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01-21-2003, 04:01 PM
Here is the index of what has been covered:

1. What does .00/.0000 mean and where can I find it on the card?
2. I can't find these .00 numbers on my Canadian figures !?
3. Where can I find out about the latest E1 (Now POTJ) figure variations?
4. How much is this rare figure worth?
5. What's the deal with the .0200 Maul? I can't find one.
6. Is the Black Vest Maul a fake or what?
7. Any other Maul variations?
8. I see things like the triple error Darth Maul or wrong date errors on eBay all the time, why don't you list these in the price guide?
9. I can't find this figure or that figure, can you help me?
10. How should I save my Pepsi cans with or without the soda in them? I know Pepsi says not to, but they look better with the soda in them.
11. I was wondering if Hasbro is planning on coming out with any more mail away exclusives anytime soon?
12. Why doesn't the new Yoda have Episode I written across the front? Is Hasbro starting a new line or something?
13. What is the secret message on the Pepsi cans?
14. How much are the new figures to order from you?
15. What are the Jedi Master Points for?
15. Are there .0000's on the Darth Maul (Tatooine) Wave?
17. White's Guide has a .00 Gasgano and a Classic Palpatine for $100 in their guide, what's up with that?
18. Which items havenít come out on a .0000 package?
19. Why did the foreign markets get figures with the free Battle Droid?
20. Which is the rarer OOM-9? Which is the first one?
21. My Rune Haako doesn't have a choking warning on it, is this the rare one?
22. I have a figure with the (wrong sticker, sticker upside-down, no sticker), how rare is this? What about figures with arms broken off, turned wrong in the bubble or missing weapons in the package?
23. On that mail in offer for the Pepsi Can Display it says 'no photocopies' only original certificates. Where do I get one?
24. How much is the super rare Episode I Yoda missing Episode I on the front worth?
25. Which is the rare Flashback R2-D2? I know it is saber on the right, but which right?
26. Why would someone pay a lot of money for a figure turned in the bubble or some other weird factory screw up?
27. How can I tell the difference between a regular old Vader and the SOTE version?
28. Is the sticker on the back of the Captain Panaka figure a variation, which is rarer?
29. I just found an E1 R2-D2 with a small bubble. What is going on, is this a variation?
30. Why no mention of Darth Maul Sith Lord with the WB COMMTech chip, when you've mentioned Mace and the others?
31. How come a hologram figure of Qui-Gon Jinn is being developed? He didn't ever appear as a holo in the movie.
32. What do you recommend for removing price tags?

1. Which is correct Ketwal or Ketwol?
2. I found this POTF2 collection 2 green carded Tusken Raider and his hand on the straight arm is filled in. Is this a variation?
3. My Qui-Gon Jedi Armor has no warning, is this a rare error?
4. My Qui-Gon Jedi Armor has the word ''sparing'' on the file. Is this spelling error a rare variation?
5. My Obi-Wan Cold weather has the word ''equiped'' spelled wrong on the file and on the vital statistics it also says ''Model: Human.'' Is this rare? Does this mean Obi-Wan is a droid or clone.
6. Was there a Boba Fett 300th in a .0000 box?
7. Which is the rarer package on the 300th Fett?
8. How much is _________ worth?
9. What is the best way to display my gold Yoda Pepsi can?
10. What do some of those terms mean in the price guide like RB, SUB, SS, IRT, etc.?
11. Has the R2-Q5 'Imperal' error been fixed and is mine rare - the eye isn't see through it is painted over black?
12. Have there been, or will there be any .0500 POTJ figures seeing as how they have already reached .0400 on their cards progressively?
13. Which IG-88 is rarer, the one with the right hand closed or the one with both hands open?
14. Is there a US Carded version of the Darth Vader Dagobah in which there is a sticker on the bottom right corner of the bubble mentioning Luke's face?
15. I purchased the Yoda and Maul statues from the Attakus company of France a while ago, and was very impressed with them. One of those slated to be released this summer was Vader. Any word on if or when this piece might become available?
16. How much is ____ worth? I want to sell it on eBay.
17. Is the B-wing pilot that comes with the B-wing different than Ten Nunb from the 3-pack?
18. Does the Obi-Wan Cold Weather's Force File variation, the slumped, come on .0300 and .0400 cards?
19. Do K-3PO and the Mon Calamari Officer come on .0300 cards?
20. I found a Darth Maul Sith Apprentice at my local Wal*Mart. He isn't holding his lightsaber at all - is this rare?
21. On Ellorrs Force File is reads "Fan Choice", but on the sticker it reads "Fan's Choice" which is correct?
22. How come I haven't seen or heard anything about POTJ .0200 cards?
23. Does Jek Porkins come on a .0400 card?
24. What do the ''collection'' designations mean and how are they sorted?
25. Does there exist an .0000 Closed Hand Leia General or an .0100 Opened Hand Leia General?
26. How can I tell the difference between the rare 'Collector Series' Chewbacca and the more common version - It's just the dark blue background, right?
27. Are there any variations at all to the following figures: Sebulba, Fode and Beed, Obi-Wan (ANH), Darth Vader Dagobah?
28. What is the difference between a variation and an error?
29. Are there any .0300 cards before the Scout Trooper wave?
30. I have recently acquired a Ki-Adi-Mundi with so much purple around his eyes that he looks like he's been beat up. The same purple can be found on his lips. Is this a legitimate variation or error?
