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01-21-2003, 04:09 PM
1. What does .00/.0000 mean and where can I find it on the card?

A: 00/.0000 numbers appear in the middle of the back of the card at the bottom. This denotes a card change only like on Episode I - .00 w/o IRT to .0100 w/IRT. For example, hand changes on Ric Olié do not make the .00 number go up.

2. I can't find these .00 numbers on my Canadian figures !

A:These numbers DO NOT appear on the Canadian cards. Consider yourselves lucky!

3. Where can I find out about the latest POTJ figure variations?

A: Keep your eyes on the news, that is where they will get posted.

4. How much is this rare figure worth?

A: Whatever someone wants to pay for it.

5. What's the deal with the .0200 Maul? I can't find one

A: I don't know. I saw these on May 3rd and haven't seen them since. People who have them can't find the difference and I couldn't either by looking at it. I didn't buy it. It seemed the .0100 was going to be tough because of this, but they showed up by the thousands...

6. Is the Black Vest Maul a fake or what?

A: While I haven't held one in my hand, I have scans from 5 different people and published the best ones in the price guide. It is definitely an error, not a variation. I also don't think it's worth the $500+ people have shelled out for it. Almost every Maul that came with a grey vest has been found with a black one – including the 12' Electronic one'.

7. Any other Maul variations?

A:Yes, the saber comes both ways in the package. There is no upside-down or right-side up. So I call them 5 buttons on top or 5 buttons on bottom. The other side only has 2 buttons. I have seen this on the .0100 and it is probably on the .00 as well. Again, I do not see this making much difference in value. There is also one with or without a UPC sticker on the .0100 and the .0000 and now the face paint change on both as well.

8. I see things like the triple error Darth Maul or wrong date errors on eBay all the time, why don't you list these in the price guide?

A: The answer is simple. Those people are LIARS !!! They either don't know what they are talking about and copying other people or are intentionally lying, I don't know which is worse. There is no 'triple-error' .00 Darth Maul. All of these auctions claim they are 'rare' because they don't have the chocking label. Right ! NO Darth Maul figure comes with a choking warning. I am also starting to see every figure that doesn't have a choking warning listed as an error. More lies. Here is the deal. Any figure or toy MUST have a choking warning when there is a small piece that can be swallowed like a blaster or a grease gun (Anakin). When a toy or figure has an accessory that is longer than 2'' it DOES NOT need a choking warning - like lightsabers or Valorum's staff. So Darth Maul or even Mace Windu will NEVER need a choking warning.
My other favorite is the '1998 error'. People claim these are 'rare' errors because they are released this year so they should say 1999. WRONG !!! They were MADE in 1998 which is why they say 1998. Check any of the POTF2 figures and you'll se figures released in 1997 are dated 1996 and so on.
Another one is 'this figure isn't shipping because of this error'. WRONG !!! These are lies - all figures are still shipping. This applies to both the small figure and large figure lines.
If you see words like 'rare', 'htf', 'vhtf', 'super rare' - you should be suspicious.

9. I can't find this figure or that figure, can you help me?

A: Sometimes, but not usually. Post in the forums or check ebay.

10. How should I save my Pepsi cans - with or without the soda in them? I know Pepsi says not to, but they look better with the soda in them.

A: The standard has been set long ago by beer can collectors. You open them from the bottom. Top opens sell for substantially less. Serious collectors have too many cans to store them full (shelves collapse, dealers trading at shows would require pallet jacks). There is no right or wrong about how you open the bottom. A church key (triangle pointed can opener) still works with a little practice and it avoids creating metal filings like drilling does so you can still drink the beverage. Like any collectible condition is paramount. Look for undented cans (tough in aluminum) and keep them out of sunlight to prevent fading. Watch out for friction marks if you store them touching each other and thereafter move the box via truck or auto.

I know for a fact that soda will leak eventually, it might take a year, but it will make a mess you don’t need and it could ruin some of your collection if it gets on it.

11. Why doesn't the new Yoda have Episode I written across the front? Is Hasbro starting a new line or something?

A: No. It is just another in the endless line of screw-ups and mistakes that Hasbro has made with this line. The lack of quality control is appalling. Look for a correction in a few months.

12. What is the secret message on the Pepsi cans?

A: Anakin breaks free but may face new enslavement...the Jedi triumph but their future is clouded...one menace is destroyed but another lurks nearby...

13. How much are the new figures to order from you?

A: We are a fan site, we do not sell things. Check one of our banner sponsors.

14. What are the Jedi Master Points for?

A: Nothing – it is a marketing tool. Each point basically equals $1 spent. This is a way for Hasbro to track how much money you've spent. Also each color stands for a different series:
Gold - Boys' toys
Yellow - Girls' toys
Purple - Arts + Crafts
Red - Role Play
Green - Young kids

15. Are there .0000's on the Darth Maul (Tatooine) Wave?

A: No .0000 have been released on ANY of Wave 6 - same as Gasgano and Ody.

16. White's Guide has a .00 Gasgano and a Classic Palpatine for $100 in their guide, what's up with that?

A: Don't ask me. Ask them to come up with a scan. No .0000 Gasgano (not .00) has EVER been reported or seen or sold by anyone. I have heard that this $100 Classic Palpatine w/flashback photo has a sticker that says Senator Palpatine. But again, NO one has ever seen one. The rule of thumb is magazines are usually way, way behind on variations.

