Disney than FAO anyway.

01-20-2003, 11:43 PM

Through what means did you order Star Tours Wave 2 from Disney?

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01-21-2003, 01:37 AM
An 800 number that I think rang in Florida. I'm not sure what it was now. I got it from someone else here and think I lost it again.

They let me order 9 WEG droids, and 4 security ones. I skipped R4-M9 because it was just a repaint I didn't care for.

So I wasn't forced to order complete sets even, hurray!

I will see if I can come up with the number for you. I'll have to ask friends in the morning, or sort through my "phone numbers to file - pile." (that's a mess!)