31. Will there be a Masterpiece Edition this year?
32. Is the WB CTC Obi-Wan (Naboo) rare? Did I miss out?
33. I found a Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Armor on the .0400 card. He seems to have a "short" lightsaber. Is this worth more money?
34. What do the Date Codes on the card backs mean?
35. I found an Ewoks video about that has two episodes of the animated series on it, "Cries of the Trees" and "The Tree of Light." Do I have anything rare or collectible?
36. Could you tell me how I can find the value of Canadian versions of some of my figures?
37. Which is the rare C-3PO Super Deformed - all shiny gold or shiny gold arms only?
38. Did Anakin Mechanic POTJ ever make it as far as to get onto a .0100 card?
39. Takeel or Zutton - who is in the Cantina?
40. What is the story behind the vintage Blue Snaggletooth?
41. You said the Battle for Naboo is a Japanese exclusive...then how did I find it in the US?
42. Will the Clean Scout Trooper be making an appearance again?
43. I found a Chewbacca Mechanic sealed figure missing the tool. Is my figure worth extra money because of this?
44. Is Sir Steve Stephen Sansweet?
45. I need a power supply for the COMMTech Reader Store Display. What can I do?
46. I was wondering if Hasbro is planning on coming out with any more mail away exclusives anytime soon?
47. Have you heard anything about a 12 inch Princess Leia in Endor gear with Speederbike as a Target exclusive for 2002? Also how about a Death Star play set?
48. Did the Mynock Hunt Cinema Scene appear on a .01 Box?
49. Is there a card variation on the Spanish speaking COMMTechs?
50. Does the Jabba the Hutt and Han Solo Beast Pack exist on a .00 Box?
52. Does the Dewback and Sandtrooper Beast Pack exist on a .00 Box?
53. Does the EU Speeder Bike with pilot exist on a .00 Box?
54. Does the POWER F/X R2-D2 exist on a .00 card?
55. Do any Expanded Universe (EU) figures exist on .00 cards?
56. In 1977 at the theatre they handed out a few paged book about the movie, approximately 8x10 sized. Is it worth anything?
57. Is the Bonus Battle Droid the one that was available in the foreign two-packs?
58. Could you please type me up a list of all the POTJ figures, sets, & vehicles?
59. Was the Sith Infiltrator vehicle ever released?
60. Were the Oom-9 and Obi-Wan Kenobi Trophy editions ever released?
61. Was the Cinema Scenes Pit Droid three-pack ever released?
62. Was the Naboo Pilot game with Ric Olie ever released?
63. Were the foreign bonus Battle Droids that were released in two-packs different from any Battle Droid released in the U.S?
64. Is one Bonus Battle Droid worth more than the other?
65. Does the Bonus Battle Droid variations show up on the same cards?
66. Is the closed hand IG-88 standard on all .0300 cards?
67. Which IG-88 variation is the hardest to find, open or closed hand?
68. Does the Sy Snootles and Joh Yowza Max Rebo Band Pairs exist on a .00 card?
69. I found a Darth Maul Tatooine where the lightsaber is outside the normal spot in the bubble. Is this worth anything?
70. Why is there no interest in 300th Fett errors?
71. I bought a TIE Interceptor that is factory sealed and the contents of the box are up-side-down. Will this affect the value?
72. I just found two POTF Death Star Gunners with foil stickers, an AT-ST Driver and a monkey-faced (original) Leia on green cards. It gets stranger - the Leia had a "Leia Bespin Escape" POP sticker over the original, the DS Gunners and AT-ST Driver both had "Sandtrooper Tatooine Showdown" POP stickers over the originals. What is going on!?

1. Are Toy Expo exclusives and the like made by Hasbro?
2. Is there ever going to be a marmit Darth Vader? And if there is, do you when and how much?
3. I just bought the new POTJ tie interceptor at my local toys r us. it came with the tie pilot but also had another pilot in the cockpit. Obviously I opened it, but was wondering if this is some sort of error or a normal occurrence to get two pilots.
4. What ever happened to the planned Bespin Cloud Car? And do I remember once seeing a picture of an AT-ST and Speederbike packaged together?
5. Do you know of any plans for a new Shuttle Tydirium or Rebel Troop Transport for the 3 3/4" scale figs?
6. I read that there were supposed to be 4 Star Wars two-packs exclusive to Disney, what ever happened to them and which characters were going to be made?
7. There are certain things I canít find in the price guide like the Vintage AT-ST, Snowtrooper and Leia Endor. Where are they?
8. I was wondering why some figures were packaged with large or small bubbles? Like E1 R2-D2, COMMTech Han and Scout trooper
9. Do all TIE Interceptor pilots have loose heads, or did I just get a reject?
10. What are the chances of finding a vintage EV-9D9 with limbs that are tight and will not pop out?
11. How rare is the Panaka with Bonus Battle Droid as well as Royal Security-BD combination?
12. I have a thick rubber/pvc like R2-D2 with a cartoonish paint scheme I have no idea where it is from.
13. Is the Darth Sidious a variation because if it has extra blue on the arms and at the bottom of his cape ?
14. I saw the Sy Snootles and Joh Yowza Max Rebo Band Pair in a Jabba's Palace 3D Diorama in an action figures store BUT with a guitar and a microphone. Where did these come from?