17. Which items haven’t come out on a .0000 package?

A: Wave 6 - Maul (Tatooine), Obi-Wan (Naboo), Qui-Gon (Naboo) or Amidala (Coruscant), 7 – Anakin (Naboo). Also these - Gasgano, Ody Mandrell, Sith Speeder, Anakin's Podracer, Sebulba's Podracer, Trade Federation Fighters, Qui-Gon's Lightsaber + Naboo Fighter.

18. Why did all those foreign markets get the figures with the free Battle Droid?

A: They did German, French and Spanish, but it was a cheap way out. Instead of translating the COMMtech chip lines into all the different languages (I for one would like to have heard a Japanese Darth Maul) they threw in a 'New" Battle Droid. They are very cheap, not really an action figure, just a pvc non-articulated, gun stuck to the hand figure.

19. Which is the rarer OOM-9? Which is the first one?

A: The answer is the same. The one with the binoculars off to the left.

20. My Rune Haako doesn't have a choking warning on it, is this the rare one?

A: The stupidest thing I've seen is auctions which have the 'rare' Nute + Rune figures with no choking warning. These figures have NO accessories!! There can't possibly be a need for a warning!?

21. I have a figure with the (wrong sticker, sticker upside-down, no sticker), how rare is this? What about figures with arms broken off, turned wrong in the bubble or missing weapons in the package?

A: I know this is a big fad right now, all these oddball errors. But I am a collector from way back and I use history as my guide. There hasn't been any interest in anything like this from the vintage line. Who would want a 12 Back Luke missing the lightsaber or facing backwards in the package? Collectors want the most perfect specimens they can find. The only figures that have proven themselves over time are the variations to the figures. Like the Blue Snaggletooth, Vinyl cape Jawa, Blue Saber Jedi Luke, etc. And foreign release figures like Yak Face and carded POTF figures like Anakin, AT-AT Driver, etc. And some rare card changes like SW 32 backs.
This is why I don't put any value on this new craze of errors. These are NOT variations. Plus, you can remove any figures sticker and with some heat you can get them off and move them around. Again, history shows no real value difference to the POTF2 figures that came with or without their holostickers. Only weird cases where red card figures showed up with holostickers, but again, be warned these can be faked. If you enjoy collecting these crazy things, and I have seen some insane prices paid for them, then that's fine. I just don't see any long term value in them.

22. On that mail in offer for the Pepsi Can Display it says 'no photocopies' only original certificates. Where do I get one?

A: It is an online offer only. That is THE certificate, print it out + fill it in. It seems like it is left over legal BS. Why didn't anyone notice there was no space for State or Zip Code?? Mail it in - don't miss out! And get the Marf shirt too, that's an exclusive as well.

23. How much is the super rare Episode I Yoda missing Episode I on the front worth?

A: This figure is not super rare, or rare. It has been coming out with the error since late May (4 months!) so it's not worth much more than you paid for it. It is also missing the US Patent info on the back. As of now it HAS NOT been corrected, no matter what you may read in an inferior magazine. (For example Lee's guide lists it for $75 - what a joke their price guide is!)

24. Which is the rare Classic R2-D2? I know it is saber on the right...but who's right?

A: If you were looking at the card it would be YOUR right or on R2's left.

25. Why would someone pay a lot of money for a figure turned in the bubble or some other weird factory screw up?

A: Beats me.

26. How can I tell the difference between a regular old Vader and the SOTE version?

A: Check the price guide for a comparison scan. The SOTE has a more wide flowing cape.

27. Is the sticker on the back of the Captain Panaka figure a variation, which is rarer?

A: Yes. Originally the card came with the 2nd COMMTech line on the back reading 'They need her to sign the treaty...' this version only shipped during the 1st shipments in October. Now all the later Panakas come with a sticker correction on the back 'Your highness this is a battle I do not think we can win.' As for which is rarer it would be the one without the sticker. As for valuable, these kinds of things never really matter in the long run. The card will go to a .0100 with a printed correction which will make 3 versions – none will be really rare.

28. I just found an E1 R2-D2 with a small bubble. What is going on, is this a variation?

A: Yes. The bad news is if you found that, you missed the Darth Sidious Hologram as the new R2 comes in that case. This is the opposite of what they did to the FlashBack R2. That bubble went from small to large, this time it went from large to small. Right now, the new version is 1 per case and would be the rarer version, especially if it stays like that until it stops shipping.

29. Why no mention of Darth Maul Sith Lord with the WB COMMTech chip, when you've mentioned Mace and the others?

A: Starting with Wave 9 (Sidious Holo) ALL figures come with the WB CTCs. I am only mentioning Mace, Han Solo, etc because these are variations. Originally they came with the HB (Holo Background). Now I am documenting all these that show up with the WB, since they are harder to find, they are noteworthy variations.

30. How come a hologram figure of Qui-Gon Jinn is being developed; he didn't ever appear as a holo in the movie?

A: Hasbro stated that they mainly target kids. In order to keep kids interested they have to refresh the assortments with "core" characters. This is why we are seeing many resculpts of Darth Maul, Obi-Wan, Darth Vader, etc. It's more likely a kid will buy one of those characters rather than an alien that had 2 seconds of film time.

31. What do you recommend for removing price tags?

A: Goo gone. It can be found at almost every major retail and hardware store. It is all natural and has a nice fragrance. Some people swear by lighter fluid, and it works, but I prefer not to spray a flammable liquid on my toys.