15. About how many of each of the Darth Maul Black Vest Variations are there estimated to be in existence of each: Jedi Duel .00, .0100 and .0000, Tatooine and Sith Lord?
16. Does Hasbro still plan to release the new Luke Bespin that was originally planned with the CD?
17. There are many variations on the POTF2, but how many were for the vintage? Like Han Solo (big or small head)?
18. I've recently started to collect Star Wars figures and I am confused about the problem with typeset errors. Will a figure like this be sold for less in the future?
19. Were the foreign bonus Pit Droids that were released in two-packs with other figures the same ones as the two-pack available in the U.S.? Did they have the same poses and coloring as the U.S. two-pack? If so or not, how many colors were available in the foreign packs?
20. Was the Tusken Raider listed in the standard action figure line of Episode I ever released, or was it just a prototype? If not, was it the same one now available in the Power of the Jedi line?
21. Do you happen to know what the true color of Han Soloís coat on Hoth is?
22. I found 2 "mispackaged" 25th Anniversary 2 packs. There was an original POTF2 Luke and Leia in one and the original POTF2 Han and Chewie in another. What's that about?
23. When do the AOTC figures come out in the UK? Also, when do the sneak preview figures come out in the UK?
24. Are all these new blue AOTC figure cards the same size as all the previous backer cards and will they still fit in star cases?
25. I just bought a POTJ Mon Calamari on a .0300 card. Is this a rare find?
26. What's the best way to clean up vintage toys without removing stickers, or damaging them further? It's mainly dust and grime.
27. Has Shimi on the UPC sticker ever been fixed?
28. Is there a general rule on the value of foreign POTF2 carded figures?
29. Why doesn't the new POTJ Luke with Bacta tank deluxe figures have the Vader helmet and Obi-wan picture like the rest of the line?
30. About 4-5 years ago, I got an "Invisible Obi-Wan" action figure from my aunt. What is it?
31. Did they make the Mace Windu lightsaber yet?
32. What vintage figures and vehicles haven't been remade and will they be remade?
33. What spelling errors are there on the toys and which have been corrected?
34. I was wondering if you knew the release date for the Episode 2 figures.
35. Do you collect all the figures and variations?
36. Are you going to the E2 convention?
37. Do you by chance know what the UPC code for the TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder in Wal*Mart's computers?
38. Are the Episode II figures regular 3 ĺ size?
39. I have a Princess Leia Collection set featuring Bespin Leia and Han and it is labeled as a Princess Leia / Wicket the Ewok. How common were these errors?
40. I've tried to access the "easter egg" for the Episode I DVD; Disc 1; options menus; by pressing 1,1,3,8 and nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong?
41. I have a Dagobah w/Yoda Complete Galaxy that is in the right box but the black base it is sitting on says Death Star. Is this worth anything?
42 Where did the SS/LT scan of the POTF2 Ben Kenobi come from?
43. How much does the life-size Han in Carbonite go for?
44. Which AOTC figures are harder to find with or w/o backgrounds?
45. I have a deluxe Darth Tyranus with no figure sticker on it. Is this a variation? Is it rare?
46. Which is the hardest figure to find out of the 1st 27?
47. What case is Count Dooku in? I can find him!
48. Which is the rare R2 Ė with solid leg joint pegs or grooved (the round metal pegs at the top of the leg)?
49. I heard there was a Count Dooku w/BG is this true??
50. How many figures were released on April 23rd?
51. My Dooku has a brown outfit, but in the movie it is black. Is this rare?
52. Is the electronic Obi-Wan saber rare?
53. Are the figures with BGs worth more money?
54. Is the brown Battle Droid out yet?
55. What is the sticker hiding on the Super Battle Droid?
56. Has the Tusken Raider error been fixed?
57. When will the price guide come back?
58. What exactly are the backgrounds you are referring to?
59. Are the background carded figures going to be worth a lot in the future?
60. What does the date code on the cards mean? Like 20561?
61. When is the next wave of figures coming?
62. Do the first 16 figures all come with and w/o BGs?
63. I have heard Plo Koon, Senator Jar Jar and Saesee Tiin come with backgrounds is this true?
64. How can I find the old news posts?
65. Kmart has a bunch of AOTC toys on sale now. Should I just return my figures to Wal*Mart and buy them back at Kmart?
66. Is a blister and a bubble the same thing?
67. I recently purchased an Ep I Obi-Wan Electronic Lightsaber and it has a Japanese sticker on the back with the Tomy Logo. I was just wondering what this means? Also, what are the differences between the EP1 Obi-Wan saber and the AOTC saber?
68. Is the Dexter Jettster w/the "pipe" text and background the rarest of the Saga variations right now?
69. Which are the hardest figures w/BGs to find?
70. I want to make some of the other past figures Jedi Knights, or Padawans so I would need lightsabers. Where would I be able to buy just the lightsabers?
71. What new figures are coming out at the end of May?
72. Why does Anakin Hangar and Dooku come with 2 lightsabers?
73. How come the Grey Armor Jango isnít considered a variation?
74. Is a Jango or Boba with the helmet out of the slot and down in the package worth noting?
75. Will Hasbro be shipping the harder to find figures like Count Dooku, Royal Guard, etc. in greater numbers in the near future?
76. I noticed that some of the inserts have a code numbers in the bottom right of the card and some do not. Which are better?
77. Iīve opened Kit Fisto and I noticed a small hole on the belt and wondered what is it for?
78. Regarding the early bird Chewbacca gun, what is the best way identify a "green" gun? Are there also blue guns or are they all black?
79. Did you see on the #2 Cereal Box side panel it says Yoda lived out his last years on the Swamp planet Naboo? Is the cereal any good?
80. Why havenít you posted pictures of the Kit Fisto saber dot variation?
81. Which of these are rare - Super Battle Droid or Obi-Wan Kenobi Coruscant chase?
82. Were you at Toys R Us last night in Freehold NJ?
83. I've seen the 12íí Clone Trooper, Mace Windu and Anakin w/backgrounds. Are they going to change this like what they did with the basic figures? I haven't seen Obi-Wan with a background.
84. Why did Hasbro get rid of the backgrounds on the basic figures?
85. What do you think of our chances of seeing Yoda and Mace Windu electronic lightsabers?
86. Where can I get Action Figure stands for these new figures?
87. Will they make new small scale R5-D4 in the near future?
88. Has Hasbro ever officially confirmed whether or not it plans on releasing any more of the Toy Fair Vaders?
89. Do you know the release date for Jango Fett The ultimate bounty hunter 12"?
90. Does Hasbro have any plans on making new figures of the expanded universe line?
91. With the Saga cards how can I tell which movie the figure was in?
92. Why would someone want to spend so much on a Darth Maul black vest if it is just an error?
93. Do you think that Hasbro is purposely creating this recent influx of variations for the Saga figure line?
94. Do you think investing in these figures in bulk will ever payoff?
95. Is there a difference on the US and foreign versions of the Rubies lightsabers from E1?
96. I have a 1978 Star Wars preview 8mm film with color and sound that runs for about 30 mins it was purchased at Ken Sue films in New Jersey in 1978. How much is it worth?
97. I have a Darth Vader (Dagobah) that reads "Dark Spirit" under the picture on the Force File Photo. Is this rare?
98. I have a Luke Bespin Duel and Luke's head is facing you, not turned to the side. Is it considered a variation or not?
99. Which sticker came first on the Anakin hanger duel figure, the "duel lightsaber" or the "secret battle feature" ? I have both with the same date code.
100. I have strips of 70mm film from Star Wars and ESB. I have heard that once the film is finished being used in the theaters, it has to be returned to Lucasfilm. Are these be rare?
101. I have a figure with a crooked bubble, is it worth more money than a normal carded figure?
102. I have a figure with a paint smudge on its' body, is that worth anything?
103. Where can I get cases to protect my POTF2, EP1 + Saga Figures?
104. Which is the original Luke Bespin?
105. Will any of the new figures come w/BGs.
106. Is the Mace Windu Geonosian Rescue figure supposed to have eyes?
107. How come the 12Ē Clonetrooperís weapon looks recycled?
108. The new Massiff figure comes with a Geonosian, but in the movie they are with the Tuskens. Did Hasbro make a mistake?
109. Do figures fit into the Zam and Anakin speeders?
110. Is the AOTC Nikto the same as Jabba's Nikto from the desert skiff?
111. Is the fan club exclusive Stormtrooper set going to come in a special packaging?
112. On the Stormtrooper set from the Fan Club, how different are the troopers from one another?
113. How can I preorder the Imperial Shuttle from FAO?
114. I just bought the Royal Guard AOTC figure and it has French, English, and Spanish on the card. Is he worth money, or should I open and display him?
115. What is in the 3 3/4'' Cantina Aliens Exclusive 2-pack?
116. Are you going to be posting the case assortments for the AOTC 3/4" figures?
117. Are the rarity of AOTC figures the same as in Canada since they toys are packaged with 3 languages?
118. Is Padme Amidala Arena Escape w/BG + mole a rare variation?
119. When is the Republic Gunship going to be released?
120. On my Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase, Kit Fisto, and Shaak Ti, none have the TM after "lightsaber" on the side of the package. Will this be corrected in future runs?
121. What does C1, C2, and MOC mean?
122. Is the R2-D2 with solid leg joint pretty common or is it a rare variation?
123. Which is the harder Zam Wessel to find the "Quick-Draw" sticker or the "Face Change" sticker?
124. Are they going to make more all white clones in the Saga line?
125. Will Hasbro make more outfits out of cloth for their 3 3/4 figure line (especially Padme)?
126. If you were given the choice of buying either the solid peg or grooved peg R2-D2, which one would you purchase?
127. Is the POTJ Rebel Trooper with no gun in his hand, it is by his feet, a variation?
128. Why donít you list the Royal Guard and Jar Jar Senator warning errors?
129. I have a couple of AOTC Yoda figures that have slightly different blisters. Does this make either figure any more collectible?
130. What happens to the losers from the Fansí Choice poll, especially when the voting is close like last time?
131. On the Clonetrooper Mask/Cereal 2 pack the cereal box has an offer for a "Life-size Clonetrooper Helmet" for 19.95 Canadian. Is this the same one included with the cereal, or a different one?
132. Is Dooku still 2 per case for Asst #848510015?
133. Are there any plans for a 12" C-3PO figure from AOTC?
134. Does Hasbro have plans to re-release any of their exclusive store vehicles like the Y-wing?
135. Is the green lightsaber that comes with Count Dooku supposed to be curved? Also, who's lightsaber is it supposed to be?
136. Is there is going to be a 12 inch Luke in Hoth Gear with Taun Taun?
137. Also is Han Solo in Hoth Gear 3 3/4 going to be redone?
138. Where do you get your information on upcoming items? Is it intuition or insider information?
139. Is there going to be an E2 Masterpiece Edition for 2002?
140. Do you know anything about the Jedi Adventure Center SW style store from 1983?
141. Are we doomed to Deluxe figures that won't stand by themselves or figures that won't interact the way they should?
142. Where is Hasbroís list from the 300th Fett?
143. I saw some custom Star Wars figures on eBay and wondered if they are made by people or by a company? Do they have any legitimate value?
144. I was wondering if there is a way to identify an authentic loose vinyl caped Jawa?
145. Any idea why the Playskool SW sets have been distributed in such limited quantities thus far and/or whether Hasbro has plans to distribute them in larger quantities in the near future?
146. I just got Obi-Wan pilot and he is "missing" this left thumb. I just wanted to know if this is just the regular version of it or if it is a variation?
147. On the Kmart 14-Pack Exclusive set, do the figures have the hard to find backgrounds?
148. What's your take on the Dexter Jettster nose-ring variation?
149. Did the Luke Bespin Duel with a bloody hand ever hit the stores?
150. When is the second version of the Endor Rebel Soldier coming out?
151. Now that everything is out, what are you seeing as the harder ones to get?
152. Where in Episode 2 do R3-T7 and his electrical effect appear?
153. I have a Bloody Luke Bespin with the hand attached to his arm, not in the little slot. Is this a variation?
154. Is the variation Jango Fett (fireball going up) more worthwhile to have than the regular...or would it be good to just have both?
155. I have Luminari Unduli and her saber handle is curved like Count Dooku's. Is this a rare or common variation?
156. Are there any new Star Wars figures you consider to be worth anything? I am tired of you always saying any new variations arenít worth any money. Is it because you're jealous and don't have them??
157. Your FAQ's are great. I'm not a big variation guy, but I love reading your FAQ's purely for entertainment value. Thank you for keepin' them comin'! -- Chad K.
158. Has there been any talk about whether the original trilogy DVD set will have a choice between viewing the original trilogy movies as they were originally released and watching them with the enhanced scenes? If the DVD's will only be the special edition versions, then I want to pick up VHS copies of the original movies in the unaltered original form
159. Is Hasbro going to put out any cinema scenes three packs for Attack of the Clones?
160. I would like to know how can you tell what version of the "liver spots" you have?
161. Why fuel the ignorant masses and speculators by providing them information about useless packaging changes and production errors?
162. Do you think the red or white battle droid with mace would be a worth getting?
163. On the Hasbro exclusives list, the Star Tours figures are listed as a Fan Club exclusive and as a three pack. Do you have any info on this?
164. I was wondering whatís the deal with the 2002 silver anniversary R2-D2 I've heard about?
165. What are the chances of us seeing a 12 inch destroyer droid?
166. Is Luminara Unduli with an unpainted necklace a variation?
167. When is the 10" Vinyl Vader from Hasbro set to be released in the US?
168. In Toys-R-Us today, I came upon a Mace Windu 12 inch figure with a Blue lightsaber. I wanted to know if it is worth buying?
169. I have over 300 force points from the new AOTC E2 toy line. Is there any word on mail in figures? Do you have to be a member of the fan club for these?
170. Do you know if Wal*Mart has stopped carrying the TIE Bomber/Snowspeeder exclusives permanently? It seems as if they were only stocked for the midnight madness event.
171 Is Hasbro planning to produce 12" Amidala dolls for AOTC similar to the ones produced for TPM?
172. I found a Luminari with a bent lightsaber, is this a variation?
173. I canít find the Playskool sets and I really want the Falcon, where can I go?
174. Is the Bloody Luke really hard to find or do you think it will become more common?
175. Is the Han Solo with the white commlink a more desirable variation than the grey one?
176. Some people on eBay are claiming that the Padme Unleashed figure is being "recalled" because Padme is too provocatively sculpted. Is this true?
177. Some people on ebay are claiming recently that the Hasbro 10" character collectibles are going to be QVC and HSN exclusives. Is this true?
178. Why does the Hoth Soldier from the new accessory set say Kenner on the foot? I thought the set was made by Hasbro?
179. I recently purchased a 1995 AT-ST on eBay and the guy claimed the box was never taped, he applied the one piece of tape himself and that the stickers were already applied by Hasbro. Have you heard of these actions being done by Hasbro?
180. How rare do you think the blue visor Jango Fett Final Battle figure is?
181. Do you think the Target Exclusive accessory sets are worth adding to my collection or not worth the $9.99?
182. Do any of the Samís Club 3 packs from a 1996+1998 contain original figures not available elsewhere?
183. What does this _______ abbreviation mean?
184. Are we ever going to see any new EU figures?
185. Are we going to see more obscure figures?
186. Will Star Tour figures be sold in all stores? They donít look like they were in the movies? Why would anyone want them anyway?
187. Is the foreign 4 pack with Luke, Darth Vader, Sandtrooper + Rebel Fleet Trooper new figures or the same old ones?
188. I got stuck with a bunch of repro vintage weapons. How would you recommend getting rid of them?
189. What happened to the final 2 issues of the freebie Toys R Us Hasbro/Dark Horse promo comics?
190. Is the silver paint drips on EVERY Target Arena Conflict w/Red Battle Droid released? Is this supposed to be "Battle Damage"?
191. Is it true that there were only 5,000 Toy Fair Vader's released including the ones from the Fan Club?
192. Who are Wat Tamber, Ooda + Super Trooper and they and are they still in production?
193. Who is Kitik Keed' kak from the upcoming Wal*Mart exclusive?
194. On the ESB Droid Factory box - Is it just me or is that a Double telescoping Luke on the cover. Is that super rare?
195. I have a chance to buy the set of super deformed palm talkers in fair to good condition for about $100. Is that a good price? Are they discontinued?
196. I found a Teebo with his hand off in the bubble. Is this a variation, error or fluke and is it worth anything?
197. I just picked up the old Deluxe Luke with Desert Speeder on the POTF2 Orange card. What's the deal with the hole in his back?
198. I bought some vintage POTF figures. Did I get some good deals on these?
199. I want an Anakin Hanger Duel with the peg arm instead of the magnet. How can I find one without opening one?
200. I heard there was a toy recalled from Taco Bell in 1997, is this true?
201. Is the FAO Shuttle Tyderium still coming? I do not see it listed under SAGA vehicles.
202. I have 17 of the 20 backs w/Boba Fett offers. I cannot find three of them: R2-D2, C-3PO and Darth Vader. Why are they impossible to find?
203. Any word on a Quinlan Vos figure being made?
204. Why do so many people ask you ďwhatís it worth?Ē questions and why do you post them?
205. On the Geonosian Arena it looks like there are several spots where something is supposed to be. Are there any plans for sets to add on to the arena?
206. Is there actually a green A-Wing in ROTJ or is this an expanded universe toy?
207. I have a vintage ROTJ Squid Face MOC and on the back the Ewoks are blacked out, do you happen to know why Kenner did that on those cards?
208. On the 1977 Don Post Chewbacca mask, how many of the first ďopen mouthĒ run were produced? Did Don Post ever re-make the original mask with an open mouth?
209. Is the Battle Droid that came with Sneak Preview STAP the same figure as the one that came with the red box Episode I STAP?
210. Are the Pilot Jango Fett + Obi Wan that come with the KB Exclusive Slave-I + Jedi Starfighter the same as the carded figures?
211. Was the Jedi-Con C-3PO the same loose figure as the original 1995 POTF C-3PO?
212. Was the Darth Maul that came with the Sith Speeder Game ever available in another package?
213. On vintage 65 backs they show Jedi Luke wearing a very dark colored cape, Squidhead wearing a similar colored dark cape with a gold belt. Also I've heard that an Ugnaught with a green smock exists, is this true?
214. Will the new Shuttle have electronics or an exclusive figure or any other notable features?
215. Isnít the color of the outfit on the small Count Dooku figures wrong?
216. What is the status of the deluxe clone trooper? Is it shipping in limited quantities?
217. What assortment is Ephant Mon shipping with? How many per case assortment?
218. Every Watto I find has a dented bubble. Are they all this way?
219. Is there any list of "all" the commands the interactive R2-D2 recognizes?
220. Iím looking for a plush Chewbacca toy I had when I was a kid. What can I tell you about it?
221. In the database you wrote that the vintage 12Ē Luke Skywalker's grappling hook was a re-issue of a Boy Scout toy issued two years earlier. Where is it from?
222. Will they ever take original prop helmets like Darth Vader and Boba Fett and give them to Gentle Giant Studios to let these guys create the most accurate helmets with their Real Scan technology?
223. Is the TIE Bomber Pilot the exact same figure as the TIE Interceptor?
224. Do you know what vintage repro and original weapons look like and could you tell the difference?
225. Why do some figures have choking hazard warnings and others do not?
226. Do you any information on the Clone Trooper 10-packs that are showing up on eBay. Is this a future Hasbro release or something else?
227. What would you do recommend to do to obtain a complete vintage collection, all at once or piece by piece since you have collected the whole bunch?
228. Was the Large Darth Vader ever released in an ESB box during the vintage line?
229. I have a 1997 tiger star wars Milenium Falcon memory game still in the packaging. What is it worth?

1. Is the Vintage Early Bird Luke considered to be the same as the double telescoping saber Luke?
2. Why does the upcoming Aayla Secura figure have force lightning? I was under the impression that it was a dark side trait.
3. Why does the upcoming Bariss Offee figure have a green bladed saber when she had blue one in AOTC?
4. I have been waiting for a Luke Skywalker final duel toy for a long time, are they gonna make a really good resculpt?
5. I have two AOTC Yodas. One is US + the other is Tri-logo. If I were to open and display one which would you recommend?
6. Why does the Royal Guard figure that came out in 2002 say AOTC on it. I watched E2 eight times and never saw him?
7. I give up! Am I going to have to break down and buy Ephant Mon on the secondary market?
8. Will the pilot figure in the new Green A-Wing be a new sculpt?
9.What is the deal with some supposed set from Diamond with Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Imperial Trooper, Astromech Droid and MSE-6 Droid (What is this figure?)
10. On the Mexican set are the sculpts or pain jobs different on these? Are they the standard 3 ĺíí figures?
11. How many different R2-D2's were released in the POTF2 line?
12. Why is Obi-Wan Acklay battle #1 and Darth Tyranus Geonosian Escape #3?
13. Is the TIE Pilot in the Saga TIE Bomber the same as the one in the POTJ TIE Bomber?
14. Are the dates on the regular vintage A-Wing Figure and the DROIDS Vintage figure different?
15. Is the Droids Boba Fett sculpt as different as is his paint job?
16. What happened with the Slave I packaged with Pilot Jango at KB?
17. Do you think the Toyfare Vader will come down in price on the secondary market like the Theater Luke?
18. Why does Hasbro continue to make the same old figures we have instead of new ones? They still could make more from ewoks, cantina and Jabba's Palace.
19. Did you get the trash compactor set yet and what do you think?
20. I have not seen the Wave 2 cantina packs at Walmart are they out yet?
21. Is there a Just-Toys Chewbacca bendem with a 12 back?
22. Do you know anyone who makes bootlegs of the unproduced Droids/Ewoks figures?
23. Is the 12" Plo Koon a common figure or an exclusive?
24. I have ESB and ROTJ re-release posters with the original release dates. I have been told that they are quite valuable, as they were never even released to the theaters or the public.
25. Did the 1995 POTF2 Ben Kenobi w/Gray belt buckle only come with a long saber, or did it also come with the regular saber?
26. My Darth Tyrannus Geonosion Escape has an all black saber handle. Is this an error?
27. Where did George Lucas come up with the name Jango Fett?
28. I was wondering if there was a site that listed all the posters that were issued to foreign countries?
29. Is the POTF2 Sandtrooper gray suit available in all card variants also or just on a specific card?
30. Why is it all the Final Jedi Duel Cinema Scene 3-Packs have the "Error" green skinned Emperor figure?
31. Did the Early Bird double-telescoping lightsaber Luke ONLY come with blond hair and not brown hair?
32. Will you be doing wave listings again for the figures?
33. Were any POTJ Darth Maul Final Duel figures released with a gray vest like all the other Maul's?
34. I have two vintage B-Wing Pilots - one with light red arms and one with dark red arms. Have you heard of this variant?
35. Is the Jedi Luke they gave out for ROTJ in 1997 the same as the Jedi Luke from POTF2?
36. I have all the figures and variants from 1995 and with the announcement that Hasbro is getting the license for another 15 I have no idea where Iím going to put all this stuff. Should I quit collecting?
37. Will we ever see another 6 inch Yoda?
38. Will Hasbro ever make a complete ROTJ Jabba the Hutt sitting on his Dais?
39. Were there variations of colors used for the figure trays in the ESB vinyl cases? I was told that the red trays were changed to gray or blue since the color red was leaving marks on the lighter colored figures.
40. Is Coleman Trebor figure named after Rob Coleman the animation supervisor from Episodes I and II?
41. Is Ephant Mon cancelled?
42. Is the Silver Toyfare Darth Vader going to be released like the Silver R2-D2 or his price dropping?
43. What do you think of the Clone Wars cartoons?
44. I called the ''Fan Club'' about the 12" Plo Koon and they told me that I should buy the figure elsewhere because they are not sure if they will ever get it. What's the deal?!
45. I heard that Wal-mart will be selling the Sandcrawler vehicle as an exclusive. Do you think it will use the same mold?
46. Will we ever have good Star Wars figures again? Aayla and the new Jedi Luke look like LEGOs. Is it the economy or is it greedy corporate beurocracy?
47. On the Imperial Shuttle there is no mention of FAO on the package. Is it an exclusive or are other countries getting them directly?
48. Where do they get the names of characters that only appear for 2 seconds or appear in a crowd? The only place I can think of is the script.
49. Will there ever be mini-figures included with Hasbro Action Fleet?
50. Any word on new PlaySkool Star Wars Adventure sets?
51. I just bought a vintage Luke figure that has the double telescoping saber. How can I be sure I bought the real deal and not a fake?
52. What's the deal with the Holiday C3P0 and R2-D2 two pack? Will it ship again?
53. Is Hasbro is now making the figures for themselves and not selling them to the public anymore? I havenít found a new figure in four months!
54. What ranks do the Sandtrooper shoulder pauldrons represent?
55. Is there a burning problem with Hasbro marketing everything they trump up in the trades in the Seattle market? Why are there so many things I canít find?
56. Is the new Jedi High Council Yoda the same mold as the Episode I Yoda just with the lightsaber and magnet added?
57. Do you think Hasbro will correct the insert on the Saga Teebo?
58. Was Leia's Sporting Blaster ever available in the POTF line?
59. Do you know if the EP1 Queen Amidala with Ascension Gun will be rehashed on a saga card?
60. In the ROTJ Special Edition there is a scene during the Ewok celebration where Luke gives Wedge a hug. Was this an addition?
61. What one figure or version of a figure would you like to see Hasbro produce and why?
62. Has anyone considered contacting Hasbro to see if Hasbro would start selling directly?
63. When do the scene packs come out?
64. How do you recommend opening figures only causing the least damage to the card?
65. Will there be a Hasbro non battery powered Dooku lightsaber toy be available, and why do some of battery powered ones now say "Darth Tyranus" on them instead of "Count Dooku"?
66. I was wondering what characters from the Mos Eisley Cantina have yet to be produced and if you know of any upcoming production of those characters?
67. Is there anything else new in the TRU multipacks besides R4-19 figure and Aurra's swoop? I only want new figures is it worth my while to buy these or should I just wait to find R4-19 and the swoop loose on eBay?
68. Is buying vintage cards with yellow bubbles and figures that have certain parts crystallizing a total investment no-no?
69. Is there any way to buy the Toy Fair Vader from the French fan club?
70. Will Hasbro ever make a "Duel of the Fates" Cinema Scene with Darth Maul fighting Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon?
71. Is the 02/11 Battle Droid red/brown re-release the same exact figure as the one that was released with the Target Arena Accessory Set?
72. I canít find the latest wave of figures! Have they been cancelled?
73. Can you tell me how many variations of the Saga Rebel trooper and imperial officer exist?
74. Have the Ewoks & Droids Cartoon, Ewoks movies, Holiday Special or Episodes 4-6 ever been released on DVD?
75. Is Eeth Koth related to Darth Maul?
76. On the Mace Windu Arena cardback it shows him with a vinyl cloak, but the figure comes with a cloth one. Have both been released?
77. I want to buy a Revenge of the Jedi Proof Card and need to know what to look for so I donít get ripped off?
78. Is the Vintage 3 3/4" IG-88 with black joints a legitimate variation or simply a production sample?
79. Do you know if they'll be making Silver Anniversary 2-Packs for Empire or Jedi?
80. Do you know a place where I can find star cases? I canít find them on eBay anymore.
Bonus question: From QuietBudha@aol.com - I found this rare figure in a box and I want you to tell me how much it is worth so I don't get ripped off on eBay!
81. I thought I purchased the Tie Fighter w/Pilot from TRU 2 years ago?
82. Why do you attack Hasbro and Lucas?
83. Will the Clone Trooper, Federation Droid Army and the Droid Launcher have any new figures or will they just be re-packagings of existing figures?
84. Will there a playset released that the base of the Tusken Raider Tatooine Camp Ambush can be attached similar to how the bases for the deluxe Yoda and deluxe C-3PO attaches to the Geonosian Battle Arena?
85. Has Hasbro said anything about making a new Dash Rendar action figure?
86. What exactly are the causes for the bubbles turning yellow on vintage figures? I donít want to buy any and then have them go yellow on me.
87. I was wondering if you have heard of Kenner having any plans to release any further classic edition figure packs like the Toys R Us 4 pack of 1995 that started it all?
88. Why do people still insist on asking you the value of their rare whatever?
89. What is the silver Boba Fett is it an exclusive and how do I get a hold of it??
90. Target is sending all their figures back. Is it a good idea to keep a close eye on them since when they do get in Star Wars it will be all new stuff?
91. Which figures are old figures just repackged in the new style Saga packaging?
92. I havenít found the E2 speeder bike sets yet and am starting to worry. Should I be worried?
93. Is the Rebel Fleet Trooper builder 4 pack the POTJ or the Saga version with new head?
94. Are the Star Tours Starspeeder 3000 R2-D2 and Rex figures new?
95. When is the Sandcrawler and Wave 2 of the Cantina Bar sets coming out?
96. Will we ever see a proper R5-D4 figure?
97. Do you know if Hasbro has cut the overall production numbers on the 12 inch line? The current Lando Skiff Guard wave seems very hard to find and entertainment earth says Hasbro isn't making anymore of this wave.
98. Is the Star Wars Trilogy VCD legit?
99. Will the 2003 Saga figures ever be shipped again on the original card or will they be changed to the new Clone Wars style?
100. Are those new figure sets from Tomy action figures?
101. Is there really a difference between the POTJ and Saga TIE bombers?
102. Is Hasbro reducing the number of 12 inch figures produced in a wave because so many sit on shelves forever and are eventually marked down to $5?
103. Was the POTF C-3PO from Japanese with green tint a real figure?
104. What are the chances of Hasbro re-releasing the vintage line since their contract is not up until 2018?
105. A friend of mine has a vintage double telescoping saber Luke Skywalker and is convinced that he has to be made in Taiwan to be original. Is this true?
106. Has Hasbro abandoned the state of Florida? It's July, and I haven't seen a new figure since January!
107. Is there any way to contact Hasbro and complain about their toys or practices and do you think that enough of us contacted them that we could make a difference?
108. We think kids are into Star Wars because we will sell more lightsabers this year than in 1999.
109. There is no way we could tell what stores were shipped what product. There is no guarantee that stores get the products equally.
110. Have you noticed how long it has taken Amazon to become profitable? Selling online also would mean that there is no opportunity to sell product on an impulse basis, especially to kids.
111. Our incentive is to sell as much of our toys as possible even though Wal*Mart this Fall will not be carrying Scene Packs, Multipacks or Vehicles.
112. The reality is that to keep the price of toys so low is why we manufacture in Asia and flying the products here is too expensive. With all of that variability in the distribution system, it is terribly hard to promise more than that to consumers.
113. I won't tell you what to write, but it is important that you act as an informed journalist.